Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor

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No chance there are hundreds, if not thousands of programming languages. I told her about this website httpstr. If I can find French Pleasures for free in the library, I get it there. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Nov 28, Penny rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle-version. My reviewing skills are maybe not too finely honed, to give an indepth review of this book.

All I can say is that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Arken the king of Caldor is an absolute tyrant and cruel beyond measure. Some of his knights are sick to the stomach of following such a despot and so Sir Robert Betram decides enough is enough, things must change for the country to grow and live in peace. This book shows the struggle the knights have with the evil king, and what happens along the way! How Sir My reviewing skills are maybe not too finely honed, to give an indepth review of this book.

How Sir Robert manages to handle a new and burgeoning love whilst fulfilling his task. How one mans' conviction that things can be better is worth fighting for. This is a very readable debut novel from Eric Rappe and am looking forward to his next book View 2 comments.

Oct 02, The Literary Connoisseur rated it really liked it. I loved Redemption!

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It was intelligent, whimsical, and had just enough action to have me anticipating the outcome of the next chapter. This book took me less than two days to finish, but it didn't feel like it. It felt like I was emotionally committed to this story, Sir Robert and his men until their tale was finished I very much look forward to more of Eric Rappe's work!

Jan 24, Sean Sevey rated it it was amazing. A very well written freshman story by Mr Rappe.

Redemption: The Chronicles of Caldor

It is a fast paced enjoyable easy read that doesn't follow the usual fantasy story line. He is currently working on the next book in the series and I am anxiously waiting its' release. Eric is also active in the International Cruise Victims Association. Sep 18, Bo Hartwich rated it it was amazing. This truly amazing tale about honor in a dishonest kingdom. Knights of valor pesents of fear. Magic and mayhem.

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The tale is like walking in to a whole new time zone. A very well written story, I am looking forward to the next book of this amazing tale of Caldor. Dec 15, Rett Weissenfels rated it did not like it. I gave this book 1 star because it lacks the polish that a book should have when released to the world.

Redemption was not a bad book. Actually it was a fun read. Fast pacing, and relaxing, enjoyable prose are this books strongest points. But to me it felt as those points detracted slightly from an entertaining story idea. There were many time I found myself realizing I was reading a book very jarring when trying to get lost in a story when going over dialogue.

The characters often felt like a I gave this book 1 star because it lacks the polish that a book should have when released to the world. The characters often felt like archetypes rather than actual people. Which made it difficult for me to invest. The simple differences in spelling "sir" vs "ser" bugged the heck out of me. Knights of Ash by A.

Redemption: Chronicles Of Caldor

Marcus always [ Keeper of the Sword The Sword of Kings by John Rice When the kingdoms of the Misty Lands are on the brink of destruction, only the intervention of two young teens from Vancouver Island can prevent bloodshed and death. Josh Campbell and Morgan Connelly stumble into their perilous journey when Josh discovers an ancient leather-bound book containing two scrolls. One is a legend about two coming to the Misty Lands from a far off place, finding the keeper of the sword, returning a [ The Kingdoms of Magic Book 3 - A Dream Comes True by Robert Marquiss With death imminent, only moments away, King Zurich looks out his window to the south, hoping to see the sign that his chosen successor will fulfill his dream of a safe and happy Kingdom.

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His daughter Dielos, eager to take the throne, feels she has been cast aside for another whom she despises. With distrust and broken loyalties everywhere, a deep, dark and hidden secret of the Royal family comes to light that could put the [ Colt Reduced to 99c until the end of August. Convinced she is the last carrier of the Death Plague, she avoids contact with the outside world.

When her mother fails to bring her food Adenine [ When his overlord and lover Ralph Tregannon turns against him, he is forced to embark on a treacherous journey to the distant and magical land of Gathandria in order to save his country and his own soul.

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During a series of terrifying trials, Simon must encounter the trickery of the deadly Mind Executioner and the secret dealings of those he ought to [ Knights Rising - Book 1 of the Silver Knights Saga by Greg Carter Every muscle in his body tensed the second he looked up and saw the flaming red eyes and glistening white fangs staring at him through the dark moonless night.

With a powerful lunge, the beast was on him sending both of them crashing to the ground. Its steamy hot breath bellowed in his face, reeking with the stench of death as they rolled on the ground. Immense pain exploded though his left shoulder when the black devil's [ Once one of the jewels of the Crescent, now the dark powers have turned their gaze upon it, and Baleron Grothgar, son of the king, has become inextricably drawn into the machinations of the Dark Lord, along with his beloved Rolenya, elf maiden and High Priestess of Illiana. Their love is forbidden, and it will be [ In ancient Wales, two kings battle for their lives.

In a land where battles can last decades, trouble is brewing and the stakes are high. The queen of the northern tribes has a new son and the king of the south has young Saxon bride. At the heart of the conflict are the bishops, who are torn between their faith and their duty. Powerful knights and warlords see [ Prince Baleron, womanizer and rogue, the black sheep of the royal family, is one step from being kicked out of the castle when his beautiful sister Rolenya is seized by the dark powers. What can they mean? As if things weren't dire enough, the legions of [ The Goblin Wars - Omnibus Edition by Stuart Thaman A city without a king, a paladin forsaken by his god, and goblins just beyond the horizon Lady Scrapple lurks in the depths of Kanebullar Mountain, building her army of mindless slaves and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor
Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor
Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor
Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor
Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor
Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor Redemption: Chronicles of Caldor

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