I Can Face Tomorrow

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Some healthy mindsets of a person who desires to be resilient include:

The answer is God.

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Do we look at things from a worldly perspective or from an eternal perspective, where we have all the blessings, perspectives, and promises that keep us going? When we look at things from a worldly perspective, we have only worldly things to depend upon. And in turn, the world is full of darkness. People fail us, life has its disappointments, injuries, and challenges are certain.

However, God does not disappoint us. When we take a step back and reconsider our outlook, often our attitude changes and a healthier more resilient attitude results. Reconsider your outlook Do we look at things from a worldly perspective or from an eternal perspective, where we have all the blessings, perspectives, and promises that keep us going? Some healthy mindsets of a person who desires to be resilient include: A perspective of trust between the individual and God.

In the Bible, God makes promises for those who hurt. Considering a bigger perspective than merely the present. People who are resilient can look beyond the immediate and foresee there is a difference between the eternal plan and the worldly plan for their lives. When we are weak, often it is that moment we are more connected with God, and therefore, and suddenly it is because of our hopeless circumstances that we find HOPE and connection with Christ.

There are times our negative experience will prepare us for helping others. Bounce Back. I lost a friendly bet to my then pastor. I was so certain I was correct that if I lost the bet, I would sing a solo in church. Something I had never before done or even thought of doing. I lost the bet. I chose "Because He Lives" because it meant so much to me and I believed confidence would overcome fear. I am now in my mid's, and while I still shudder at my one and only public solo attempt many years ago, this song remains my all-time favorite and its message is still my rock!

Merry Christmas, world! The first time I remember hearing this song was mother's day We were going to skip church that mother's day. You see, I was 8 months pregnant with my first son, who had passed away in my belly.


I was going to deliver him that next day. My non christian husband bought me a mother's day corsage, and suggested we go to church that morning. Who am I to disagree, if he was taking the lead? They sang this son- so timely in my life. Our congregation encircled us and layed their hands on us to pray- it was the most amazing day of my life really. Something I will never forget. The year two thousand thirteen, was exactly ten years when God delivered me from evil and preserved me so that I escaped the death and was called.

And he who called me Justified and sanctified me in his glory. Since I've accepted Jesus in my life, all fear is gone and I've dropped the past and focused on the kingdom of god, by filling the hole in my heart with treasures of heaven not the trash on earth. The old spirit of sin which was dead is rescued by the precious blood of the only son of God.

I therefore have a new spirit of everlasting life through salvation. And because Christ goes before me in my life, there is no fear! And by his stripes am healed! Add your reply. As the next day has yet to arrive it is sometimes very hard to get past the night before, worrying and uncertain what the outcome will be tomorrow.

But because he lives, tomorrow brings a new meaning because our living god, our lord has already paid the price for our ransom and we pray from victory not for victory. Remembering all his promises, I know that tomorrow will always be worth living because he lives. My lord is real and he is always with me in all my circumstances. Because he lives, I can trust that no matter what tomorrow brings, he is by my side watching over me and guiding me, and delivering me from any difficulties that may abound.

Because he lives, I have faith to carry on. Hello, brothers and sisters,. My name is marcelo N. Flores, I'm brazilian and I live in brazil, but I love to listen to english songs,. Well, I want to share my happines in jesus christ, when I hear this amazing and powerful song. Truly speaking, it's a spiritual song,. I can feell the presense of holly spirit in my life, when I hear and sing this wonderful song. It's impossible to listen and not shed a tear! Jesus is faithfull, because of this, we can rest in his presense, and face the tomorrow because he lives,. May god bless you, in jesus name.

Because jesus lives, we don't need to fear and worry about the future.

Because He Lives

Our lord will never ever let us down. If he has given us his life, what else in this world can he not give us? Though we may be uncertain of what is going to happen in the future, we can be certain that jesus will always be there for us! He did not just die for us on the cross but he also rose up in his grave to show us that he is not a dead god, he is the god who lives forever and ever! I woke up with these lyrics on my heart today! I am going through a time where I am not understanding alot. I have been afraid of the unfamiliar or the future.

Because He lives I can face tomorrow

I am rethinking how I see God. It seems as if I haven't trusted Him with the llife He has given me. But after listening to this song I know now because of Jesus I have a reason to trust Him. No matter what I am facing in life its not too hard for god to handle. When jesus came to the earth and took on the form of man, he experienced all of the things we have to deal with daily. Jesus died on the cross for our sins and this allows us to make mistakes but have the grace of god to come out of sin and get ourselves right with god.

When a child is born parents often worry about how tough life will be for the child but we have assurance through gods word that because jesus has already made a way for us, we can make it! One day this journey will end, we will have fought many spiritual and physical and mental battles but we look forward to the day we will be caught up to dwell with jesus in heaven. I had been listening to this song on my phone but the words just an appealing deeper meaning this morning. My appeal court date for my immigration matter is in three weeks and since phones aren't allowed in court, I have just written down the song to sing it on my way to and back from court.

It's my song of victory and thanksgiving for the success of my appeal. The song is comforting, assuring, reassuring and praising. Because Jesus lives I live too and nothing can ever stop me from living the God given dream. My tomorrow is already made possible no matter what may appear impossible. Nothing is to scare me because He who tells the time has my future in His hands.

Because He Lives Lyrics

I can now enjoy life having been redeemed by Him. Be blessed sa I am.

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Back in the '70's and 80's when my life was falling apart, I was being verbally abused, told I was not worth anything, finding out my husband was gay, I knew I was better than that and God was still on the Throne. I heard this song and claimed it as my own and the words sustained me through each day. Because He Lives I can and did face the future. I have come through a better person than I even thought possible and God has supplied all I needs. I still weep when I sing this song and remember what God has done for me each and every day.

He is Faithful! This song has such meaning and depth to my personal life, there is not one day that goes by without thinking how great my god, our father in heaven above is. This song always humbles me and I know that we have a race that needs to be won. It always brings tears to my eyes. I slept with a very heavy heart the previous day thinking about the pain a friend and fellow chriatian is going through at the moment after her daughter has been missing for three weeks now.

I begab to think about the pain the family was going through at this time and could not stand it. This led me to prayer. For some strange reason early this morning when I woke up, the chorus to this song was deeply etched and reverberating in my heart. I don't know what this means but am going to share it this evning when a group of friends meet in the house of this fellow sister who is undergoing a lot of pain and uncertainity. When I was a teenager, I didn't think anybody loved me and wanted to die, even though I went to church- I didn't understand the love that heavenly father has for me.

One day at church I listened to the words of this song during the altar call and realized that maybe I was missing something. Many times throughout my teenager years, I would read the words to this song and look towards my future. I can feel the presense of holly spirit in my life, when I hear and sing this wonderful song. Every child CAN face uncertain days! Even if you are an adult, you can face uncertain days because he lives!

That entire paragraph is now stuck in my head. Every single, blessed, beautiful verse of that song is in my head! Being a child of the King, this verse comes and whispers in my ear, because he lives, you can face tomorrow. God gave his only Son for us. The King loves us so much, He gave His son. And His Son rose from the dead. And because He lives, I can face tomorrow, You can face tomorrow, everyone can face tomorrow! The song really keeps me moving everytime I listen to it.

Then there are other times my brain feels like it has hit a brick wall, and I have no idea how to express what I am feeling… good or bad! These past few weeks have been full of ups and downs, equally distributed. I saw healing take place, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Even in my own life!

Because He Lives Lyrics

God placed calls in others lives, as well as mine. For several weeks following this revival I felt like I was on the tallest point of the Earth. Like I could see everything that the creator had made. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. But the enemy always comes quickly after something like this, and try to bring us down. But when he is concerned on how on fire we are for God, and how we might begin to affect the people around us, and the world, that we can find joy in the trials.

We are on the right track that the enemy is concerned. When your faith is tested, it produces an even stronger faith.

I Can Face Tomorrow I Can Face Tomorrow
I Can Face Tomorrow I Can Face Tomorrow
I Can Face Tomorrow I Can Face Tomorrow
I Can Face Tomorrow I Can Face Tomorrow
I Can Face Tomorrow I Can Face Tomorrow
I Can Face Tomorrow I Can Face Tomorrow
I Can Face Tomorrow I Can Face Tomorrow

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