Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl

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Kengo Dojun

Ultimately, he only sees them as a tool for humans to exploit and otherwise disposable. Kengo projects his intense hatred towards AIs into the Ignis, which he became obsessed with destroying. Despite his ruthlessness, Kengo displays a soft side for his younger half-sister, Emma, as seen when he saved her during the bounty hunter mission, when he decided not to erase her LINK VRAINS account after defeating her, and when he advises her not to get involved in the Ignis war for her own safety.

He also showed a bit of sympathy towards his late father by bringing flowers for his grave. After being defeated by Lightning, Kengo reveals that he fought the Ignis to help protect Emma, showing how much he loves and cares for his sister. As noted by Varis, Kengo displays a strong pride in being a bounty hunter and acting on his own, sometimes to the point of stubborness. Varis described Kengo as "A lone wolf" because of this. As of Season 3, Kengo retains much of his original personality but is now willing to work alongside others, joining Playmaker's allies and the Knights of Hanoi in the fight against Ai.

Kengo is a professional hacker well known in the military for interrogating Artificial Intelligence using his prosthetic right arm. This is seen when he modified his support AI to lie and when he lured Playmaker and Soulburner into a trap by creating a gate that sucked in the later. Kengo is also skilled enough to decode an Ignis program, contrary to Varis's claim that only he, his father, and the Ignis themselves can do so.

These energy blasts have the power to delete AI, and even erase an account. Years ago, Kengo grew up without his father in his life, to whom had separated from his mother and build a successful and wealthy career. As an adult, Kengo moved next door and saw his father again, with a new family included his new half-sister Emma, which only made him more resentful of his father. Celebrating his mother's birthday, Kengo took her out to dinner.

She asked if he would reconsider graduating from college, but Kengo claimed with his father absent, he was glad she permitted him a high school graduation. In fact, Kengo wanted to work to make his mother happy.

Kengo Dojun

They went into a car, controlled by an AI. The two were amazed by this technology, and Kengo thought of attending his mother's birthday in another restaurant. Suddenly, the two saw an accident on a road. As Kengo pleaded to stop, the AI malfunctioned and the car crashed. Kengo and his mother were wounded, but her injuries were so severe, and both were taken to a hospital. Kengo's right arm was broken, but he became distraught to learn his mother suffered extreme damage to her spinal cord, rendering her permanently paralyzed.

Months after recuperating, Kengo had his right arm replaced with a prosthetic and ended up working in the military, becoming well-known in interrogating Artificial Intellgence. Together, they rode in a cyberspace to track down a hacker, who promised to hurt them with a program. Akira and Ghost Gal pondered what to do, but Blood Shepherd gave the hacker three turns before surrendering.

The hacker thought he was bluffing, but Blood Shepherd snapped his fingers. On the third turn, Ghost Gal and Akira charged, only to see Blood Shepherd continued hiding, for he intended them to be decoys. The hacker emitted a net to capture Ghost Gal and Akira, and just as he went to attack, Blood Shepherd started shooting at him. The hacker was defeated, but the program to hurt them started falling to Ghost Gal.

Blood Shepherd pushed Emma out of the way and shot the program, which exploded. Akira and Ghost Gal were fine, but were angry at Blood Shepherd for being used a decoys. Blood Shepherd simply stated his mission was over, and logged out. Two avatars were trying to get rid of the people at a cafe, and attacked Blood Shepherd. In return, the latter grasped one of the avatars, causing it to vanish.

THE JOURNEY OF a Shepherd's Wife (Paperback or Softback) - $ | PicClick

Ghost Gal met up with Blood Shepherd, and the former noted he took the call of SOL Technologies for a bounty hunter, which she declined, believing she owed Playmaker her life. Blood Shepherd called her weak for turning down the offer. She replied she didn't base her choices solely on money, to which Blood Shepherd believed it is what made him a pro.

Regardless, he proclaimed that she stayed away from him, else she would be his enemy, too. Playmaker replied he didn't have Ignis by his side, but was pointed by his Duel Disk, for Ai returned to him with "Linkuriboh". Gore ignored that, claiming he would be the one to defeat Playmaker, since the latter was always one step ahead of him. Blood Shepherd ignored Gore, but reminded not to be ordered around, since he did his things at his own pace. Akira showed a footage of Bohman, the orange figure, since Blood Shepherd believed it would help them track Playmaker down.

Gore was alarmed at the figure, while Blood Shepherd noticed the figure did not log out yet. However, they started to feel spooky, fearing something was to happen soon. The two were attacked by Blood Shepherd, who came to collect his bounty. Blood Shepherd started shooting, so Ai tried to lose him by releasing a Data Storm. However, Blood Shepherd resisted it and continued shooting. Playmaker reminded he was just threatening them, and could only win Ai through a Duel. Blood Shepherd made them choose to either battle or surrender.

Playmaker and Ai pondered thoughts, but Blood Shepherd shot at the second turn. Playmaker realized he wanted them to think they had three turns to lower their guard, and would do anything to win. Since neither side would give up, they started a Duel. Blood Shepherd summoned " Drone Pawn " and set a card. Ai commented he must be up to something when facing Playmaker, who shushed Ai.

Ai thought Blood Shepherd was bluffing and was just bad at Dueling, but Playmaker asked of it not to interfere. Blood Shepherd was reminded of Playmaker's latest monster he had obtained, and claimed he shouldn't have played his monster. Ai boasted Blood Shepherd would lose soon, but even Blood Shepherd silenced it. Playmaker took a turn into a corridor, and summoned " Clock Wyvern ", who summoned a " Clock Token ", and brought out " Backup Secretary ".

Ai claimed they should finish off the bounty hunter in no time, so Playmaker used "Elphase" and "Clock Token" to bring out " Shootingcode Talker ", and using "Elphase", Playmaker revived "Clock Wyvern". Blood Shepherd's AI explained his owner would lose in the next attack, and Ai confirmed this. Blood Shepherd, however, claimed he succeeded in fooling them; by playing " Capture Drone ", Playmaker's "Shootingcode Talker" was unable to attack.

Ai confronted Blood Shepherd that his AI stated he could not activate the set card. Instead, the latter replied one should never trust an AI, which riled up Ai. Playmaker noted Blood Shepherd has analyzed his Deck, so he set a card. Blood Shepherd called him dumb for pointing out such obvious info, and used "Capture Drone" to summon three " Drone Tokens ". Ai thought the enemy was a fan of weaponry; Blood Shepherd simply stated a soldier receives power from the equipment they have been given from their superiors. Blood Shepherd went to inflict LP damage through his drone's effect, one for each Link Marker on the field.

Ai tried to fool Blood Shepherd into six Link Markers, but failed.

A Story of Second Chances

Ai taunted Blood Shepherd for missing the target, but the latter replied so did they, for they were unable to activate the Skill. Blood Shepherd, however, counted two turns before Playmaker met his doom. Ai nevertheless questioned if it was worth to reduce the damage by tributing that general. As the two went deeper into the system, Blood Shepherd promised to end them. Playmaker commented that despite the general unable to attack, it could permit other monsters to attack directly. Blood Shepherd commended Playmaker, since he evaded the loss, even after he made the count.

Ai claimed there was no need for that "gift". Blood Shepherd nevertheless urged Playmaker to hand over Ignis, but Ai claimed Playmaker and he had strong bonds. This made Blood Shepherd surprised, and made him think of his past. Blood Shepherd groaned, as Playmaker sent five monsters, equal to the sum of Link Markers of the Fusion Materials "Clock Spartoi" having 2 and "Shootingcode Talker" having 3 , and increasing the dragon's ATK equal to that number times Blood Shepherd questioned himself to losing against an opponent with an AI ally, while Playmaker lamented his count turn was wasted.

Reading news about Kyoko Taki's prison escape, Yusaku realized Varis and the Knights of Hanoi were regrouping and were to join his list of enemies, besides Blood Shepherd. Akira informed Gore and Blood Shepherd of the gate in the restricted area, through which Playmaker and Soulburner had gone to. Gore questioned why Akira didn't inform them of this earlier, but was reminded they were only hired to capture Playmaker and his Ignis.

Blood Shepherd asked about Soulburner, whom Akira had no information of, save for having an Ignis and being a Lost Incident victim. Akira simply asked of them to be ready to capture Playmaker.

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Blood Shepherd turned around, deciding to take the matter into his own hands, regardless of Akira's demands. Blood Shepherd jumped and logged out, making Gore question if it was wise to trust him. His efforts managed to trap Soulburner and Flame.

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Bubbles appeared to show some of Soulburner's memories. Flame managed to wake Soulburner up, and told him that Blood Shepherd had trapped him and spied on his memories. A cave filled with lava was formed before Blood Shepherd confronted Soulburner. Soulburner was not pleased that Blood Shepherd peeked inside his memories, who shot Emma Bessho's surveillance, in form of a data ladybug, down. The two then commenced a Master Duel. Blood Shepherd summoned a " Duplicate Drone "; Soulburner was displeased that Blood Shepherd had his AI explain the card effects, but Flame reminded him to concentrate on his turn.

Soulburner was in shock, since the AI didn't mention that effect, but Blood Shepherd simply claimed he didn't let the AI speak. Flame alerted Soulburner of this, for Blood Shepherd did something like that during his Duel with Playmaker. Due to this, Blood Shepherd called Soulburner a fool to trust an AI, for it was a tool that should only serve humans, and showed his right arm as reference.

Since his field was wide open, Blood Shepherd activated " Drone Barricade " to protect himself from direct attacks. Soulburner, using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", summoned a new "Salamangreat Heatleo" to remove the barricade. Much to his dismay, Blood Shepherd countered that by setting a new "Drone Barricade" from his Deck and activate it. Flame noticed that Blood Shepherd did study Soulburner's Deck. Soulburner ended his turn, while Blood Shepherd started his own.

The latter declared Soulburner would lose in this turn, to himself. Soulburner suddenly became paralyzed with fear, remembering his trauma from the Hanoi Project. The drones camouflaged themselves as "Despair from the Dark", which overwhelmed Soulburner with fear. Flame called out Blood Shepherd for using that fear to his advantage, but Blood Shepherd simply replied that he'd use everything to win, especially against someone who had an AI as a partner. He proclaimed he'd bury Soulburner in dark despair.

The second one attacked Soulburner directly, who recalled his painful memories during the Lost Incident. Soulburner barely survived the attacks, but Blood Shepherd knew of his weaknesses, proclaiming he won't last the next turn. In fact, due to the incident having happened when Soulburner was a child, Blood Shepherd knew that he still struggled against the trauma.

Snapping his fingers, he demanded the Ignis from him, and set a card. Flame, however, asked of Soulburner to calm down.

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Blood Shepherd still offered a chance to Soulburner to surrender and give Ignis up. Soulburner refused, and played "Rising Fire" to revive "Salamangreat Heatleo". Blood Shepherd doubted in Soulburner's actions, claiming they were pointless. Soulburner countered his point, for "Rising Fire" banished all of Blood Shepherd's monsters, and he took LP damage. Blood Shepherd was surprised at these actions, since Soulburner should've been terrorized with fear.

A must read. A true story I will never forget. Unimaginable obstacles overcome by a child with the dream of a better life for herself. An eye-opener. Jibriel rated it it was amazing Nov 03, Rachel Wexelbaum rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Cami Olson rated it really liked it Mar 02, Michael Lutz rated it it was amazing May 11, Mary Clark rated it really liked it Mar 19, Carlyn rated it really liked it Feb 01, Lisa H rated it it was amazing Feb 03, Jody Rowan rated it it was amazing Nov 21, Chris rated it it was amazing Jun 05, Sarah rated it really liked it Mar 13, Debbie rated it liked it Jan 11, Ahavangoldwater rated it really liked it Apr 06, Beth rated it really liked it Jun 30, Sharon rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Apr 23, Lori rated it liked it.

The content of this book was excellent but the writing was probably underdeveloped. It is an amazing story of Habido's life beginning in Somalia as a shepherd girl, her stay in a refugee camp and then coming to the US by herself at the age of She is now a nurse at Mayo Clinic. Incredible story and worth reading! Richard Neuman rated it really liked it Mar 02, Lisa H rated it really liked it Jan 15, Stephanie rated it really liked it Aug 07, Becky rated it really liked it Apr 12, Katie rated it really liked it Feb 05, Linda rated it liked it Dec 01, Michelle Breen rated it really liked it Jan 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Young Adult. About Habibo Haji. Habibo Haji. Trivia About Conquering the Od During the months of this process in Nairobi, she recalls a sense of isolation due to staying in a hotel deep in the corruption of city life and the danger the city holds. Her survival skills she developed as a shepherd in her youth prepared her for this. She was determined to undergo the daily shuttle back and forth in crowded buses to the agency, waiting in long lines for endless interviews and medical exams.

She stayed focused on her goal. I thought it was apt that she uses William Shakespeare quote: "To thine own self be true.

The pure sense of self and self-worth to achieve what she has achieved have their genesis in the role models of her mother and grandmother. Additionally, a unique pattern of her personality and self-worth was her celebration of survival at the end of the day. Habibo will tell that her story of overcoming the odds was "sheer determination to survive, to improve, and to make a better life for myself and those around me Plain and simple.

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Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl
Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl
Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl
Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl
Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl
Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl
Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl
Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl Conquering the Odds, Journey of a Shepherd Girl

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