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Remember, God has no limits. If you thought like God, would you worry about anything? Would you worry about excuses? The idea is to pretend you are God as you contemplate the life you wish to attract. With those thoughts in mind, what do you want? And think of others, as well. Often intentions are more powerful when they include helping others. In other words, wanting more money for yourself is good, but wanting more money for you and your family is even better. This illusion is a prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for only the few people nearest us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living beings and all of nature. These may seem impossible at first glance. But I believe in miracles.

The Key : The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want by Joe Vitale (2007, Hardcover)

I believe anything is possible—no 47 48 The Key exceptions. You may be the one to cure or solve— you name it. So in the space that follows write your ruthlessly honest goals. Part Two The Methods This concept of the universe as a world of pure thought throws a new light on many situations we have encountered in our survey of modern physics. I had some exciting news to share with them, and some astonishing news arrived while I was there.

In the morning the Today show called, wanting information on my then forthcoming book, Zero Limits. The heft of the document alone impressed even me. At lunch with the staff, I stood up and told them something that I felt inspired to share. I put a dot on the whiteboard on the wall and circled it.

You want more sales, more results, and more wealth. I then put another dot on the board, way up at the top of it, and circled it. They all burst out laughing. They definitely wanted to know. When you are grateful for this moment, then whatever is next for you will bubble up out of this moment. That will lead you up. But the only way to get to the upper dot is to live in this dot with gratitude.

I went on and on about being grateful, and how it leads to that upward climb. Just be happy now. Out of this now will come the miracles you seek. The group got the message. They shook my hand. Showed light in their eyes. Walked away with a spring in their step.

I got a phone call right after that meeting. It was Suzanne, my assistant. She almost never calls me, and she knew I was in a meeting. So I knew this call had to be important. And they wanted it by midnight.

Joe Vitale The Key The Missing Secret For Attracting Anything You Want (Law Of Attraction)

Now get this: I was happy in the moment. You can do this, too. You may not have Oprah call you, but you will get what is right for you. I explain all of this in the book Zero Limits. And when the phone rings, answer it! One day Robert Ringer interviewed me for his teleseminar. He agreed that gratitude was the ticket to success. I explained that if you can begin feeling grateful for anything, even a pencil or this book or your socks, you can change your inner state.

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When you do, you begin to attract more to be grateful for. When I was on the Larry King Live show the first time, my friend Jack Canfield, coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books and of The Success Principles, said that author John DeMartini does not get out of bed in the morning until a tear of gratitude rolls down his face. You can imagine how wonderful he feels when he begins his day with that exquisite feeling. I spent part of yesterday in San Antonio with a dear friend.

We talked at length about life and spirituality. I told him that most people are not in the moment. They are looking for the next deal, next car, next house, next pay raise, next check—not realizing that the point of power, the true miracle, is right here. But most people think it will bring lasting happiness.

The trick is to be in this moment while playfully wanting more. No need. No attachment. No addiction. Just gratiude for now while welcoming even more. I told my friend about the Adam Sandler movie Click. The essence of the movie is that Adam is trying to fast-forward through life. He does, too. But near the end of his life he realizes he missed out on life itself. I do my best not to leave the moment.

I still do, of course. But I do my best to stay here, in this moment, knowing that as I do, the next moment takes care of itself. As long as I fully participate in this moment, the next ones are just as good and often incredibly better. In fact, when you stay in the moment, you attract more of the good things in life and appreciate them longer.

The key is to be here now, with awareness and gratitude. This clearing method is all about being here now with gratitude. When you are, you begin to attract even more to be grateful for. This is a powerful secret for using The Key to attract more of what you prefer. It all begins with gratitude. I fully realize you may be thinking that you have too many bills, or too much pain, or too much worry to feel grateful for anything at all.

You might be grateful for this book. The roof over your head. Your friends. Your chair. Your life. Start wherever you can, because feeling grateful is the fastest way to attract a miracle. In fact, feeling grateful lets you know the miracle is already happening, right now. The child had suffered a pediatric stroke a few weeks after birth.

Apparently this can happen to babies, more often than anyone likes to know. Kevin asked me to help him raise money for medical care and operations, and I did. As a result, Kirk is moving a little, and smiling a lot. It feels good to help someone of such a divine nature, who seems happy to be where he is in life—no complaints, no bickering, no bitterness. Who knows why someone like Kirk comes into the world and instantly has a health challenge?

Is it karma? We are the ones being asked to grow here, not Kirk. Start smiling, too. In this section I invite you to experience this magical clearing technique. In the space that follows, or in a journal of your own, write out what you are grateful for. It can be a list, an experience, or anything you can imagine or recall.

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What you believe is what you get. One of the most powerful tools I have ever come across for getting clear is a simple questioning process called Option. I never met Bruce but I did study with Barry. Mandy and I have worked together for more than 30 years. She has helped me release limiting beliefs about money, about health, and about relationships. When my wife died, I called Mandy. When I wanted my income to soar, I called Mandy. When I wanted to lose weight, I called Mandy. While Mandy is wonderful, the tool she uses to help me and others is the real gift. Call it anger, frustration, grief, depression, sadness, rage, or anything else; they are all variations of the word unhappiness.

As you explore, you release. As you release, you are free. From there, miracles are possible. I asked Mandy to explain her method for you. How to Use the Option Method Dialogue to Question Unhappiness By Mandy Evans You can improve anything in your life, from your relationships to your finances, when you discover the hidden beliefs that hold you back.

Once you know what they are, you can question them to see if they are still true for you in the clear light of day. You can liberate yourself from painful emotions like crippling fear, anger, or guilt by finding and dismantling the beliefs that cause them and keep them in place. Instead of struggling in frustration to change circumstances and situations, you can change the beliefs that keep you stuck.

They color and shape every goal you reach for, even what dreams you dare to have. The beliefs that block happiness are among most limiting and self-defeating of all. When you are happy and clear, though, you make choices and take actions that lead down a very different path from one you take in anger or fear. You arrive at a different place after an amazingly dissimilar trip. I use the Option Method to help people to find and dismantle the beliefs they hold that block happiness, creativity, Clearing Method 2 61 and success. One key element of this method is a questionand-answer Option Dialogue—sort of a belief interview with yourself.

To begin, accept yourself just as you are. If you judge yourself while you delve into your feelings and beliefs, you will not be able to see clearly or tell yourself the truth. Take your time. Learn as much about your feelings and beliefs as you can. Each question follows the answer to the one before it.

It helps to write your answers down. If you keep a journal, you can track your progress. You have to be willing to go through some confusion. As your beliefs change, your version of reality breaks up and reforms—disorienting, to say the least! These questions and answers weave around sometimes. They make more sense when you ask them about your feelings and your beliefs. Here are six basic Option Method questions you can ask to get clear: 1. What are you unhappy about?

Or angry, guilty, worried, for example. This question helps you get specific about your feeling and what it is about. Why are you unhappy about that? Our reasons for feeling bad are different from what we feel bad about. Our reasons are beliefs. What are you concerned would happen if you were not unhappy about that? This odd-sounding question helps you find any fear or concern you have about the feeling going away. We are often reluctant to part with a feeling even if it is painful. Do you believe that? Why do you believe that? What are you concerned would happen if you did not believe that?

Sometimes we hold on to a long-held belief even if it continued 62 The Methods proves limiting or causes unhappiness. What are your concerns? Do they still seem real to you? Here is an example of an Option Dialogue I did with myself. It took only three questions to change my feelings and my life. I already knew I felt awful about the starving people in the world. I began with the second question. Why do you feel awful about that? Answer: Nobody seems to care. It is so unnecessary. Answer: No! As soon as I asked the question, I knew the worse I felt, the less I did.

I felt better immediately. Now I take much more action, contribute more money, and look for ways to make a difference. If someone asked me to review everything I learned in my whole life and give just one piece of helpful advice, it would be this—always question unhappiness. Never take feeling bad for granted. Happiness is the grand prize in the game of life, and you can award it to yourself! To your happiness! Mandy Evans www. Think of something you want to be, do, or have. Take that emotion and work with it here: Clearing Method 2 63 1. Sometimes we hold on to a long-held belief even if it proves limiting or causes unhappiness.

If something is still there, or a new emotion surfaces, simply walk through the process again. The Option Method is a very liberating and easy way to release stuck energy and limiting beliefs. When you are free, you engage The Key to attract whatever you want. Clearing Method 3 Unraveling Your Thoughts If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true were really true, there would be little hope of advance. In other words, you might say you want to attract a mate, but you keep attracting poor matches. You might say you want to attract the perfect home, but you keep moving into dumps.

Actually, you are attracting exactly what you think you deserve and expect. The point is to change that hidden mental wiring so you attract more of what you prefer. The beliefs are unconscious, but you can bring them to the surface with the right method. Another powerful and proven tool to help you unravel your own thoughts is in the field of cognitive psychology.

Larina Kase to help me explain and demonstrate how this works. Aaron Beck, has four decades of research support and is a powerful way to clear any of your limiting beliefs. The key components of CT are your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and biological responses. These characteristics all interact to determine your mood and actions. First, identify your intrusive, upsetting, or disruptive thoughts. Write them down. This process is like catching butterflies with a net.

Thoughts are quick and fleeting, and we are typically not even aware of them. When you identify your thoughts, you increase your awareness and can then work on changing the thoughts. If you find it difficult to catch your thoughts, pay close attention to shifts in your mood. Second, approach your thoughts like an impartial jury would evaluate evidence.

Instead of assuming that your thoughts are true, gather evidence to assess their validity. Take a sheet of paper and divide it into three columns. This is like examining the butterfly with curiosity and without judgment. Third, conduct some behavioral experiments to further test out the truth of the thought. Is it true that you always said something stupid? Fourth, decide how true your original thought is based on the evidence you gathered and the results of your behavioral experiments.

Consider how likely your fear is to occur. Fifth, and finally, realize that your troubling or limiting thoughts are not necessary. Remember that the more unwilling you are to experience something, the more likely you are to experience it. If they return in the future, simply let them drift away on their own. Let the butterflies go. You are now clear. Erickson One of the most powerful clearing tools around is as simple as what you are doing right now: reading.

Reading books that expand your mind can help you release limiting beliefs. Part of the reason these books help you get clear is due to the information in them. They educate you to believe in miracles. But the books also work on your unconscious mind, delivering a message of hope and new possibilities. At heart, this is what I call hypnotic storytelling. Since I am a hypnotherapist, I know the value of a good story to enter your mind and change your beliefs.

This happens easily and effortlessly. All you do is relax and read. One of the most skilled hypnotists on the planet is Mark Ryan. He and I created a series of DVDs packed with stories that change you from within as you watch the movies you can 69 70 The Methods read about them at www. I asked Mark to write a hypnotic story just for you. Again, all you have to do is read it. Ryan Secret: Start from your current level of belief. I have had many cars in my life, most of which were used. I noticed that over many years of buying cars, I would inevitably have problems with them. I could tell when a major repair was coming and it was therefore time to sell, as I used to repair cars years ago.

I had one car that had a lot of miles on it and I was getting ready to let it go within a few months. It started to break down like crazy, almost as if the car knew I was going to sell it. But one day, I heard that still small voice that told me I needed to fix the problems for the next buyer instead of handing my problems over to that person. Would I invest in changing the dynamics of flow in the universe? How much would that be worth? I knew I would lose money on the deal at that point.

It would be a loss to me financially, but in another way, it was an investment in relating to my fellow human beings and to the universe. Clearing Method 4 71 I decided to get the universal reversal package. When the guy came to buy that car, the gas tank had sprung a leak, and a pretty good leak at that. The buyer was very happy with the deal, especially after seeing the receipts for the recent repairs I had made.

Remember this story as I tell you another one. I discovered a huge way to get clear by listening to this still, small voice within me, much like I did with the sale of that car. For about 14 years, I had been living in a house that had been in my family for over years. And I wanted out. I loved the house for all of the wonderful memories it had given me when my Grandma lived there. But the house had structural issues and lots of little things that needed fixing.

I started doing some heavy manifestation work to move myself to California. I wanted to get away from the long winters in upstate New York and away from those house problems. I went to California many times for business and on vacations, but I never seemed to get myself moved there. One day, I was lying in bed upstairs and feeling the heavy weight of those problems, and that still, small voice asked me what I would do to the house if I ended up staying there for a longer period of time. Not necessarily just making the house right for the next person who would live there, but what would I do to improve the environment for the person living in it right now—me!

I wrestled with that thought for a while. It seemed like a paradox, and yet I knew that if I ever wanted my dream home in California, then I needed to get to know what it felt like to be present, to like what I had in the present, and to know what it would take to make me happy there. I needed to be happy in the here and now, in my present circumstances, in my present house. We ask for something to be removed; we ask for something to get us away from our current problems, because we are looking for an escape. It knows we are manifesting an escape from something, not manifesting the creation of something new.

The thought of being in a place I love, in a place with which I am completely satisfied in the present, brings me more places I love from the present. And that in turn creates a new reality with even more of those qualities. So, on a long, lined, yellow piece of paper, I wrote a list of seven things that would make me feel at peace in the current house and actually like the house again.

Who knows, maybe the house was influencing me to give it the things it wanted before it would let me go. I felt something in me open once I started writing that list, something very light and bright, and I could actually feel the emotions of enjoying the house I was in. What was closed and hard and made me feel like escaping was now opening.

My mind opened along with my chest to a new feeling of loving that house in the present moment. Clearing Method 4 73 The more I focused on that feeling, the more I felt the opening. These small things to fix the problems where I was, not the big goal of the dream home in California, were leading me to the larger goal. I found that long, lined, yellow piece of paper about a year later. I wondered what I had written on it.

I then noticed that for the first time ever in writing my goals and intentions, every one of the seven things had been completed. The amazing thing was that it seemed that those things were completed effortlessly. Whenever I needed help completing a project, the right person would appear to help me with the job. The front porch needed scraping and painting. One job done! Another day, a friend came by and noticed that my roof needed to be reshingled, another item on my list.

He made me an offer. It was more than I had, but a relative offered me a loan, so I started the project. While taking off the shingles, he discovered the real damage to the back of my house: Termites had destroyed the rafters and water had come in, creating black mold. We had to act fast and tear down and rebuild the back of my house.

But for the price he offered, which was half of what anyone else would have charged, I knew it was going to happen. As he described how he was going to fix it, he said he had an image in his mind to make the area even better than it was continued 74 The Methods before.

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I listened in amazement as he described—almost word for word—the picture I had in my own mind almost a year before. I knew exactly why he was there. He actually told me he felt as if he had been sent there to help me. And he did so much more freely because he felt like he was making up for his past as he cleaned up his future.

He knew helping me would benefit him. The removal of the hidden black mold from the back of my home had additional benefits. After two years of almost constant illness, I started feeling better. The universe knew and provided healing once I began to take action. As I read the list from that yellow paper, I knew the secret. I knew what I had done differently than before. The house looks and feels different. My neighbors compliment me on the improvement.

A good friend of mine might be moving to Hollywood to star in his own TV show. He asked if I would be interested in moving there if he went to Los Angeles. You can guess what I said. My girlfriend wants to move to a sunny place. They had been disagreeing for months on where that place would be. Every place on her list was met with resistance from him. Just yesterday, he was talking with her about moving to California. When she asked where, he said he had a strange pull to move south of San Francisco—in exactly the area that I have been wanting to move to. She never told him of our discussions and found it amazing that he felt a draw to the same area I had told her about.

California is calling! Clearing Method 4 75 What would it take to make you happy right here and now, right where you are sitting? Let your imagination run wild. Here is the big distinction. Attach it to what already exists in your reality. What can you do to make your reality, here and now, as good as it can be? What can you do to improve your reality for the next person to come into that environment, whether it be a car, your home, your daily job, or your place in line at the bank? And more important, what can you do to make it better for yourself? One last thought: When you let go of your California dream to clean up your here-and-now reality, remember that the universe truly knows what you want.

When I let go of my California dream to focus on creating a better reality in my present world, I got much clearer on what I wanted in California, and on how I really wanted to feel when I was there. Instead of creating my California dream as an escape, I created love in my present reality. And by creating love—and giving that love in my present reality—I am now creating a reality that will beget even more love.

The real dream does not exist without the engine of love. Instead of dumping a problem car on an unsuspecting buyer, I fixed those problems and created a car that I would feel good about selling to another person. By giving that car improvements from a place of love, I created an opening for a car that I will love to manifest in my life. Create your engine of love in your present reality.

Get very clear about how to express that love in the right way for you. Then, your highest dream will take care of the how of getting you to be the main character in that dream come true. While you let it sit in your unconscious, let me tell you a brief story of my own: 76 The Methods Mark came to visit me for a few days in April We have fun conversations that are free to roam from subject to subject.

We both enjoy whatever we discover as we share our stories, often over a cigar or a scotch whiskey. One day Mark and I were going to visit friends. Neither of us was sure of the directions. Remind me. For the rest of the day I would make swift, confident decisions, even when I had no idea what was next or what I was doing. This role-playing made my day much more interesting and me much more powerful.

But by acting as if I did, I had greater control over my experience. In fact, my life became a grand adventure with me as the captain of my ship. And yes, we met with our friends—far earlier than expected. We found our way. Traffic opened up. And we arrived before they expected us to—pretty close to PM. Clearing Method 5 I Love You We are the sum total of our experiences, which is to say that we are burdened by our pasts.

When we experience stress or fear in our lives, if we would look carefully, we would find that the cause is actually a memory.

The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want

I later met him, studied with him, and coauthored a book with him, called Zero Limits. His method is a powerful tool for sweeping out all limiting beliefs. But let me describe how this works so you can use this clearing method right now. The basic assumption is that every action you take is coming from inspiration or memory.

Inspiration is a signal direct from the Divine. Memory is a program in your subconscious. The task is to clean those memories so you can act from inspired signals from the Divine instead. In other words, how you respond to these very words in this book is most likely a reaction based on memory.

If you agree with me, it may be because you have an old program that is in alignment with what I am saying. That baggage is memory. The words stir the feelings within you. Those same words are heard by the Divine, which then sends down a signal to clean any memories in the way of being here in this moment with total clarity and awareness. Your model of the world may not match this new model of the world. It seems bizarre, but when you take care of your own issues, they disappear in other people. The whole idea is to love the problems away. I live in an almost moment-bymoment state of bliss.

Once I learned this method, I started to use it on everything that came up in me. I did the process in traffic jams, on the phone, in front of audiences, in the hot tub, smoking a cigar, walking, waiting in lines, feeling pain, recalling memories, and so forth. I would rarely say the three words out loud, but silently in my own mind. It transformed my life from one of worry to one of wonder. Whenever I would write an article or sales letter I would send love into it.

What I noticed was my e-mails and articles would get read and distributed to millions of people. And my book, Zero Limits, became an Amazon best seller—six months before it was published. So many people preordered it that it went on the Amazon best-seller list. Because I want to be sure this method works for others and not just me, I taught it to my close friends.

But he borrowed a prepublication copy of Zero Limits, read it, and started loving his products and his list of subscribers. All I did was clean while reading your book and throughout the day. How is this possible? It appears that there is nothing out there. The entire world is a projection of what you feel inside. So, if you feel love, you will attract love. Because love contains gratitude, you attract more things to be grateful for. You get what you feel.

At heart I think you I just want love. Well, so does everyone else. The result: more sales. Still skeptical? Clearing Method 5 81 Try it and see. The cancer specialist I went to see painted a dark picture. He wanted to do an immediate biopsy, not even telling me of the long-term potential harm such a thing could do. I mentioned earlier in this book that I sent a call for help to close friends, healers, and others. They offered suggestions and I acted on many of them.

The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want - PDF Free Download

It occurred to me that this health challenge, whatever it might be, was a gift. If it were, I wondered what it would be giving me. Many people have said their cancer or other health scare turned out to be the very thing that awakened them or strengthened them. I wondered if this problem had a gift for me. I had seen the film image of the scan, so I knew what they looked like. As I viewed them in my imagination, I began to talk to them. She had passed away three years earlier. We had been married over 20 years and she was my best friend. When she died, I cried every day for the next year.

Then I cried every so often, and slowly it passed. But I still missed her. I began to sense that the swollen nodes were a symbol for holding on to her. The actual film image of the nodes looked like a tiny creature hanging on to the inside of me. It seemed to be a solid metaphor for what I was holding on in my mind. A part of me was keeping her in me. After 20 minutes or so of doing this cleansing method, I felt clear. I had loved them, heard their message, and let them go. And when I later had my MRI to look at those nodes, they were shown to now be harmless.

Just the other day I met a schoolteacher from San Antonio. He works with children with special needs. He told me that one student was almost catatonic. The child would simply stare, with drool coming out his mouth, and would not respond. The schoolteacher decided not to work with the child but to work on himself.

He did this for several minutes. Clearing Method 5 83 He then went over to the student and asked him if he wanted to work on a math problem. According to the teacher, this was an unheard-of breakthrough. He attributed the entire event to this cleansing method. Instead of working on the student, which is trying to change the outer, he worked on himself. Once he did, the child changed. This is the miracle of this single method. Think of something or someone in your life right now who still frustrates you.

It could be a health problem. Choose something, anything, to do this exercise. Whether you believe this is working or not, trust the process and continue it. Keep in mind that no one has to know you are doing anything at all. As Dr. And all you have to do to clean up that relationship is say three little words. They were neither expected nor pleasant. Before I knew that I was creating them for unconscious reasons, I scrambled to find ways to eliminate them. One of the best tools for cleansing myself of those fears was so simple it seemed impossible.

Roger Callahan taught me the process. One of his first products was an audio and video set called Eliminate Fear of Public Speaking. It involved tapping certain parts of your face, chest, and arm with your fingers. As you tapped, you would repeat phrases. To my amazement, it did work.

And still works. Every time. Today there are hundreds of EFT teachers out there, and thousands who practice the method. One of them is Brad Yates. Brad and I created a seminar called Money Beyond Belief www. It taught people to do this simple tapping method to get clear of the unconscious beliefs surrounding money. He was also a guest on my seminar on how to attract a new car www. Again, Brad helped people get clear of their inner limitations so they 85 86 The Methods could allow and attract a new car into their lives.

Since Brad is a master at EFT, I asked him to explain how you can do it right now, for anything you feel blocked with. Most of the teachings on the Law of Attraction tell you to focus on what you really want, get in touch with the positive feelings, and then let go and watch it all show up. The problem is that 80 to 90 percent of our thinking is unconscious. So while we may have the occasional moment of focusing with positive energy on what we want—thinking that we really are in vibrational harmony with it—most of the time we are subject to what our internal thoughts and feelings are about what we can or should have.

If you want to know what you internally are in harmony with having, look around at what you have. The Law of Attraction is always working for you. It means that you have conflicting beliefs about what you want—and these can be cleared. Clearing Method 6 87 There are many methods for clearing these unconscious limiting beliefs. It is used to clear uncomfortable feelings—both emotional and physical. It is simple, effective, and usually very quick, and works at the level of the mind-body connection. Perhaps most important— you can easily do it on your own. A growing number of people are finding EFT to be an invaluable tool for gaining access to activating the Law of Attraction in a more conscious way— clearing the unconscious conflicts.

EFT is based on ancient Chinese medicine, using the same energy pathways, called meridians, as are used in acupuncture. Negative emotions—such as those that block us from attracting what we consciously say we want—are caused by disruption in this energy system.

By tapping on key points, we balance the energy and clear the blocks. The universe has unlimited abundance—you can have whatever you want. The extent to which you do not experience anything you want is the extent to which you are resisting it. The most common reasons we resist abundance are that we either fear it is not safe for us or fear that we do not deserve it.

Often it is a combination of the two. Here are some suggestions for you to start using EFT to clear these limiting beliefs. Simply put, you will be using two fingers to lightly tap certain points where the meridians are more effectively stimulated. The first is the karate-chop spot on the side of your other hand.

Right under your eye. For more information on how to do EFT, including a diagram and audio instruction, please visit www. Rate the resistance on a scale of 0 to Keep repeating until you feel relief. One last thing: EFT can also be a very effective tool for clearing when used with other methods. You deserve abundance—allow it. Neville believed you create your reality through your imagination. If you wanted to change something in your life, you did it with a new imagined experience. You have to do two more things: You also have to feel the end result and feel it as if it had already happened.

Most people think that what they see in their mind will tend to come about. But to accelerate the process of manifestation, you must also feel what it would be like to already have the thing achieved. In other words, seeing the new car you want is one thing. Imagining what it would feel like to already have it is quite another. The latter speeds up the Law of Attraction. How can a shadow be causative in your world? The moment you give another the 91 92 The Methods power of causation, you have transferred to him the power that rightfully belongs to you.

Others are only shadows, bearing witness to the activities taking place in you. The world is a mirror, forever reflecting what you are doing within yourself. Change the inner and you change the outer. If you want to attract anything, you do it on the inner plane of your being. You do it with imagination and feeling. But I confess I was also nervous. I was about to go on live TV, seen by millions of people.

All my fears and self-doubts kicked into gear. What if I say something stupid? What if I stutter? What if my mind goes blank? What if I choke? On the plane from Texas to Los Angeles, I sat and felt my fear. What was I going to do? Then I remembered Neville. I pulled out a pad, got out my pen, and began to script the TVshow as I wanted it to happen. I saw myself with Larry King and described my feelings and the experience as if it had already happened.

I made this written vision as complete as possible, infused it with energy Clearing Method 7 93 and emotion, and began to feel that it was actually going to happen. This took only a few minutes. When I was done, I read and reread the writing. Every time I did, I smiled. When I arrived at my hotel, I put the writing beside my pillow and looked at it often. The piece of writing became a touchstone reminding me of the end result I wanted. I would reread it, feel the joy of the show going the way I described it, and relax. That evening, when I sat down before Larry King with the cameras on both of us, I felt calm and confident.

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I answered his questions, smiled, laughed, and even stunned Larry by announcing the making of a sequel to the movie The Secret. In short, I created a new experience by Nevillizing it. The idea is to write a script of what you want to happen, but to write it as if it had already happened. Pretend you are writing your diary entry for the end of the day when you attracted your goal. Get into the good feelings. Imagine the joy you will feel. This simple exercise will program the event to come your way. For example, what if you want a new house?

In the mental realm, enter at once into full enjoyment of the things you want. But the trick is to do it with feeling, not just mental imagery. I think this is another missing secret in the quest for attracting what you want: Too many people just use their mental imagery skills and 94 The Methods forget to add the power of emotion to their imagination. Feeling accelerates the process of attraction.

This is why you tend to attract the things you love or hate. The intense emotions step on the gas. You could play the part of a man wealthier than you were 24 hours ago. You imagine how you want a situation to be, but imagine it with feeling, and as if it has already passed. Doing this will also help you know what action to take, if any, to begin to attract your desired result to you. Neville wrote in The Power of Awareness: You must assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled until your assumption has all the sensory vividness of reality. You must imagine that you are already experiencing what you desire.

That is, you must assume the feeling of the fulfillment of your desire until you are possessed by it and this feeling crowds all other ideas out of your consciousness. Keep in mind that the event itself may still be different from what you describe when you Nevillize it. So am I. What you are doing here is learning how to consciously create circumstances. The Law of Attraction.

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The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want
The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want The Key: The Missing Secret for Attracting Anything You Want

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