Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace

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Each of these ways is correct, having set out on it you can achieve the desired goal. Not refuting any one of them our project foresees yet another possibility. It consists in the daily procedure which despite its seeming simplicity, can turn out to be extraordinarily effective. It is well known that creating poetry was included in the obligatory program of education in the XVIIth-XVIIIth centuries, the ability to create a sonnet, a poetic congratulations, an epigraph, ultimately, was so highly appreciated in society, just like the ability to play musical instruments.

But this was an indisputable quality - the ability of each person, given the chance, to shroud his thoughts in poetic form - was not the property of the "gallant" epoch along: over the course of the entire XIXth century, the ability to create verses was also widespread, verses were written, re-written, sent to one another in the mail, were read to one another when meeting, not to mention the popular literary evenings Read the complete instructions.

Step 1 — Commit a Route through your Memory Palace

Petrov, Pensioner, Kiev. How can you escape far-far away, to set off on a boundless journey, where everything around you will be new, unexpected, where everything is surrounded by the unfamiliar and interesting, you encounter things which don't have names, their purposes and reason for existing are incomprehensible, where your every step is accompanied by the risk of falling under the feet of a strange being, and at the same time you will be surrounded on all sides by symbols and signs addressing you but in a language that is foreign to you?

Borden, Secretary, Stalinobad. An encounter with one's angel and with other angels for many continues to be a unsolvable problem, and since the majority of people consider it to be unsolvable under any circumstances, the very thought of such a possibility seems insane and not subject to discussion.

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And this is entirely in vain. The facts and the testimony of numerous eye-witnesses attest precisely to the opposite. The analysis of many of them indicates that the probability and most likely the actuality of such encounters occurs at a height of approximately ll meters above sea-level, in mountainous regions, correspondingly on mountains with these heights.

How to make your own cardboard play castle

Kabakov, Graphic Artist, Moscow It is now the end of the century, and there aren't many who maintain the illusion that invented projects, even the most noble of them, can bring some benefit to a large number of people, virtually to all of humanity, that they can actually be realised and embodied in reality. Knowing and having lived through this sad, and for many people, tragic experience, the end of the century represents a mirror image of its beginning, but with the opposite sign.

This time, beginning with the illusion of a radical change in life, with small and large utopias, is ending with disillusionment in their results and scepticism toward any utopia or utopian creation in general.

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A spiralling, luminous edifice of translucent walls, it is a truncated Tower of Babel The Kabakovs, survivors of the Soviet Utopia, know better than most both the liberating power and the potential danger of the human imagination. The result is mock-documentary involving people trying to come to terms with nature and the universe, and offering proposals for bettering their own lives and those of others. Ilya and Emilia Kabakov are Russian-born, American-based artists that collaborate on environments which fuse elements of the everyday with those of the conceptual.

While their work is deeply rooted in the Soviet social and cultural context in which the Kabakovs came of age, their work still attains a universal significance.

Ilya Kabakov was born in Dnepropetrovsk, Soviet Union, in He studied at the VA Surikov Art Academy in Moscow, and began his career as a children's book illustrator during the 's. He was part of a group of Conceptual artists in Moscow who worked outside the official Soviet art system. In he received his first solo show exhibition at Dina Vierny Gallery, Paris, and he moved to the West two years later taking up a six months residency at Kunstverein Graz, Austria. In Kabakov began working with his future wife Emilia they were to be married in From this point onwards, all their work was collaborative, in different proportions according to the specific project involved.

Today Kabakov is recognized as the most important Russian artist to have emerged in the late 20th century. His installations speak as much about conditions in post-Stalinist Russia as they do about the human condition universally. She attended the Music College in Irkutsk in addition to studying Spanish language and literature at the Moscow University.

She immigrated to Israel in , and moved to New York in , where she worked as a curator and art dealer. Emilia has worked side by side with Ilya since Petersburg among others. The Kabakovs have also completed many important public commissions throughout Europe and have received a number of honours and awards, including the Oscar Kokoschka Preis, Vienna, in and the Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres, Paris, in The Palace of Projects was commissioned by Artangel. Artangel use cookies to help us understand how people use this website.

Running Ham Palace V2

Find out more: in our documentation. In my opinion, D3JS is the most powerfull online chart creating library, but for most people creating a server of JS with D3JS and conneting a chart to a DB is a very complicated stuff to do alone. In this case, I would have liked to use Plot. So, I have used Thingspeak that is really simple to use. Create an account, then create a channel and finnaly create 4 chanel fields to stream data.

Follow this tutorial to do that is old but usefull. Go to my code and chage the chanel number and the api key with yours. If you have done right, it will work :.

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If you see the photon publishing meters on the dashboard, your are doing it right. This guys made a really cool stuff and we are going to use it for our task.

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First, create and account. If you are noob, IFTTT means If This Then That, and and this is how it works: you create a recipe that connects two internet services, using a trigger of one service to create a response on another service like automating things. You have to connect to your particle account giving your credentials as so with twitter, and then select your device on the recipe trigger. Or you can also create a new recipe that connects it to facebook, google drive, wordpress, spotify, philips hue light, wemo light or whatever you can imagine.

Every time photon publishes a event it will publish it on twitter. Now you can stay tune to your hamsters runs, that simple. You can follow my hamster Ham. A nice way to monitor your hamsters activity is using IP cameras to have a real time viewing server and twitter and facebook photo updates. In my case, I used a variety of cameras and services to make this happen.

The first and cheapest way to do this is using and old Android phone that you will almost certainly have at home you need to power it with a continuous power supply.

Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace

Easy peasy. Thirth option is to buy the famous Xiaoyi smart camera. If your are setting up the Synology Surveillance Station, you may hack it installing a new firmware and following some steps. Welcome again!!! Great job!!!! I'm looking your ThingSpeak charts. Only mts per day? You must train more!!! Reply 3 years ago.

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I bought a neighbour called Snow that will take care of the Running Ham Palace when ham go rest forever. Reply 2 years ago. I love it! A smart house for small pets.

Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace
Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace
Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace
Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace
Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace
Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace Step by Step from the Projects to My Palace

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