A World of Shadow and Substance

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From Silent Film to MTV

In crossing periodic boundaries and revising familiar historical narratives, Shadow and Substance challenges the idea that the Protestant Reformation brings about a decisive shift from the flesh to the word, the theological to the poetic, and the sacred to the secular.


Shadow And Substance (The Wonderful World Of Glass Volume 2) (Vinyl, LP, Compilation) | Discogs

The book also adds to studies of English drama and Reformation history by providing an account of how Eucharistic discourse informs understandings of semiotic representation in broader cultural domains. This bold study offers fresh, imaginative readings of theology, sermons, devotional books, and dramatic texts from a range of historical, literary, and religious perspectives.

Shadow and Substance will have a wide appeal, especially to those interested in medieval and early modern drama and performance, literary theory, Reformation history, and literature and religion. Skip to content Happy 4th of July! Description Press Kit Author Bio Reviews Awards Description Shadow and Substance is the first book to present a sustained examination of the relationship between Eucharistic controversy and English drama across the Reformation divide.

The Substance of 'Middle-Earth: Shadow of War' with Josh Lynch

The scholarship is truly impressive. There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

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This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the Twilight Zone.

Shadow and Substance: Reiniger’s Carmen Cuts Her Own Capers

And yet another tale from the late Richard Matheson makes its way into the land of both shadow and substance. That honor goes to a fourth wall. Director Ted Post wanted to film a continuous transformation shot that would change what initially appeared to be a standard office into a movie set with the off-screen players looking on.

The shot is flawlessly pulled off and the effect is incredible.

Eucharistic Controversy and English Drama across the Reformation Divide

Therefore, be sure to watch for it at the beginning of this episode. Nervous breakdowns can take many different forms. Other times the person finds themself in a completely alternate universe, and that is what this episode is about, the surrogate or substitution. At his desk, he picks up the telephone, intent on calling his wife and finds that the line dead.

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Director Monty Fisher approaches, inquiring whether or not he can play the part and make the simple call. Upon noticing that something is obviously wrong with his star, he tells Endicott Peter Walker to keep an eye on him and requests an ambulance, indicating that Gerald Raigan, a nearly washed up and drunken has been of an actor, was having a nervous breakdown.

"Shadow & Substance"

With no comprehension as to what is occurring and with everyone referring to him as Raigan, each imploring him to realize that he is only playing a character named of Arthur Curtis. Frantically searching the set, he finds a working telephone and picks up the receiver.

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  • Wanting to dial, he refrains, unable to recall his home number, and the same bewildered look falls over his face. He dials the operator, gives his address, which he seems to remember, only to be informed that there is no telephone listed at that address. He pleads with the operator, saying it is his home, but it is to no avail. Rushing out of the building and into the travel area he nearly walks in front of a car driven by a ruthless and shrewish Nora, his real-life wife.

    Pushing her aside, he commandeers her car, intending to drive to his home.

    A World of Shadow and Substance A World of Shadow and Substance
    A World of Shadow and Substance A World of Shadow and Substance
    A World of Shadow and Substance A World of Shadow and Substance
    A World of Shadow and Substance A World of Shadow and Substance
    A World of Shadow and Substance A World of Shadow and Substance
    A World of Shadow and Substance A World of Shadow and Substance
    A World of Shadow and Substance A World of Shadow and Substance
    A World of Shadow and Substance A World of Shadow and Substance
    A World of Shadow and Substance

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