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American Eskimo. Great Pyrenees. Shetland Sheepdog. Cocker Spaniel. Chinese Crested. Siberian Husky. Border Collie. Toy Poodles. Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. Miniature Poodle. Coton de Tulear. Irish Wolfhound. American Pit Bull Terriers. Boykin Spaniel. A cross between Great Danes and indigenous African dogs, Ridgebacks were conceived by colonial European farmers for two reasons: protection, and lion-tracking.

Their name derives from the notable ridge of hair running down the middle of their back. Dignified, strong-willed, and independent, the Ridgeback is a worthy specimen for seasoned dog owners who know how to handle a rowdy pup. First-timers are advised to look elsewhere. Fun fact: Lassie happens to be just one of three animals who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

These majestic dogs come in two coat varieties: rough or smooth.

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Collies are eager learners with a gentle temperament, which makes the perfect pet for households with children. This classic droopy-eared, low-rider has a sense of smell second only to bloodhounds in capability. Affectionate, athletic, and bred to herd, they need a sense of purpose—like training, or a sport—to feel content. They make great companions for quality game time in the backyard or park. Smart, eager, and intensely loyal, they require commitment and early socialization to achieve their maximum potential.

Their protective demeanor and massive bulk give Newfoundlands the presence of a friendly mountain bear. A dead-ringer for the pocket-sized Australian Shepherd, Minis bristle with energy and intelligence, desperately wanting to be helpful, in true herding dog form. Endearing and lively, Minis are of recent heritage, developed in California in the late s based on Australian Shepherd stock. With its silvery coat, this mainstay of the family dog group is a perfectly rounded individual.

Imbued with nobility, grace, and gentleness, the elegant Weimaraner assisted royal houses in hunting large game, like deer and bears. This ancient toy dog of Malta can find a friend in anyone and makes for a surprisingly alert watchdog. Like the West Highland Terrier, they were bred to be pure white by Roman emperors who wanted their pets to have a color they considered divine.

One of the oldest breeds from the Americas, and a convenient mascot of their native Mexico, for years, the Chihuahua was considered a high-fashion accessory. See: Hilton, Paris. Demanding but lovable, these little brutes require training to live with, but ultimately make lovable life-long, faithful companions. For a laugh, get this: a group of Pugs is called a Grumble. Considered the ideal house dog by many, Pugs are happy…as long as they are loved. One of the smallest retriever breeds, these beautiful, golden-rust colored sporting dogs have near-limitless energy, but are graceful, gentle, smart, and sensitive at the same time.

An athletic Hungarian breed, these pups thrive on activity, making them an ideal jogging or biking buddy. Bred for hunting, Cockers got their name from the birds they were at hunting: Woodcocks. Training is essential to keep the neighbors from hating you. Despite its size, the Mastiff flourishes in small spaces and urban environments.

The best hunters of the Spaniel clan are filled with brawn, brain, and undying love for bird necks. Until the turn of the 20th century, they shared a breed designation with Cocker Spaniels. Born from the same litter, the smaller dogs were Cockers while the larger ones were Springers. Agile and upbeat, the Brittany excels in all manner of sports and training. Sized in between larger Setters and shorter Spaniels, these dogs need lots of exercise and are perfect companions for those with active, outdoorsy lifestyles.

The calm temperament and big, brawny mass of the Bernese suits its origin as a dependable, noble work dog from Switzerland. Shetlands are purposeful, intelligent, vocal, excitable, and eager to please.


The national dog of Cuba, Havana dogs have found their way into an ever-increasing number of American cities, homes, and hearts. Despite packing one of the smallest of builds, Poms carry the tenacity befitting a larger dog. Extroverted, playful, and lively, these toy dogs enjoy being the center of attention. These good-natured, compact tuxedoes are delightful companions, and are especially well-suited for city-dwellers. You can trace their genealogy to a stout Liverpudlian from the late s named Judge, who was a cross between a Bulldog and the now-extinct white English Terrier.

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Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39) Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39)
Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39) Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39)
Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39) Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39)
Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39) Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39)
Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39) Tibetan Mastiffs (Divine Dogs Online Book 39)

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