Three Mischievous Dogs

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These gentle giants excel at swimming, but they've also earned quite a rep as "nanny dogs" thanks to their patient and watchful nature. According to the breed standard, a sweet temperament is the most important trait, so if you have the space, this fluffy creature could win you over. No backyard, no problem. City dwellers adore these quiet and low-maintenance pups , although it's the trademark "bat ears" that physically distinguish them from their larger bulldog cousins. The prototypical Frenchie exhibits an alert, playful attitude married with easy-going adaptability.

Collies rank among the smartest dog breeds , and if you ever watched Lassie , then you know why. A collie's loyalty is unparalleled and they simply adore children. Worried about all of that fur?

The 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds

Collies come in both "rough" and "smooth" varieties for the grooming-adverse. If shedding's really a concern, try one of these cute pups. While no dog generates zero allergens, these silky-haired terriers grow what's referred to as a hypoallergenic coat. More importantly, Wheatens are exuberant and devoted pets that love an active playtime — especially chasing anything that moves. Nicknamed the "Gray Ghost," the Weimaraner 's distinctive appearance sets it apart.

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These sporting dogs love kiddos and strive to become an integral part of the family, learning quickly along the way. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is providing plenty of mental and physical challenges on a regular basis. This is an active dog that does best with more than just a walk. Their history originates in the gruesome practice of bull-baiting, but don't let that origin story fool you. A Bull Terrier would much rather play the part of family comedian, not an aggressor. Endearing and mischievous, this is one entertaining pup that benefits from early socialization with other dogs and people plus plenty of positive training.

You won't be bored, that's for sure. Another group of former fighters, Boxers remain one of the most popular breeds in the country for their upbeat, fun-loving attitudes. That charisma translates to a patient, protective demeanor around children. Just take note: Bouncy Boxer puppies can jump quite a bit, so take care around little ones and give plenty of training reminders.

Poodles are the ultimate custom dog. They come in three sizes standard , miniature , and toy and three colors black, white, and apricot. While some wrongly think they're uppity pooches, underneath that fluffy hypoallergenic coat is a bonafide brainiac bred for activity.

The flamboyant show hairdo derived from their original purpose as hunting dogs isn't a necessity either.

Three Mischievous Dogs

Most owners opt for the simple "sporting clip. Before you lump them in with other small white dog breeds , know that Bichons "operate under the assumption that there are no strangers, just friends they haven't met yet," according to the AKC. Their amiable attitude comes with another bonus: a low-shedding coat that makes this playful fluffball all the more perfect for a fun-loving household. If you love a sporting dog but want something a little different than the standard Lab or Golden Retriever, consider the Vizla.

It's a born-and-bred pointer that thrives on thorough exercise but displays a sensitive, affectionate nature when not it's not "working. The smallest member of the sporting group, the Cocker Spaniel has probably the softest ears and sweetest expression around. Compact but active, Cockers do just fine with regular walks and playtimes, whether they're romping with the kids or another dog. Clever and tenacious, the modern, well-bred Staffie feels most at home in a family, not in the gruesome arena where its history began. It's now valued as a sweet-natured companion patient with children.

A medium stature — a manageable 24 to 38 pounds — coupled with steadfast loyalty makes Staffies true winners. Make sure you socialize this pup with other dogs early on so it can live up to its true potential. Yes, mutts aren't an official breed per se — but that doesn't make them any less loving or adorable! Talk to your local animal rescue for help finding a mixed-breed dog that would fit with your family and lifestyle.

Adopting not only gives one pup a forever home, but also frees up a spot in a shelter for another one in need. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Independence Day Through the Years.

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Best Independence Day Sales of This continuity of care is one of the rewarding aspects of being a vet in a small community: you get to know several generations of people and animals. And people who have a well-behaved dog tend to go on having well-behaved dogs. This is no coincidence: people tend to repeat the same actions, getting the same types of dogs, and treating them in similar ways. By observing this trend, I have a clearer understanding of why dogs behave badly, and what owners can do to avoid having a badly behaved dog. M ost dogs, like most humans, end up resembling their parents, not just in appearance but also in behaviour.

Personalities of animals, just like people, are strongly controlled by genetics. If both parents are calm, obedient, gentle dogs, the puppies are more likely to turn out well. My simplest advice to people looking for a puppy is to try to meet both parents of the dog that you are considering. P uppies have a golden period of malleability from around 3 weeks to 3 months of age.

Over this same period, they also learn how to interact with others, using body language and vocalisation.

Linköping University

Puppies who are well socialised during this period e. In contrast, pups who do not get adequate socialisation during this period e. In many cases, this fear leads to aggression, with serious consequences for humans around them, and ultimately negative outcomes for the dogs themselves. Choosing a well socialised puppy is one of the keys to having a well behaved adult dog.

They need to be trained to behave in the way that their owners want them to behave , and this takes time, patience and commitment. Typically, an owner needs to spend around fifteen minutes a day training their dog not necessarily all at once: five minutes three times a day may even work better. This needs to happen day after day, week after week, month after month. It can be combined with daily activities such as walks, but it needs to be done.

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T he old belief that dogs functioned in a rigid, hierarchical, pack-based social ladder has been shown to be false , but sadly many people still base their dog training on the principle of dominance. If a fearful dog growls or snaps, then trying to stop the behaviour by terrorising the animal with physical intimidation will only make the situation worse. Trying to beat dogs into submission when they behave badly only makes things worse. S ome dogs start to tremble with fear if their owners even drive past their local vet clinic: this is a good example of the ability that dogs have to remember negative encounters.

Vets now try to ensure that pets have a fear-free, pain-free experience when visiting clinics: the long memories of dogs means that they can be taught to remember positive experiences as well as negative. Many types of bad behaviour stem from fear and anxiety from separation anxiety to fear of fireworks to nervous aggression.

If owners take care to avoid exposing their pets to strongly negative experiences , such bad behaviours are less likely to develop.

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Hormones have a significant effect on dog behaviour. In particular, testosterone tends to make male dogs more dominant, more territorial, and more interested in engaging in conflict with other dogs.

Three Mischievous Dogs Three Mischievous Dogs
Three Mischievous Dogs Three Mischievous Dogs
Three Mischievous Dogs Three Mischievous Dogs
Three Mischievous Dogs Three Mischievous Dogs
Three Mischievous Dogs Three Mischievous Dogs

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