The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)

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She announced. Esmeralda always carefully stirred each recipe times. She then lifted the spoon to her lips and blew on the thick orange contents. Tentatively her tongue touched the strange brew and she closed her eyes and sighed in satisfaction. Well Pickitywick She said to the skinny black cat by her feet.

Another perfect pumpkin sweet potato soup, if I do say so myself, glad I added the extra ginger. Now that dinner is settled, where did I put that spell book? Esmeralda Cronely searched through the bizarre collection of books that crowded her dining room table. She was not the tidiest housekeeper and when she was working hard on a spell tended to just leave things scattered around the room. The spell books on the table ranged in size from giant leather bound tomes to the tiniest of notebooks. They had every color of the rainbow from deepest midnight black to brightest saffron gold.

Some had shiny embossed writing on their covers while others had no words at all, instead they had strange symbols that seemed to change if you looked at them too closely. After a few moments of searching she lifted a medium sized purple book in triumph. She cried. This spell will get us noticed at the North American Spell In for sure! The North American Spell In was an opportunity for witches from all over the United States and Canada to gather and exchange information. The Spell In. This action might not be possible to undo.

Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join. Save For Later. Create a List. The servant came in for the jug to gather the bathwater. Natasha said, "I beg you, please be not too quick in making the fire, and please carry the water for the bath in a sieve with holes, so that the water will run through. But indeed, she took a very long time about getting the bath ready. Baba Yaga came to the window and said in her sweetest voice, "Are you weaving, little niece? Are you weaving, my pretty? When Baba Yaga went away from the window, the little girl spoke to the thin black cat who was watching the mousehole.

Said the cat, "Little girl, do you want to get out of here? For I fear that Baba Yaga will try to eat me with her iron teeth. Just then Baba Yaga came to the window. Baba Yaga went out again. Whispered the thin black cat to Natasha: "There is a comb on the stool and there is a towel brought for your bath.

You must take them both, and run for it while Baba Yaga is still in the bath-house. Baba Yaga will chase after you. When she does, you must throw the towel behind you, and it will turn into a big, wide river. It will take her a little time to get over that. When she gets over the river, you must throw the comb behind you. The comb will sprout up into such a forest that she will never get through it at all.

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The cat took Natasha's place at the loom. Clickety clack, clickety clack; the loom never stopped for a moment. Natasha looked to see that Baba Yaga was still in the bath-house, and then she jumped out of the hut. The big dog leapt up to tear her to pieces.

Just as he was going to spring on her he saw who she was. She petted his head and scratched his ears.

The Witch Stories: The Changing Tea by Erica Morrison - Read Online

When she came to the gates they opened quietly, quietly, without making any noise at all, because of the oil she had poured into their hinges before. Then -- how she did run! Meanwhile the thin black cat sat at the loom. Clickety clack, clickety clack, sang the loom; but you never saw such a tangle of yarn as the tangle made by that thin black cat. Presently Baba Yaga came to the window.

The Bone Witch: Monsters and necromancy galore

There at the loom was no little girl, but only the thin black cat, tangling and tangling the threads! The cat curled up its tail and arched its back. The girl gave me real cheese. Baba Yaga was enraged. She grabbed the cat and shook her. Turning to the servant girl and gripping her by her collar, she croaked, "Why did you take so long to prepare the bath?

Baba Yaga cursed her and dashed out into the yard. Seeing the gates wide open, she shrieked, "Gates!

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Why didn't you squeak when she opened you? But the girl oiled us and we can now swing back and forth without a sound. Baba Yaga slammed the gates closed. Spinning around, she pointed her long finger at the dog. Baba Yaga rushed about the yard, cursing and hitting them all, while screaming at the top of her voice. Then she jumped into her giant mortar.

Beating the mortar with a giant pestle to make it go faster, she flew into the air and quickly closed in on the fleeing Natasha. For there, on the ground far ahead, she soon spied the girl running through the trees, stumbling, and fearfully looking over her shoulder. Natasha was running faster than she had ever run before.

Soon she could hear Baba Yaga's mortar bumping on the ground behind her. Desperately, she remembered the thin black cat's words and threw the towel behind her on the ground.

Mint Tea : How Do You Know If You're A Witch?

The towel grew bigger and bigger, and wetter and wetter, and soon a deep, broad river stood between the little girl and Baba Yaga. Natasha turned and ran on. Oh, how she ran! When Baba Yaga reached the edge of the river, she screamed louder than ever and threw her pestle on the ground, as she knew she couldn't fly over an enchanted river. In a rage, she flew back to her hut on hen's legs. There she gathered all her cows and drove them to the river. Then Baba Yaga hopped into her giant mortar and flew over the dry bed of the river to pursue her prey.

Natasha had run on quite a distance ahead, and in fact, she thought she might, at last, be free of the terrible Baba Yaga. But her heart froze in terror when she saw the dark figure in the sky speeding toward her again. Then she suddenly remembered what the cat had said about the comb. Natasha threw the comb behind her, and the comb grew bigger and bigger, and its teeth sprouted up into a thick forest, so thick that not even Baba Yaga could force her way through. And Baba Yaga the witch, the bony-legged one, gnashing her teeth and screaming with rage and disappointment, finally turned round and drove away back to her little hut on hen's legs.

The tired, tired, girl finally arrived back home. She was afraid to go inside and see her mean stepmother, so instead she waited outside in the shed.

When she saw her father pass by she ran out to him. The stepmother turned yellow when she saw the girl, and her eyes glowed, and her teeth ground together until they broke. But Natasha was not afraid, and she went to her father and climbed on his knee and told him everything just as it had happened.

The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea) The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)
The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea) The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)
The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea) The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)
The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea) The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)
The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea) The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)
The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea) The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)
The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea) The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)
The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea) The Witch Stories (The Changing Tea)

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