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I've been watching this conference from a distance on Twitter and look at the photos like this is amazing! Look at the screen! No, seriously, look at the screen! I mean, I only an-wide at home, and I think that this ratio is like which is bananas. Talk about neck pains. DevTools would be amazing on this screen, by the way! First of all, X, ten years, and I come from music, so I could appreciate what they've done here, the set-up. I mean, it's absolutely elaborate, but I love that they've done this for a tech conference, so can we please give JSConf a round of applause as well!

All right, that's enough! I'm going to get jealous! So, they've been around ten years, and I was thinking to myself, like, you know, I was kind of writing this talk up, adding some notes, ten years. Where was I ten years ago? Like I said, I came from music. I was able to pull this photo out. I used to do lectures with the Red Bull Music Academy which is actually based out of Germany, and I was doing a lecture here with Flying Lotus, a big deal for me at the time, ten years a week from today.

And I was thinking to myself, like, man, 30 years old, that's kind of like a long time. And I don't know where you were 30 years ago, but I remember when I first accessed the web, the first thing I thought of was this. And I don't know how many of you were able to sort of like be around this time where you had to get a modem, and you made those telephone sounds, and that stuff, just to get on the internet?

But it was great because I discovered a lot of things, and there was one place I used to hang out - who remembers newsgroups here? There we go. This is where I hung out a lot, rec. This is the first time you start to connect with people from all parts of the world who had access to the net.

Another thing that I did, as I had more and more access, I used to use search engines, like everyone else, and who remembers Alta Vista. I was a big fan. When that vanished, I was so sad. Actually, there were a few browsers around thereafter, but this is the one that I was using, and the big part about this one is when it was released, this is what one of the early quotes from Andriesson himself, "This software is going to to change everything.

Another quote came, things started exploding with the invention of the browser because suddenly the internet was accessible to the average person. And I mean, average, we will say sort of like model-class person who had a computer and a modem, but it definitely opened things up. You started to have that delight and discovery that I like to talk about.

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When Netscape came out, it was extremely popular, 65 million users in 18 months, and part of the reason was the fact that as much as the early web was, like, text, it was very academic, they were actually able to bring images into the fold here, and what then happened is that when we were surfing the net, we were accustomed to the lay-out text, images. It was reading the paper.

And believe it or not, there was debate as to whether or not they were going to bring images on to the web. Some mild arguments, and the belief was that if they brought images on, there would be like this onslaught of pornography. And I'm here to say that they were absolutely wrong. But, the fact is, for real, though, they believe that by opening it up, adding some images, and letting people sort of expert, it was going to drive the web forward, and it actually did. Now, today, we are 4. I think that's phenomenal, but believe it or not, there's still room to grow. And, you know, you might wonder that's an explosive growth.

What sort of drove that? Well, this is kind of it right here. This young lady's on a mobile phone. I believe this is nothing that the they expected to see at the time. This is like mids. Who thought you were going to have a mobile device and be able to surf the web just as powerfully as they did back then? So this has allowed us to do a lot of different things. We've been able to be very productive in life.

So what have we been able to do with sort of like little friction? Pretty much everything. I mean, we can make money, we manage money online, we can go on a date, we can go buy clothes. We can actually go rent a car to take your date out. We can order fish, we can listen to one of my favourite songs called Fish, and we could actually get phishing emails from African Princes, right?

But all jokes aside, man, we can actually read comics and make them accessible, comic books, shot-out to Jessica.

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For all the people that were trying to bring online, we could actually go offline. This is what technology has allowed us to do. Which is absolutely needed. By the way, I downloaded the offline map for Berlin because I was not going to pay those fees. But we could actually create music in the browser as well. Shout-out to Live :JS in the building!

This is what the technology has allowed us to do, very important.

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This is the shape of the web as we see it growing right before our eyes. So, the technology has been extremely important in getting these sort of things done. And this is where we are going to sort of like see even more technology allow us to do greater things thereafter. Now, what about the technologist? We may have been playing some amazing chords on some of the devices that we've seen out there, you know, from keyboards to the MIDI controllers, but, unfortunately, there's been a little bit of discord as well, and we're going to get into a few items that have been bothering me a little.

Let's talk about technology. There's an ongoing refrain, we know exactly what is going on, and it saddens me. I mean, you just need to open up Twitter and wait five seconds before it hits you, and I think that's sad. It's been long discussed, you know, what needs to be done to retain talent, to attract talent, and we still go out and sort of like trip over some of the main issues.

I mean, what do they talk about? What do women talk about when they leave the industry? The lack of career growth, salary, poor management, and, you know, when I read poor management, I know exactly what they mean. That's just being polite.


And the other part is actually what scares me, because the other, I feel, I know exactly what is going on, but, again, it's being polite and not calling people out, because other to me means this. It's not fit for print, but we know exactly what is happening. To me, that's absolutely not the way or the shape of the web needs to take.

Further on I'm going to share a little story, something I did did a few years ago. International men's day happens once a year, March 8th. And I got together with some buddies, I'm like let's rap about this. I want to put an event for women to come out and enjoy themselves and listen to other women in the industry.

This goes back to something I tried about ten years ago in music. I really wanted to do a show with female producers. I work in a certain pack of sound, and I knew there were producers out there, but when I went knocking on some doors, I couldn't find any sponsors, so it got a little tough, but I never forgot that. When I had an opportunity to do something again, I did. So, every year we put together in event called IWDTO, International Men's Day, and this is a picture of , and we've been doing it for five years now. On the right to left, we have Lisa, who worked at the White House, an Obama hire, by the way.

The lady in the middle, someone who I look up to very much, she works in performance. She goes by the name of Tammy Everts who works at SpeedCurve. An amazing person. You need to follow her if you can. On the left, I'm not sure if she is here, Mina Markham. I would be happy for her to come down and share her story.

The most important part is the fact that, like I say, we do this every year, and it warms my heart to be able to help out in a way - I might not be the best ally - but I feel I'm doing something to make things work. Why do I want to to this? I want to make sure that we have moments like these, you know? Thank you, thank you, thank you. Katie, we know exactly what happened there. A great moment, even though shortly after we saw the trolls come out and sort of question her. Margaret Hamilton, as we know, coined the term "software engineering" but right there she is sitting next to the stack of paper that was essentially her sort of like tracing, or helping get the rockets up to the moon.

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  • But one of my favourite photos is this one right here. This is the Indian space research organisation. And they're having a ball right there. Well, they were the fourth team to ever get a satellite around Mars. As you can tell, the team is made up of several women.

    So I want to see of month of these happening, these moments taking place. The big thing is that the comment thread between the three photos that I showed, I mean, they all had CS backgrounds, degrees, and what not, which brings me to my next malaise, the CS versus non-CS beef. Any CS people in the building? I mean, raise your hand. I've got love for you. You know what I mean? How did this happen?

    I really don't know. But, I kind of got triggered by this one tweet, and this person's going to go unidentified, reasons why computer science degree is a bad eat. Money, time, CS can be so boring. I thought to myself that was irresponsible because it came from someone who has a large platform, and I actually questioned him on it, but I'm not going to get into that. But, I will get into this, and make some noise when you see a photo that sort of like you recognise the image. I'm go the to get into that, but does anyone know what this is?

    So, let me go back. Why is it important? And he basically soldiered on trying to make things work. Because he got a lot of non-STEM students to work along and contribute to the venture. I thought this was so true. You needed to see this because you don't need a CS degree to be successful, but it doesn't mean by having a CS degree you're not going to be. In fact, John's daughter mentioned this: BASIC was basically an incredible project of what is now called an aligned team.

    I thought that was wild. But speaking of CS, I want to talk about something else real quick. Does anyone know who this is? Probably not. Her name's Lena Soderburg, and most of the CS people, and if you're in performance, you might know this performance, Lena? We know someone here knows? But you might recognise her when I do this.

    Now, this is the photo that's been internationally accepted as the test image when you do any kind of image processing, compressing, et cetera, et cetera, which is totally cool. But here's what is not so cool. This is where it came from. I remember doing some research one day, and I could not believe it. We've been using an image from Playboy for some years. Do you know that two million images are uploaded to the web daily?

    Did I say two million? I meant two million images. They're uploaded to the web daily, but somehow we have the photo of a centre fold as the test image for image compression. You know, for a second, I was thinking, it's the s, we're going to get over it, whatever. It's going to fade.

    How are you supposed to retain talent? How are you supposed to attract talent when you have this kind of comportment out in the wild? This is not the shape of the web to come. And with that being said, I mean, I tweeted this out just moments before I got on stage. I will ask anyone who wishes to do so to vote whether or not the Lena image should remain the standard in image processing. Now, we kind of know what this means, the World Wide Web.

    A developer I know likes to wall it the "wealthy Western web". Okay, I'm good, because I think this started early. I'm watching the clock and this flashing president the wealthy Western web, because we like to design and create apps for the West, but what if I told you this is the list of the top-ten internet users by country?

    What if I told you the greatest growth by country looks like this: now, these two lists are the reason why documentation is important, and it's important to trans late. Think about this. Remember that German spoke yesterday who said, he spoken a few times on stage but it was his first time speaking in English. First time.

    And you have developers out there that are trying to get in the fold, but documentation's not in their native language. That's something we definitely have to look into. Because you have situations like this. And this sort of caused a little bit of kerfuffle on Twitter. And I was watching it. And this tweet came out. I'm not going to name the person, because I didn't ask whether or not I could use it, but this happened thereafter.

    Same tweet. Now, we are talking about, you know, creating an inclusive community, an inclusive web. I mean, I don't know how you're going to get more inclusive than having documentation translated properly so that other developers can have some input. Last Name. Phone number. Please provide more details about your request.

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