Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition)

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The club scene is all centered on its beaches and in the 5 th Avenue — a catwalk blending international styles, colors and tastes. However, if you are more like me and think clubs look everywhere the same, then walk to the travel agency Caribe Viaggi Calle 26 Entre 5 Y 10 Avenida, Bajo Hotel Cocorio, Centro, Playa del Carmen and pick your favourite among their amazing tours. You did it! Now you can either relax and enjoy your last days stranded on dreamy Caribbean beaches or combine this with some of my suggested activities listed below.

Flaviano Bianchini, age 35, is an Italian naturalist and environmentalist. In he f ounded the non-governmental organization Source International , whose aim is to provide scientific support to those communities enduring human rights violations. Flaviano was born and raised in Fabriano, Marche. He first graduated in Environmental Sciences at the University of Camerino, then specialized in Natural resource management and enhancement at the University of Pisa.

Illegal in search of the American dream. In this diary book — currently available in Italian and Spanish El camino de la bestia, Pepita de Calabaza, — Flaviano strips himself of his privileged European identity and becomes Aymar Blanco, a Peruvian migrant attempting to reach the American dream as any other of the migrants who every day risk their lives on the desperate trek through Mexico. What drove you to undertake such an experience?

When you live in Latin America, you face this experience every single day. I remember my first day in Guatemala: the natural reaction of a taxi driver driving me from the airport was to tell me about his unsuccessful attempt to reach the United Stated. Just consider the fact that one fourth of the population of El Salvador lives in the United States. You see migrants or relatives of migrants in every corner. Since the beginning I have felt the need to report their experiences. How did you prepare yourself for the trip?

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Mainly physically: I tried to get myself into the best shape possible running and biking. It is all a matter of luck and persistence. A pretty long time passed between your trip and the publication of the book: Why? The book was published by the end of This is why it took me a pretty long time to write the book. Besides, I wanted it to be comprehensive of every event and emotion I had experienced. Is there an event — positive or negative — you have often found yourself thinking over?

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The days in prison have been the toughest. On those two chapters of the book I got stuck for almost a year. Every time I believed I had actually managed to convert my thoughts into words, I reread my writing and constantly judged it not accurate enough. Once you arrived in Tucson, you took back your identity of Flaviano Bianchini. Which would have been the next steps for Aymar Blanco? Would he have made it? One could write an entire new book on Aymar in the United States! For most migrants reaching the United States means beginning another travel, if possible even more difficult than the border crossing itself.

Aymar has arrived in town dressed in rags and with no money whatsoever. He would have had to start all over and rebuild his life from scratch, first creating himself a network in order to find a job. The rest of them end up working the land in the Southern States or in criminal street gangs. And these gangs are the first reason for the American hatred against Hispanic people.

To which extent are the migration from South to North America and the one from North Africa to Europe similar and on what do they differ?

Bicycling the Camino to Santiago de Compostela - FULL MOVIE

Similar are the trip brutality, the immense difficulties that both voyages imply and the reasons for starting it. Another aspect are the extremely high prices migrants have to pay for crossing the border illegally. This huge amount of money goes then directly into the pockets of organized criminals. This is the real nonsense: a voyage of hope from Guatemala City to Los Angeles costs 8. The same applies for migrants coming to Europe: the Balkan route cost them 1.

They largely differ on what awaits the migrants once they have reached their destination. In Europe, migrants are surely not doing very well, but at least they have more possibilities to become legal thanks to the right to asylum and other social benefits for refugees. On the contrary, in the USA most migrants stay illegal for the rest of their lives. Their only hope is to win the Green Card Lottery, a United States congressionally mandated lottery program which makes available around Is this really the only way to become a US Citizen?

In order to hire a foreigner — and I speak from experience — an American company must prove that there is no US Citizen available for that position. The whole process can cost the company up to Everyone will easily understand that an Oxford graduate will probably make it, but a Guatemalan farmer has no chance at all. Under jus soli — or right to the soil — which rules the nationality law of the Unites States, a child born in the USA automatically qualifies as an American citizen.

This is the reason why many women decide to undertake this extremely dangerous journey late in their pregnancy in the hope of giving birth to a so called anchor baby.

From the French Revolution to the Second World War

This children, however, can act as a sponsor for their parents only upon reaching the age of majority. Is there a solution to the immigration issue? As for the United States, at the moment there is no intention to give these people an opportunity. Whereas Mexico, despite the Drug War, has still something to offer, in these other three countries hopes are long gone and poverty and crime indexes are insane. Just think of the fact that Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are among the first most violent countries in the worldwide crime statistics, sadly competing with countries at war in Africa and in the Middle East.

In the last five years Aleppo has hit 5. The only way to stop this slaughter in Latin America as well as in Africa and the Middle East is to improve the living conditions in these countries. You know Latin America very well. Do you think President Trump is their enemy number one right now? I think it is still too soon to tell whether his promises are just rhetoric or he is really going to keep them. Positive is that the United States are not an elective dictatorship: new laws have first to be passed by Congress, where they can also be overruled.

Moreover, having an enemy can sometimes be beneficial.

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In Mexico, for example, the fear of the wall has revived the national pride. In your book you write that there are miles of gaps in the fences running the borders of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. So as the Presidency of George W. Bush once promised, also Trump is willing to complete the 1. If this happens, which other routes will migrants try to enter the United States? First because the costs are prohibitive, and second because there are too many interests at stake. Such an executive order could easily be overridden by the Congress. It is true that the Republicans are currently controlling the Congress, but they are all very much aware that US industries and farms depend on illegal immigrants from Central and South America.

I am afraid so. When Trump first announced the ban on entry to the United States from seven majority Muslim countries, 15 minutes later the same idea was put forward by Salvini. Will this choice also affect Europe? During the election campaign Trump has even claimed that as President he would have worked towards the abolition of the Agency.

War Volunteering in Modern Times

I fear that also on this point Europe is going to take the United States as an example. These expenses will be halved or even eliminated by the environmental deregulation, a process through which environment-related state regulations are removed or reduced. This is how Trump will make the United States business attractive again, because here comes the real saving for companies, both economic and bureaucratic.

Some European politicians are already trying to replicate this in order to attract new investors on their own territory. The Unites States are doing it to compete against China, we do it to compete against the United States. Which are the most urgent environmental challenges Europe will have to deal with within the next 10 years? Climate change and land use, no doubt. These two challenges are closely linked: we have always has landslides and floods, the fact that they are now so devastating is due both to climate change, which implies an increasing frequency of extreme weather, and to land abuse.

I just visited the island in February see on my blog a bit further down when it was cold and snowing as in this film. Deserted landscapes not even sheep just a few horses when I was there. A stilted meditation in black and white on nature, mankind, animals and industrial waste. In search for his father he has never known Miguel leaves Lisbon for Cape Verde where he encounters a rich melange of faces culminating in an old farmwoman who lives with her goats in the middle of nowhere. Beautiful landscapes and intoxicating music for a roadmovie that did not need a detailed script with a cheeky ending: in real life the protagonist had found his father but in the film he ended up becoming a father.

Finally a few comments about films that will be or are already released in the US. She gladly takes the role of his muse and erotic ideal as she finds his grumpiness charming and his intelligence sexy. Louis Garrel, a formidable actor, plays Godard expertly with a slight lisp, big glasses that keep breaking as a running joke, with monologues about marxism and the end of filmmaking under capitalism Cannes was cancelled in , he is jealous, possessive, domineering even melodramatic when his wife is ready to leave him.

A biopic of Godard with satirical touches more suitable for SNL than for a cultural hero who is searching for answers to the political urgency of the time. Not true. All characters communicate with each other via phone or email, never in person, and to accelerate the plot TV commentators take over occasionally. A gimmick that works for a while but then needs a boost, like a thriller story, to carry the viewer through minutes.

A father is looking for his 16 year old daughter who disappeared suddenly. Lots of twists and very unexpected turns will keep young audiences, thrilled by this innovative approach to filmmaking, glued to the screen. Done through outsourcing by Filipinos who are not allowed to identify themselves or their work places, the job is grueling.

Many suffer from PTSD, get paid minimum wage and no benefits. Did Mark Zuckerberg see the film? It was sent to him before the premiere in Sundance with a request for comment that was supposed to be read at the screening. But FB did not sent a reply. Is our addiction to the screen and to the thrill that comes from violent images beyond repair?

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Can the genie be pushed back into the bottle or will our children and grandchildren will live with the damage being done daily? The five Oscar nominated foreign films are by veteran directors who dig deep into the social and political faultlines of their country but what they find at home feels eerily familiar anywhere. The films are depressing, shocking, touching, fascinating and certainly worth seeing, all of them. In LOVELESS the unwanted and unloved son becomes an unwitting witness of his belligerent parents quarreling over the question where to dump him — perhaps at the equally disdainful grandmother — when they sell the home and move in with their lovers.

The son runs away and for the second half of the film the camera follows a group of volunteers searching for the boy while the parents keep bitching at each other. In a Hollywood film parents faced with their missing child would at least try to unite while searching for the kid — not in this film. The volunteers comb through cold, grey apartment blocks, a dilapidated mansion, where his classmates would hide, snowy woods, hospitals and morgues with the mother in tow while the father has to take care of his demanding very pregnant next wife.

They find beaten up, disfigured kids but not the son. A harsh, chilling portrait of a fractured relationship in a fractured society. The film won the Oscar in The story pits a contentious Lebanese Christian auto mechanic with a traumatic past against an older Palestinian Muslim suffering from the ever present insults against his people. Both sides get an impassioned defense in court, very level-headed perhaps to encourage the viewer to dig deeper into the problems of present day Lebanon.

An intense drama with emotions flying too high in the first half of the film and solutions offered in the second half that seem too easily to digest. It unfolds both, in a dream-like magical inner world, captured by stunning fairy tale images of deer in snowy woods gently rubbing their heads, and the brute outer world of a slaughterhouse where heads are cut off. The film follows the slow burning attraction between Maria and Endre, two lonely workers both handicapped — physically and mentally — who cannot connect in the real world of the abattoir only in their dreams. Over the course of almost two hours the journey of the lovers looses some of its bizarre eccentricity that in the first half is marked by hilarious side plots with a company psychiatrist analyzing the workers sex life.

Shocked, disgusted or amused — like me — by the tongue and cheek Hungarian humor? The plot is full of shocking surprises, weird turns, incredible funny twists that can not be explained but must be seen — it kept me glued to the screen. How often have Cannes and the Academy agreed on the same film? The film begins with a glimpse into the love life of a happy couple, Marina and Orlando who is about double her age. He suddenly dies and then her trouble begins. We find out that he has left wife and family for Marina, a trans woman whose mourning for her lost love is hindered at every turn by his family, by the institutions she has to deal with in order to assert her right as his companion and lover.

A straight-forward story that focuses on the compassionate performance of Daniela Vega, herself a transgender woman whose portrait of Marina is at once defiant and noble, heartbreaking and somber. How did she meet him? How did his family react when they first found out about the affair? What happened to Iceland?

Santiago De Compostella Und Mehr: Mein Weg Zu Mir Selbst (German Edition)

Even in the winter so many tourists from all over the western and eastern world. Too many for the Icelanders to take care of so they opened their doors to guest workers, mainly from Poland. Young, friendly people who speak fluent English, get paid much better than in Poland and can stay as long as they want.

Next stop: Reykjavik. Our airbnb was as expensive as what I rent out in SF, only smaller. The food was more expensive and eating out much more. But we visited the happiest people in the world — it was worth it. The city has about , inhabitants, the whole island about double of that. There are many more sheep and puffins but they are only around in the summer. Our road trip south took us to the well known tourist spots — the Strokkur geyser that unexpectedly spits hot water high up in the air, in the winter you can only see steam rising to the ahs and ohs of the many tourists ready for the photo op.

The breath taking Gullfoss waterfall nearby broke its path through snow and ice. In Vik at the southern coast we stayed at an airbnb by the church. It was Sunday, terrible weather but that did not prevent the villagers to walk up the steep hill in wind and rain without umbrellas. The church was warm and with a room to change into Sunday clothes. But just the moss appeared through the mist.

Our reward at night, a dinner at the best restaurant in Vik perhaps the only one that had delicious Skyr — cheesecake — so light and smooth, worth to return just for that. Driving on snowy roads is no fun.

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A sleepy, small village outside of Selfoss, with greenhouses everywhere lit up like Christmas decoration, hot springs, hiking trails and pools, great to visit again when the snow is gone. Mann sucht sich das ja selber aus. Verlassen kann Mann sich darauf allerdings nicht. Heute war wieder ein solcher Eukalyptus-Tag auf dem Jakobsweg. Schaun mer mal. Nicht unbedingt meine Paradedisziplin! Es wunderte mich dann auch gar nicht, dass ich, einmal auf dem Camino stehend, konsequenterweise unendlich platt war. Unter dem Strich waren es 1. Auf dem Camino de Santiago kann niemand so recht vorhersehen, wie gut oder schlecht ein Pilgertag verlaufen wird und das ist gut so.

Verfasst von: caminopilger 4. Juni Endstation Nancy Tag 8 Bedauerlich, dass Nancy vom Camino de Vezelay einfach links liegengelassen wird. Juni Vor den Toren Nancys Tag 7 Verfasst von: caminopilger 2. Bonne nuite Die sonstigen Bilder des Tages:. Verfasst von: caminopilger 1. Die Bilder des Tages aus Ancy sur Moselle:. Juni Schlammschlachten um Metz Tag 4 Der Caminopilger Die Fotos des Tages:. Verfasst von: caminopilger Bon Camino aus Perl, Deutschland. Die Bilder des Tages:. Bon Camino aus Merzkirchen.

Verfasst von: caminopilger 9. Willkommen auf dem Jakobsweg. Bon Camino vom Niederrhein. Der Caminopilger.

Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition) Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition)
Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition) Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition)
Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition) Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition)
Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition) Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition)
Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition) Santiago de Compostella und mehr: mein Weg zu mir selbst (German Edition)

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