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Aside from a general connection to Satanism and harsh Nordic winters, black metal is known for low-fi, bare-bones recordings. Lewis took about a year off to work on other projects but began renewing his efforts in summer , when he put out follow-up album II. V: Path of Sulfur , a deeply personal addition to his numeral series, was released Oct. He is also working on a series of especially harsh-sounding concept records titled Artifacts of the Antichrist , which offer the story of the Antichrist as a parallel to the birth of Jesus. Lewis uses a drum machine for percussion at speeds faster than most humans are capable of replicating.

While his trademark shrieking vocals seem otherworldly, his piercing voice is a natural gift. His ideas easily outpace his ability to actually produce the music, which helps speed up the technical process.

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He partied and caused general havoc for his parents. Lewis remembers his mom bringing pastors to his house to pray for him. After turning 23, Lewis finally had his fill of Florida. He moved to Oklahoma in because he had a close friend here. The first black metal album he heard was a Deathspell Omega project recommended by someone on a metal forum. It immediately fascinated him. This is insane. Lewis has been in a few bands before but never considered himself a gifted player of real instruments. His musical journey took off in earnest shortly after moving to Oklahoma, when he got his first iPhone and began experimenting with GarageBand.

He remembers one time he performed at a noise house show in Norman where no one in the crowd had any interest in black metal. Before the show, Lewis was not sure how they would react to his shrieking music, but his reception after the show was very warm. I grew up in a really strict Christian home, and just to do something different is gratifying. Stream or purchase music at deadandgrey.

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Oklahoma City man spins tales of the Antichrist in one-man black metal project Dead & Grey

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Project Antichrist Project Antichrist
Project Antichrist Project Antichrist
Project Antichrist Project Antichrist
Project Antichrist Project Antichrist
Project Antichrist Project Antichrist
Project Antichrist Project Antichrist
Project Antichrist Project Antichrist

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