Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations

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Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations (Paperback or Softback)

Their blueprints depict the length, height and width of rooms, doors, windows, floors and other components of a building to a scale. In a scaled drawing, an inch or fraction thereof represents a particular number of feet or yards.

Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations (Paperback or Softback)

Architects need algebra to convert the inch or fraction to feet or yards so that the drawing has the correct proportions. Medical professionals need skills in algebra to fill prescriptions, administer drugs and detect potential heart problems and other illnesses. Heart doctors measure cardiac output, or the volume of blood the heart can pump, by using algebraic equations based on the oxygen levels in the body and heart rate. Physicians, nurses and pharmacists must correctly decide the concentrations of medicines to administer to patients. Algebraic equations assist physicians in knowing when a prescription loses its effectiveness and should be discarded.

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According to Ross University, medical professionals rely on algebra to convert units of measurement and ratios. Algebra assists chefs in having the right amount of ingredients to prepare food and serve diners. As Rice University's "Linear Algebra" paper shows, chefs can use a matrix to identify foods on a menu, the ingredients and the quantity of each ingredient and then multiply the matrix by the number of diners.

Restaurant owners use algebra to calculate the cost of cooking a dish and determine how to price the dish. Algebra is used by high school and college algebra teachers and instructors in fields that require algebra. Instructors at colleges such as Akron University must have bachelor's or master's degrees in disciplines such as business administration, civil engineering and finance -- that all include algebra -- to teach courses in these areas.

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Degree programs, such as those in Colorado State University's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, require its students to take algebra. Christopher Raines enjoys sharing his knowledge of business, financial matters and the law. It's too precious to be given away to the 'initiated few. Yet for all that mathematics belongs to all Humankind, the teenage Frenkel himself was denied access to the Soviet Union's flagship institute of learning, Moscow State University, despite having aced all the entrance exams.

I was an outcast," he laments - but only briefly, continuing, "But I didn't give up.

Romeo & Juliet - A System of Differential Equations

I would sneak into the University to attend lectures and seminars. I would read math books on my own, sometimes late at night. And in the end I was able to hack the system. They didn't let me in through the front door; I flew in through a window. When you are in love, who can stop you?

Who indeed? When Frenkel's student papers were smuggled out to the west, they found their way to Harvard University, where the Mathematics Department persuaded the President to invite the twenty-one-year old prodigy to come over as a Visiting Professor. Putting him on a fast track to a Ph. Along the way, this now Russian-American wrote a screenplay, The Two-Body Problem , published in book form and performed on the stage, but still awaiting production as a movie, and co-wrote and starred in a short art movie, Rites of Love and Math , in which he tattoos "a formula of love" on the naked body of his lover.

The film is strongly inspired by a classic Japanese film, Rites of Love and Death. I hope what little I have told you about Frenkel - the man, the life, and the mathematics - persuades you to get his book and read it. Not because I am his agent; I am not.

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I have only met Frenkel once, a few weeks ago, at a dinner party in Berkeley. Rather, because I share his love for mathematics, and I too have poured effort into trying to convey the reasons for my love to my fellow humans. And because he writes so well. As is true for all the great Russian novels, you will find in Frenkel's tale that one person's individual story of love and overcoming adversity provides both a penetrating lens on society and a revealing mirror into the human mind. To be sure, many readers may have to skim through some of the mathematical parts.

If that applies to you, then as a result you will miss a lot. But you will still come away the richer. And what of that "formula of love" that the Rites version of Frenkel engraved on his lover's body? You must surely be curious. It's a real formula that arose in Frenkel's own research, and you can find it on page , together with a brief explanation. Unusually for me, after a long delay, they decided not to publish it. My suspicion is they did so because they felt the "romantic prose" I adopted did not fit well with their image of mathematics and how it should be portrayed.

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If so and I do not know for certain , I think that is a great pity, and may reflect why many people are turned off math. For example, courses that use spreadsheets extensively for mathematical modeling and powerful statistical software packages have been developed as part of an alternative pathway designed for students with interests in business and economics.

Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations (Paperback or Softback)

These alternative pathways involve activities that go beyond students writing examples down in their notebooks. Students might use software, build mathematical models or exercise other skills — all of which require flexible instruction. Both new and old pathways can benefit from new and more flexible methods.

Their report suggested current STEM teaching practices could improve through evidence-based approaches like active learning. In a traditional classroom, students act as passive observers, watching an expert correctly work out problems. They then tend to view mathematics as a series of isolated problems for which the solution is merely a prescribed formula. Mathematician David Bressoud summarized this well:. Conversely, classrooms that incorporate active learning allow students to ask questions and explore.

Active learning is not a specifically defined teaching technique.

For example, teachers could pose questions during class time for students to answer with an electronic clicker. Or, the class could skip the lecture entirely, leaving students to work on problems in groups. While the idea of active learning has existed for decades, there has been a greater push for widespread adoption in recent years, as more scientific research has emerged. A analysis looked at studies comparing active learning with traditional lecture in STEM courses.

Their findings unequivocally support using active learning and question whether or not lecture should even continue in STEM classrooms. The studies in this analysis varied greatly in the level of active learning that took place. In other words, active learning, no matter how minimal, leads to greater student achievement than a traditional lecture classroom.

Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations
Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations
Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations
Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations
Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations
Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations
Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations
Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations
Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations Love, Loss, and Algebra Equations

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