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After our arms the storm has conquered it. Othello enters the castle followed by Cassio, Montano and the soldiers. Dispersed, destroyed, engulfed they plummetted into the raging deep! Their requiem shall be the sharp scourge of the spray, the swirl of the whirlwind, the scend of the sea. Dispersed, destroyed, etc. Distant thunder. The storm is passing away. IAGO Only an idiot drowns himself for love of a woman. While the ship is being unloaded and weapons and baggage are being carried from her into the castle, some citizens emerge from behind the fortress carrying branches to make a bonfire which, by the light of torches held by the soldiers, they construct to one side of the ramparts.

The crowd gathers around, excited and curious. Otello entra nella rocca, seguito da Cassio, Montano e soldati. Dispersi, distrutti, ecc. Tuono lontano. La tempesta sta avviandosi. Si calma la bufera. Good Roderigo, your friend sincere I have professed myself, and I could never do more for you than in your present need.

If the frail vow of a woman be not too hard a knot for my wits and all the tribe of hell to untie, I promise that the woman shall be yours. Listen, though I make show of loving him, I hate the Moor. Cassio enters and joins a group of soldiers. Here comes one reason for my hatred, look. Puffs of smoke begin to rise from the wood with increasing density. But just as sure as you are Roderigo, so sure it is, that if I were the Moor I should not want an Iago about me. If you heed my counsel Still talking, Iago leads Roderigo further away.

Flames begin to leap up from the fire, and the Cypriots gather round it, singing. Meanwhile, the tavern servants decorate the pergola with lanterns. Soldiers gather round the tables, drinking and talking. The jovial flame by its glow compels night to depart. It leaps and sparkles, crackles and flares, bright radiance invading the heart! Drawn by the firelight, shadowy faces flit in ever-mutating rings, now like maidens singing sweetly, now like moths with flamy wings.

Palm and sycamore burn together, the bride sings with her own true love, a Desdemona bella, che nel segreto dei tuoi sogni adori, presto in uggia verranno i foschi baci di quel selvaggio dalle gonfie labbra. Mentre cantano, i tavernieri illuminano a festa il pergolato. Guizza, sfavilla, crepita, avvampa, fulgido incendio che invade il cor! Arde la palma col sicomoro rip. The fire of rejoicing flames but a moment! Glowing, fading, throbbing, wavering, the last flicker leaps and expires.

Fire of rejoicing, etc. The fire dies down gradually: the storm has ceased completely. Iago, Roderigo, Cassio and a group of soldiers are gathered around a table on which wine has been placed. IAGO But look! All Cyprus has gone mad today! This is a night of rejoicing, so IAGO Come, you must drink again.

To the marriage of Othello and Desdemona! Fuoco di gioia rapido brilla! Fuoco di gioia, rip. Fuoco di gioia, ecc. JAGO Roderigo, beviam! JAGO Guarda! Take care IAGO If he should get drunk he is lost! Make him drink. Iago fills three glasses: one for himself, one for Roderigo, one for Cassio. The servants circulate among the guests with jugs of wine; the crowd draws closer and looks on with curiosity. Drink deep, gulp it down before song and glass both disappear! Fallo ber. I tavernieri circolano colle anfore; la folla gli si avvicina e guarda curiosamente.

Trinca, tracanna prima che svampino canto e bicchier! IAGO to everyone Who has ever succumbed to the Bacchic ode strange and fantastic, come, drink with me, drink with me, drink, drink, etc. IAGO Drink, drink I challenge the ironic Deity and fate! IAGO Who has ever succumbed, etc. JAGO Beva, beva IAGO out loud, to all From the potent flagon cowards fly Drink with me, drink with me. I fear not the truth, etc.

I fear not the truth, and I drink, and I drink and I drink, and IAGO Ah! Drink with me! JAGO forte, a tutti Fuggan dal vivido nappo i codardi Bevi con me, bevi con me. JAGO Ah! The others are laughing at him. Drink, drink with me , etc. IAGO Drink, drink! They all drink.

Gli altri ridono di Cassio. Bevi, bevi con me, ecc. JAGO Bevi, bevi! Tutti bevono. MEN Ah! No one can save you now! He draws his sword. Montano draws his too. A furious fight ensues. The crowd draws back. Spread tumult, horror through the town, let the bell sound the alarm! Roderigo runs off. Iago quickly turns to the two combatants. Gentlemen, cease this barbarous brawl! IAGO Heavens! What a furious fight! Sguaina la spada. Assalto furibondo. La folla si ritrae. Roderigo esce correndo. Jago si rivolge rapidamente ai due combattenti.

JAGO Ciel! Tenzon furibonda! IAGO Hold! MEN Hold! MEN Peace! IAGO No one can stop this brawling now! They are possessed by Satan! MEN To arms! To arms! Meanwhile the tocsin is pealing; the fight continues and the women flee.

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Othello enters followed by torchbearers. The bell falls silent. The combatants stop fighting. How now! What is the matter here? Am I among Saracens? JAGO Tregua! Intanto, squillano campane a stormo; il combattimento continua e le donne fuggono. Entra Otello seguito da gente con fiaccole. Cessano le campane. Son io fra i Saraceni? Honest Iago, for that love you bear me, speak. IAGO I do not know Here all were courteous friends but now, and cheerful too Would I had severed these feet before they brought me here!

I cannot speak Now by heaven my blood begins to boil! Anger puts to flight our guardian angel! Desdemona enters. Othello quickly goes to her. My gentle Desdemona too has had her dreams disturbed on your account? Cassio, you have lost your captaincy. Cassio lets his sword fall and Iago picks it up. IAGO handing the sword to one of the soldiers and speaking aside Oh!

What a triumph for me! Iago leaves. Someone help Montano. Montano is helped into the castle. Let every one return to his own house. JAGO Non so Qui tutti eran cortesi amici dianzi, e giocondi Parlar non so Entra Desdemona. Otello le accorre. Jago parte. Si soccorra Montano. Al proprio tetto ritorni ognun.

All depart. Othello makes a sign to the torchbearers who accompanied him to return to the castle. He and Desdemona remain alone. Now as the darkness deepens all harsh sounds die away, and now my turbulent heart finds peace in this embrace and calm refreshment. Let cannons roar and all the world collapse if after the immeasurable wrath comes this immeasurable love! What anguish, what deep sighs and high hopes have strewn the path to our glad union! Oh, how sweet to murmur thus together! Do you remember?

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You used to tell me of your life in exile, of violent deeds and suffering long endured, and I would listen, transported by the tales that terrified, but thrilled my heart as well. OTHELLO I would describe the clash of arms, the fight and violent thrust toward the fatal breach, the assault, when hands, like grisly tendrils, clung to bastions amid the hissing darts.

OTHELLO Softened was your lovely face by tears, your lips by sighs, when I my story told; upon my darkness shone a radiance, heaven and all the stars in benediction! Io da qui non mi parto se pria non vedo deserti gli spaldi.

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La gente parte. Otello fa cenno agli uomini colle fiaccole che lo accompagnavano di rientrare il castello. Restano soli Otello e Desdemona. Te ne rammenti? OTELLO Ingentilia di lagrime la storia il tuo bel viso e il labbro di sospir; scendean sulle mie tenebre la gloria, il paradiso e gli astri a benedir! The storm clouds have now completely disappeared. There are stars in the sky and on the rim of the horizon can be seen the azure disc of the rising moon.

Such is the rapture of my soul, I fear that never more to me may be vouchsafed to know such bliss in all the hidden future of my fate. Joy floods my breast so piercingly that I must lay me down and pant for breath A kiss Un bacio Venus is radiant! Venere splende! Glazed arches and a terrace divide the chamber from the gardens beyond.

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IAGO Listen carefully to me. Do you beseech her that her gentle spirit may intercede for you, and your pardon is assured. IAGO It is her custom in the afternoon to stroll in the shade of those trees with my wife. Wait for her there. The way to your salvation now lies open; go to it! Cassio walks away. Iago watches him. Go to it! Your end I see already. You are driven by your daemon and I am that daemon, and I am dragged along by mine, the inexorable God in whom I believe. From the very vileness of a germ or an atom, vile was I born. I am a wretch because I am a man, and I feel within me the primeval slime.

This is my creed! I believe the just man to be a mocking actor in face and heart; that all his being is a lie, tear, kiss, glance, sacrifice and honour. And I believe man the sport of evil fate from the germ of the cradle to the worm of the grave. After all this mockery then comes Death. And then? Desdemona appears, walking in the garden with Emilia. Iago darts to the terrace, on the other side of which Cassio is standing. Vien dopo tanta irrision la Morte. E poi? Si vede passare nel giardino Desdemona con Emilia. Rouse yourself Here comes Desdemona.

Cassio goes towards Desdemona, bows to her and steps closer. Now let Othello be brought hither! Satan, assist my enterprise! Now they speak together Cassio and Desdemona are seen walking up and down in the garden. I need but a single ray of such a smile to drag Othello to his doom. Here he comes He takes up a position by the terrace and stands there motionless, his eyes fixed upon Cassio and Desdemona.

Othello enters; Iago pretends not to have seen him and speaks as if to himself. I like not that IAGO Nothing You here? An idle word escaped my lips. They both turn away from the terrace. IAGO Cassio? IAGO My lord Ti scuoti Or qui si tragga Otello! Si vedono ripassare nel giardino Cassio e Desdemona. Mi basta un lampo sol di quel sorriso per trascinar Otello alla ruina.

Si colloca immoto al verone guardando fissamente verso il giardino dove stanno Cassio e Desdemona. JAGO Nulla Voi qui? JAGO Cassio? JAGO Mio signore Why do you ask? IAGO A thought crossed my mind, whimsical, but without malice. IAGO Indeed? Do you not think him honest? The inner chamber of your brain harbours some terrible monster. You mentioned Cassio then did contract and purse your brow together. Come, speak if you love me! JAGO Dassenno? Noi credi onesto? JAGO Che ascondo in cor, signore?

Nomini Cassio e allora tu corrughi la fronte. IAGO Even if my heart were in your hand that thought you would not know. I have no use for baseless doubts. Before doubt comes enquiry, after doubt comes proof, after the proof — Othello has his supreme laws — away with love and jealousy together. IAGO with greater urgency A statement such as that breaks the seal upon my lips. I speak not yet of proof, but, bounteous Othello, look to it, for often natures that are free and noble do not suspect deception: look to it.

Here among lilies and roses, as if to an altar chaste, fathers, children and matrons, come with serenades. IAGO in an undertone as before Here she comes Observe her well! Non parlo ancor di prova, pur, generoso Otello, vigilate; soventi le oneste e ben create coscienze non sospettano la frode: vigilate. Qui fra gigli e rose, come a un casto altare, padri, bimbi, spose vengono a cantar.

JAGO come prima, sottovoce Eccola Desdemona reappears in the garden, on the far side of the great central arch; she is surrounded by women of the island, children and Cypriot and Albanian sailors, who approach to offer flowers, branches of blossom and other gifts. Here among lilies and roses, as if to an altar chaste, fathers, children and matrons come with serenades. Desdemona with our gifts would we bedeck like an image in a shrine.

WOMEN scattering leaves and flowers Take this flowery harvest we strew from our kirtles upon the ground for you, in showers upon the ground. DONNE spargendo fronde e fiori A te, a te la florida messe dai grembi spargiam, spargiam, al suolo, a nembi, a nembi spargiamo al suol. To this bower of lilies and roses, as if to an altar chaste, fathers, children and matrons come with serenades.

In my heart the songs of joy, love, hope I hear. IAGO aside Beauty and love are in sweet harmony. May you be happy! Here Love is lord! Qui fra gigli e rose come a un casto altare, padri, bimbi, spose, vengono a cantar. Gioia, amor, speranza canton nel mio cuor. Vivi felice! Qui regna Amor! Desdemona kisses the heads of some of the children, several women kiss the hem of her gown and she presents a purse to the sailors. The group disperses.

Desdemona, followed by Emilia, enters the chamber and approaches Othello. For him I intercede, for him I plead. Forgive him. Are you not well? Intercedo per lui, per lui ti prego. Tu gli perdona. Gli perdona. Emilia picks up the handkerchief. Look in my face and see how love is there expressed! Come, let me lighten your heart I can read your face. Emilia raccoglie il fazzoletto dal suolo. Guardami in volto e mira come favella amor!

Ti leggo in volto. IAGO Foolish suspicion! IAGO Give me that handkerchief! IAGO Do you not fear me? IAGO Give me JAGO Sospetto insano. JAGO Dammi quel vel! Dammi quel vel! JAGO A me Iago snatches the handkerchief from Emilia. JAGO A me quel vel! Con un colpo di mano Jago ha carpito il fazzoletto ad Emilia.

IAGO My hands already, etc. I would be alone. You understand? Desdemona and Emilia leave. Iago makes a pretence of leaving through the door at the back, but when he reaches it he stops. IAGO at the back, looking surreptitiously at the handkerchief, then replacing it carefully in his doublet With these threads shall I weave the proof of the sin of love. Monstrous thought! False toward me! Toward me!!! IAGO Suffer and roar!

Desdemona ed Emilia escono. Atroce idea! Rea contro me! JAGO Soffri e ruggi! You have lashed me to the cross! More monstrous than the most monstrous abuse of abuse itself is suspicion. Of her stolen hours of lust and stolen from me! I was contented, merry And now! And now Now, and forever farewell, sacred memories, farewell, sublime enchantments of the mind! Farewell, shining battalions and victories, the flying arrow and the flying steed!

Farewell to the standard triumphant and holy and the shrill fife that sounded to reveille! Pride, pomp and circumstance of war, farewell! IAGO Be calm, my lord. Do not flee! It would avail you nought! Bring me the sure, the ocular proof! Or on your head accumulate and fall the bolts of my terrible wakened wrath! He seizes Iago by the throat and hurls him to the floor. The world may be my witness that honesty is dangerous. He turns as if to leave. Ero baldo, giulivo Ed ora! Ora e per sempre addio, sante memorie, addio sublimi incanti del pensier! Addio schiere fulgenti, addio vittorie, dardi volanti e volanti corsier!

Otello libretto (English/Italian) - opera by Giuseppe Verdi

Addio, addio vessillo trionfale e pio! Clamori e canti di battaglia, addio! JAGO Pace, signor. Non sfuggir! Afferra Jago alla gola e lo atterra. JAGO Divina grazia difendimi! Fa per andarsene. You may be honest. I believe Desdemona to be loyal and believe her not to be so; I think that you are honest and think you disloyal I must have certainty! What proof would satisfy you? To see them clasped together? Death and damnation! IAGO That would be a difficult undertaking; but of what assurance are you dreaming if the filthy deed itself forever must escape you? But yet if reason be the guide to truth I may propose a circumstance so strong that it will lead you near to certainty.

In broken phrases he was revealing an inward enchantment. Let us hide our loves. Let us be wary! I am quite bathed in heavenly ecstasy! Forse onesto tu sei. Credo leale Desdemona e credo che non lo sia; te credo onesto e credo disleale La prova io voglio! Avvinti vederli forse? Morte e dannazione!! Cauti vegliamo! IAGO A dream that may give substance to another circumstance. One is too poor a prey for my revenge! Iago, my heart is ice. Banished be the spirits of mercy.

All my fond love thus do I blow to heaven. Watch me In its snaky coils the hydra has entwined me! O, blood, blood, blood! He kneels. Now, by yond marble heaven!


By the jagged lightning-flash! By Death, and by the dark death-dealing ocean flood! JAGO Io non narrai che un sogno. Jago, ho il cor di gelo. Lungi da me le pietose larve. Tutto il mio vano amor esalo al cielo. Per le attorte folgori! He starts to rise; Iago prevents him. IAGO kneeling also Do not rise yet! Witness, you sun that I gaze on, which lights me and which animates the broad earth and the spiritual expanse of the whole universe, that to Othello I do consecrate ardently heart, hands and soul even though on bloody business his will be bent! By the jagged lightning-flash, etc.

God of vengeance! Fa per alzarsi; Jago lo trattiene inginocchiato. Per le attorte folgori, ecc. Dio vendicator! On the right a broad colonnade. This colonnade is adjacent to a hall of smaller proportions. A terrace at the far end. He makes a sign to dismiss the herald. The herald leaves. A destra un vasto peristilio a colonne. Araldo esce. Have patience, or the proof will escape you. He starts to walk towards the door, then stops and returns to say one last word to Othello. The handkerchief I would most gladly have forgot it.

Iago goes out. Desdemona enters by the door on the left. Give me your ivory hand. Warm moistness bedews its soft beauty. With soft deceit he poses as prayer and pious fervour But I must speak again to you of Cassio. I would have the handkerchief that I gave to you. Paziente siate, o la prova vi sfugge.

Ecco Desdemona. Finger conviene Il fazzoletto Jago esce. Desdemona entra dalla porta di sinistra. Datemi la vostra eburnea mano. Ma riparlar ti debbo di Cassio. A powerful sibyl devised the magic web of it: within it there reposes the high witchcraft of a talisman. Take heed! To lose it, or give it away, were perdition! Have you lost it then? I shall fetch it Thus you put me from my suit for Cassio; your thought is cunning. My soul is roused!

I hear a note of menace in your voice! Tell me who you are! Dimmi che sei! Look at me! My face, my soul I show you; my stricken heart search well I pray to heaven for you with these my tears; for you these burning drops I shed upon the ground. Behold the first tears ever wrung from me by suffering. The first tears! Hell sees it! Bad weather forced rescuers to call off a search on Friday for two climbers from Britain and Italy who went missing in northern Pakistan on a peak known as "Killer Mountain".

They were attempting a route that has never before been successfully completed. Sadpara, along with other four local mountaineers, were airlifted to the base camp for a ground search. A top army aviation official said a Pakistani military helicopter that was set to search from the air was unable to take off due to the snow. Popular articles Five easy Italian words with a curious history Seven songs that will help you learn Italian Five reasons English speakers struggle to learn foreign languages What you need to know about shopping at Italian food markets James Bond is coming to Puglia this summer.

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In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition) In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)
In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition) In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)
In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition) In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)
In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition) In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)
In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition) In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)
In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition) In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)
In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition) In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)
In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition) In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)
In fuga nella notte (Italian Edition)

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