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In that cage was a girl who looked exactly like Asuna. After learning more about the game, as well as the AmuSphere , the successor of the NerveGear used to play it, Kazuto discovered that the picture he had received earlier was taken inside of the game, at the top of the World Tree. Thinking to himself that contacting the Ministry of Internal Affairs without concrete evidence was a bad idea, Kazuto asked Andrew to let him have the game client to personally confirm whether Asuna really was trapped in ALO.

At the character creation screen, he inserted his character name and then continued to choose his character's race. Due to being pressed for time and not planning to play the game too seriously, he selected the Spriggan race because of its initial black-themed equipment rather than based on the race's strengths and weaknesses. Kirito was then sent into a vortex of light and entered the game world, floating in the air above the Spriggan capital.

However, while free falling towards the Spriggan capital, a glitch occurred, and the area below Kirito collapsed into darkness. After a seemingly endless descent and landing on his face instead of his feet, he found himself in the Ancient Forest. Due to some bad feeling, Kirito tried to open the main menu, and finally realized that commands in ALO were controlled with the left hand, instead of the right hand as it was in SAO.

While the logout function was available and his HP and MP values were normal for a starting character, his avatar had over 8 skills already learnt, most of which were nearly or fully completed. However, those skills seemed strangely familiar to him, and he realized that all of the skills he had were identical to his SAO skills, except his Dual Blades skill. Hoping to find more clues about what was happening, he checked his item window, only to find dozens of lines consisting of enigmatic numbers and characters.

Realising this, Kirito hoped that one specific item would be among the various unusable items and soon found the item he was looking for: MHCP, in other words, Yui's Heart. After he tapped the crystal twice, Yui appeared. After Yui checked the system, Kirito learned from her that the ALO server was a copy of the SAO servers, using the same graphics engine, but an older version of the Cardinal System and different game components, and that the game used an almost identical save data and skill proficiency format to the one SAO used, which was why he was able to inherit his skills, with the exception of data denoting HP and MP.

She also warned him that his items were corrupted and should be disposed of before the system's error detection protocol detected them. As for his abnormal skill values, Yui told Kirito that he should be fine unless a GM checked them directly. Kirito asked Yui what was she supposed to be in the game, and she took the form of a Navigation Pixie.

Later, Kirito learned how to fly with a controller from her. Soon after, they found that some other players were approaching, one being chased by three others. Hearing that, Kirito decided to go take a closer look at it and used his controller to fly to the scene of the battle. Once there, due to not having practiced landing, he crash-landed near the 3 Salamanders and a Sylph , named Leafa, who the Salamanders were hunting.

While Leafa told Kirito to run away as she noticed that he was using starting equipment, he only reproached the Salamanders for ganging up on the girl, angering the Salamanders. Two of them moved in to sandwich him, but Kirito easily stopped the first strike and threw the Salamander into his teammate who was still airborne. After confirming with Leafa that it was alright to kill the Salamanders, Kirito drew his sword, and charged at one of the Salamanders and killed him in one swing.

The other Salamander was mercilessly bisected shortly after. Looking up at the leader of the party, Kagemune , Kirito relaxed and asked whether he was going to fight as well, but Kagemune only smiled as he refused. As soon as Kagemune had flown away and the Remain Lights of the two other Salamanders disappeared, Leafa asked the boy about what he expected her to do now, to which he responded by joking about her hugging him. Before Leafa was able to retaliate, Yui emerged out of Kirito's breast pocket, telling Leafa that she would only let Mama and herself stick to Papa.

Kirito reacted by wrapping both of his hands around the Pixie, not knowing how to explain what she was to Leafa, who then asked whether Yui was a Private Pixie, a prize of a lottery that took place at the launch of the game, which Kirito confirmed to cover Yui's true nature. Leafa, who had already loosened up after the encounter with Yui, then found out that Kirito got lost and decided to thank Kirito by treating him to a drink, which Kirito planned to use as an opportunity to find out more about ALO, especially about the World Tree. At Kirito's request, the duo decided to travel to the nearest town, Swilvane.

Before they depart, Kirito noticed that Leafa was about to take flight without using the controller and asked her how she was able to do it, therefore she showed him the trick to Voluntary Flight. After a humorous first attempt at flying without a controller, with Leafa's help Kirito soon grew accustomed to Voluntary Flight and they proceeded with flying towards Swilvane at high speed.

Unfortunately, Kirito realized he still did not know how to land and crashed into the Tower of Wind. At the city, after a brief encounter with Recon , Kirito and Leafa entered an inn and pub where they ordered their refreshments. Kirito then asked Leafa about the World Tree, as he wanted to get to the top of tree, and learned that it was the Grand Quest of ALO, as the first starting race to reach the top of the tree would be turned into the legendary race of ALFs and that nobody had managed to complete this quest yet, even though the game had been online for a year now.

Surprised by Kirito's determination to reach the top of the tree as soon as possible, no matter how difficult of a task it was, and seeing the familiar despair in his eyes despite his smile, Leafa volunteered to take him to the capital of Alfheim , Alne , where the entrance to the World Tree lay. As there was no method of instantaneous travel in ALO, they had to fly to the city, which would take hours. As Leafa had to log out already, they agreed to meet up again the next day and Leafa told him that he can use the inn room to log out, as logging out instantly can only be done inside the player's home territory, by using a tent, or an inn if outside of the player's home territory.

Puzzled by Leafa's actions, though grateful for her help, Kirito decided to follow her advice and use the inn room to log out. As a sudden change from standing to a lying down caused a strong sense of vertigo, he decided to use the "sleep off" approach to log out, literally falling asleep, which would automatically log him off.

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As he laid in bed, Yui returned to her original form and asks whether she could sleep with him before he logged out. Although surprised by the request, understanding Yui's wish to be exposed to new data, he agreed and made room for her. He fell asleep as he promised to Yui that, as soon as Asuna was safe, they would purchase a house in-game and live as a family again.

As Kirito and Leafa left for the World Tree the next day on January 21, under Leafa's advice, Kirito decided to buy some new equipment to replace his starting equipment. As a replacement for his beginner's sword, he purchased a sword as large as him. Both departed Swilvane by the Tower of Wind to gain an altitude boost.

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After fighting some aerial monsters, both eventually took a rest after their wings' flying time was depleted. They then decided to rotational logout to have one of them protect the other's body while the other took a short break in the real world. Kirito and Leafa fought through many orcs while heading towards the neutral mining town of Legrue.

As Leafa explained to Kirito about Spriggan magic, she also told him to remember the chanting, as it could save their lives one day. Yui detected many players coming behind them, and so both fairies hid in a gap in the wall, and Leafa cast a hiding spell to cover the gap up. After a short time of waiting, Kirito noticed a bat coming towards them, and Leafa realized that it was a high-level tracer.

She quickly destroyed it and told him to run, stating that the bat was a fire-attribute familiar, and therefore Salamanders were pursuing them. As the two tried to reach Legrue, the Salamanders cast a high-level Earth Wall spell to block the entrance of the town. Kirito asked Leafa to act as support by healing him when he was hit while engaging the enemy head-on. The Salamander party cornering them consisted of three tanks and nine mages. Kirito tried to attack the tanks, dealing some damage, but three healer mages quickly healed them while the other six offense mages then cast offensive fire spells at Kirito, greatly injuring him.

As the fight progressed, he tried to get close to the tanks and tried to move their shields, but was forced to jump back after the mages cast another set of fireballs on him. As Leafa provided Kirito a magic-protection shield by Yui's advice, Kirito transformed into a Gleam Eyes-like creature and easily ruined the Salamanders' formation, sparing one to interrogate. After being bribed with the items Kirito had received for killing the other Salamanders, the mage told them why they had gone after the two.

After the mage was given the items and happily left, Leafa wondered why Recon was sending messages and under Kirito's advice, logged out. After logging back in, she told him what the problem was, and that he should work for the Salamanders, but he refused and decided to assist Leafa with her problem.

After rushing past groups of Orcs, they exited the caves, and headed towards Butterfly Valley to try to stop the Salamander attack force from killing leaders of Cait Sith and Sylph that are going to sign treaties. As the leader of the Lancers, Eugene , was about to order the lancers to attack them, Kirito landed with a boom, and expressed a wish to speak with the commander of the attack force. After Kirito told the commander that he was an ambassador to the Spriggan- Undine alliance, being there for "trade" reasons, and that the Salamander attack would be considered as a war declaration against the four races, Eugene thought that he was bluffing because of his gear and having no guards with him.

Thus Eugene challenged Kirito, which he accepts and both began to fight. By taking advantage of his Dual Blades proficiency in SAO, as well as a Smokescreen spell to surprise his opponent, he quickly defeated Eugene and left players who watched the battle were in a state of shock at the fact that a Spriggan had managed to defeat the strongest player in ALO with weapons inferior to Eugene's Demonic Sword Gram that have magical ability.

Under Kirito's request, Eugene was revived, and, after being revived, he contemplated on Kirito's statement of the Spriggan-Undine alliance. Kagemune then came out from the Salamander ranks and lied about Kirito having ties with an Undine, "confirming" this alliance, thus Eugene and his troops left on good terms, as they did not want to wage war on 4 races simultaneously.

After the fight, the two leaders attempted to seduce Kirito into joining their respective army, however he declined their offers, stating that he needed to get to the World Tree to see someone. As the alliance had just started and the group was low on money to buy gear, he gave them a large package of coins each worth , Yrd , which they gratefully accepted. He quickly left with Leafa and both flew towards Alne.

There, they found and helped Tonky against a group of Undine players and left the place successfully with it to reach Alne. After that, Kirito and Leafa decided to take a rest.

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After being notified by the system that maintenance was shutting the servers off for three hours, they decided to log off at an inn not too expensive, as Kirito was now broke. He asked Yui to find a cheap inn, and she pointed them to one and they both logged off. In the morning in the real world, Kazuto greeted Suguha and they decided to go the hospital together. Kazuto then told his sister that the government plans to use a local school to hold the students from SAO.

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The two later arrived at the hospital where Asuna was being cared for. After the visit, they go back to ALfheim. While walking through a street of Alne, Yui told Kirito that Asuna was right above them. In a desperate act to reach her, he blasted off to the World Tree, hoping to find her there. As Kirito was flying towards the World Tree, Leafa tried to warn him of a barrier the admins had put after several players nearly managed to reach the top of the Tree that way.

He tried to attack the barrier but to no avail. Yui then used her Warning mode to contact her, and Asuna eventually heard her voice. She then dropped an admin card, and Kirito caught the card, not knowing what it was but knowing that Asuna had heard them. As Kirito went to the base of the World Tree to get to the top, two Guardian statues blocked the door and asked if he was willing to challenge the Grand Quest.

Kirito quickly accepted the challenge and ascended towards the top of the tree. As he flew upwards, multiple Guardian Knights spawned and tried to stop him. After killing several of them, he tried to speed up and reach the top, but got hit by a ranged guardian. More ranged guardians appeared and tried to stop him; however, he ignored the arrows and tried to get to the top. The melee guardians then started throwing their swords at Kirito, successfully hitting him and causing him to stop and bleed out from the damage, turning into a Remain Light.

Kirito began to have doubts about his strength, having flashbacks from SAO. He was then rescued by Leafa, who revived him outside the World Tree. As he apologized to Leafa and told her that he needed to rescue Asuna, Leafa suddenly realized that Kirito was actually Kazuto, and called him big brother. Kirito then realized that Leafa was actually Suguha, who logged out in disbelief.

See a Problem?

Kirito quickly logged out of the game and tried to comfort Suguha, but to no avail. Afterwards, Kazuto leaned against the door before falling in sorrow. After some thinking, Kazuto got back up and told Suguha that he would be waiting for her on the north terrace of Alne. There, he was soon joined by Leafa, who proposed having a duel to express their feelings. During the battle, Leafa fell and let her sword go, intending to be slashed by Kirito, but instead he caught her, shocking both of them. Kirito then told Leafa that he wanted to apologize to her, but he did not know what to say and wanted her to have a free hit on him.

After both quickly apologized to each other, they met up with Recon and the three begin their second attempt on the World Tree. As Yui believed he could reach the top because of his speed, Kirito decided to play the role of the attacker, while asking Recon and Leafa to provide support as healers. Guardian Knights began to spawn again, and Kirito easily killed many of them, amazing Recon in the process. As Kirito tried to reach the top, a large number of Guardians blocked him, and while healing Kirito, a few Guardians began to target Recon and Leafa.

Recon quickly took some out, and then used the Sacrifice spell to remove a large number of Guardians. Kirito then tried to get to the top again, but another large group of Guardians blocked him and they quickly refilled the gap caused by Recon's Sacrifice spell. The Guardians began to charge towards Kirito, impaling him multiple times and prompting Leafa to heal him.

They stated that they had come to help Kirito as he had helped them with their preparations greatly earlier. The combined forces destroyed many Guardians, and Leafa tossed her sword to Kirito. Kirito then used the two swords to wipe out many Guardians with his slashing speed and ended up at the top of the World Tree.

As Kirito tried to open the door, he was unable to because, as Yui told, the door was not locked by the quest, but by admins instead. As the Guardians spawned and surrounded him, he suddenly remembered about the admin card Asuna had dropped to him earlier. He gave it to Yui, who transferred the code to open the door, reaching upper levels of the World Tree.

Yui then found Asuna's location, and, after they reached the location, removed the gates, allowing Kirito and Asuna to meet again. Kirito suddenly drew his sword as he sensed an enemy coming, and Yui disappeared. The scene then transformed into a black space, and Oberon appeared, binding them both with gravity magic. Oberon then stabbed Kirito with his sword, and then sets the Pain Absorption level to 8, causing Kirito to feel some of the pain.

As Kirito helplessly watched Oberon abuse Asuna, Kayaba appeared and told him to re-think the fact that human will could overcome the system and give him his admin ID and password. Kirito then came to his senses and got back up. When Oberon tried to kick him back down, Kirito stopped the blow midway and accessed Kayaba's ID "Heathcliff" and then revoked Oberon's admin privileges. Enraged, Oberon tried to spawn Excalibur, but the system ignored his request.

Kirito then repeated the same command to spawn one and gave it to him, while setting the Pain Absorption level to 0, which made Oberon panic. Kirito then told him not to run, as Kayaba had never run from him during their fight. Oberon cursed Kayaba for interfering with him, even after his death, and he tried to attack Kirito, but Kirito parried his attacks with no effort and then quickly sliced and dismembered him which let Oberon started trembling from the pain and tossed him up to stab him in the right eye, killing him, and then freed Asuna.

Kirito then logged Asuna out, and after he was the only one left, Kayaba came out and talked with him again. He then disappeared, and Kirito called for Yui and promised her that the two would come back to ALfheim and start again. Kirito quickly logged out to the real world, where he was met by Suguha, who was worried about him. At that moment, he informed Suguha that Asuna was back in the real world and Suguha let him go to the hospital so that he could meet her again, which he quickly agreed to. He got his bike and started riding towards the hospital where Asuna was being taken care of.

As Kazuto ran towards the entrance of the hospital, he was cut by an attacker. He then realized that his right arm was bleeding, and identified his attacker as Nobuyuki, who, despite being in a lot of pain, declared his intent to kill him. As Kazuto was unable to defend himself from Nobuyuki because of his bleeding arm, Nobuyuki tried to kill him but missed because of his eye being blurry.

As Nobuyuki tried to perform the finishing blow again, Kazuto's thoughts of Asuna gave him the willpower to stop Nobuyuki and disarm him. Kazuto then smashed Nobuyuki's face into a van and put the knife to his neck. Thinking of all the things Nobuyuki had done to him and Asuna, Kazuto almost killed him but in the end let him live. Kazuto headed towards the hospital, where he reported Nobuyuki and got some of his wounds treated, before grabbing a guest card so that he could go to Asuna's room.

He then met Asuna for the first time in real life and, hugging each other, they shared a kiss. Months later, in school, Kazuto had just finished a class and headed outside to meet up with Asuna. Kazuto told her about all the recent news, also mentioning the arrest of Nobuyuki and the end of his inhumane experiments.

After a while of chatting, Kazuto quickly spaced out while thinking about Kayaba and his seed. After Asuna got Kirito out of his train of thoughts, the two enjoyed the sandwiches Asuna had made for lunch. As they opened the doors of the cafe, they were surprised that everyone was already there. Shortly afterwards, everyone congratulated Kazuto for completing SAO. Kazuto then went to the bar, where he was joined by Ryoutarou, Thinker and Andrew. Kazuto later logged into ALO, which was now owned by a new company, to bring Leafa to the afterparty.

After he caught her falling from the sky, Leafa asked him to dance with her. Later, Kirito grabbed Leafa's hand and took her near the World Tree, where he showed Leafa the Floating Castle New Aincrad, and told her that they were going to clear all one hundred floors this time. More players showed up, heading towards New Aincrad and Kirito muttered something that surprised Leafa and Asuna, before encouraging them to start moving. On December 7, , Kazuto was called by Kikuoka Seijirou, the man in charge of net crimes division, to a pastry shop to chat.

After hearing about the potential threat to MMO game security Kazuto agreed to investigate GGO for a fee, and notified Asuna of his decision to convert his avatar, though he kept the reason secret. Six days later, a hospital room was set up for Kazuto to FullDive in, with Aki Natsuki , the nurse who had taken care of him during the SAO incident, assigned to observe him for any abnormalities in his condition during the dives.

Upon entering GGO at the hospital, Kirito was stunned at the extremely feminine appearance of his avatar. Though initially disappointed and discomforted at its lack of intimidation and aggressive aura, Kirito determined it would still help him be conspicuous among the players of GGO and attract Death Gun's attention. Having become lost while trying to find the location where registration for the Bullet of Bullets was being held, Kirito attempted to ask another player for directions.

Upon realizing that the person was female, he became concerned that the girl would think he was just flirting with her, rather than being genuinely lost. However, being mistaken for a girl due to his appearance, Kirito was instead offered her assistance. Kirito decided to make use of the misunderstanding and inquired on the location of the administrative office and an equipment store. As the girl was heading for the administrative building as well, Kirito was escorted to the marketplace along the way. At the marketplace, the two realized that Kirito only had starter funds after his conversion.

When Sinon offered to lend some credits, Kirito declined the offer due to guilt and instead enquired about gambling within GGO as a way to quickly earn money. Thus, he was directed to the bullet dodging game named Untouchable! After learning the mechanics of Bullet Lines from Sinon, Kirito decided to try the game himself. Using his previous experience with NPC targeting, he managed to evade the cowboy's shots by following his eyes, and touch the NPC's chest, winning the jackpot. After a rush through the city, he and Sinon entered the tournament.

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During the tournament, Kirito used an original battle style of deflecting incoming bullets with his sword. Kirito and Sinon managed to get into the finals held the next day, although Kirito was shocked by his encounter with Death Gun. The next day, Kazuto was confronted by Suguha, who discovered that he was mentioned in a video games news site as one of the participants of the Bullet of Bullets tournament. Kazuto waited for the afternoon to head to the hospital.

Before he logged into GGO, he shared his guilt of having killed three Laughing Coffin members to stop them from harming others and then forcefully forgetting about their deaths. In response, he was comforted by Natsuki, who reminded him of his right to save others and himself. Upon entering the game, where he saw Sinon and asked her to tell him more about the finals. In the tournament finals, while trailing Pale Rider by hiding underwater, he was able to avoid the Satellite Scan and thus unintentionally sneak up on Sinon.

Afterwards, they trailed Death Gun to the central city on the stage, where Kirito took out Musketeer X, mistaking her for Death Gun, and returned just in time to save Sinon from the real Death Gun, who had been hiding with a Metamaterial Optical Camouflage Mantle. They managed to escape and hid in the desert, where Sinon told him her past, which Kirito responded to by comforting her.

After talking for a while, they figured out the secret behind Death Gun: he attained the addresses of some of the players by using his mantle to peep on them while they were using the in-game terminals and inputting personal details. His accomplice would then kill the selected targets in the real world by injecting a lethal dose of a drug. Initiating their plan, Kirito stepped out of the cave while Sinon prepared her equipment. Trusting Sinon to take care of their other opponent, Yamikaze , Kirito focused on sensing for Death Gun's location.

After Sinon defeated Yamikaze and destroyed Death Gun's sniping equipment, Kirito engaged with him in battle, in which Kirito discovered the identity of his opponent. During the battle, Kirito had a difficult time gaining the upper hand. Once they were the only two competitors left, Kirito and Sinon exchanged personal details and planned what to do next. The tournament then ended when Sinon used a gift grenade to have them both killed at the same time, thus ending the tournament as a tie. After logging out, Kirito hurried over to Shino's house and arrived just in time to save her from Death Gun's first accomplice.

Two days later, he visited Shino's school and took her to meet Seijirou. After discussing the recent incident, he brought her to the Dicey Cafe, where they met with Asuna and Rika, as well as a woman Shino had saved during the incident in the post office. At on December 28, , Kazuto was shown by Suguha an article detailing the discovery of the Holy Sword Excalibur. Midway during the duel, he had a suspicion about his opponent and asked her whether she had completely become a resident of the virtual world.

Instead of a response, Kirito was assaulted with a high-speed attack and lost the duel. Kirito later appeared in front of the 27 th Floor boss room to prevent a large guild from interfering with the Sleeping Knight's attempt at beating the Floor Boss. He, along with Klein, held off the guild for three minutes before succumbing to the overwhelming numbers.

Several days later, Kazuto pointed Asuna to the hospital Yuuki was in when Asuna told him she wanted to meet her again. He then helped the Sleeping Knights clear the 28 th Floor with his friends. Sometime later, he faced against Yuuki in the ALO Duel Tournament finals using only a single sword but ended up losing again. Recruited by Kikuoka for an experiment with a new form of VR system, developed by the mysterious company Rath , Kirito awoke in a fantasy style forest with no memory of how he got there. There, he met a teenage woodcutter named Eugeo , who seemed too lifelike to be an NPC.

Kazuto met Shino at the Dicey Cafe, where they talked while waiting for Asuna to arrive. When she arrived, they showed Shino that Asuna was able to monitor Kazuto's pulse via the monitor he had implanted for his part-time job. The Marines do a remarkable job of standardizing their officers. They will make you a man even if you are a woman, and the process was only half-finished with First Lieutenant Cruz.

An aura of femininity stubbornly clung to her. I would have hoped that an attractive young woman approaching me in the mall would arouse some reaction from my wife. I was lying. She is sleek and menacing and confident. Seven hundred feet above Spencer field, she is neither sleek nor menacing, but just as fatal to me.

The Man with the Golden Gun () - Trivia - IMDb

Underneath a white helmet, visor down, she looks like a ferocious pixie bobble-head. All I can see of her face is a light dusting of freckles on her cheeks and a glistening bead of sweat hanging from the tip of her nose. She is my On-wing, which means that I am responsible for teaching her the basics of helicopter flight. This is her last flight with me before her performance and, by insinuation, my own, will be evaluated by another instructor before she can solo the aircraft. For the past two weeks, I have taught her the fundamental attributes of a competent pilot: Situational awareness, knowing what is going on around the aircraft, and basic airmanship, the ability to make the aircraft perform as desired.

She flies well, but not perfect. Perfection is the province of God and by definition unattainable. The best any pilot can do is to exist in a constant state of correction. The flight is nearly over and I can tell from her relaxed posture that she knows she has passed. As far as she is concerned, all she needs to do is fly straight-and-level back to Whiting field. I almost feel bad about what I am going to do. In about fifteen seconds, the time it takes to hit the ground from feet, we are both going to find out how good of an instructor I am.

She squeezes the radio trigger to announce her intention to depart Spencer and return to Whiting Field. Before she gets the chance to finish the radio call, at the maximum point of distraction, when she must talk, fly, and think, at the same time, I roll the engine to idle to simulate a failure. The engine fades to a dull pointless drone. Gauges droop to their resting state. Rotor speed decays. The worst possible outcome is that she exceeds my ability to correct her and we hit the ground with sufficient vertical velocity to bend metal and shatter bone.

It is the wrong time and place for doubt. We fall out of the sky at over two thousand feet per minute and her initial response is to maintain the correct attitude. In aviation, attitude refers to the orientation of the aircraft to the ground. In life, attitude refers to the orientation of the person to the problem. At this moment, she needs both.

She lowers the collective to maintain rotor speed and pushes the nose over to maintain airspeed. The cyclic slams against my right leg, and the aircraft rolls to a 45 degree angle of bank. From my vantage point, it is as if Spencer field is rotating around us. Dusty, mid-summer grass fills the windscreen as we fall. First Lieutenant Cruz is in a furious state of constant correction.

She is observing her environment, making prioritized value decisions, and acting upon them as if her life depended upon it. It does. At feet, I have an important decision to make.

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Should I let her continue and commit to the outcome, or take the controls? Much beyond this point, the likelihood of me salvaging a bad maneuver diminishes towards zero. She is flying the aircraft and I am watching her flying the aircraft. By definition, my reaction is behind hers. My only advantage is experience.

At 75 feet, she flares the aircraft, pulling the nose up, pitching to the sky. The ground blossoms beneath us. Airspeed bleeds towards zero and rotor speed builds under the influence of inflowing air. The aircraft drops and my hands rest lightly on the controls. At 5 feet, she pulls sharply on the collective to reverse the flow of air and cushion the landing. Rotor speed droops to 85 percent, the bare minimum to sustain flight.

She adjusts the pedals to align the aircraft with the direction of travel and levels out.

Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1) Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1)
Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1) Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1)
Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1) Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1)
Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1) Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1)
Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1) Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1)
Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1) Golden Bullet (Blood and Wings Book 1)

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