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Plus, she got together with the most beautiful guy on the show, Bray aka Dwayne Cameron. They were my first true One True Pairing, as the saying in series fandoms is nowadays. I was in full awe when after what felt like an eternity, they finally got together, and after a short break-up, found to each other again. Then the Season 1 finale came, and my world was shattered.

The writers had decided to write Amber aka Beth Allen out of the show, let her die in an explosion inside of an observatory. I felt like my whole world was falling apart in one instance. They lived happily, their baby boy was born during an invasion of their home town…and once again, my world was shattered when the writers wrote Dwayne Cameron aka Bray out of the series.

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I mean, seriously? It had never been clear if he had just been abducted and dragged somewhere far away to work for his perpetrators or if he had been killed, and although all this time has passed since then and my life has moved on, in my heart, I wanted to believe he was still alive in some universe, even if it was only in my own stories. This book made my dreams all come true. Because Bray came back. Not unharmed, but badly bruised and traumatized, and in constant flight of different enemies, but still — ALIVE.

The Tribe: A New World by A.J. Penn

The 1st chapter especially the end of it left me speechless, because I was already taken by surprise that one of my favourite characters was indeed very much alive, but also that the one enemy that creeped me out to no end who was supposed to be gone for good was back…and who is not even mentioned for the rest of the book, only appeared in that one single sentence. As I said at the beginning: this book grabbed me by the arm with a merciless grip, and vaulted me right back into The different storylines are switching between each other in every chapter — the destiny of the main tribe, The Mall Rats, on a journey to the unknown, Bray, who gets into more trouble over and over as he manages to escape his first torturer, and Ebony, a former Mall Rat, who at one point decides to take her life into her own hands and disappear.

Because that one thing that mattered to me and that I wanted to happen more than anything else hello, year-old me! Bray fought to contain his own emotion, his clothes torn and ravaged, blood still ooz ing from his wounds, his eyes swollen from his injuries filling with tears, overspilling down his battered, bruised face.

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A surge of adrenalin raced trough his entire body. And he, too, started to run, stumbling, still weak. Jay stood motionless by the doorway, watching as Bray and Amber finally connected, each throwing their arms around the other. Neither could speak. They were so overcome.

Book Review: A. J. Penn – “The Tribe: A New World”

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Kate Avery Ellison. Will Miller. Dan sees what they are doing to this world, and this is the main problem for the evil ones, as they need everyone to believe in their lies, to lead the world into a second darkness. Please wake up and see what they are doing to this world.

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They want all power for themselves. They love to divide people and make them go to war. Would they ever succeed establishing their order, you and your children will become slaves, forever. They hunger for global ruler-ship over all people and nations. If you take away the people of light from this world, you take away the only hope for a better world. When they are finished with Dan, they will come for You.

There is a certain people living in this world, who above all desire earthly belongings and power.

Revealing the origin and purpose of the New World Order

This people — those who must not be named — are soulless and earth bound beings, a living beast on earth. For ages they have tried to rule the world, but got hindered by the tribe of Dan. For this sake, they see the destruction of Dan as crucial for their own existence. But the awakening is delayed, as long as Dan is held down.

The Tribe: A New World:- Chapter 2

If Dan would cease to exist, there would be no awakening. Beautiful article. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The Tribe: A New World The Tribe: A New World
The Tribe: A New World The Tribe: A New World
The Tribe: A New World The Tribe: A New World
The Tribe: A New World The Tribe: A New World
The Tribe: A New World The Tribe: A New World
The Tribe: A New World The Tribe: A New World
The Tribe: A New World The Tribe: A New World
The Tribe: A New World The Tribe: A New World

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