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And it does so in two different ways. First, consider a list of three or more items that includes at least one and and one or among its conjunctions. Sample 1 below is an example of such a list. See MSCD 8. In sample 1 above, either or has scope over and , as in sample 2 with the transaction involving, in addition to C, one out of A or B , or and has scope over or , as in sample 3 with the transaction involving either A or one out of Band C. Using enumeration, as in samples 2 and 3, is a simple way to eliminate this ambiguity.

Also, as in sample 4 you can use either to indicate that and has scope over or , but only if a single item precedes and. Second, on the one hand … on the other hand is used to divide between two categories any list of three or more items using and as the only conjunction. You could instead use enumeration to remedy the confusion, as in sample 4, but on the one hand … on the other hand seems the clearer option.

For example, on the one hand … on the other hand is sometimes used with a list containing only two items, as in the following examples. The relative fault of the indemnifying party on the one hand and the indemnified party on the other is to be determined by reference to ….

The Sellers, on the one hand, and the Purchaser, on the other hand, are each responsible for paying half of the Transfer Taxes arising out of or in connection with the transactions contemplated by this agreement.

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In this context, on the one hand … on the other hand is presumably used to indicate that the plural item is to be considered collectively. Ringo - Mouse over the downvote button and read the tooltip: This question does not show any research effort. It's not my downvote, but I don't see any other reason that needs to be given. Ah did not know about that tooltip.

Should info like that be displayed only on the tooltip? On the other hand , she might really hate me.

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He took the basketball in the other hand as he drove to the hoop. Ringo Ringo 7, 12 12 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. The question asks about "in other hand," not "in the other hand". Good catch. I assumed the lack of the the was a typo.

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The title includes "the", but the question body doesn't. I think it's pretty clear the OP is wondering if in the other hand is a set phrase. Herohtar I agree with Ringo that the omission of "the" is a typo twice! I've edited the question to include it now. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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On The Other Hand On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand On The Other Hand
On The Other Hand On The Other Hand

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