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Then, in , he started Jews for Judaism in Toronto, after an American organization with the same name reached out to him.

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Over the past three decades, Jews for Judaism, which will be celebrating its 30th anniversary in November, has worked with countless Messianic Jews, teaching them about the true Jewish faith. The organization also works with Jewish people who practice Eastern religions, struggle with intermarriage or feel apathetic about their Judaism. It devotes a large portion of its resources to educational programs designed to show Jews that Messianic Judaism is really just Christianity in disguise.

He said there are an estimated , to , Jews around the world who have fallen for Messianic Judaism, and ideally Jews for Judaism would like to reach all of them.

Converting Jews back to Judaism for 30 years

But in practice, once a Jewish person begins to feel comfortable in a Messianic Jewish community, it can be very difficult to reach them. The first step is establishing trust.

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Instead of lecturing closed-off Messianic Jews about Judaism, Rabbi Skobac said the goal is to make them curious about Judaism. The event features comedy and musical acts, and a special honouree. U of North Carolina students discover 1,year-old mosaic in northern Israel. Family donates Shoah claim to Holocaust fund. Montrealer reunites with Israeli MD who may have saved his life.

Messianic Foundations

Baumel Joseph: The many benefits of Jewish summer camp. Dear Rabby: The lazy husband in our midst. Here comes the sun: What to know before enjoying the summer heat. Kasha and knishes are rooted in Jewish history. Celebrity chef brings a taste of Israel. Israeli soul: A cornucopia of culinary traditions. Messianic Jewish people observe the Sabbath, or Shabbat, during the traditional Jewish time starting before sunset on Friday evening until Saturday night.

While there are several theories on when the Christian church deviated from the traditional Jewish day of Shabbat, Christians have been observing the Sabbath on Sundays since the second century.

Christians observe holidays that are disconnected from the Bible, like Christmas and Easter Sunday. While Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Yeshua and Easter Sunday celebrates His resurrection, the timing of these holidays historically corresponds with pagan holidays. Messianic Jewish people also observe the resurrection of Yeshua from the dead, believing His resurrection is evidence of His finished work in conquering sin and death for us.

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Most Christians do not observe the biblical commandments regarding dietary practices. These include the avoidance of scavengers of land or sea, with the exception of mammals that both chew the cud and have hooves, like sheep, goats, and deer.


For many Messianic Jewish people, the basic biblical commandments found in the Torah are still observed. This observance enables Messianic Jewish people to maintain their God-given identities as Jews. While there are many similarities between Messianic Judaism, Christianity, and Judaism, Messianic Jewish people embrace their Jewish heritage, while believing that Yeshua is the Messiah, the promised Redeemer of Israel and all of mankind.

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Who Is Yeshua? Become a Shalom Partner Today! Make an Eternal Impact! Right now Jewish people in Israel and around the globe are suffering and need to hear the Gospel. Become a Shalom Partner today.

Messianic Foundations Messianic Foundations
Messianic Foundations Messianic Foundations
Messianic Foundations Messianic Foundations
Messianic Foundations Messianic Foundations
Messianic Foundations Messianic Foundations

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