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Today's program looks at the inside trading charges against Rep. Chris Collins of New York. Plus more on special elections across the country and a number of primaries. Today's program looks at new developments in the case against former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort. Plus more on the race in OH and the fires in CA. Today's program looks at sanctions being reimposed on Iran from the Trump Administration. Today's program looks at Sen. Today's program looks at remarks made by President Trump's intelligence community at today's White House Briefing.

Plus more on the relationship between the media and the Trump Administration.

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Today's program looks at President Trump's tweet this morning about the Robert Mueller investigation. Plus more on a Senate Intelligence hearing on cyber security and trade with China. Today's program looks at Senate Judiciary Chair Chuck Grassley's remarks on immigration and child reunification. Today's program looks a the President's remarks with the Italian Prime Minister on trade, immigration, and border security.

Today's program looks at possible contenders for the Speaker of the House position depending on what party wins the House of Representatives in November. He answers questions about Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Today's program looks at Congressional leaders reaction to proposed trade issues, and more on Russi and Iran. We talk with Politico's reporter Kyle Cheney and here Congressional leaders' reaction. Today's program looks at President Donald Trump's joint news conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May, taking questions on Brexit and immigration, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's announcement of indictments against Russian intelligence officers for hacking Democrats during the election.

Plus the Trump Administration faces the immigration deadline and there might be a leadership challenge in the House Democratic party. Today's program looks at tonight's announcement by President Donald Trump on who will be the next Supreme Court Justice. Today's program includes more on trade, the Supreme Court retirement, and the elections in Mexico. Katie Bo Williams of The Hill joins us with more. Plus we talk to Rep. Today's program includes Press Secretary Sarah Sanders remarks on events this event, plus the President speaks about immigration.

Today's program looks at the House debate on three different immigration bills aimed at dealing with the border and child migration. Today's program looks at the latest from President Trump on immigration policy. Today's program includes more Dara Lind of Vox News on immigration and children separated from parents at the U. Today's program includes White House and Congressional reaction to some immigrant children being separated from their parents at the U.

Also the latest on possible House debate on immigration bills, and a controversial House bill to more quickly ban synthetic opioids. Today's program looks at the a hike in interest rates by Fed Chair Jerome Powell. With remarks from both Senate and House leaders. Today's program looks at President Trump's trip to the G7 meeting in Canada, his comments on the possibility of future pardons, House Democrats calling for a criminal investigation of EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, and a debate on the future of Social Security. Today's program looks at the latest with the North Korea summit.

We also talk to Rep. Today's program looks Sen. Today's program looks at the latest with North Korea and tarrifs on EU steel and aluminum. George Condon of the National Journal joins us to talk about the White House's relationship with the press. The 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy's death is June 6th. Today's program looks at North Korea with Lt.

Daniel Davis. Today's program looks at the most recent developments between North Korea and the United States. Miller of The Washington Times. Today's program looks at President Trump's latest statements on a possible summit with North Korea's leader, the president's commencement address at the U. Naval Academy, and Hillary Clinton receiving a medal at Harvard University for leadership and human rights work. Today's program looks at the President's decision to cancel the meeting between the United States and North Korea.

Today's program looks at the President's remarks on North Korea and if the summit will happen in June. Today's program looks at the school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas, with reaction from Gov. Today's program looks at the Farm Bill on the floor of the House with Rep. Jim McGovern, Democrat of Massachusetts. And Brian Bennett of Time speaks about politics and midterms. Today's program looks at President Trump's remarks on North Korea.

Interviews with S. Commission on Civil Rights on hate crimes. Today's program looks at the release of three hostages from North Korea and with a date set for the summit between North Korea and the United States. Today's program looks at the release of three hostages from North Korea, with remarks by President Trump. We also talk with Lev Facher of StatNews on that study. With Ben Schreckinger of Politico. Plus more on the confirmation of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Today's program looks at French President Emmanuel Macron's remarks before a joint session of Congress. Lee Zeldin, Republican of New York. Chuck Schumer supporting federal pot decriminalization. Today's program looks at the emergecy of a Southwest Flight that landed in Philadelphia plus more on Syria, the President, and tax day. Today's program looks at Syria, the President's lawyer Michael Cohen, and tax day. Today's program looks the confirmation hearing for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. With an interview with Nahal Toosi of Politico. Today's program looks at the retirement of Speaker Paul Ryan.

We speak with Daniel Strauss, a campaign reporter with Politico. We also speak with Rep. Plus more on the week ahead with The Hill's editor Bob Cusack. Today's program looks at the President Trump's considering more tariffs on Chinese goods, sanctioning more Russian oligarchs, and deciding to not attend the White House Correspondents' Association annual dinner. Also, former Sen. Daniel Akaka D-HI dies. Today's program looks at the Trump Administration's decision to send National Guard troops with the U.

Today's program looks at President Trump's remarks on using the military to secure the Mexico border. Reid Wilson of The Hill talks about teacher strikes across the country and what's next. Today's program looks at President Trump's remarks on infrastructure in Richfield Ohio today. Eugene Muleron of Transport Times joins us to talk about the President's plan. Jonathan Easley of The Hill speaks with us about the upcoming midterm elections and Lorraine Woellert of Politico gives us the latest on Stormy Daniels. Plus more on Russia after yesterday's expulsion with Nahal Toosi of Politico.

The Hill's Reid Wilson discusses the new census question about immigration, and Adam Michael of Heritage talks about taxes. Today's program looks at the President Trump signing the omnibus spending bill into law, but being upset by some of what's in it and what's been left out, discussions in Washington ahead on gun violence and school safety ahead of Saturday's March For Our Lives, and the Justice Department announces indictments against nine Iranians for cybertheft of secrets from U. More on the Russia investigation with Rep. Plus Kristina Peterson outlines the week ahead in Congress.

Today's program looks at the UK's decision to expell 23 Russian inteligence operatives. Plus students across the country walk out of class for gun control. Also, President Trump visits San Diego to inspect border wall prototypes. Today's program looks at reaction to recent decisions by President Trump to meet with North Korea's leader and impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminum.

Also, Gov. Rick Scott R-FL signs a gun violence prevention bill. Today's program looks at news on the relationship between North Korea and South Korea. Today's program looks at the Rev. House seat special election in Pennsylvania and Sen. John Cornyn on Texas Independence Day. Today's program looks at President Trump's proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. Today's program looks at the President's remarks to the nation's governors on gun violence. Plus interviews with Al Hoffman Jr. Plus Josh Gerstein of Politico joins the program to talk about the latest in the Russia investigation and new charges against former Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort.

Today's program looks at the listening session on gun violence at The White House with President Trump. Plus more on the shooting in Florida with Eugene Scott. Today's program looks at the indictments of Russian individuals and companies on charges of interfering with U. Senator from Utah, and an update on flu season from the CDC. Today's program looks at the latest on the shooting in Parkland, Florida and the latest on a Senate immigration bill.

Today's program looks at the latest on the shooting in Parkland, Florida. Rob Bishop, Republican of Utah talks about his meeting with the President on infrstructure. Today's program looks at the immigration debate in the Senate with remarks from congressional leaders and an interview with Dean DeChiaro of CQ Roll Call. Today's program looks at President Donald Trump's comments on former WH aide Rob Porter resigning after domestic abuse allegations, a recap of Congressional passage of a government funding bill very late last night, and Washington Post technology reporter Brian Fung on possible federal regulation of virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

Today's program looks at the ongoing negotiations to keep the government opened and funded and the departure of White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter amid harassment allegations. Interviews with Sen. Today's program looks at the budget deal proposed by the Senate Majority and Minority Leaders, plus House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi holds the floor for the longest speech in House history.

Plus Alex Bolton the budget negotations in the Senate. Today's program looks at the current state of government funding which runs out on February 8th, with an interview with Scott Wong of The Hill. Today's program looks at the release of the House Intelligence Committee decision to release the Democrat's memo on the FBI, plus we look at the stock market. Also, an interview with Federal News Radio's Jason Miller on the president's call to be able to more easily fire federal workers due to misconduct.

Plus a train crash carrying members of the Republican party. Today's program looks at tonight's State of the Union speech by President Trump. Plus more on DACA and the budget. Today's program looks at the government shutdown, with The Hill's Alex Bolton. Today's program looks at the potential of a federal government shutdown, and President Trump speaking to the anti-abortion March for Life. Today's program looks at the CR before the House and what will happen in the Senate.

Plus more on the Russia investigation. Today's program looks at the NYSE closing above 25, points. Plus the start of the th Congress in the Senate and a look at the debt. Today's program looks at President Donald Trump's signing into law the temporary government spending bill and tax reform bill, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's year end news conference, and Republican strategist Roger Stone on the chance of the Cabinet invoking the 25th Amendment and removing the President. Andy Harris, Republican of Maryland. This program looks the passage of the tax bill by both the Senate and the House.

With remarks from Congressional leaders and President Trump. This program looks the tax bill before the House and Senate. This program looks at the UN Vote today on Jerusalem, tax cuts, and the train derailment in Washington state. This program looks at the tax bill with reaction from President Trump and members of Congress. Today's Washington Today looks at sexual harassment allegations against Rep. John Conyers of Michigan. Hennigan with this week's cover story.

Today's Washington Today looks at the Republican Tax plan and the budget. With Scott Wong of The Hill. Plus more on sexual harassment and Capitol Hill. Today's Washington Today looks at the state of negotiations on a agreement to keep the government funded and the prospects for the Senate GOP tax reform bill.

Today's Washington Today looks at the pardoning of the turkeys by President Trump. Richard Blumenthal on a bipartisan firearm background check bill, and the opening of the Museum of the Bible in Washington, DC. With an interview with Naomi Jagoda of The Hill. Today's Washington Today looks at the day after the election, with wins for Democrats in both New Jersey and Virginia. Rand Paul. Interviews with Colin Wilhelm of Politico. Plus more on tax reforma and the Federal Reserve Chair.

Today's Washington Today looks at the budget deal and what it means for tax reform. Plus, more on the opioid crisis. Luis Gutierrez, Democrat of Illinois. Today's Washington Today looks at the House while they take up the Budget. Plus President Trump speaks with reporters before heading to Texas. Today's Washington Today looks at the announcement of Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona that he will not be seeking re-election. Today's Washington Today looks at the Rep. Plus, more on health care with Tom Howell Jr.

With an interview with Alan Neuhauser of U. Today's Washington Today looks at a possible deal between Democrats and Republicans on health care for the next two years. With remarks from Senate H. Andy Harris. Plus President Trump signs an Executive Order on health care. Today's Washington Today looks at the Trump Administration's allowing more employers not to provide birth control to workers at no cost for religious or moral objections, President Trump celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, and former government intelligence officials on Russian interference in the U.

Log in and learn: how gaming is changing the future of education

Committee, and President Donald Trump. With guests Rep. Today's Washington Today gets reaction to the shooting in Las Vegas. Plus more on the new term of the Supreme Court with Dave Daley. Today's Washington Today looks at the return of Rep. Today's Washington Today looks at the status of health care on Capitol Hill. Plus more on Hurricane Maria in the Atlantic.

With remarks from the President of Japan, Iran, and the Ukraine. Plus, President Trump says he has come to a decision on the future of the Iran Deal. Ambassador to the U. Today's Washington Today includes more on the dinner last night between Democratic Congressional leaders and President Trump. Today's Washington Today includes Sen. Pete Domenici R-NM.

Mitch McConnell's saying a federal debt ceiling increase vote won't be needed until next year, Marc Goldwein of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget on the U. Washington Today looks at the U. John Kasich R-OH on health care reform. Washington Today examines the deal made between congressional leaders and the President. Plus more on Hurrican relief for Harvey and what is happening with Hurricane Irma.

Washington Today looks at the Harvey Relief, debt ceiling, budget deal reached between congressional leaders and President Trump. After a week break Washington Today is back with a new podcast. Plus, more on the fall agenda for Congress. Commission on Civil Rights debate on the violence at the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the death of a U.

Jim Collins – A Rare Interview with a Reclusive Polymath: The Tim Ferris Show

Today's Washington Today looks at the terrorist attack in Barcelona, remarks from Sen. Bob Corker of Tenn. Today's Washington Today looks at President Trump's latest comments on North Korea, its nuclear program, and its threat to fire missiles near Guam. Also, the Netroots Nation conference in Atlanta, Vice President Mike Pence at an anti-violence event in Indianapolis, and a former DHS official on diversity in the public and private cybersecurity workforce. Today's Washington Today looks at the newest reports about North Korea.

Reaction from President Trump and an interview with Rep. Tom Cole of Oklahoma. Plus, more on the potential for tax reform in Congress with Politico reporter Rachel Bade. Today's Washington Today looks the Senate starting its August recess a week early, what bills and nominations passed, and what Congress faces when it returns in September; also, a new Senate bill to cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority, the latest from the State Department on Venezuela, and Senate hearing on fighting wildfires.

With an interview from Ted Hesson of Politico. Plus more on sanctions against Russia and tax reform. Today's Washington Today looks at the health care debate in the Senate, plus more on the bills before the House on the budget. And more on the announcment this morning by President Trump banning transgender individuals from military service. Today's Washington Today looks at the motion to processed in the Senate on the Republican health care bill. With reaction from Senate Republicans, Democrats, and the President. Plus more on the budget process in the House and the passage of a Russia Sanctions bill.

Plus more on the Senate and House Democrat's plan for the economy and the possible Senate vote tomorrow on health care. Today's Washington Today looks at the continued debate in the Senate over health care. With reaction to their plans from both the House and the Trump Administration. Plus more on tax reform and tomrorow's House Budget Committee hearing mark up. Today's Washington Today looks at U. Bush at the Bush Library in Dallas. Plus more on the Senate and health care and the Doanld Trump Jr.

Russia connection. Plus, more on Donald Trump Jr. Interviews with Elana Schor of Politico, Rep. Also more on Syria and Russia. Today's Washington Today is about the President Trump's tweets this morning with reaction from Congressional reaction and more on immigration, and health care. Plus more on the health care debate. Today's Washington Today looks at the delay of the Senate health care bill vote, with remarks from both Senate and House Leaders.

Reaction from The White House and the Senate. Today's Washington Today looks at President Trump signing a bill into law to make it easier to fire Veterans Affairs Department employees for misconduct, Sen. Today's Washington Today looks at the Russia Election investigation, the healthcare bill in the Senate, and the GA-6th election results.

Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Today's Washington Today looks at the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise during baseball practice this morning. Reaction from Capitol Hill and the White House. Today's Washington Today looks at remarks by President Trump and Senate leadership on health care, plus more on the UK elections this week. Today's Washington Today looks at reaction from this weekend's London Terrorist attack, with tweets from President Trump. Today's Washington Today looks at reaction to the U. Plus more on Covfefe and what did it mean. Interviews with Amy Harder of Axios.

Today's Washington Today looks at Sean Spicer's first press briefing since the President's trip abroad. House seat in Montana. Today's Washington Today looks at the release by the Congressional Budget Office score on the health care bill passed by the House earlier this month. Plus, more on tomorrow's release of the Federal Budget. Today's Washington Today looks at President Trump's press conference with the President of Colombia, with reaction to the new special counsel from the Justice Department.

With reaction from both the Senate and the House. Today's Washington Today looks at Fmr. News, and Jennifer Haberkorn of Politico. Plus more on the health care bill, and the spending bill. Today's Washington Today looks at the spending bill put forth by the White House and Congress, plus more on North Korea and a hearing on airlines. Today's Washington Today looks at the spending deal that has been reached in Congress that will fund the government through September 31st.

Be sure to subscribe now. If you like the program, please like, rate, and review us wherever you listen to podcasts. If you like the program, please rate and review us on your favorite podcast player. And an interview with Louis Nelson of Politico. And a look at relationships between members of the Trump Administration with an interview with Jordan Fabian of The Hill.

Today's Washington Today looks at reaction to U. Denny Heck of Washington State. Mike Kelley of Pennsulvania, Rep. John Yarmuth, a Democrat of Kentucky. Today's Washington Today looks at the House Republican health care repeal and replace bill, with the latest from President Trump meeting with the Republican Study Committee.

Plus, President Trump comments on allegations that the British intelligence service help the Obama Administration monitor the German Chancellor's phone calls. John Sarbanes of Maryland. Also, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Interviews include Bob Cusack of The Hill. We also look at the continuing story on Russia with an interview with Steven Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Plus, an interview with Alex Isenstadt on President Trump's Tweets over the weekend, and a decision today by the Supreme Court on a case involving a transgender student in Virginia. Today's Washington Today looks at former U. Ron Wyden D-OR on corporate tax reform. Today's Washington Today looks at remarks by the House Inteligence Chair and Ranking Member on the their investigation into any realationship between Russia and the Trump Administration. Plus, a preview of tomorrow's address to Congress by President Trump. Chuck Grassley R-IA. If you like the program, please rate and review us wherever you listen to podcasts.

Today's Washington Today looks town halls across the country with members of Congress. Including Rep. Plus, the Supreme Court takes up a case involving U. Border Agents and a shooting at the Mexican border. We talk to Lydia Wheeler of The Hill for more information. Finally, a look back at President Nixon's trip to China and how that infuenced Bao Bao's importance today. Jeff Sessions. Bob Casey, a Democrat from PA. David Petraeus ret on giving special visas translators who helped U.

Also, President Trump meets with pharmaceutical leaders to discuss drug prices. Today's Washington Today looks at President Trump's exeuctive orders, including one signed Monday on regulations and another from Friday focusing on immigration. Today's Washington Today looks at the joint news conference with President Trump and British Prime Minister May, President Trump's executive action on preventing, as he puts it, "radical Islamic terrorists" from entering the U.

Today's Washington Today looks at the House passage of a resolution that is the first step to repeal Obamacare, House passage of a bill to allow Defense Secretary nominee James Mattis to serve, even though he has not been retired from the military long enough, the Justice Department report on its investigation of the Chicago Police Department, and the FCC Chair and U.

Trade Representative on the incoming Donald Trump presidential administration. Today's Washingtn Today looks at the President-elect Donald Trump's first press conference since being elected, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson testifies before his confirmation hearing, and Senator Cory Booker testifies in opposition before the confirmation hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.

Also, an interview with Representative Mike Kelly on Republican plans to repeal and replease Obamacare. Today's Washington Today looks at the situation in Syria, with reaction from both the U. Also more on Aleppo with U. Interesting people. Informative conversations. Heather McGhee, president of Demos, talks about an August appearance on Washington Journal and how a call from a white man in North Carolina, who said he was prejudiced, started a conversation about race in America and evolved into a friendship.

Musician and author Daryl Davis talks about his efforts over the past 30 years to befriend members of the Ku Klux Klan to try to understand their hatred and to convince them that they are wrong. Prosperity gospel scholar, Kate Bowler, discusses her memoir, [Everything Happens for a Reason], in which she reflects on being diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the age of Author Edmund Morris discusses his most recent book [This Living Hand: and Other Essays], his upcoming book on Thomas Edison, his career as a biographer of presidents and other notable figures, and how he approaches his craft as a writer.

High school students from the U. Senate Youth Program talk about their week in Washington and what they've learned from the experience. Cumberland University history professor Mark Cheathem discusses his book, [Andrew Jackson, Southerner], and talks about the comparisons made between President Jackson and President Trump. Bloomberg correspondent and author Amity Shlaes talks about her biography of President Calvin Coolidge, [Coolidge], in which she traces the life of the president from his early days through his presidency and ultimate return to New England.

Kennedy and the Great Space Race. Bush and the End of the Cold War]. Robert Strauss discusses his book, [Worst. Caitriona Perry, former Washington correspondent for RTE, Ireland's public service broadcaster, talks about her book, [In America], which chronicles her encounters with Trump supporters during the presidential election season.

Yale University Law School professor Amy Chua discusses her book, [Political Tribes], about the role that group identity plays in shaping domestic and foreign affairs. Grant's memoirs. Ron Liebman and Tim Baker, two of the prosecutors who brought down Vice President Spiro Agnew in , talk about the case against him. Hoover Institution senior fellow Niall Ferguson discusses his book, [The Square and the Tower], about the power of social networks throughout history and their influence today.

Author and journalist Patricia Miller discusses her book, [Bringing Down the Colonel], about a late nineteenth-century sex scandal that culminated in a lawsuit against a sitting Kentucky congressman by his former mistress. Former U. Author and columnist James Grant talks about the state of the U. In this program from , Pelosi discusses her career and her book, [Know Your Power]. Wall Street Journal columnist Holman Jenkins talks about his work and politics during the Trump administration.

Kennedy], which contains two audio CDs with recorded conversations from the oval office, cabinet meetings, and telephone calls during Kennedy's presidency. Former Librarian of Congress James Billington has died at age Billington, who was appointed by President Reagan in , stepped down on January 1, Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Levering Lewis discusses his biography of businessman and presidential candidate Wendell Willkie.

Trump's Wild Ride]. ProPublica senior reporter Ginger Thompson discusses her story, "The Making of a Massacre," about an attack on a small Mexican town by the Zetas drug cartel. Gregory Watson discusses his role in getting the 27th Amendment to the Constitution ratified. The amendment deals with pay adjustments for members of Congress. Sun Myung Moon and the church they run in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania. Colorado College professor Tom Cronin discusses his book, "Imagining a Great Republic," a survey of American novels that have helped tell the story of the American political experiment.

Guests come from a wide range of expertise in topics important in today's public affairs: the economy, technology, education, the environment, the military, and many more. Legislators and other experts talk with reporters who cover their shared area of interest. Schriock discusses the organization's strategy and priorities heading into the elections. Leana Wen about the political and legal impact of recent changes to abortion laws in several states. Former Gov. She chairs the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, discusses politics, Joe Biden's entry into the presidential race, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, President Trump's chances for re-election, and his thoughts on impeachment.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts R , who chairs the Republican Governors Association, talks about the three governor races in , issues in Nebraska and the elections. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten talks about education issues including, strikes, teachers' pay, what Congress should do about education now that Democrats control the House, and Trump Administration education policy. Heritage Action's Tim Chapman talks about the partial government shutdown, President Trump's push for a wall along the U.

Representative Bennie Thompson D-MS , chair of the Homeland Security Committee, talks about the debate over border security, his priorities as the new committee chair, and other congressional issues. He suggests FEMA was never intended to be a first responder, but to assist states and localities to meet their emergency needs.

Chamber of Commerce Executive VP Neil Bradley talks about the climate for business during the Trump presidency, as well as Friday's jobs report, trade and tariffs, deficits and the minimum wage. There will be new members of the House of Representatives when the th Congress begins next year. We meet four of them on Newsmakers: Reps. He talks about transportation priorities and the possibilities of an infrastructure bill and a gas tax. On Veterans Day weekend, Army Secretary Mark Esper talks about the future of the Army and military-related issues, including force modernization, its role at the border with Mexico, and how it may be impacted in the new Congress.

Tim Phillips, senior adviser to Americans for Prosperity Action, talks about key races and issues in the midterm elections, and how his organization is using its resources. Guy Cecil, Priorities USA chair, talks about the midterm elections and his organization's conclusion the Democrats need more digital ads. The political action committee supports and makes contributions to pro-choice women candidates.

Democrats need to gain 23 seats to win a House majority. Senator Leahy is the Judiciary Committee's former chair. Steven Law, Senate Leadership Fund president, talks about Republican efforts to keep and possibly expand their majority in the Senate in the midterm elections.

Alex Smith, executive director of conservative PAC America Rising, talks about the midterms, opposition research, the August campaign push, and President Trump's role in the midterm elections. Other topics include, North Korea, tariffs, and immigration. The president of the National Association of Secretaries of State, Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos, talks about requirements for better voting security in the November midterms, and what secretaries of state are doing to meet them.

Carrie Severino of the Judicial Crisis Network discusses her organization's role in the confirmation battle for the next Supreme Court Justice. Every week, hear from leaders in technology and communications about topics shaping our digital future on C-SPAN's Communicators. Legislators and business leaders, experts and entrepreneurs discuss topics that influence technology in America today and tomorrow.

The Communicators visits Capitol Hill to talk to exhibitors at CES on the Hill, an event for Members of Congress and staff to give them an advanced look at new tech industry products. Huawei's chief security officer talks about 5G, discusses U. Leaders of America's Communications Association, which is made up of small to medium-sized cable and internet providers, discuss the future of the industry and issues they face. The association was known as the American Cable Association until March. Former FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, talks about his new book, [From Gutenberg to Google], which outlines technological advances such as railroads, the telegraph, printing presses, computers, and search engines.

This week's guests discuss the debate over when speech needs to be removed from media platforms and European Union digital issues. Tim Wu discusses his book, [The Curse of Bigness. Steel, when they dominated the economy. NCTA President Michael Powell talked about changes in the way Washington views technology companies, calling it the "biggest whiplash" he's ever seen in policy.

He says cable companies are thriving by delivering the internet to users. Senator Ed Markey D-MA and Representative Greg Walden R-OR , two members of Congress with large roles in technology, talk about key issues such as net neutrality, privacy, mergers, and whether tech companies are too large.

She contends that huge corporations are providing sub-par internet access to Americans while in many nations, internet access is plentiful and costs less.

Adapting Lean Startup Principles for Corporate Innovation - Venture2 Inc

Guests include officials who regulate and monitor privacy and cybersecurity, research artificial intelligence, and who investigate internet and communications crime. Walt Mossberg, technology thinker and columnist, talks about technology developments and why he decided to quit Facebook. Byron Reese, author of [The Fourth Age], talks about the current role of artificial intelligence and its future applications.

Tarleton Gillespie, author of [Custodians of the Internet], talks about his book that explores content moderation on social media platforms. He also discusses the role that Congress could play. Kai-Fu Lee, a technology leader in China, talks about the development of artificial intelligence and ways the U. Lee is a high-tech venture capitalist in China, and author of the new book, [AI Superpowers]. Cristina Chaplain, with the GAO, talks about the state of the Pentagon's weapons system cybersecurity.

Chaplain is the author of a GAO study, which found that U. Noah Phillips R , a commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission, talks about the FTC becoming the chief regulator of the internet and having its full slate of commissioners in over years. Verizon's chief network officer, Nicola Palmer, talks about Verizon's push to be the first U. She also talks about the race with China to be the leader in 5G. Cybersecurity analyst and reporter Kim Zetter discusses voting machines and election security ahead of the November midterm elections.

Joseph Turow, a University of Pennsylvania professor, talks about what privacy policies mean and what people think they mean. He says many people mistakenly believe that the term "privacy policy" guarantees their information will be kept private. David Redl, administrator of NTIA - the agency that advises the President on telecommunications - discusses the Trump Administration's spectrum policy.

He also discusses FirstNet and emergency communications and internet governance. Barry Lynn, who heads the Open Markets Institute, talks about his organization, which studies the size and power of companies that look like monopolies and the threat that they can pose to democracy. Jonathan Spalter, USTelecom president, talks about communications issues, including developing 5G, expansion of broadband through the U. Berin Szoka, Tech Freedom president, and Harold Feld, Public Knowledge senior vice president, discuss whether social media should be regulated, how companies monitor for offensive material, and charges that conservative voices are being censored.

Highlights from the iZotope Blog

Clemson University professor and former FCC chief economist Thomas Hazlett talks about the history of wireless spectrum regulation and his book, [The Political Spectrum]. Louis Rossetto, co-founder and former editor in chief of WIRED, talks about founding Wired, the impact the magazine has had, the early days of the internet, how he was fired from the magazine he founded. He also talk about his book, [Change is Good]. He suggests that despite aritificial intelligence and automation, the job sector is likely to grow and productivity will increase. WIA builds the cell towers and other technologies needed for the next generation of mobile communications.

He also discusses the impact of Brexit on technology developments. App Association President Morgan Reed talks about privacy, cybersecurity, app developers' ability to create apps, European privacy rules, and an upcoming Supreme Court case on whether Apple has a monopoly on app sales. Jeremy Bailenson, a Stanford University professor who runs Stanford's Virtual Human Interaction Lab, talks about virtual reality and its potential impact on society.

He's author of [Experience on Demand]. C-SPAN's part television series produced in cooperation with the National Constitution Center, exploring the issues, people, and places involved in some of the most significant Supreme Court cases in our nation's history. Landmark Cases explores the case of a medical school applicant who claimed he was rejected in favor of less qualified minority applicants. Landmark Cases explores the story of Troy Leon Gregg, a convicted armed robber and murderer who challenged his death sentence.

The Supreme Court ruled against him in Gregg v. Georgia, but established guidelines for states using the death penalty. Landmark Cases tells the story of five Des Moines, Iowa, students who wore black arm bands to school to protest the war in Vietnam, violating local school policies. The Supreme Court ruled students do not lose their 1st Amendment rights at school. Landmark Cases presents Brandenburg v. Ohio, in which the Supreme Court overturned the hate speech conviction of Clarence Brandenburg, an Ohio Ku Klux Klan leader, on the grounds that the state law violated the 1st Amendment.

Landmark Cases explores the case of Charles Katz, a bookie recorded by the FBI transmitting illegal bets from a telephone booth. United States expanded Americans' right to privacy under the 4th Amendment. Landmark Cases highlights Griswold v. Connecticut, in which Planned Parenthood challenged an state law banning the use of birth control. The Supreme Court ruled the law to be unconstitutional and established a still-evolving right to privacy.

  • And Science’s 2015 Breakthrough of the Year is....
  • Las máscaras del muerto (Spanish Edition)!
  • Research Priorities for Robust and Beneficial Artificial Intelligence.
  • Adapting Lean Startup Principles for Corporate Innovation;
  • Are you prepared if the next big HIPAA breach happens to you?.

Landmark Cases tells the story of Clarence Earl Gideon, a petty thief who spent his time in jail studying the law. His case, Gideon v. Wainwright, established a right to counsel for all accused criminals. Landmark Cases explores Plessy v. Ferguson, which came about after Homer Plessy, an African American man, was arrested in New Orleans for taking a train seat reserved for whites. Landmark Cases explores Yick Wo v.

Hopkins, a case in which a Chinese laundromat owner challenged a discriminatory city ordnance. Landmark Cases takes a look at the Civil Rights Cases of , in which the Supreme Court struck down the Civil Rights Act of , a federal law that had granted all people access to public accommodations like trains and theaters, regardless of race. Landmark Cases explores [McCulloch v. Maryland], a case that solidified the federal government's ability to take actions not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution and restricted state action against the legitimate use of this power.

Wade], in which the court ruled that women have a constitutional, but not absolute, right to terminate pregnancy based on the determined viability of the fetus. Guests talk about the Supreme Court case [Miranda v. Arizona], in which the Court ruled that suspects must be informed of their right against self-incrimination and their right to consult with an attorney before being questioned by police. Carr], in which the Court ruled that the drawing of election districts could be considered by the Federal Courts.

Ohio], in which the Court applied Fourth Amendment protection against "unreasonable searches and seizures" to state criminal cases. Board of Education], in which the Court unanimously ruled that separate public schools were not equal, reversing previous court decisions. Sawyer], in which the Court limited the power of the president to seize property.

United States], in which the court ruled that Japanese internment camps were necessary for the protection of all citizens during World War II. United States], in which the Court unanimously ruled that the Espionage Act of was constitutional. New York], in which the Court first set a precedent that would favor employers in cases involving issues such as child labor laws and minimum wage.

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Guests talk about the Supreme Court case [Dred Scott v. Sandford], in which the Court declared that Dred Scott and other blacks could not be citizens of the U. The court ruled unanimously that it was the ultimate arbiter of the constitutional validity of laws, establishing the principle of judicial review. ET and is produced in cooperation with the NCC. Book TV's After Words features the author of a recently published hardback non-fiction book interviewed by a guest host with some knowledge, background, or connection to the subject matter of the book.

Anuradha Bhagwati details her time in the Marine Corps and her efforts to overturn the ban on women in combat. She is interviewed by Lt. George Sorial discusses his time as an executive in the Trump Organization. Former CIA intelligence analyst Nada Bakos offers insight into the inner workings of the agency and her work in tracking terrorists. She's interviewed by the Intelligence Committee's Rep. Andre Carson D-IN. Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist George Will offers his thoughts on American conservatism.

He's interviewed by Jonah Goldberg, National Review senior editor. Former [New York Times] executive editor Jill Abramson reports on the state of the news business with the influx of new technologies. Senator Mike Lee R-UT offers his thoughts on the overreach of government in colonial times and today. Longtime American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks offers strategies on how to bridge the political divide in America.

He's interviewed by Sen. Ben Sasse R-NE. Journalist Rachel Louise Snyder reports on the intersection of domestic violence with other social issues impacting American society. Stanford University professor Jennifer Eberhardt offers her insights on implicit racial bias. She's intereviewed by Rep. Val Demings D-FL. Richard Blumenthal of Connecti. George Papadopoulos details his role in the Trump administration and the Russia investigation.

He's interviewed by author and journalist Diane McWhorter. Reniqua Allen examines whether the "American Dream" is attainable today. She's interviewed by [The Root] editor-in-chief Danielle Belton. Georgetown University professor Angela Stent examines Russia's foreign policy and international goals. Victor Davis Hanson discusses the campaign, election, and presidency of Donald Trump. Investigative reporter Vicky Ward reports on the careers of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump and their roles in the Trump administration. Former New Jersey Governor and presidential candidate Chris Christie discusses his political career and offers his insights about President Trump's administration.

He's interviewed by Rep. Jared Huffman of California. He's interviewed by Amb. Paula Dobriansky, fmr. Fox News host Tucker Carlson offers his thoughts on elitism in America. Shoshana Zuboff examines the growing business of collecting and selling consumer data. She is interviewed by Nilay Patel, editor in chief of The Verge. Stephanie Land discusses her path from working as a maid to earning a journalism degree and later writing about the working poor. In this interview, Stone discusses the election.

Economist Stephen Moore discusses the economic policies of the Trump administration. Louise Shelley examines the growth in illegal trade globally with the emergence of new technologies. He is interviewed by [Washington Post] book critic and associate editor Carlos Lozada.

Tara Westover details her life growing up with survivalist parents in the Idaho mountains and her introduction to formal education at age She is interviewed by author and journalist Susannah Cahalan. Former military intelligence officer Malcolm Nance examines cyber warfare and other tactics used by Russia to interfere with the presidential election. He is interviewed by Suzanne Spaulding, former Homeland Security under secretary. Journalist Jerome Corsi argues that there is an effort to thwart the presidency of Donald J.

He is interviewed by investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson. Syndicated columnist Jonah Goldberg argues that tribalism, populism, and nationalism are threatening American democracy. He's interviewed by John Podhoretz, editor of [Commentary] magazine. Citizens United president David Bossie and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski argue that Washington bureaucrats are seeking to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump.

They're interviewed by Sharyl Attkisson, author of [Smear]. Activist and Pod Save the People podcast host DeRay Mckesson reflects on his work with Black Lives Matter and offers the framework he believes will move social justice activism forward. She is interviewed by Vanita Gupta, former head of the U. Economist Dambisa Moyo discusses why democracies around the world are failing to produce economic growth. Vice President Mike Pence's daughter Charlotte Pence shares important lessons she's learned from her father.

Kate Germano discusses gender bias in the military. She's interviewed by Military Times reporter Todd South. Journalist Beth Macy reports on the opioid crisis in America in her book, [Dopesick]. National Review executive editor Reihan Salam argues the case against open borders. He's interviewed by Doris Meissner, former commissioner of the U. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jose Antonio Vargas reflects on living in the United States as an undocumented immigrant. Political writer Derek Hunter offers his thoughts on how progressives influence academia, the media, and pop culture to advance their agenda.

Senator Ben Sasse R-NE argues that the country lacks unity and offers his thoughts on how to repair it. Former Secretary of State John Kerry discusses his life and career. New York Magazine's Rebecca Traister traces the history of female anger and how it has fueled political movements.

Emory University professor Carol Anderson chronicles the changes to voting requirements following the Supreme Court ruling in [Shelby v. Senator Jeff Flake R-AZ talks about his book [Conscience of a Conservative], in which he calls for a return to core conservative principles.

He is interviewed by S. Obama administration Education Secretary Arne Duncan discusses the successes and failures of schools in America. Physician Mona Hanna-Attisha details her efforts to provide scientific evidence that children in Flint, Michigan, were being exposed to lead poisoning through the water supply. Comedian and actor D. Hughley shares his thoughts on race in America. Hakeem Jeffries D-NY. He's interviewed by Jesse Holland. Mohammed Al Samawi details his journey to escape death threats and the war in Yemen after becoming an interfaith activist by connecting globally with Jews and Christians via social media.

He is interviewed by Julie Zauzmer. Journalists David Corn and Michael Isikoff report on how Russian hackers attempted to influence the Presidential election. CNN political commentator Amanda Carpenter argues that President Trump is using gaslighting strategies to manipulate the American people.

She's interviewed by S. Senate has lost its political center. Mark Adams shares his experience retracing the Harriman Expedition through Alaska and explores the differences in the region's climate and environment, then and now. He's interviewed by [Washington Post] reporter Libby Casey. Barbara Ehrenreich explores the science behind how the body ages.

Journalist Ronald Kessler reports on the Trump administration and the inner workings of the White House. He's interviewed by Ginni Thomas of Liberty Consulting. Former national intelligence director James Clapper offers his insight on the U. Jim Himes of Connecticut. If you do not wish to subscribe to a podcast at this time, you can still listen to an individual program by clicking its title. What's happening with Iran? Just In Fake Samsung firmware update app tricks more than 10 million Android users 52 minutes ago.

Microsoft adds 'Tracking Prevention' feature to Edge 1 hour ago. Worse than ugly: Why Apple's iPhone 11 may be the most boring upgrade ever 4 hours ago. Why Catalina is one of macOS' most impressive updates 5 hours ago. Microsoft once called Linux 'a cancer,' and that was a big mistake 6 hours ago.

Google Chrome to block heavy ads that use too many system resources 6 hours ago. Cisco put Huawei X. Special Feature Managing the Multicloud. Special Feature Prepare for Serverless Computing. Special Feature Cyberwar and the Future of Cybersecurity. Special Feature The Future of Food. Play Video.

How to use AI to learn a new language Armin Hopp, co-founder and president of Speexx, joins Tonya Hall to talk about how AI can work to engage individuals to coach them through the process of learning a new language. Microsoft's new-look web Outlook takes on Gmail: Dark mode plus these new features Microsoft Outlook on the web plays catch-up with Gmail with a new look and new features rolling out soon.

Android malware returns and this time it will record what is on your screen, too Malware which started life as a dropper is becoming more and more sophisticated.

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New cheaper iPhone would drop a flagship feature Apple is getting hammered in the Chinese market, and in an attempt to claw back market share from the likes of Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo is planning to release a cheaper iPhone. Spyware campaign spreading across Middle East targets Android phones The malware is designed to pillage mobile device data.

Video Huawei ban: Winners, losers, and what's at stake a whole lot. Sponsored Microsoft Surface Go for education. Video Kentucky's bourbon industry goes high tech: The inside story. Video Is it possible to leave the Apple ecosystem? Video Research finds a fear of job loss to technology. Video Here's how Microsoft can fix its Windows 10 update issues. Video How AI can help organize your finances.

Video Doing a home DNA test? The FBI might end up with your family tree. Video Digital disruption in the smart kitchen. Video DevOps security trends for Video How to upgrade an old PC to Windows 10 - free. Video Why social media fatigue is spreading. Cisco Live Updates and news At Cisco Live , Cisco debuted a series of software enhancements designed to put AI and machine learning deeper into the network.

PGP SKS key network poisoned by unknown hackers A defect in the protocol has allowed poisoned certificates to surface. New Golang malware plays the Linux field in quest for cryptocurrency The malware strain is on the hunt for Monero by exploiting Linux servers. Gallery 10 super sweet laptops that come with Linux pre-installed. Gallery The FBI's most wanted cybercriminals. Gallery iOS Gallery Windows 10 May Update: The new features that matter most.

Gallery VPN services: Our 10 favorite vendors for protecting your privacy.

Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition) Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition)
Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition) Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition)
Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition) Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition)
Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition) Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition)
Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition) Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition)
Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition) Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition)
Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition) Die Podcasting Technologie (Produkt Creations Pack 12) (German Edition)

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