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The quality of your performance comes down to the caliber of your habits. Here, on the form, list the routines you commit to running each day to the point of automaticity. Average performers have a To-Do List. A-Players do Stop Doing lists. Examples include: complaining, gossiping, procrastinating, missing workouts, stagnating at work and coasting through life instead of making the new choices that will make your life brilliantly better.

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Just rewrite your most important ten goals for the first quarter of this new year. Repeating this exercise from earlier in the blueprint is a conditioning play and hypnotizes your thinking to focus on the positive and release the negative. The 1 way to double your income and impact, triple your investment in your personal development and professional education. Because as you build a stronger mindset and a braver internal core, the fears that limited your success will vanish. So here, note down your learning and growth commitments for Then schedule them so they get done.

Step Construct Your Circle of Giants. You will become your associations. Lots of good new science confirms that you unconsciously adopt the thinking, emotions, behaviors and lifestyles of the people you spend most of your time with. On the blueprint, write your new circle of influence here. I just really want to help you let go of the past, dramatically grow your inner power and start off on fire to realize epic results in the most important areas of your life.

You can do this. You are worth the effort.

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You will fly! If you want me to help you achieve epic results this year, read on:. If you find the insights and sincere sharing above valuable, want to discover my elite-level ideas that REALLY work to transform your life and would like my help over the next few months so you translate your big intentions into REAL results, then I strongly recommend you go here now. This is a real life-transformation program for real people who want real results—and are willing to do the work to get them.

Release the past and unleash your highest happiness for this year and the rest of your life. Get more real work done in a week than most people get done in three months so you grow your prosperity, performance and impact. Get into the best fitness and finest energy of your life to date. Step into a way of living that is magical, so you wake up every morning feeling uncommonly grateful, generous and free.

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Make the choice that will change the rest of your life and claim one of the memberships here before we close doors to start the program. One of the main traits of the highest-producing people on the planet is that they invest in their growth and progress relentlessly …. So definitely jump all over this opportunity to get one of the limited memberships into my famous online life transformation course Your Absolute Best Year Yet before they are all gone….

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    Want Robin to help you multiply your performance x25? Start Here. Currently reading The Giant Achievement Method [and free worksheet]. Share article: x 43x. Do Your Big 5. Step 2: Note Your Top 5 Values. Step 3: Write Your Quarterly Step 7: List Your Daily Rituals. Step 9: Add in Your Vital Step Set Your Growth Tool. You CAN do this. Need assistance creating a visual vision statement, but not ready for a workshop? Below are images of visual vision statements that have been professionally designed based on the results of the book.

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    With your team, we transform your vision statement into a melody and create a music video that establishes your vision statement in the consciousness of your team. To create a corporate vision statement theme song and video that will get your organization singing the same song along the path to success, contact us for more details. This was an insightful, fun and worthwhile program. We will be enriched as a team because of it. For the first time we have a very clear definition of exactly what MC3 stands for and the visual format is a great way to communicate it so that we actually use it to guide day-to-day decision making.

    Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook
    Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook
    Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook
    Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook
    Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook
    Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook
    Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook Visioning for Success! ... The Workbook

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