The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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They didn't know what the words meant; rather they sung what they sounded like. They loved The Weaver's version of this song and decided to perform that. The suits were impressed but they decided that the song needed new lyrics. Completely by coincidence, they wrote lyrics that were thematically similar to the original song. Some players of the online Phantasy Phish game were furious the next morning. Try as they did to argue that this really was just part of the Vocal Jam, this was a surprisingly faithful version of the song and deserves to be respected.

As the saying goes, let sleeping lions lay. This project serves to compile, preserve, and protect encyclopedic information about Phish and their music. Born in in the Zulu heartland of South Africa, Mr. Linda never learned to read or write, but in song he was supremely eloquent. After moving to Johannesburg in his mid's, he quickly conquered the weekend music scene at the township beer halls and squalid hostels that housed much of the city's black labor force.

He sang soprano over a four-part harmony, a vocal style that was soon widely imitated. By , a talent scout had ushered Mr. Linda's group, the Original Evening Birds, into a recording studio where they produced a startling hit called "Mbube," Zulu for "The Lion.

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Linda's youngest surviving daughter, said it had been inspired by her father's childhood as a herder protecting cattle in the untamed hinterlands. He had been staying there since morning and he was hungry. Music scholars say the 78 r. From there, it took flight worldwide. In the early 50's, Pete Seeger recorded it with his group, the Weavers. His version differed from the original mainly in his misinterpretation of the word "mbube" pronounced "EEM-boo-beh".

Seeger sang it as "wimoweh," and turned it into a folk music staple. There followed a jazz version, a nightclub version, another folk version by the Kingston Trio, a pop version and finally, in , a reworking of the song by an American songwriter, George Weiss. Weiss took the last 20 improvised seconds of Mr.

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Linda's recording and transformed it into the melody. He added lyrics beginning "In the jungle, the mighty jungle. Some artists eventually recorded the song. It was translated into languages from Dutch to Japanese. It had a role in more than 13 movies. By all rights, Mr. Linda should have been a rich man. Instead, he lived in Soweto with barely a stick of furniture, sleeping on a dirt floor carpeted with cow dung.

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  • Linda received 10 shillings -- about 87 cents today -- when he signed over the copyright of "Mbube" in to Gallo Studios, the company that produced his record. He also got a job sweeping floors and serving tea in the company's packing house.

    The Lion Sleeps Tonight [FULL vers. - Pat & Standley]

    His eight children survived on maize porridge, known as pap. When they passed a grade in school, their reward was an egg. Two died as babies, one of malnutrition, said his daughter Ms. Nsele, now When Mr.

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    How much he should have collected is in dispute. Over the years, he and his family have received royalties for "Wimoweh" from the Richmond Organization, the publishing house that holds the rights to that song, though not as much as they should have, Mr. Seeger said. Seeger, now 86, adding that he learned only recently that Mr.

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    Linda received less than the 50 percent of publishing royalties Mr. Seeger says he was due. I was kind of stupid. But where Mr. Linda's family really lost out, his lawyers claim, was in "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," a megahit. From to , the years when "The Lion King" began enthralling audiences in movie theaters and on Broadway, Mr.

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    The Lion Sleeps Tonight

    A lawyer for Abilene Music, the publishing house for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," did not return repeated calls for comment. But Owen Dean, a South African copyright lawyer who also represents the family, said the amount was a mere pittance compared with the profits the song generated. The Lindas say they knew no better. Nsele said she remembered hearing her father's tune on the radio as a teenager in the 's and recalled: "I asked my mother, 'Who are those people? She was happy because the husband's song was playing.

    The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Lion Sleeps Tonight
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    The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Lion Sleeps Tonight
    The Lion Sleeps Tonight

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