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Evan Meyer | Field Director

During the process to determine whether the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse should be listed, we sought comments from independent specialists to ensure that our designation is based on scientifically sound data, assumptions, and analyses.

Final critical habitat designated for the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse

We invited these peer reviewers to comment on our listing proposal. We also considered all comments and information received from the public and other sources during the comment period. These two agencies have come together to develop conservation measures that will protect the jumping mouse, continue livestock grazing on USFS lands, and provide those cattle with continued access to needed water. Since the final listing announcement there has been much concern voiced by some members of the livestock industry, and it is the goal of the USFS and USFWS to work with the livestock industry to address these concerns.

An example of a management practice that will provide habitat for the mouse and continue to provide necessary water for cattle are what the Forest Service is calling "cattle lanes".

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These cattle lanes will be installed in all of their exclosure areas to maintain access to water for cattle grazing on allotments where fencing is being installed. This will allow cattle to get to needed water while protecting the important vegetation the mouse needs. Fence construction on National Forests lands will be limited to areas that are currently occupied by the mouse. Inspired by a Native American folk tale, this one-act play follows the journey of Little Mouse.

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Thornton Wilder. Steph DeFerie. Ross Mihalko , Donna Swift. Kristin Walter. Candice Cain. Linda Gaye Shapiro. George Cameron Grant.

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Request license. Path Created with Sketch. Leave this field empty. I am a great fun of your writing — it has helped me a lot to start trusting myself and hearing my own heart. Thank you very much!

I love this, Martha! Thanks for sharing. I have found that leaping helps me stop listening to my small self and old programming. When I start to hear the voice of my small self, I leap before small self can talk me out of it! I have used it to illustrate the hero's journey with children and adults. I visited your blog for the first time tonight, and I realize I have been a jumping mouse, but then a person cowering under a bed, by turns, for most of my career.

Jumping Mouse!

In the last month or so I have become the jumping mouse! I intend to embark on my greatest adventure, to become a lifestyle medicine physician, in the new year. Thank you for everything you do! As I read this on Chromebook propped open like teepee[never touch keys,stylus only]Cassie kitty beside me getting me relaxed and avoiding the flu 4th time since Friday,I hear buzzing,thought possibly "stinkbug"friend,nope it's a fly;you know avoid at all cost these disease carriers with beautiful complex compound eyes,and she was trying to scale the screen but kept slipping,so I flattened the notebook and she walked up to flying mouse,circled her a few times and danced on highlights.

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The Jumping Mouse The Jumping Mouse
The Jumping Mouse The Jumping Mouse
The Jumping Mouse The Jumping Mouse
The Jumping Mouse The Jumping Mouse
The Jumping Mouse The Jumping Mouse
The Jumping Mouse The Jumping Mouse

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