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At the end of this book, he showed true bravery and that he was ready to break free from the cycle of emotional cowardice spurred on by his past. He struck me as very sensual, masculine, and distinctly British which is the icing on the cake for this Anglophile. He might have been born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he knew how to handle himself in every situation. Just a well-crafted character all around. Cara was down-to-earth, authentic, and deeply principled. She was woman of courage and integrity. She was unafraid to expect the most from a man, to meet her as an equal in a loving relationship.

I admired and liked her. Even though she was afraid and out of her league at points in this book, she still carried herself well. I rooted for her happy ending, and I loved how she inspired Jack in his own way to face his troubled past and confront his anger at his brother Jacob.

Jake's book turned out to be my second favorite in this book after Nathaniel's. I am reenergized to continue this series and to explore more of the Wolfe family, whom I am completely emotionally attached to now. View all 4 comments. Apr 04, Saly rated it liked it Shelves: harlequin-silhouette , category-romance , harlequin-presents.

This is the story of Jack Wolfe, after his elder brothers Jacob and Lucas abandoned their responsibilities it was left upto him to raise his siblings. Jack always had the ability to read people which helped save him from his father's temper, in cards and later in stocks.

He's successful but aloof and one day he runs into a casino into our heroine Cara, a card-dealer from New Orleans. Cara's family lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. Jack saves Cara from a precarious situation and then hires he This is the story of Jack Wolfe, after his elder brothers Jacob and Lucas abandoned their responsibilities it was left upto him to raise his siblings. Jack saves Cara from a precarious situation and then hires her to accompany him to his brother's wedding.

She stays with him for a week more weeks and they start an affair and then someone calls her his mistress she gets all offended and to distract her Jack does something terrible and she leaves him. Honestly, I didn't like the story. They tried to show that Cara wanted better things in life, but what better things?

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I need to like the heroine and I didn't care for the characters much at all. Another Cinderella Complex Syndrome story!!! Tapi yg ini dikemas sangat baik dan bagus. Cara tidak sengaja bertemu dgn Jack Wolfe di kasino tempat Cara bekerja. Walaupun bertemu di saat yg salah, tidak menghentikan mereka utk makin menjalin relasi. Ada satu gangguan saat Cara tersinggung krn dianggap wanita simpanan terkini Jack Wolfe dan alasan yg dia kemukakan utk rasa terhinanya ini. Bhw Cara tinggal bersama Jack krn uang pdhl memang iya tetapi Cara tersinggung berat krn seolah-olah dia melak Another Cinderella Complex Syndrome story!!!

Bhw Cara tinggal bersama Jack krn uang pdhl memang iya tetapi Cara tersinggung berat krn seolah-olah dia melakukan sex utk dibayar.

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Saya bingung tapi sebenarnya paham kekesalan Cara. Mungkin kalau dibilang Cara hanya dibayar utk menemani Jack selama pernikahan adik Jack, sedangkan sex-nya cuma bonus, mungkin saya bisa lebih paham. Selain hal tsb diatas, hubungan intim Jack dan Cara tergolong hot dan memdebarkan dgn strip poker oh la la dan termasuk sering utk ukuran Harlequin.

Saya juga suka perkataan Cara yg introspektif yg pd akhirnya mengubah persepsi Jack ttg keluarganya dan juga ttg pernikahan. Kesalahan yg dilakukan oleh orangtua mereka janganlah sampai mempengaruhi optimisme mereka utk mengarungi bahtera rumah tangga. Jun 08, RLA rated it it was amazing.

The heroine Cara is working as a croupier in a casino in the south of France, one night she is asked by her creepy boss to throw a high stakes poker game and in return she will get a significant bonus. Cara reluctantly agrees as she desperately needs the money to help her family, who are still struggling after the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, at the last minute she can't go through with it and the winning hand goes to Jack, the hero. Jack realises what's going on when Cara is taken o The heroine Cara is working as a croupier in a casino in the south of France, one night she is asked by her creepy boss to throw a high stakes poker game and in return she will get a significant bonus.

Jack realises what's going on when Cara is taken off the table and into a back room, he steps into help and ends up being beaten. Cara gets him out but she is angry for his actions, which have cost her her job. Jack offers to pay her to attend his brothers upcoming wedding with him, something he is not looking forward to , especially seeing Jacob again whom Jack is still angry with for running out on the family causing Jack to have to step in. They soon begin an affair, which they both know is only a short term thing, only when both of their feelings begin to grow Jack pulls further away.

Lynn Raye Harris is one of those authors with the ability to hook you in right from the very first sentence and this is exactly what she does in this book. I loved the whole opening scene with the high stakes poker game, it was jam packed with tension, enhanced by the regular change of character point of view that made it interesting and exciting. I almost choked on my drink with the amount of money being gambled, do people really gamble that much?!

I adored Jack's character, he was written with a very cool, almost bored attitude that really worked and his issues regarding his family and especially Jacob were believable. Cara was also a great character, she had integrity and was honest, especially in her dedication to helping her family but also being honest enough to admit she needed to get away and live her own life, I think this is very true to life and made her character very relatable.

The chemistry between the characters is nothing short of intense, the strip poker scene was so hot that if I wore glasses they would have steamed up! The plot was fantastic and fast paced, with realistic characters, this is a great book on its own and a brilliant part of this series. This tale was a lot of fun because it tells of another Wolfe brother who finds his happily ever after and in the most unusual of places!

I enjoyed the novelty of it and the fact that another tragic soul gets redeemed in a manner so subtle, he falls without realizing it. Jack is bored. See Jack perk up. Enjoy the cake, in this case, Cara, the heroine, as it bites back. Poor Jack. But what to do? I enjoyed how the author set things up for the hero.

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Unfortunately, he was doing well in that regard. That is until he walked in and saw Cara and his inherent white knight syndrome rushed to the fore. The action and character byplay picked up from there and never stopped and certainly kept me on the edge not knowing how it was going to play out.

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Cara, is a croupier. I had no idea what that was but the author filled me in as she told the tale. I also thought the whole set up was cool. I was fascinated to see it used as a backdrop for the start of a romance. The heroine is one classy lady, despite what those snobs said. I appreciated that the heroine recognized the slippery slope she was on and her decision is one I could respect. It was really exciting there for a bit — very dramatic and heart pumping. The rest of the book was heart thumping in a different way -- when Cara and Jack realized how physically compatible they were.

I was treated to some very well written and passionate encounters that ramped up the romance to a tender yet hot level. The book is without a doubt a sturdy standalone story. I enjoyed how he acted so loving and wished I could be the recipient of one so generous. The Man With the Money is easy reading with a heartwarming story and delightful characters that reach the romantic inside.

In fact, the courtship is sexy, sensual and at times remarkably sweet. And other times, wickedly naughty. Pick up your own copy and have some fun. Jul 12, Nas Dean rated it it was amazing. There are altogether eight volumes in this series which track the lives of a powerful dynasty, where secrets and scandal never sleep, The Notorious Wolfes. International jet-setter Jack Wolfe comes across Cara Taylor while she is dealing cards in a French casino.

Unaware that he is being set up at the game where the stake runs in millions, he let his attention draw toward Cara, as he finds her alluring. Jack comes in to save her and for his troubles get a black eye and broken ribs. Now unable to leave him, Cara takes him away from the clutches of her boss and his thugs.

He promises to pay her to go as his date. After the high emotions of facing his family members, Cara challenges Jack to a game of cards to get him out of brooding. And the stake? Clothes, of course! So they start the game of strip poker, they know the outcome and we the readers know the outcome yet the sexual tension crackles through the pages!

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The history of magic is full of such stories, which turn out not to be true. Behind the smoke and mirrors, however, lies the real story of magic. It is a history of people from humble roots, who made and lost fortunes, and who deceived kings and queens. In order to survive, they concealed many secrets, yet they revealed some and they stole others.

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They engaged in deception, exposure, and betrayal, in a quest to make the impossible happen. They managed to survive in a world in which a series of technological wonders appeared, which previous generations would have considered magical. Even today, when we now take the most sophisticated technology for granted, we can still be astonished by tricks that were performed hundreds of years ago. The Secret History of Magic reveals how this was done.

It is about why magic matters in a world that no longer seems to have a place for it, but which desperately needs a sense of wonder. Sometimes we all need to break our routines with a romantic rendezvous of the fantasy variety. Whether you're in a relationship or looking for love, there's nothing quite like a romantic tale to make your stomach flutter and set your heart on fire.

And let's be honest, we tend to feel a little more amorous when Valentine's Day is around the corner. Expand text… Or perhaps you're more of a holiday cynic and would rather curl up with a page-turner full of passion, heartbreak, and tragedy rather than fairy-tale romance. Since we happen to appreciate both kinds of novels, as long as the stories are compelling and the language beautiful, we created a list that features all sorts of romantic books to read.

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The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5) The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5)
The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5) The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5)
The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5) The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5)
The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5) The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5)
The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5) The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5)
The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5) The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5)
The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5) The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5)
The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5) The Heartless Rebel (Bad Blood, Book 5)

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