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In countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Shanghai, teachers report spending between 24 and 40 days per annum on such professional development PD. International surveys suggest the average is The motivation for training is clear, to improve pupil attainment. However, how time should be spent best, is less clear. The aim of this research is to unpick alignment between evidence on human skill acquisition and features of rigorously evaluated CPD interventions. The justification is that the transfer of information directly from a course leader to an individual is ineffective.

Buy-in: There is a claim that voluntary professional development is more effective than compulsory. Subject-specific: Another claim is that professional development must align with subject knowledge, rather than general pedagogical techniques divorce from the content. Outside expertise: Generally, outside expertise requires input from people who do not work in the same school as the teachers receiving the training.

In the paper three rigorous, well-designed studies of professional development are discussed to illustrate limitations and motivation.

Teacher Development

Interestingly, the treatment group showed weaker achievement on state tests. Garet at al. In another study, five of the six characteristics were offered to 2 groups of teachers. Teachers in both groups received substantially more professional development than the control group. The program was over 40 contact hours throughout an academic year and was offered over a three-year period of time to allow sufficient change. If I have read the paper correctly, Sims and Fletcher-Wood claim that they can identify interventions which are and are not effective — using qualitative studies.

Rachael Stevens, English teacher

They conclude that the consensus view is not supported by existing cross-subject reviews of the characteristics of effective CPD. This provides one plausible explanation for the null findings in the three studies above. In the paper, an analogy is used: Toothpaste has many ingredients but many of them would not be classified as active ingredients. How likely are the consensus view characteristics of effective PD to be redundant?

Again, going with the toothpaste analogy, it provides other benefits which consumers wish to purchase in conjunction with a product able to reduce tooth decay, i.

However, the decision may offer a plausible explanation for collaborative buy-in, to ensure teachers are enthusiastic and willing to participate. Well, collaborative CPD does not guarantee better pupil attainment.

Teacher Labs: Making Professional Development Collaborative

The same interventions without collaboration may just be as effective. Evidence for the effectiveness of coaching in improving teacher and student achievement is cited as one alternative — drawn from cognitive and behavioural psychology. A point worth noting is the distinction between how novice and experienced teachers think and learn.

Sustained, one-to-one, deliberate practice with an experienced colleague to promote a change of habits and focus in the classroom. In this modern, digital age, teachers need to be flexible and be able to adapt to whatever is thrown their way. New technologies are developed every day that can change the way students learn, and the way teachers teach. Likewise, administrators are changing and updating expectations and learning standards. Being able to adapt is a skill that every modern teacher must have. Top Summer Break Tips for Teachers Our teacher-tested tips to help you relax and recharge this summer break.

Diversity Pays in the Teaching Profession Having a diverse teaching staff is key to reaching all of your students. Every teacher needs to have confidence, not only in themselves but in their students and their colleagues. Being able to communicate with not only your students but with parents and staff is an essential skill. Part of being a teacher is being able to work together as part of a team or a group. When you work together as a team, it provides students with a better chance to learn and have fun.

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Networking with other teachers even virtually and solving problems together will only lead to success. Doing so fosters a sense of community not only in your own classroom, but school-wide as well. Teaching is a lifelong learning process. There is always something to learn when you are teacher. A teacher who is always willing to go that extra mile to learn will always be an effective, successful teacher.

The most effective tool a teacher can use is their imagination. Teachers need to be creative and think of unique ways to keep their students engaged in learning, especially now that many states have implemented the Common Core Learning Standards into their curriculum. Many teachers are saying that these standards are taking all of the creativity and fun out of learning, so teachers are finding imaginative ways to make learning fun again. An effective teacher is a mentor and knows how to guide her students in the right direction.

She leads by example and is a good role model. She encourages students and leads them to a place of success. Modern teachers have the ability to organize and prepare for the unknown. They are always ready for anything that is thrown their way. Need to go home sick?

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  8. No problem, they have a substitute folder all ready to go. Studies show that organized teachers lead more effective learning environments. So it is even more imperative to be organized if you want higher-achieving students. A modern teacher is willing to try new things, from new educational apps to teaching skills and electronic devices. Being innovative means not only trying new things, but questioning your students, making real-world connections and cultivating a creative mindset.

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    While being committed to your job is a traditional teaching skill, it is also a modern one. A modern teacher needs to always be engaged in their profession. The students need to see that their teacher is present and dedicated to being there for them. This 21 st -century, modern teaching skill is definitely a new one. In this digital age most, if not all, teachers are online, which means they have an "Online reputation. LinkedIn is a professional social network to connect with colleagues, but Snapchat or any other social networking site where students visit, is probably not a good idea.

    Modern teachers know how to find engaging resources. In this digital age, it is essential to find materials and resources for students that will keep them interested. This means keeping up to date on new learning technologies and apps, and browsing the web and connecting to fellow teachers. Anyway that you can engage students and keep things interesting is a must. Technology is growing at a rapid pace. In the past five years alone we have seen huge advancements and we will continue to see it grow.

    While it may be hard to keep up with it, it is something that all modern teachers need to do. Not only do you just need to understand the latest in technology, but you must also know which digital tools is right for your students. Modern teachers know when it's time to unplug from social media and just relax. They also understand that the teacher burnout rate is high, so it's even more critical for them to take the time to slow down and take a moment for themselves. They give their students time each day for a brain break and let them kick their heels up and unwind.

    Modern educators have the ability to empower students to think critically, be innovative, creative, adaptable, passionate, and flexible.

    Teacher Professional Development Teacher Professional Development
    Teacher Professional Development Teacher Professional Development
    Teacher Professional Development Teacher Professional Development
    Teacher Professional Development Teacher Professional Development
    Teacher Professional Development Teacher Professional Development
    Teacher Professional Development Teacher Professional Development

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