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The spring guide is made of polished stainless steel. The lightweight aluminum shaft is for fast acceleration. All cylinder components can easily handle springs up to M First Stage: Adjustable and extremely lightweight trigger travel. Pull the trigger back until you can feel the resistance increase to the second stage.

You will be able to feel exactly when the shot will break. Both the trigger and the piston sear are made of hardened double heat-treated steel. The spring guide stopper is made of hardened steel. This means that the cylinder is always in the exact same place. No play of the cylinder results in consistent nozzle placement in the hop up bucking. The hop-up adjuster of the Novritsch SSG24 is easily accessible from the outside. There are no tools needed, which makes fine adjustments in the field an easy task. The adjustment assembly is on both sides of the chamber to avoid side hop effects.

The hop-up arm is CNC machined from aluminium to ensure that there is little tolerance and no play or flex. The contact points of the hop-up arm are shaped to the Hopup rubber for equal pressure on the BB. The hop-up is made of a soft silicone with an extremely high friction coefficient.

When you close the inner barrel with your finger and pull the trigger, the piston will stop before hitting the cylinder head due to the perfect air seal. The surface of the mm long 6. Additionally, the barrel is stabilized through a barrel spacer in the middle of the outer barrel and an o-ring in the endcap of the outer barrel. Due to its transparent plastic, you can keep track of how many BBs you have left in your gun.

The combination of the side guides and the spring mechanism ensures that the reloads are smooth. The top part of the magazine with the feeding lips is separated from the main body of the magazine and presses itself into the hop-up chamber with the follower spring. The SSG24 comes in a slick black hardshell case with four locking points. The foam inserts will keep your SSG24 safe when you are traveling to game sites either with your car or on the plane.

The manual of the gun contains a link to exclusive video guides on how to adjust, clean, maintain and get the best performance out of your Novritsch SSG24 sniper rifle. Also, included is a bottle of Novritsch Sniper BBs, a sniper patch for your battle dress uniform and a barrel cleaning rod. We understand that having the ability to customize the rifle to make it look unique is important to many players.

That's the reason why we're constantly developing new accessories and pushing the limits of what's possible! The SSG24 will always come with the M24 stock, but it is a highly customizable platform. Currently, we offer five different stocks, four of which are made of real wood, a left-hand conversion kit, different bolt handles, outer barrels, extended rails, fluted cylinders, suppressors and more. Drop in fit for SSG24 and M40 conversion kit.

The first customers who had this problem got their Gen1 replaced for Gen2 mags for free. If you didn't find the answer there please contact me via the contact form. Nothing will break. If you still manage to break it somehow - yes, spareparts are available here. Because it's good. Yes, it's a great sniper rifle for beginners, since you don't have to do any complicated tech work to make it shoot well. People are always excited to just rack the bolt and try it out for a few shots to see the long flat trajectory.

The online shop service is always excellent when I need to restock on. Packages arrive intact and well packed. I have had the SSG24 for almost 2 years now and think it was the best airsoft investment I have ever made. Previously I would buy or tinker with at least 5 AEGs a year constantly trying to increase range, reliability or accuracy and I was always just a little disappointed in what I could achieve.

On top of that, it was difficult to just maintain them. Since the day the SSG24 arrived,. I have fired over thirty thousand rounds through it over the course of days hours per day of playing airsoft. The new bucking made it function as if it were new, basic care and oiling of the required parts will help ensure my SSG24 will continue to shoot how I want it to. I wanted to write this review firstly, to thank Novritsch for an amazing product, and secondly to share the story of how this gun has transformed both my gameplay and as a result my airsoft channel!

On seeing the initial release video for the SSG24 all those months back I knew what was on offer was a high-quality robust gun so I ordered mine that very night! I can shoot 0. A negative I would say would be how noisy the gun is when it is fired but that this was resolved when the silencer came out.

The stock, however, it still produces a bit of noise also near the mechanism. Could be improved with foam inserts designed to fill gaps between the mechanism and stock. Possibly something you could develop and sell maybe? Thank Nov!!! I owe you!!! Sounds normal? Not for me. If I decide I like something I choose to go all out beforehand…. I bought a rifle, chest rig, ammo etc etc all without ever having been to my local field.

With the SPR came better range and a quick change spring system. This meant I could swap to a more powerful spring which made me decide to go down the route of using it as a DMR. I bought a cheap leafsuit and started to sneak around the field whenever I could. I watched his gameplay videos whilst the rifle was disguised and decided I had to have one. I set an reminder on my phone for the release date and time and waited as patiently as I could. Now I could have built my own rifle like thousands of other airsoft snipers but I choose not to.

Time and space. As a married father of three kids my spare time is at a premium. Credit card in hand I added my order, processed and paid and waited for the email. I messaged the Novristch page for confirmation and received a reply:. Then came the waiting game whilst the first were built and shipped. What a wait but it was worth it in the end. The rifle arrived well packaged and secure in its case. First I added the scope from my Krytac a cheap eBay scope and set out to get it zeroed. Stupidly far and stupidly straight. It is an insanely accurate rifle out of the box.

Very sturdy as well.

In many ways, it's about knowing your environment.

Lighter than my metal bodied SPR but just as tough. Some people reported jamming issues with the first rifles which was fixed with a replacement part free of course. People at my local site genuinely hate my rifle. It outranges everything else and has caused a surge in bolt action ownership. I believe one person has since ordered an SSG if their own after using mine. I like how the magazines push out when you release them, this makes it a lot easier when your wearing gloves or in a hurry.

No wobbly parts whatsoever. The stock is very thick and I am confident it will survive anything I could ever put it thru on a airsoft field.

Sniper pictures

There were no scratches or dents in my gun or BB bottle, my hardshell case was great too, it feels like it will protect my gun Which it did during shipping and will last a long time. Novritsch is such a helpful person and a very professional one too.

Welcome to Italy, 1943

He helped me whenever I had a question which I would send him via email or Facebook messenger. A couple things I personally dislike is that the screws on the bottom of the rifle are too tough to unscrew, might be too much screwglue on it. I dislike that the trigger pull adjustment is in a very awkward spot which is difficult to get to but it is possible. The orange tip seems to be on there quite good which will be somewhat okay because I plan to use a camo wrap too protect the gun from scratches and to camouflage it of course. The gun looks and performs as good as all the videos and novritsch have said.

I can promise you if you buy the gun you will not be disappointed. This is the review for the guys living in Italy, Ireland and Japan, who play airsoft under 1J regulation. Thus I did not expect I can obtain the gun performance on video, because in Japan all airsoft gun is regulated under 0. I purchased SSG24 for its nice and solid looks. I did not think it is as accurate as my stock VSR Gspec.

I measured its accuracy on 20m indoor range. Please see attatched target pictures. Not only its accuracy, but range is fantastic. This gun shoots 60m deadly straight due to its well made airseal and hopup even my SSG24 is 91mps using 0. This sniper rifle can outrange the most of other AEGs and snipers even the power is not different than others.

He prepared good export documents for inflexible Japanese custom. And when having my SSG24 he immediately suggest me to prepare a alternative magazine parts! No other airsoft manufacturer have this good support. My conclusion: If you are playing airsoft in low power, yet you can get the same performance as Novritsch with SSG24!

This gun is accurate not because the gun is high power, but this gun is well designed and made. This gun looks expensive, but I can say its costy considering these values. This gun is worth to get no matter where you live! Thank you Novritsch for making this gun! The stock of the sniper is one of the best I have ever seen.

Sniper rifle

The black coat on the ssg24 is very sturdy. The external processing was done very well. My L96 and the SSG24 are really comparable in terms of accuracy but the SSG does come with the extra benefits of being super sturdy and comes in at a much lower price point than the L96 project gun.

You will have to do a lot of research and DIY just to make one shoot properly. I ordered 20 minutes after the release, so i was one of the first 99 lucky ones. It comes in a black gun case, just bit enough to fit the gun and some accessories. I use it only for the photos. I was in contact with Novritsch, annoying him with simple questions and when my sniper will arrive.


As we both live in Austria, he asked to write some honest words about his gun and what I think about it. Compared to my old Echo1 M28, it feels lighter, but not less robust. The stock adjustment is much better than the one of the Echo1 M28, less shaky and with a nice resistance when adjusting it. Nothing to complain here. Doing fast shooting is no problem. The bolt did get a few scratches, but no deep scratches. At the moment I have the M spring built in, with the 0. The BB flies m with no problem, very accurate. Note: This review is translated from French to english by google translator.

Today, another review! This time, it is a Bolt action gun, but not any, the one developed by Novritsch and Modify. Modify is a Taiwanese brand, better known for its parts than for its replicas. External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: Luis Llosa. IMDb's Guide to Horror. War films I need to see. Share this Rating Title: Sniper 6.

Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Learn more More Like This. Sniper 2 Video Action War. Sniper 3 Video Action Drama Thriller. Sniper: Reloaded Video Sniper: Legacy Video Action Thriller War. Sniper: Ghost Shooter Video Sniper: Ultimate Kill The Substitute Action Crime Drama.

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Tom Berenger Thomas Beckett Billy Zane Richard Miller J. Chester Van Damme Aden Young Doug Papich Ken Radley El Cirujano Reynaldo Arenas Cacique as Reinaldo Arenas Gary Swanson Admiral in Washington Frederick Miragliotta General Miguel Alavarez Vanessa Steele Raul Ochoa Tyler Coppin Ripoly as Tyler Copin Teo Gebert Ripolys Friend Edward Wiley DeSilva William Curtin Taglines: One Shot. One Kill. No Exceptions. Language: English Spanish. Runtime: 98 min. Sound Mix: Dolby.

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  6. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The film was marketed two different ways. The international trailer--produced by the independent financiers behind the film--focused more on the psychological and thriller elements of the story and showcased the struggle between Beckitt and Miller.

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    The US trailer, cut by TriStar, who picked it up, was accompanied by the muscular score from Terminator 2: Judgment Day and focused more on the action elements, highlighting the chase and shootout sequences. However, the crew chief of the helicopter that extracts him in the opening scenes calls him "Gunny". Quotes Richard Miller : [ when relucantly giving away his shades ] I hope you go blind. Alternate Versions German rental video was cut for violence by ca. EuroVideo DVD release is uncut. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history.

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