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The 10-word sentence most likely to end your marriage.

Yes this statement was made to me to just so my husband could justify an affair he had just begun with a younger woman. So I agree with your perspective that these words may be uttered as a way to rationalize another's desire to try something different. It is now 6 months latter and my husband is over that relationship so he says and says he still loves me. So one must be careful with the interpretation of this statement.

As far as it made me feel, yes devasted and that the rug had been pulled out from under my feet as well as my 3 children. This times one million! In a marriage it means "I'm too immature to realize what love is in a long term marriage".

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OR it means I've already found someone else and I'm deflecting the blame for my cheating to love. It's too much for poor little old me to fight! It's just an excuse. If you truly love someone you try again. Otherwise just break up! Everything you just said was in my world and is a complete match to my thinking. You just put my thoughts down on paper perfectly! Those words were spoken to me after 22 years. My first marriage and her second.. The new car smells good in the beginning but to keep that older car takes some work and shes just not willing to perform the maintenance.

To sad for sure. Good riddance to my wife..

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  • The expectations she seeks were already in her lap. Truly terrible the way people are willing to be selfish enough to end a family like that. This is her second time. I blame my self for not seeing it 22 years ago. But I did two great step kids out of the deal and was blessed with two of my own beautiful children from her. So, carrying on at 50 years old and not looking back but forward!

    Good luck brother. Steve Are you for real or are you just trying to stir up controversy? We all know that love after years of marriage is not going to feel the same as when we were first in that relationship and we do not object to that. What we object to is our spouse using those words to excuse cheating, lying, abandonment and whatever else they are doing. It is obvious that you did not seriously read the posts; your answer is not even relevant to the subject being discussed.

    Steve, I am really sorry but yes some of it, I did not read. For me it is too much of a whining. I don't believe most of what you said. You are free to say whatever you wanna say and so am I. If, I got you offended in some ways then I am sorry for that. As to your question, yes I am for real. Your post was rather a lil late for me to contemplate, I mean when I wrote my post, I was definitely heart broken. As of the moment, I am really ok but I have to admit the pain is still there but not as much as when I posted my comment.

    Life is too short to live with that painful comment that my boyfriend so coldly thrown at me. If he is not in love with me anymore then that is not my problem that is his business to deal. I am moving on and would definitely intend to live my life the way I want it to be. No regrets. Falling in love is so easy.

    All it takes is to appreciate the silly little things like a twinkle in her eyes, a cute sneeze, and soon you will find yourself thinking her fart in a crowded room is brilliant. It doesn't take much. It didn't take much when you first met, so why not build on what you both already have, bask in the sunshine of the great past and loving each other, and making the magic happen.

    Falling in love again isn't the challenge. The challenge is to remember to keep doing it. Even if it has been years since you were in love, remember that flicker in the eye ;-. Steve I completely agree, looking at responses it seems many people don't want to hear it - which proves how pervasive this 'romance' thing is in our culture. Doesn't sound whiny to me at all. Sounds like someone who's objectively commenting after living life. Good synopsis. Steve, I'm not sure why everyone is bashing what you've said I think it is definitely the wisest statement on the page.

    Overtime in love does change and it is about companionship and commitment. The fire dies out and the love becomes more of a bonding love you'd have for a family member.

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    Steve is not saying those words are to be used as an excuse, but they are used as an excuse or a way out of the relationship. I think people who use this statement expect that love to go on forever, or are simply too immature to realize that the fire will always die out. But after, there should be a bonding love. So here i am kinda new to this whole "i love you but were not inlove" thing. Im recently a female of this action the words were spoken to be by my childrens father and partner of 15 years. As i understand people grow and things change and ive read everyones comments and opinions on this matter, which sure some have helped me feel better about it and some still leave me questioning what does it mean how does one be strong enough to accept such words.

    Alot of what i see is people stateing that when the words happen the sexs stops, that is not the case for has or it hasnt been. The sex has always been great and we both enjoy joy it.

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    • But what does it mean when one says "i love you but were not in love" were faimly and i want you to be best friends. Why is it much harder for women to be ok with such statements? I know that i need to be ok with it and accept it is what it is but how does one make it work? I want to simply say, "Thank you" for a very insightful, truthful, and contrarian opinion. It has at the very least help bring me some semblance of peace.

      I totally agree with you Steve! That "honeymoon period" always ends at some point, and then couples are left wondering why they married in the first place. In my religion Judaism we make sure before dating that we are compatible in terms of beliefs, family backgrounds, life goals, etc. Only then do we agree to date and then it's just to see if there's mutual attraction and chemistry. If there is, then we tie the knot! The purpose of the marriage is to create a stable home to bring children into, and to support each other throughout life.

      It's almost like a business partnership.


      It sounds extreme when compared to modern day Western marriage, but it really works most of the time! The love and mutual respect grows over time and there's never an expectation of having to feel "in love". It's a shame that Western culture especially Hollywood has perverted the idea of what marriage is supposed to be! I completely agree with some of your points, Steve.

      There were cultural and religious motivations behind our union. I cringe when people say these things because I care deeply about my husband and love him very much. People have become obsessed with romance, a great sex life, and physical attributes. All the pornography and objectification in our present culture is hurting our motivations behind maintaining strong marriages. Have we stopped to ponder on what marriage really is? I am committed to my marriage. I made sacred vows to him.

      I honor my contract to him. I make an effort to respect him. My kids greatly benefit. My children are happy and well adjusted. My parents never gave me that. I want my children to see marriage as a form of teamwork and a strong partnership. Thank you Roy for stating this so succinctly.

      Keith's Corner

      Although my spouse left me in a selfish and disrespectful manner jumped ship to another woman he hardly knew , I still feel the pain of the bond. Like you write, we all love our family members and loving someone can transcend the physical bond or honeymoon butterflies. My spouse walked out on the marriage 25 years and children and acts now as if we never existed. I just don't understand how there is so little devotion and makes me question if he ever felt any real love or if he was motivated only by the thrill of the initial pursuit.

      I believe some people are empty inside and use people to try to fill that void. When the partner can't fill the emptiness, it turns to anger directed to family members. The "love" was there as long I had few needs and fulfilled his needs. I can see now that my spouse didn't see me as a person in my own right and not just a function of him. If he was ignored due to a life crisis which took attention away, there was little there for him to stay bonded. I still grapple with how little the marriage meant to him - no give and take and real respect.

      I agree with this comment. I have read many pyschologist articles where a relationship is built like a triangle. All, even great loves, end up as friendships for a certain time and YES passion can come back into the relationship it just takes time and work to welcome it back.

      So the implied transalation from the gibberish would be: I'm attached to you but I'm not in lust with you. Actually, it can be loving to divorce your spouse when you are no longer with them, when the alternative is living in a hellish wasteland of sadness and regret; when both people are trapped by the lost intimacy, even if only one person is aware of that loss. We only have one life. Every day held in stasis, stuck in a relationship that no longer nourishes, even as you might wish it would or could, is another day in which both suffer.

      It is possible to love someone deeply in a familial way, and want to leave. There is some selfishness, yes. But there is as much selfishness in wanting someone to remain in a relationship when they want or need to be free of it. The only people I hear that kind of response from are those that were the ones that left and are making excuses for their behavoir. In nearly every case I've ever heard of that speech being used, there had already been another man or woman in the picture for months.

      Took some honesty and openness, but when asked to finally free me from my suspicions and just be honest with me for once in our marriage I got the truth. A whole year's worth of truth, lies, deceit, and selfishness. Abandoned is indeed the best way to describe those left in the dust.

      I only found out because he called it off with her to take up a leadership position in his church, lol. I've witnessed a lot of marriages fall apart when one partner had an affair and then left. In not one single case would I characterize what the partner who left did as "loving. A whole lot of people never truly get over the incredibly brutal deceit and betrayal. And what makes it most brutal and abusive is that usually, the person who left reassures themselves that the relationship was dead not usually the case , and that they are somehow doing everyone a favor.

      Well, they are probably doing the faithful partner a favor, just not for the reason their narcissistic cheating spouse thinks "I'm doing the loving thing, I'm such a good person" The favor is that we are getting rid of the narcissistic, self-centered, loser that we were totally fooled by. But, go on with your slick little story of being such an unselfish love bug, while your devastated partner selfishly wishes to keep the family intact. You know, for grandchildren and such, all those selfish reasons. I have to agree. I've not seen any case where the left spouse or children felt the loving gesture by the person leaving.

      But, I have seen cases where I've seen the wonderful 'loving' gesture by the left spouse by acting mature, graceful and loving in being left. I realize that this is very difficult and many people are unable to do this. But, I have witnessed it and feel like it is one of the most loving things I have seen.

      That's an extremely interesting fact!

      I'm Not In Love

      I have been trying to find the research it's based on, but failed, so I guess I'll have to ask here: Where was this published? Completely agree, what about marriages where that sentence is uttered and the marriage doesn't end? This article is very unscientific and based on anecdotal evidence.

      As stated by others relationships go through phases, it's natural as we ourselves change and grow over time from our experiences. As a society we are too hung up on romance. I respectfully disagree. Just like anything else there are multiple endings. Sometimes it's just over. Too many times two people get together; one stops growing while the other takes off in leaps and bounds.

      The things they once had in common, they no longer do.. Different stages in life seem to effect all human relationships including marriage on a whole. When we are young, we tend to jump into things blindly and with both feet. Our "passion" steers the boat. Sadly the person left bereft is usually completely unaware, and they are cut to a deep level. What they don't realize it's not them, it's the other None of these things end a marriage. A marriage is a commitment, a promise that people MADE, legally and morally.

      It is a contract. It is never "just over. You don't get to say, "I don't love you. You hold them in positive regard. You think of their good qualities. You rationalize. If you have to go cry into your pillow, you do so, without letting them see it. Feelings never end marriages. Choices do. Choices to violate a contract and renege on promises made. If a couple can keep the sex interesting, they'll stay together.

      No couple ever divorces when the sex is great and consistent. Keeping the sex interesting, though, means making sex a higher priority than money. Few people in our money-driven society are willing to do that -- to drive a Corolla instead of a Lexus, but have sex every day as a result. Their loss. Vikki Stark, M.

      Signs You’re Not In Love Anymore, As Told By People Who Know What It Feels Like

      Blended families have the most complex family structure. A fresh approach to forgiveness, complete with a healing technique. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. When Should You Share a Secret? Vikki Stark M. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. The word sentence most likely to end your marriage.

      The reasons I hate it; 1 - People are confusing the "In Love" part with the "honeymoon" period they had either at the start of their relationship or when they were married. I am not going to be intimate with you anymore. You can love the and not be their spouse anymore. Like a family member. If your romantic partner utters those words - it is over intimacy wise anyway. Govern yourself accordingly.

      I have had those words spoken Submitted by Sam owens on April 17, - pm. How did you "rekindle" it? Submitted by broken man on June 12, - pm. Response Submitted by Sam Owens on June 13, - pm. Give her some space Submitted by Susan on March 13, - pm. Very well said! Thanks so Submitted by Vikki on August 17, - pm.

      Crystal Castles - Not In Love ft. Robert Smith of The Cure

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. We love simple answers Submitted by Anonymous on October 28, - am. We love simple answers even though they answer nothing. I love my wife as a close friend and mother of my children. However, I have no deeper feelings for her, nor do I desire her sexually. Not in love Submitted by Babylo on May 11, - am. What a week. Lots of reflecting and soaking in everything that has happened these past few months. At times I have felt super overwhelmed and my anxiety has ran really high.

      You are blessings. A post shared by Colton S. Underwood coltonunderwood on Jun 27, at pm PDT. Many other Bachelor fans have also noticed that Randolph seems closer with her sister and her family than with Underwood. And when Randolph recently appeared in a spread for Cosmopolitan magazine , it had many believing she may have just gone on the show for fame. Underwood coltonunderwood on Jun 17, at pm PDT.

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