My Life with Reiki

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Reiki Changes Your Life with Love

Or, maybe, my understanding was simply too limited — after all, energy really means that everything is interconnected and can move and transform.

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And Reiki is not just a therapy but indeed a personal spiritual practice. In fact, this is how it all started: a connection to higher levels of consciousness, discovered in the early 20th century by Japanese scholar Mikao Usui as the result of a deep meditation practice.

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Reiki promotes physical healing and overall well being and can be used for any illness. Pain is often significantly reduced and the healing process accelerated. It is completely safe and there are no cautions or contraindications, no matter if you use it on a little cut from a kitchen knife or to treat a cancer patient. There is no need to use Reiki instead of conventional therapies. It perfectly complements them and even reduces side effects of medication.

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My dog loves Reiki. One of my students treated a bumble bee until she could fly again, and my near-dead chilli plant turned out an almost industrial production of hot peppers.

Reiki Benefits. How Reiki Can Improve your Life

You can also use it while cooking or charge a ready-made meal. Whether it is a dishwasher, power drill, computer, printer or car — nothing is immune to Reiki. Even the ticket machine at Richmond Station finally accepted my coins after some Reiki! Just think of a situation, and intend to send Reiki to it.

Life After Reiki

Or connect to the energy before you go into a meeting. I am sure it will run more smoothly. Reiki helps to relax and allows us to deal with anxiety, depression, and emotional problems. We feel more balanced and calm — and it can do wonders if we have a problem in our relationship! These are some of the many stories I hear from students after learning Reiki. Not just a few Reiki students were able to develop amazing psychic abilities. Using Reiki which can be translated as universal or spiritual life force energy we connect to something beyond what we can grasp with our five senses.

My Life With Reiki shared a post. Sign Up. See All. Recommendations and Reviews. Shawna did my first Reiki session and I wouldn't have wanted anyone else. It was an amazing experien The time she takes to explain what to expect to explore what transpired during and the support for anything needed after goes beyond any person I have ever been in contact with, Meditation with Shawna is also an amazing experience, I make it a point to go every time possible. Thank you beyond all words for all your support.

How Reiki Helps Change Your Life Exactly How It Should

You are an amazing person and I don't know what I would do with out you! See More. November 20, I had my first Reiki session with Shawna in September and it was truly amazing.

Shawna's demeanor i She helped relieve a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety that I was feeling in my body and mind. She is an amazing person and I am so thankful I found her. She gave me the most beneficial Reiki session that I have ever had.

How Reiki Changed My Life

I have had two sessions with her to date and I plan to have more sessions in the near future. Thank you Shawna for caring about me and my well-being! I am forever grateful!

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  • November 15, Unbelievable and fantastic!!! My first Reiki session blew my mind and I can't get enough of it!! I CAN'T wait for my next session.

    My Life with Reiki My Life with Reiki
    My Life with Reiki My Life with Reiki
    My Life with Reiki My Life with Reiki
    My Life with Reiki My Life with Reiki
    My Life with Reiki My Life with Reiki
    My Life with Reiki My Life with Reiki
    My Life with Reiki My Life with Reiki
    My Life with Reiki My Life with Reiki

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