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On the night of 2nd-3rd December , highly toxic methyl isocyanate along with other gases leaked out from the Union Carbide India Limited pesticide plant in Bhopal. Many were killed as they slept, never to wake up again. Effects of the deadly gas were so far reaching that even future generations suffered from disabilities. The story revolves around Anjali, her ex husband Prakash, and her current husband Sandeep.

Anjali suddenly becomes aware of a commotion at the station, and rushes out to board a taxi instead of waiting anymore for her husband. The next thing she remembers is waking up in a hospital bed. Her husband is posted at the EME Center in Bhopal, which is about 4 kms away from the station, but the wind blows the other way so those in the center are not affected by the gas.

Fifteen years later, Anjali is working as a school teacher, married to Sandeep, a professor. She is afflicted with bronchial asthma, and her son Amar suffers from pulmonary fibrosis and heart valve stenosis. He has already been operated on for his weak heart, and the doctors say the boy is too young and frail to have a heart or lung transplant at this stage.

After the birth of the child, Anjali learnt more about the deadly gas, and that any child she had would probably suffer from the same set of problems. Prakash is back in her life and wants to make amends. But he has a new wife and two children, and matters keep getting further complicated for Anjali. The present revolves around how Anjali and Sandeep deal with their terminally ill child, and how her past returns to haunt her. The story is fascinatingly written from the point of views of the three main characters — Anjali, Prakash and Sandeep — each one takes turns speaking for each chapter.

This brought deeper meaning and insight to the story and better understanding of each character. I particularly liked this switching of narrators, as it gives a picture that what one thinks and feels might not be the same as what is portrayed. Anjali has an obvious hatred towards Prakash but does she miss being an army wife? Sandeep has no animosity towards her ex husband but is he really as indifferent as he seems? Prakash abandoned Anjali earlier so what are his motives for entering her life again?

Historical events have been beautifully woven into the narrative. Covering events of the Indira Gandhi assassination of October , along with the Bhopal gas disaster in December the same year, the book is both plaintive and informative. The author was nine years old when her father, an army officer, was posted to the EME Center in Bhopal. Rather than writing about the statistics of how many people died and were affected that dreadful night, she has chosen to chronicle just one victim. On some level, the story seemed to be more about the characters than the plot, and these relationships have been beautifully described — how past hurts, present conflicts, and an uncertain future affects each of the characters.

I started with Madhya Pradesh. The rest of the books can be found in the link below. I love my books. I give out books as gifts, happily receive books gifted to me, recommend titles to friends, prepare lists of what others have recommended, lists of books to be read, lists of books to be bought, donate books to libraries and organizations that work with the underprivileged — books are an important part of my life and I love sharing them around.

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But when did this book love begin? I thought about the point in my life when reading gained such importance. A lot of my reading habits were inculcated through the early years.

  • Il sapore delle emozioni. Ritrovare il gusto della vita per vivere meglio con se stessi e gli altri: Ritrovare il gusto della vita per vivere meglio con se stessi e gli altri (Trend) (Italian Edition).
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  • A household of bibliophiles, a school that encouraged reading, exchanging books with friends while growing up — many factors influenced this love for the written word. My earliest memories of reading have been being constantly surrounded by books for as long as I can remember. Even before I learnt to read, I would flip through pages and look at pictures. I vividly recall doing this for Thumbelina.

    I still have the first book my mom gifted me when I was six. Pickle the Pixie was my favorite book for the longest time. About a year later, I received a book from school as a prize. This collection of short stories was another one of my prized possessions. I still have these 2 books from my childhood. We often received books as gifts then, at any time of the year. Till today we have our own collections of books, which have grown enormously over the years. I look back in delight to where it all started and hope to continue sharing this love for reading books. Today is my birthday. As part of my birthday reading goals for the year ahead, this year I decided to read regional books from around India — to travel across the country through books, and also get acquainted with lesser-known regional authors.

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    I set about on this project some time in August, knowing how exhaustive the research and compilation would be. India is a very large country, with varied cultures and languages.

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    There are 29 states and 7 union territories — I have compiled literature from each of these, making up 36 categories. So in a year I can manage one at least from each state, reading at the rate of three books a month. Some of the books in the list I have already read; they have been added in case others would be interested in reading them. I have included recommendations from reader groups, book clubs, friends and family, in addition to my own research. I look for literary value in whatever I read, and have selected these titles accordingly. I would love to have readers join me on this bookish trip around the country.

    Those familiar with the country can scroll down directly to the lists. The map is in case some of you want to read according to the geography of the country — North, South, East, West or Central India. The table shows the corresponding language for each state and union territory — to give you a glimpse of how vast the country is.

    The list is a mix of fiction and non-fiction — novels, short stories, memoirs, poems, even books to try out local cuisines. The languages that I know from the country Hindi, Marathi will be read in the original writings. For the rest I will read translated versions.

    The list is arranged alphabetically for ease of searching for any particular place. The books are listed below according to alphabetical order of the states. The books from each of the union territories follow the states.

    Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1 Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1
    Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1 Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1
    Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1 Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1
    Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1 Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1
    Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1 Kirans Kitchen - Cuisine from Subcontinent - Vol1

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