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Craig P Schaefer. Tigress Toggle navigation. Mobile Apps Login. Full Profile. Mentions about a name: Craig Schaefer.

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Professional Records Medicine Doctors Dr. Schaefer graduated from the Albany Medical College in Schaefer is affiliated with Anne Arundel Medical Work Company:. Lived in:. Federal Reserve, Washington University in St. Louis, Ameren Corp. Washington University in St. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute M. Susan G. Dec - Apr Pepperdine University, The George L. Graziadio School of Business and Management M.

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Professionals Architects Drafter. Customer Service. IT Engineer. Legal Counsel. Writer and Editor. Date of birth:. Publications Amazon Tigress Related Names Bernadine Schaefer.

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She has the qualities of the ideal wife and daughter-in-law in Japanese society as she takes good care of her darling and she helps her "mother-in-law" with the housework whenever she is free. Lum is well-versed in the use of technology, and carries a variety of advanced gadgets from her society with her, with the stranger gadgets hidden in her bikini top. This may be in part because she is naive regarding the customs of Earth, so she often misunderstands what people say. The best example of this is her innocent misinterpretation of Ataru's victory yell after he defeated her in tag.

She believed it to be an instant marriage, rather than a proposal, or even just the celebratory shout it really was. She drinks Tabasco sauce as if it were water and the food she cooks is violently spicy. Eating umeboshi causes her to get drunk and she dislikes garlic.

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  • Despite efforts from everybody she knows to convince her otherwise, her love for Ataru remains unchanged because he has consistently proven that he genuinely cares for her well-being in spite of his idiotic facade. These events have convinced Lum that Ataru is indeed the right man for her.

    However, while Ataru deeply cares for her, most of their friction stems from their clashing personalities: while Lum is naive and fundamentally innocent, she strives to act as the ideal, mature wife and daughter-in-law for Ataru and his family. On the other hand, Ataru is more savvy and well-versed in Earth customs, but he insists to act as a carefree teen, making Lum doubt his commitment. In the Spanish anime, her name for Ataru is "Tesoro" literally "Treasure" and in the Spanish manga, she calls him "Querido" "Beloved" while both in the Italian anime and manga she calls him "Tesoruccio" literally "Little Treasure", the diminutive being a coquettish sign of affection, thus being more akin to "Beloved Treasure" or "Dear Treasure".

    Since she considers him to be her husband, she violently electrocutes him whenever he looks at or flirts with another girl or if he insults her or does something to make her unhappy , but always forgives him in the end she electrocutes him less frequently as the series progresses. In the beginning of the series, she constantly hugs and kisses Ataru whether he wants it or not, often infuriating Shinobu who still initially had feelings for Ataru, though she eventually gave up on him and the rest of the class.

    But by the end, Lum has calmed down considerably and simply holds onto his arm whenever they are walking somewhere. She is usually together with Ataru and does almost everything with him, be it eating lunch, going to and from school, or going to a festival. She even enrolled herself in Tomobiki High to spend more time with him, which initially caused her Darling to faint from the shock.

    Takahashi's reason for this is that she believes two high school students shouldn't be sleeping together. In one episode, she does share Ataru's bed, but only after fitting him in a bulky insulated suit to protect him from accidental electric shocks in her sleep. Lum is considered the embodiment of the struggle facing modern Japanese women: how to be independent and still fulfill the traditional role of loving wife and mother.

    Lum's relationship with Shinobu was initially very stormy, as Lum considered Shinobu to be Ataru's "mistress" and went to extraordinary lengths to disrupt the relationship between Ataru and Shinobu including using her UFOs to jam Ataru and Shinobu's telephone calls and claiming that she was pregnant with Ataru's child.

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    Eventually Shinobu realizes that Ataru really does love Lum and gives up on Ataru eventually finding love with Inaba , and her and Lum's mutual hatred cools down into a somewhat terse friendship, though the two never do become close. Although Lum sees Mendou and Megane and his gang Lum's Stormtroopers as good friends and values their company, she does not return the affection they have for her, and makes it clear that she loves only her "Darling.

    When used by itself, "daccha" means "Yes".

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    This speech type is a rather saccharine, "cute" type of speech. AnimEigo's English dub of the first two episodes of the TV series, Those Obnoxious Aliens , attempted to approximate Lum's "daccha" speech pattern with "icha," which in English means nothing. None of the other American- or British-made dubs of Urusei Yatsura TV episodes or movies have tried a similar English approximation of "daccha. Lum is a well known and popular character in Japan, [3] and has been described as "the original Otaku dream girl". Merchandise featuring Lum continues to be popular, and her image appears on a wide variety of printed, commercial, and electronic media.

    In the manga series Meitantei Conan , Lum makes a cameo appearance when Edogawa Conan asks Ai Haibara about her knowing about a Black Organization member named "Rum", and Haibara's first reaction is to think of Lum, due to the use of the syllable " ra " for the Japanese spelling of both names. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional character. Retrieved Anime from Akira to Princess Mononoke 1st ed.

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    New York : Palgrave. Retrieved January 3, Miami University. Archived from the original PDF on December 9, Retrieved December 15, Palgrave Macmillan. The design of the character is thought to be named after and based on late s bikini model Agnes Lum, who, hailing from Honolulu and sporting a mixed racial background, was a curvaceous alien in Japan like the fictional Lum. It has also been theorized that Lum is creator Takahashi's alter ego, as "Lum" could be a nickname for "Rumiko" owing to the indistinctness of "l" and "r" in the Japanese language.

    Studio Pierrot. Archived from the original on December 23,

    Tigress #06 Tigress #06
    Tigress #06 Tigress #06
    Tigress #06 Tigress #06
    Tigress #06 Tigress #06
    Tigress #06 Tigress #06
    Tigress #06 Tigress #06
    Tigress #06 Tigress #06

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