The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg

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It was never revealed what happened to X during his time with the Celestials. Later, however, the Celestials dumped Machine Man back on Earth after allowing him to travel with them for a time. It is believed that the Celestials indirectly influenced and aided the development of mankind through the Eternals as well as the Northern Egyptians, the Maya, the Incas, the Atlanteans, etc.


Four billion years ago, a Celestial referred to as the Progenitor crashed onto Earth after it was infected by the Horde. The Progenitor died a sad, lonely death, and its body was buried within the Earth below the North Pole. The Celestial's diseased body fluids seeped into the Earth and percolated through the planet's primeval surface, forever altering the Earth's evolutionary trajectory. Loki claimed that this process ultimately gave rise to the mutations and superhuman abnormalities present in many of Earth's inhabitnats.

A million years ago, a Celestial named Zgreb the Aspirant came to Earth in search for the Progenitor. The Fallen found the Progenitor and became inflicted with the Horde. However, the Horde mutated him into a rabid " Dark Celestial ," the first of its kind. Zgreb went berserk and entered into conflict with the Avengers of the Stone Age.

They defeated Zgreb and buried it underground in the territory that would become South Africa in modern times. The loss of the two Celestials drew the attention of the rest of the Celestials, and the First Host came to Earth. The Stone Age Avengers tried to fight the visitors, but they were soundly defeated. They additionally chose to keep Zgreb buried deep underground to keep the Horde infection contained. According to Loki, the genetic modifications to the inhabitants of the Earth that would give rise to superpowered beings didn't happen because of the First Host, but were instead a result of the Progenitors' death.

At the time, the Deviants , who far outnumbered the Eternals and the humans, were in the middle of war against on Atlantis and attacked the Celestial ship. In retaliation, the Celestials landed on Lemuria. At the same time, the Atlanteans opened their magma vents to drive off the Deviants. Either by Celestial will alone, or the combined forces of Atlantis, the Eternals and The might of the Celestials, the continent of Lemuria was destroyed and Atlantis sunk beneath the sea.

This Great Cataclysm reshaped the Earth's surface. It is also known that near this time, Arishem came into conflict with The Dreaming Celestial. The reason for this conflict is unknown and differing reasons have been given, but may have been about the course of the "experiment" on Earth That birth would destroy her in any case, but would need nourishment.

As she was hesitating between using Earth, causing quick extinction, or the Moon , with cataclysmic consequences on Earth, Zhang Heng proposed an alternative: the Sun. Bathing herself in the Earth's sun, she was destroyed while her progeny was found by Leonardo da Vinci in The Third Host came to Earth about years ago. Once again the Celestials moved across the globe experimenting and testing their handiwork. Wary of the intervention of these "alien gods" Odin convened a gathering of all the known Sky-Gods like himself and choose three of their number to meet with the Celestials.

Odin Borson , Zeus Panhellenios and Vishnu confronted Arishem and were quickly shown that it alone had the power to cut off each and every pantheon from Earth. This lead to all the Skyfathers pledging to not interfere with the Celestials for years. During A. In a confrontation, Nur slew all of Garbha-Hsien's guards. Garbha-Hsien then sought to humble his fellow 'forever-walker', by revealing the secret titanic vessel. Having had previous experience with futuristic technology, Nur attacked Garbha-Hsien and left the other immortal for dead.

Not understanding how to kill an immortal, Garbha-Hsien survived and fled. After striking down Garbha-Hsien, Nur entered the Ship and lived on it for many years, not fully understanding how to communicate with it or control it. Using old hieroglyphs, Nur built a large Sphinx around the Ship, on his own, and began to hear a voice inside of his head.

The voice belonged to the Celestial, Eson the Searcher , who "spoke" through telepathy and called Nur "Apocalypse". Eson presented Nur with the proposition to use the technology on Ship to shape the destiny of the world, or simply leave and never remember anything. Nur accepted and Eson stated that one day, maybe in centuries or millennia, the Celestials would come for payments for their gifts. Shortly after finding the Ship, Nur and his Riders of the Dark were constantly attacked, by a young warrior with a sword and shield calling himself the Traveler.

Seeking revenge, Thor blessed Jarnbjorn with his own blood to imbue it with the power to pierce Celestial armor. In the 20th century, the Fourth Host of Celestials returned to Earth to judge the final stage in their genetic experiments. The appearance of these enigmatic giants around the world terrified the world's population and triggered the attempted intervention of S. The Celestials sealed themselves inside an impenetrable dome and began their judgement. Odin, fearful of Celestial power and angered by their interference on Earth, gathered the life force of all of Asgard to battle the Celestials for the fate of the Earth.

The Fourth Host then left Earth erasing the memory of their existence from the minds of humanity. Early in the 21st century, after being manipulated into awakening The Dreaming Celestial , the Eternals learned that was only through the efforts of the Eternal Makkari that it did not "reset local space-time one billion years past" or "destroy this corner of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The very presence of the Celestial The Dreaming Celestial as was called now was initially considered a threat and dangerous to the very existence of humanity, and all life on Earth by the Avengers. It was only through the mental intervention of the Eternals that the foot Golden Celestial now standing in Golden Gate Park, was accepted by humanity at large. Soon after the High Evolutionary and Mr. Sinister somehow tampered with the Dreaming Celestial's armor, the prime Celestial Host came to Earth, apparently finally taking an interest in its re-awakening.

Cyclops ' Extinction Team boldly attempted to bluff down the assembled Celestials and asked them to leave; they consented, but only when the Dreaming Celestial itself, now no longer infested by Mr. Sinister's machinations told them to, pointing skyward. The Celestials thought that with life and creation there must be death and destruction so they created the Exterminators to be that death and destruction. However, the Exterminators turned against the Celestials who couldn't kill them so they separated the universe into the Multiverse and imprisoned and bonded them into space between the walls that separated realities.

However, the Celestials didn't learn from their first mistake and created the Death Seed with the same purpose, but far more manageable. Frequently traveling and teleporting from reality to reality and world to world weakened the walls. Tears, cracks and fissures grew larger and larger until the Exterminators were able to escape.

Unfortunately, this portal opened the rift between realities wide enough for the Exterminators to pass through to Earth One of the Exterminators departed to Earth where he drained the Dreaming Celestial while the other two Exterminators remained on Earth, one feeding off the rift and the other seeking out the power of Apocalypse in the Death Seed. Once again, as Tiamut was supposedly already dead by it's own hand on Earth , Celestial events become convoluted and almost mythological. Kang gave the axe to Uriel during his training to become the new Apocalypse.

Uriel used the weapon to kill the Celestial Gardener outside the Starcore Station as part of the Apocalypse Twins' plan to trick the Celestials into destroying Earth while they evacuated all of Earth's mutants to Planet X. Whether this truly destroyed the Celestial, or merely shunted it back to wherever the Celestials truly live as the Invisible Woman had previously done to help end the so-called Celestial-Watcher War is unknown. After Exitar's "destruction", Sentry revealed to Wasp that he would take a great journey moving the Celestial body far from Earth.

Before leaving, he warned her that they must prepare themselves because the Celestials' wrath would be mighty. Among their many solutions to halt the Incursions , the Illuminati asked Galactus to arrange a meeting with the Celestials so the group could ask them for help.

However, during the meeting, the Celestials mysteriously vanished. While most of the heroes were busy fighting the Servitors. The magic users of the group cast a spell that returned the Celestial to its own dimension. As it turned out, not all of the Celestials were destroyed by the Beyonders.

A handful of survivors managed to escape and hide out at the furthest edges of the universe within the deep folds of space-time. Unlike the other cosmic beings, the Celestials that were destroyed were apparently not brought back to life when the Multiverse was restored. Logos believed himself to be the new judge of worlds, something the Celestials formerly did. Logos considered the Celestials to be unwanted competition as judges of worlds and thus destroyed the surviving Celestials, though he was told that nothing truly died by the Queen of Nevers , who secretly saved the One Above All while Logos killed the other Celestials, making him the last Celestial.

It was later revealed that Logos was being manipulated by the First Firmament in a bid to return to its original position as everything that is. Zgreb was eventually awakened in modern times when a team of archaeologists uncovered the underground cavern it was sealed in. The Fallen shouted "Summon Later, Loki , the Asgardian God of Mischief, [17] released the Fallen from its prison and used it to bring about the Final Host of Dark Celestials in order to wipe out Earth, arguing that the planet was ill-ridden as a result of the Progenitors' arrival and death having altered the Earth's evolutionary trajectory billions of years prior.

Before arriving to Earth, the Dark Celestials used the Horde to infect and kill every Celestial in existence. Can you help find him and mollify the aggravated elves? The Iron Route, an important trade road east of Phlan, is beset by competing bandits. An exiled Black Fist officer leads his band of mercenaries turned cloaked ruffians, while a mysterious dragonborn sorcerer commands screaming savages from the north.

In this war over the trade route, the beleaguered merchants are the victims, and Phlan suffers from a lack of supplies. The Maimed Virulence has come. The future of the Cinnabar Throne and the lives of the denizens of Phlan are in jeopardy. The Cult of the Dragon rejoices, and the Black Fist is powerless to stop them. How will the factions of the city respond to this threat? Can Phlan be saved this time? Part One of Under Emerald Claws. With the dragon marauding over the countryside, the horde is left unguarded. Now is the time to plunder its lair! Vorgansharax rules Phlan, using the Cult of the Dragon to extend his noxious gaze.

But the green dragon seeks far more than control of the beleaguered town — ultimate power is nearly within reach. Will he reactivate the Pool of Radiance and ascend to greater prominence amongst his kind? Three important citizens of Phlan, who stand against the tyrannical dragon that rules, seek to escape and find refuge across the Moonsea. Feb 19, Long has the name been associated with danger, death, mystery, and treasure. Return once again to that grand dungeon beneath the teeming streets of Waterdeep! Level 4. Jan 23, On a remote island in the fog-shrouded Moonsea, the ruins of the dwarven stronghold Dhun Malduhr sit alone and forgotten.

D&D Adventurers League

Lost long ago to some ancient plague, tales of ghost ships and fearsome monsters have kept the site free from prying eyes. The problem? The first group that went in never returned. Jan 31, The cult is determined to retake the castle and claim Tiamat's lost treasure buried in its frozen walls and cloudstuff vaults, but they aren't the only ones.

Giants and creatures of the frozen wastes wish to claim that wealth themselves! Feb 08, Thirty two years ago, Zelligar the Unknown and Rogahn the Fearless led a mercenary army into the Maerthwatch Mountains to crush their hated enemies — the barbaric Orgahn Tribes — never to be heard from again. It is said that a great treasure is hidden somewhere in the depths of their abandoned underground fortress. Do you have what it takes to find it? Level 1. Feb 14, Svirfneblin, kobolds, shadow dragons, and of course, those damnable drow.

Why must it always be drow? Jan 27, Aventura em Portugues-PtBr. Jan 24, It is set in Forgotten Realms, somewhere in the Shining South, but not in a specific place so that it can be used as a random locale, or perhaps just a lair as part of a random encounter, or an adventure between main adventures. The Coveted Gemstone by Ant Gitman. Jan 30, Once the boy finds out that other creatures are coming to take it back home, he comes up with a plan to get help from the party to save his new friend.

A hour adventure for characters level Palace of the Crowned Skill by Bill Volk. Jan 26, A ruined keep overlooks a murky lake in the monster-infested wilderness of the High Moor. Here a daring young merchant prince attempted to carve out a kingdom for himself almost a century ago.

It was a doomed endeavor from the start. Practically the moment he laid the final stone, his holdfast and subjects alike were overrun by monsters, never to be heard from again. Since then the ruin has stood untouched. Now the player characters return to this ill-fated hall in search of wealth, knowledge, and the mortal remains or its first and only king.

The Tournament at Scornubel by Bill Volk. Feb 29, In this combination of a mystery adventure and downtime event for characters of 1stth level, PCs can compete in seven different competitions and win seven unique magic items. Includes an appendix of magic items, 14 original illustrations, and an original map. The rules of the events can be applied to jousts, melees, archery contests, spellcasting duels, horse races, eating contests, and duels of poetry in any campaign. Mar 01, This adventure brings the players into a small town where a lower class half-orc is being tried for the "Murder and Defilement" of the daughter of an upper class human paladin.

Feb 18, This story is about that NPC that was killed by the player group's actions and helping that poor soul move on. This story gives more meaning to all the actions the players take. Killing has consequences if you see them or not. This time you will see the consequences. In fact, I am going to rub your nose in it! Mar 04, The Boatman's Dog serves the finest cuisine. Much finer than an establishment of it's stature should be serving. At "The Dog" the fire is always crackling and the ale is always cold, but guests go missing, and no one is sure where the charismatic halfling proprietor Angus Thickheel is getting his meat.

A Lesson in Scripture by Bruce Paris. Level 3. Jan 13, The elves of Neverwinter Wood, and their Feywild cousins, have long sought the legendary Xanfael Scripture. Such a discovery might mean that a lasting peace could be brokered between the mortal world and the land of faerie.

Yet there are many who do not want peace, and this leads an elven commander to secretly seek another way to acquire the document without drawing attention. She is looking for adventurers who are prepared to risk all and deny everything if they get caught. Know anybody like that? The Desert Vault by Bruno Feb 02, The adventurers are asked to search for a local temple official who has not returned after leaving to search for a hidden treasure vault. On their way, they are attacked by some Kobolds and chase the fleeing monsters to the hidden entrance. The adventurers explore the ruins and discover what has become of the missing temple official.

This module is compartively light on combat but high on suspense and paranoia fuel. Mystery at Loudwater by Carlos Vazquez. Feb 23, Loudwater is a small city, located on the confluence of the Delimbiyr and Greyflow rivers. It has seen better days, and even though the population has greatly dwindled, traces of its former splendor remain. But lately, caravans have been banishing without a trace, and people are getting nervous.

Trouble on the Coast Way by Chris Jannsens. Jan 15, This is a short, hour adventure for 2nd level characters. NPCs are detailed and given with obvious role-play opportunities. The Food Fight by Daniel Sweatman. In the town of Waterdeep, a small Halfling hurriedly tacks up the last of his posters. Hoping the next group of adventurers can fix his problem, he walks back to his office. Droop's Dilemma by Dave Cecil.

Feb 12, Introduction: Droop has been living the dream by goblin standards ever since he came to live in the rebuilt Cragmaw Castle. That is until recently. Lately Droop has been plagued by attempted break-ins and is beginning to think that he should just move away. He is unsure of what the villains are after, but has gathered a few clues and is desperately searching for a group of brave adventurers to help him solve this mystery.

Why are they attacking his home?

Hatched, The Grimstones Series : Book 1 by Asphyxia | | Booktopia

What do they want? And more importantly, how can they be stopped. Journey on the Long Road by Dave Zajac. With winter fast approaching, the dwarves of Citadel Hoarfrost make their way back to their mountain home, ending their trading season. On the Long Road, one such party of young dwarves makes the return journey from Damara through the Giantspire Mountains, but the late season weather threatens to grind their progress to a halt. Will they reach Citadel Hoarfrost before the winter snow flies, or will other matters keep them from their home?

Journey to the Buried Vale by Dave Zajac. Jan 20, With the snows of winter receding, the scouts of Citadel Hoarfrost have spotted an unexplored cave nearby in the Buried Vale.

Ancient Aliens: A Lost Past - History

As their first assignment, a group of young dwarven adventurers has been selected to journey to the vale and delve the recent discovery. But is their assignment all that it seems, and what dangers await them in the Buried Vale? Journey to the Summer City by Dave Zajac. The cool days of spring have given way to the warmth of summer, bringing the dwarves of Citadel Hoarfrost forth from their mountain home to buy and sell goods throughout the surrounding lands.

On the Cold Road, once such party of young dwarves makes their way toward the summer city of Bildoobaris with a wagon of glacial mead for trade. It is a simple enough task, but sometimes it's the simple tasks that cause the most problems. Jan 22, Can you explore the city on behalf of the dwarves, or will you too become part of its buried history? A Bit of Blood by Devin Cutler. The wizard Curinax needs a few drops of fey blood for crafting a wand. But what seems to be a simple task turns into a tale of love, devotion, and some remarkably pesky foes.

A single session adventure for four to five 1st level PCs set in a generic fantasy setting. A Taste of Honey by Devin Cutler. The party has been hired to retrieve some honey from the some bees. Sounds simple right? Too bad these bees are monstrously large! The Ring of Truth by Devin Cutler. Feb 26, All the PCs did was help a dwarf recover his magic ring. So how did they end up in the middle of a tragic love triangle? The Tower of Tharikthiril by Devin Cutler.

Mar 09, The evil wizard Tharikthiril was defeated by the dwarves years ago. But why then are the groundlings becoming numerous around his ruined tower? And what are those strange lights seen in the distance coming from the direction of his tower? Has the wizard somehow cheated death and risen again?

When There's Smoke by Devin Cutler. Feb 24, The trade coster Commus is up to something big, and its rivals want to know what it is.

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The PCs must investigate the situation before things get too hot to handle. Level 5. Feb 05, Your people have been living under threat from the ruthless, merciless beings, calling themselves "Adventurers" for longer then anyone can remember. They have waged a ceaseless campaign of persecution and conquest across the land. Yours and other tribes have been pushed back time and time again. Now several tribes of differing races have banded together, to settle in the low hills of the Grimm Iron Peaks mountain range, forming the town of Outkast.

It's not much, but it's home, the last bastion for your people, and your last best chance to push back the terrible "Adventurers" and their kind. You have joined one of the many war bands, sent out to protect your town so that your children may someday know what it is to live in safety.

Your war band, while patroling the Gorehorn valley, has just slain a small group of "Adventurers", though the cost was high. Of the dozen in your band, only a few remain. And as you pick over the bodies for useful equipment and food, you discover a hand drawn map of one of the valleys below your town. Along the river Ice Blood, you see a crudely drawn camp of some sort. This moment is your worst fear, the dreaded "Adventurers" no longer content with the lands they have already stolen, seek to expand again.

Your war band must push them back, but doing so will certainly be… a Most Dangerous Endeavor…. Feb 11, The fabled mines of Dhol Kuldhir once showered the Dalelands, Cormyr and points beyond with precious gems and expertly crafted jewels. Operating from a hidden complex in the Thunder Peaks, their exquisite craftsmanship was said to rival that of even Thunderholme. Remember the Fallen by Eduardo Cavalcanti. Feb 09, Many dream of becoming heroes and adventurers. But more often than not, these dreams end in disaster. In Undermountain there are no winners or losers, only survivors and the dead.

Troll Trouble by Gary Whicker. Desperately needed supplies have failed to arrive at the suffering frontier settlement of Ravendale. Rumors are flying that the supply wagon must have fallen afoul of the legendary troll of Stonebottom bridge. The townsfolk are in desperate need of heroes to reclaim their supplies or the town won't survive the encroaching winter! Jan 17, The Golden Bones of Lightwatch Tower is a 5e stand-alone adventure for characters of level It provides multiple story hooks to integrate into a larger story, or serve as a springboard into a longer campaign!

Feb 15, Jan 21, DMs GUild. When the black dragon Thraegalas discovers adventurers who try to sneak into his lair, he attacks furiously. Only the half-elf Dorrundar escapes the dragon's wrath. He steals an obsidian spider inlaid with gems from Thraegalas' hoard and runs into a dark tunnel. Elthar knows the statuette will change hands in an inn called 'the Trencherman'. Feb 07, Instead he ends up drawing his friend and a hapless party into a den of intrigue involving a shadowy organization. Goblin Slavemaster by Jesse Popovich.

Jan 14, The Winding Forest by Jesse Popovich. Underdark Side Treks by Jim Sharkey. This is Underdark Sidetreks, an offering of three side-treks for your Out of the Abyss or any Underdark campaign. Falling off the Dragon by John Saye. Kobold and the Beautiful by John Saye.

Show me the way to go Gnome by John Saye. The Reaching Woods by Jon Gilliam. Feb 21, Control a powerful stone statue like a mech! Meet a Sylvan god! Cavort with Saytrs, hang with the Hybsil, and spar with Centaurs! Fight off hoards of invading goblins and cultists using the Unearthed Arcana mass combat rules! Repeat exclamation points! Feb 27, This adventure module is meant to help the DM with providing content to their players. This adventure is intended to run in the Forgotten Realms setting, but it can be compatible with any campaign setting, published module, or homebrew adventure.

This is a side adventure for a party that is currently playing or has completed the starter box.

The Dark Secrets of the Bird World

The starter box does not mention what becomes of Glasstaff. In this adventure, he is out there plotting his revenge against those that disrupted his control of Phandalin. This module gives the characters a few defense building mechanics to prepare for a larger scale invasion of Phandalin. Journey into the Realms by Joshua Raynack.

Jan 29, Elfhunt by Jussi Svendon. In the Jungles of Chult lies Camp Highmore, a trading place in the heart of the wilderness. Here the fittest rule, but an elf has recently tipped the scale of power by stealing secret military information. A group of adventurers are hired to track her down and bring her back to Camp Highmore.

Valentine Love Adventure by Jussi Svenson. Feb 06, With this adventure you introduce both dungeons and dragons in the form of a love adventure where the party is sent to a cave ruled by the goblin Valentine to rescue a captured fairy dragon. This adventure also contains valentine specials, sections to help you make valentine more memorable.

Identity Crisis by Kalea Wolff. In the City of Calimport, nothing is ever as it seems. A Mad Wizard's Convention returns as is yearly tradition. Coinciding with the Mad Wizard's Convention are elections for the 16 wards of Calimport. Southcrypt Falls by Keith Stonefield. Introduction: This is the second module in a series that follows up on furthering the adventure from the starter set Lost Mines of Phandelver.

This module contains two mini locations fit for exploration and brings characters further towards the climax brewing in the Sword Mountains. The first is a rescue mission of a noble from Waterdeep who has been captured while on adventure. The other is the threat from a chimera and her kobold horde. This is a stand alone adventure that can be easily modified to change location in order to suit your campaign.

It also includes a few new monsters modified from previous editions, including the attack drake and kobold wyrmpriest.

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Southcrypt Pass by Keith Stonefield. This is followed by investigating and securing the mountain pass across the Sword Mountains into the Kryptgarden Forest. Finding the pass is the easy part, securing it is another matter. Feb 16, A new threat preys on the local trade road. Rumored to have ties to the legendary undead wizards, Vecna and Acererak, Geoff the Dread Tailor has awakened to garner his revenge on the living.

Monster in a Swamp by Kevin Melka. Feb 01, A gypsy lord has asked you travel along a river into an unexplored swamp in search of the monster that killed his wife, and the reward is more gold than you've ever seen before! Are you brave enough to accept this challenge? Feb 20, An elven prince has asked you to venture to a volcanic island far out in the Trackless Sea to retrieve relics stolen centuries ago. The reward is considerable, but are you brave enough? Travel to small town in the throes of a mystery — precious things are turning up stolen, rumors of monsters abound, and ne'er-do-wells have recently shown up in the village.

The PCs must travel to the town to find a valuable gem, and along the way meet the eccentric residents of the small town while they unravel the mystery of the thefts and the supposed hidden treasure in the town. Temple of the Nightbringers by M. Jan 16, A tribe of goblins are raiding travelers on the Long Road, and our heroes decide to help. After a dangerous overland journey, they enter a mysterious abandoned temple where they encounter terrifying monsters, deadly traps, dark magic and a shocking secret. Will they survive the Temple of the Nightbringers?

Terror at Triboar by M. A nameless horror stalks the lands around Triboar. Livestock are slaughtered in the night, children are snatched from their homes, and terror has gripped the hearts of the people. Shadows on the Long Road by M. Mar 02, Travellers are going missing on the Long Road, on the mile stretch between Triboar and Longsaddle. Our heroes investigate and discover a haunted mansion with a dark history and a gruesome secret. Their quest brings them to the very gates of hell itself, where an infernal abomination presents them with their greatest challenge yet….

The Phantom Galleon by Mark Breckon. Red Halls by Marty Rawls. Feb 03, Included in this inagural volume are five encounters to use within your existing campaign or else to link and form the basis of a campaign. Level agnostic, you can use with almost any adventure to add depth and flavor to your world. Oasis of the Ants by Michael Grapperhaus.

Can the adventurers dig into the problem and exterminate the threat? Uniquely, at the end of the adventure the location itself becomes the reward, along with any new allies the characters have made along the way and any treasure they find. The Long Night by Michael Rees. The adventurers become involved in the annual holiday of Midsummer in the small village of Wood Haven.

As part of the celebrations unwed maidens are 'hunted' in the woods by their suitors but this year there is an uninvited guest. Seeking the Bored by Michael Robbins. Feb 22, Battle for the Undercity by Monica Valentinelli. Battle for the Undercity takes place underground in a section of a major city. The party will navigate sewers, worked tunnels, forgotten crypts, and freshly dug passageways to fend off adversaries in order to rescue hostages and return them safely to the surface unharmed. Can your party emerge victorious and save the day?

Talisman of the Dark Sorrow by Outpost Owlbear. Encounter in the Hills by P. Sightings of Orcs in the hills surrounding a frontier town has prompted the town master to offer a large bounty for anyone willing to bring back proof of an orc kill. Several bounty hunters have made the journey in an effort to collect, yet so far none have returned from their hunts to claim their prize. Could it be the rumors of Orcs are false and these hunters have simply gone on to the next bounty?

Or could the threat lurking in the hills be greater than even the town master suspects? Enter the shadowfell intro by patrick mcgovern. Mar 03, Here is the intro for the Enter the Shadowfell saga. Note never got a chance to test product. Gold Rushed by Randal Gallagher. The mayor of Middle Yaxley is far more familiar with goblins than anyone in a sleepy farming village should be.

There is an ancient dwarf stronghold somewhere up the valley and while the gold that made them rich is now gone, the flow of freebooters looking for it has not. The mayor however knows that there is only one sure way of making money out of a gold rush…. When the actors, singers and strongmen of J. Little does the party know that this seemingly random occurrence will lead them into a plot larger than they could imagine, into a long-lost land where they will sort through through an ages-old feud to protect the future of an entire race.

Cursed in Barovia by Sam Pearson. An expedition from Neverwinter takes a deadly turn when the Mists of Ravenloft ensnare the adventurers! Now trapped, the heroes must undo a change to the fabric of the demiplane itself… and hope their allies can do the same. If any fail, than all will be forever imprisoned in Barovia! Expedition to Woodcrest Tower by Scott Satkin. The town of Woodcrest is under attack! The disparate bands of monsters in the area have united and are threatening the peaceful logging village.

Now it's up to a band of brave adventurers to confront the threat and discover the menace behind it. An empty town, and missing children. Is something lurking in the local river, or is their witchcraft to be found in these parts? Ever since the end of the Goblin War the place has been host to countless orcs, disrupting the flow of trade between Suzail and Arabel. That changed when adventurers claimed an abandoned keep within the forest and ensured safe passage for travelers skirting the woods. When rumors that the keep stands abandoned once more, a call for adventurers was sent, and you answered….

Each encounter includes tactical guidelines and scaling suggestions to adapt to the specifics of your party and challenge them to their limits. The Hag's Hut by Tanner Johnston. Feb 13, The Stones of Gilramore by Tanner Johnston. Level 6. The party is travelling through a dark and lonely forest.

Thunderheads loom in the sky and the road is lined with tombstones. As the storm closes in the party steps into a desolate graveyard and sees a woman made of wisps of blue smoke standing in their path…. Each year the Emperor holds a competition to select a new Adamantine Chef. When a challenger emerges from outside Kara-Tur, the current Adamantine Chef aims to win before the first dish is served. The challenger turns to heroes in this desperate hour! In the Eye of the Goddess by Thomas Huff.

The village of Asmire has hired you to find the trident of Blibdoolpoolp, the Blibdoolblop. With this trident, the people of Asmire believe it will have the power to stop the raids from the Pirates of Far North. However, danger is present when Blibdoolpoolp is involved. You do not need to play Dungeon Module TH1 to play this but it would make more sense overall. This module ends with the players going back to a location from Dungeon Module TH1. Are your player's moving out of Velkenvelve? Enjoying a stroll along the shores of the Darklake?

On a day trip from Gracklstugh to Neverlight Grove? Sightseeing near Blingdenstone? Then Journey Through the Center of the Underdark is for you. The Passage of Doom by Tony Petrecca. Feb 28, Cottage on the Long Road by Travis Legge. While traveling along the Long Road, just northeast of Waterdeep, the characters stop at a roadside inn.

As they prepare to rest for the night, the party encounters a Tiefling shepherd who claims she is being harassed by the local farmers. Is this woman a target of bullying and prejudice, or is there something more sinister afoot at The Cottage on the Long Road? Under the Barrow by VampireCabbage. Jan 28, After the party have made camp with the caravan one night, one of the other travelers, Green Isma, wanders away from the caravan and is subsequently abducted. The Vault of Iptiz by William Buchanan. Jan 25, There is the well-known regional legend of Iptiz, a spirit naga whose greed was remarkable even among its own kind.

Murderous raids and relentless pillaging yielded a hoard so valuable that the creature needed some place to store and protect it. Thus was the Vault conceived — an underground complex custom built to destroy anyone who is not its creator. Centuries ago, Iptiz's campaign of terror suddenly ended without precursor or cause. As a result Squadron Sinister felt occasionally predictable, but was reasonably strong throughout.

Read Squadron Sinister on Marvel Unlimited! Less of the knockdown dragout brawl I expected although Steve Pugh gets plenty of chances to show off brawling zombies and Ultron variants , and this series is better for it. Read Age of Ultron vs. Extremely cinematic and continuously satisfying take on an Infinity Gauntlet story. This is a great bizarro Nova movie from an alternate universe. Restrictions are completely wiped away, and there is only the imagination of the creators and their stories. Much like the Carol Corps, we have a domain realizing that there are no stars in the sky, and recognizing something has changed.

The original Guardians of the Galaxy definitely offer an appropriate investigative unit. Well, the Doom Gauntlets come off this issue. I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand, it was inevitable that Secret Wars pick up the pace and set the stage for a Reed Richards and Doctor Doom showdown. Read Red Skull on Marvel Unlimited!

A-Force 2 took quite a few steps back, but it remains an interesting thread within Secret Wars. The A-Force is slowly developing some methods for inter-realm travel, which could prove very compelling as the series progresses. If you like X-Men fighting X-Men and the immensely dense continuity of mutants, this is your comic.

Goes from a by-the-books fisticuffs smashfest to a surprisingly potentially important book within Secret Wars. Remains a fun concept with poor execution. I appreciate the efforts to build character here in a book in which a Ghost Rider spirit races a giant shark in a Killiseum death match, but it feels so stock and cliche given the limitless nature of Battleworld.

Nonetheless, as a whole this feels like a series that should be a lot more exciting. I continue to love this series, and the third issue has enough material to sustain a full 6 issue trade collection. That said: Et tu, Valeria Richards? Surprisingly, Squadron Sinister reigns supreme among Secret Wars tie-ins in terms of showcasing the Battleworld realms and explaining geography with a map. I had zero investment in any of these Spider-characters prior to the series with the exception of Spider-Gwen, and I guess Spider-Ham , and now they feel familiar and interesting.

The opening gag is one of the funniest moments in Secret Wars, although by the end of the issue it mostly makes me wish Deadpool were more heavily involved. This series has taken a step back now that the thrill factor of the concept is established, but admittedly we do get some fun new Thors here. Think of all the times reading Spider-Man comics you wanted him to just ignore the darn siren and kiss MJ like a respectable boyfriend! Well, what if that actually happened, albeit out of fear?

Zombies 1. Off to a fun start. Read on Marvel Unlimited! Read Civil War on Marvel Unlimited! As my all-time favorite comic book experience, AoA 1 was going to have to try pretty hard to earn my disapproval. Does this make it prelude? Read Age of Apocalypse on Marvel Unlimited! Secret Love 1 gets bumped up in the reading order due to its connection to Ghost Racers however slight.

All in all, this is a really odd book. Many of the short stories throughout Secret Wars have been excellent, but Secret Love stops all too often at just passable. Adequate but insubstantial all-out multiverse Inhuman Civil War. Roguish, chattery, night-club owning Black Bolt is intriguing, and there are some great action shots of this version of Blackagar winged, holding a knife, and ready to take on Queen Medussa, but I have to admit, I miss the original. Not sure what happened here, but this issue of Battleworld completely fell off the map. All three stories are all gag and no substance.

Siege also raises some new and troubling questions concerning the history of Battleworld. According to Brand the wall was breached 30 years ago, and yet we have seen elsewhere in Secret Wars that it has been more like 9 years. Editorial confusion, or the mysterious work of emperor God Doom? Read Siege on Marvel Unlimited!

This remains a reasonably unique Secret Wars elseworld, with actual investigation into the root cause of Battleworld. Still love the world of technovirus driven Iron armor for every man, woman, and child, but Armor Wars pretty quickly escalated into Michael Bay robots-smashing territory. Planet Hulk is smart enough to pause and demand our attention. Issue 3 was a total downhill swoon for me. Worse, the dialogue and characterization is so inauthentic and ham-fisted this whole issue.

I did enjoy the revelation of a certain priest in this issue, but hoping the series can pick itself back up from here. Issue 3 is all about an Isle of beautiful, strong Amazon women who keep men enslaved for the sole purpose of their seed. You know, like prize-winning horses, but with fewer biopics starring Toby McGuire. So, so much better than I ever would have guessed just based on the title. If the Guardians are living in a Celestial head in space called Knowhere classic Guaridans how come so many characters on Battleworld are noticing their world has no stars?

Read Guardians of Knowhere on Marvel Unlimited! If for no other reason, Hail Hydra is a notable first issue for actually continuing plot threads from an ongoing Marvel series leading into Secret Wars. Rick Remender carries through on his Captain America work, using Secret Wars as a catalyst for a universe in which America was founded by Hydra. Read Hail Hydra on Marvel Unlimited!

Loved the first issue, and the Zombie walkabout beyond the wall continues to excel in issue 2. Very fun, cartoonish in the most delightful animated series kind of way, and surprisingly indebted to the continuity of Secret Wars. There have been a million great final splash pages to close comics throughout Secret Wars, but the one at the end of issue 2 is a personal favorite.

You could skip straight to the final four pages and actually enjoy this issue more. One of my least favorite books in the event, with an extremely limited visual palette we have 15 pages of a rebel heist, and somehow nothing interesting to look at. Nonetheless, Maestro is great, and his plans for Doom make for a compelling end game.

Still invested in the series and the ramifications it can have on Secret Wars at large, but boy oh boy, as a standalone issue this is all exposition. Well, at least apart from the brilliant Shakespearean Punisher killing Marvel Zombies in the intro. Simply put, this series requires a lot of patience. Old English, challenging panel layouts, and inconsistently timed fourth-wall breaking… it all makes for a comic that demands your concentration. Perchance in a fortnight.

Siege is actually getting better as it goes, which is a genuine rarity amongst the conceptual diminishing returns of many Secret Wars tie-ins. Renew your Vows is hitting an emotional nerve Spider-Man stories rarely get to tap, and issue 3 flips the Renew Your Vows twist in a way that makes it all feel right. Issue two is even better than the first, as this pocket alternate reality is expanded.

Soule and Yu are doing a great job with their alternate Civil War, and have a real chance to surpass the original by the time all is said and done. I was tremendously down on Future Imperfect after the third issue, but issue four does a nice job giving this series a more intriguing hook. Consistently funny with a deep teasing love of the Marvel Universe. So apparently Knowhere is the satellite moon of Battleworld. A world without stars… but sure. Love the turn this series has taken in issue three. The best Thanos book on the market right now, hands down. Given what we now know from Siege as well, it will be interesting to see how much Battleworld-wide continuity is impacted by the assembling of the Infinity Gauntlet.

Through five issues this is my favorite Marvel event this side of Age of Apocalypse. Three more to go to stick the landing! This is the best looking Secret Wars story this side of Weirdworld, with impossibly detailed panels and shades of Moebius. Sadly, the Maestro vs. Silver Surfer throwdown that follows is a by the numbers meaningless brawl although literally anything involving the Future Imperfect trophy room is a fun bit of Marvel trivia. Humphries and Firmansyah are doing a wonderful job with the first real look at the Earth rafters after their scattering throughout Battleworld.

This will be a fun racing action series for many. Inhumans gets back on track with issue four, delivering a Medusa and Black Bolt heart to heart that reveals a lot about New Attilan and Battleworld. A-Force continues to feel poorly fleshed out, although it was exciting to see some female Thors in the form of Lady Sif, Valkyrie, and Gamora Gathora? Still the best take on Battleworld inhabitants trying to uncover what happened to the cosmos. More fine monster treasure hunters, with a side of insane Dracula. Huge wasted opportunity with the team visiting Weirdworld and nothing actually all that weird happening.

Inevitably this tie-in is going to end without exploring the vastness of Greenland in all its hulkified glory, but we get a good look at the mud kingdom and finally the Red King here. More of the same from there. At this point, you should be pretty settled on whether you like this series or not. Marvel Zombies a romantic center. Issue three beguiles the senses with four consecutive tales of romance beyond the wall before, well, making zombie ultrons and attacking. True to their name, the Runaways hop around Battleworld as Bucky and the traitorous Sanna hunt them down on behalf of Val and God Doom.

God Doomit I love this book. Spider-Verse continues to improve. Guardians issue 3 unveils this thread unexpectedly, with Gamora refusing to submit to what essentially amounts to state-sanctioned belief there is no God but Doom. Especially with Mike Deodato driving the ship. On top of a strong dystopian alternate reality, Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders manages to layer in a clear-eyed, intelligent commentary on British government and policy. Really great second issue. Sheriff Steve Rogers stands up to the Kingpin and faces down his western assassins 8 shooter Doc Ock is a nice touch.

Mayday Parker gets her chance to shine as the Regent resistance is revealed. A bit predictable but ultimately still a fun new Iron world. I do wish the art here had depicted more Marvel villains in their Iron armor the Mystereo Easter egg is pretty fun , but those are fanboy nitpicks.

Nothing astonishing in this first issue, but a respectable continuation of the House of M world. Read House of M on Marvel Unlimited! Skottie Young writes another one of the most entertaining tie-ins on Battleworld. Read Howard the Human on Marvel Unlimited! Elsa shares more about her past and her difficult childhood with Ulysses Bloodstone, her father. Karl Kauffman strikes back against the Amazon women who would threaten his manhood quite literally. No real jokes or gags in this one, but with the constant declarations of war from the world of man, one gets the sense that writer Garth Ennis is trying to make a point….

Not sure if this issue was rushed to production, but the second page has grotesquely faceless Carol Corps members in some embarrassingly unfinished art. As it stands, this is a plodding, unexciting book. Hopefully Doom and the Thors can kick some excitement into this band of rebels. This is an absolutely brilliant joyride through the post-Civil War playground, with a mix of easter eggs some bordering on the Marvel Zombies side of the scale and storytelling intrigue at its core, this is an institutional whodunnit.

Issue 4 kicks off with two 28 panel spreads of Wolverine fighting Marvel zombies, and the bloodshed and horror only get more fascinating from there. The mid-point arrival of X-Force still marks the high point, as issues 6 and 7 escalate the action and the final confrontation with Cassandra Novaking. While I appreciate the concept, the execution is mediocre, with most jokes falling flat.

As someone who has been reading a lot of Gotham Central lately, I continue to be impressed with how all-in Jason Aaron and Chris Sprouse have gone on the police procedural of Thors. I give writer James Robinson a lifetime pass on comics for the glory that is Starman , and artist Steve Pugh draws the heck out of some horrific mangled bodies check out his work on Animal Man for good examples. But hooooo boy, Age of Ultron vs.

For everyone else, this has way less to do with Ultrons fighting Zombies, and way more to do with post-Battleworld romance gross! The back stabbing political maneuvering of the sinister squadron Squadron Supreme gone wrong, or in another tongue, the DC trinity gone evil! Good finish, with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Analogues. Published during wave 25, but makes more sense to read well ahead of Secret Wars 7. In a lot of ways, Spider-Island feels the most like an outtake from a relatively recent comic. The human resistance wages war on the monarchy of M, and Magneto turns out to have a pretty surprising chess partner.

Did somebody ask for body-horror Avengers? Highly recommended. I really like how Slott was able to turn the Secret Wars alternate realities into a story about Peter Parker as a dad, breaking his vows, only to find a way to renew them for his family. Completely interrupts the story and was laughably confusing!

The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg
The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg
The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg
The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg
The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg
The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg
The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg The Sinister Secret of The Great and Mighty Egg

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