The End (Preludes Book 1)

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by T.S. Eliot

The two longest versions of the poem are thirteen and fourteen Books and around eight thousand lines long.

Préludes, Livre 1 (Debussy, Claude)

This is a much shorter sort of draft version, an embryo of the poem that Wordsworth was to develop over the next fifty years. So what is to be gained by investing time and energy in one of these much longer versions of the poem?

More music by Claude Debussy

When Wordsworth gives himself more room for extended narrative, his poetic power comes across less intensely than in the spots of time. But some of these narrative sequences are perhaps more subtly beautiful.

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Above all, what the longer versions of The Prelude offer is a sense of time passing. In its very length, the expanded poem creates for its reader an experience of change, flux, but also continuity, as he or she reads — the same experience that Wordsworth describes having within the poem. But travelling through the poem with Wordsworth, we begin to understand and feel the anxieties that he describes: how can we remember everything, and fit it into a narrative that makes sense? Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.

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Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4. Contents 1 Performances 1. Performer Pages Paavali Jumppanen piano. Boston: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Javascript is required for this feature. Performer Pages Peter Bradley-Fulgoni piano.

Debussy - Preludes Book 1 - Lili Bogdanova

Performer Pages Chiara Bertoglio Piano. Performer Pages Heather W.

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Reichgott Piano. Performer Pages Stefano Ligoratti Piano.

Performers Mourey. Editor First edition. This file is based on high-resolution images obtained from the source using a method explained on this page. Klavierwerke, Band II pp.

Preludes: Stanza 1 Summary

Plate E. Explore further Related articles. Tonality in crisis? How harmony changed in the 20th century Article by: Arnold Whittall Themes: Musical style, Music and modernism Arnold Whittall explores changing approaches to harmony and the concept of tonality in early 20th-century music. Overturning tonality: into the 20th century Explore new ways of composing in the early 20th century PDF Download Available. Share this page.

The End (Preludes Book 1) The End (Preludes Book 1)
The End (Preludes Book 1) The End (Preludes Book 1)
The End (Preludes Book 1) The End (Preludes Book 1)
The End (Preludes Book 1) The End (Preludes Book 1)
The End (Preludes Book 1) The End (Preludes Book 1)
The End (Preludes Book 1) The End (Preludes Book 1)
The End (Preludes Book 1) The End (Preludes Book 1)
The End (Preludes Book 1) The End (Preludes Book 1)

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