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I have a follower working and I have yet in almost two weeks to receive even 1 savage blood. I get savage feasts out the ever lovin' nose.. I have had to use my primal spirits to even start getting savage blood's. Unless I missed something I don't know what to do. I'm putting in the orders correctly, have the lvl 3 barn, trap the right animals and I know they are because they damn near kill me everytime lol those Alpha wolves hurt If drop rates picked up. I unfortunately am not wielding from it.. Not having them drop at all for me in the barn is aggrivating and I'm already sick of wasting my time spending hours caging the beasts for it and getting nothing in return.

Nearly two weeks, bug reports, and tickets and not a damn word from anyone.. I have every building, garden, mine and fishing shack to lvl 3 in my garrison except for my stable which almost is with the time and gold spent.. I get my gears and my taladite crystals from my professions, why is it a building that is supposed to yield as the professions do don't? Comment by MagusMaximus I must be extremely unlucky, because as of the Dec. In the two days before the hotfix that I obtained L3 barn, I got 7.

Comment by gegzy Stop rushing! You people expect the best epics to be handed to you on a plate! The expansion has been out just over a month and you want to be best geared ahead of the people that raid for the real rewards? Personally, I don't raid with my guild as our guild has two sides, raid and social. But that doesn't mean I won't eventually head into LFR. I'm more than happy to just toddle along, get my gear as and when. It's complainers like you folks that "want want want" without any effort that ruin this game. Comment by R1NN1 Not a long time ago players were selling this item for 1,k and it was actually good to grind for in order to get some money.

Now I am really disappointed seeing it going at 1k only and I guess the price of it will just go down more and more. Soon there is no point grinding any of these mats. Comment by joecynthia If you have a lot of alternates as I do, here is something you can do. A level 2 mine can be obtained by a character at level It is very easy to raise a character from 90 to Here is what I am doing to obtain savage blood.

I farm the mines each day. Presently I have 1, Primal Spirits spread across these alternates. Primal Spirits are bind on pickup, but Savage Bloods can be mailed between alternates. Some of these Primal Spirits have come from 3 herb gardens which can not be obtained until level As I obtain more herb gardens, the production rate of Primal Spirits will increase. Good luck. Comment by Speciale In case you are wondering, assigning a follower to the barn will not increase the drop rate or chance of Savage Blood.

Source: Reddit Warcraft. Comment by Gordolfo Beware!

Savage Blood

It does not matter if they have not hit the beast, this is freaking happening. Comment by Gambolputty Results for my level 3 barn in 6.

How to get Savage Blood in WOW

This result should also be correct for barns in 6. Comment by lujana Just a comment for those of you that are having bad time farming those, I realized that if you use the Deadly Iron Trap in a creature that already has the "caged" debuff it awards one more Caged Mighty Wolf to start work order, tested this multiple times today with wolves in Nagrand, and each "encounter" awarded two caged beast instead of one. Now it works as it "should" and is not possible to have more than one caged creature.

If you are high dps, have a pet, bodyguard, or trinket proc When you place the Iron Trap , it will sit for a second as it opens. It will not trap an animal during this period. Once it is opened, the damaged animal must walk over it. I use the macro below to keep from killing them before they are trapped. You trap animals listed on the trap to get one of the Caged Beast listed below.

They fit in the Reagents tab. With a LEVEL follower working in your Barn with the Skinning trait , instead of 8 you will produce 12 , or instead of 1 occasionally you will get 2. Followers of lower level do not produce as much additional stated in the tool tip Skinning. Those of you that chose a Brewery for your Spires of Arak garrison, will have acquired Hulda Shadowblade at the end of your questline for the zone.

Those that did not acquire Hulda Shadowblade , will probably need to find Goldmane the Skinner. A level 90 Clefthoof will give the same production from a work order as a level Clefthoof.

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Click on the Character Specific tab and then find and click the New Button bottom about center. A side window will open with a lot of icons, and the Red Question Mark icon selected. Leave the Red Question Mark icon as the icon selection and type in any name even a blank space will do in the top text area of the side window.

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So that I know it is a macro, I always give it some name even an X at times. As they talk, Gayle watches them from the house. That night, Sam and Dean discuss the case in their motel room and Sam confirms that the hunter in town is Jason, a ruthless killer. Sam tracked Jason to his camper on the edge of town, and Dean wants to keep an eye on him. However, he dozes off before he can tell Sam why he's so interested in training Ryan. The next day, Dean takes Ryan to an abandoned factory and loans him his old judo ki as they train. As they spar, Ryan says that he wants to become strong enough to make things different in his life, and Dean wonders if he understands what he's talking about.

The boy drops the matter and they fight, and Ryan loses control and slams Dean to the ground. Dean finally manages to subdue him and warns him not to let his emotions get in his way. Ryan tells his newfound friend that he doesn't want to be like his father.

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After Young Dean kills a monster, John grabs him by the arm and pins him to the ground. He reminds his son that he trained him so that he could protect himself and others against monsters, and asks why Dean kept shooting after the monster was dead. John warns Dean to never lose control because they use their abilities to protect people from monsters, and Dean says that he understands. Dean tells his student that he never lost control again after that day and became stronger as a result. Ryan wonders why Dean is helping him and Dean wonders if Ryan is someone he has to protect.

He also understands what Ryan is going through with his father since he hated John that day and wished he was dead. Ryan clutches at his head in pain again and passes out, and Dean drives him home. By the time they get there, Ryan says that he's okay. Gayle isn't there and Ryan explains that his father goes out after work most nights.

Dean looks around and sees a photo of Gayle and his wife Miranda with their baby son Ryan. There is a discharged silver bullet on a plate on the table and Dean takes it with him. He calls Sam to say that he's staking out the place while Sam watches Jason at his camper. As he hangs up, Dean spots someone attacking a cow in a nearby field. Dean goes over and realizes that Gayle is killing the cow and drinking its blood.

He calls Sam back and tells his brother that Gayle is a vampire.

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However, Gayle gets the drop on Dean and knocks him out. Meanwhile, Sam realizes that he's been tricked when he discovers that Jason has left a dummy in his place. Hack-O-Lantern Video Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Danny Nelson Jake Pruitt Lori Birdsong April Evans Christian Hesler Hiram Ralph Pruitt Vaughn Roy John Saxon Clifford Evans Laura Whyte Pat Evans Ray Walston Stone Andy Greenway Bobby Evans Dan Albright Sheriff Reynolds Gil Roper Emcee Lonnie R.

Smith Jr. Policeman as Lonnie Smith Byron Cherry Newlywed Man P.

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Newlywed Woman Evander Holyfield Boxer Lou Duva Edit Storyline Twisted tale about a crazy, preaching redneck named Jake who kidnaps people off the highway and performs sick medical experiments on them. Taglines: If Jake can't fix it Language: English. Runtime: 98 min. Sound Mix: Ultra Stereo. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know? Trivia Last film to be released by Paragon Arts International. Goofs At the scene, where April is fighting the alligator, it is night. Only seven minutes later - in the same scene - , when April escapes with her mother the barn, it is day.

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Lingering For weeks Their Hearts Rebelling into something half Dead. None of them Ever Deserved it. And when they die they die quick. Lord Knows none Of Add the first question. User Reviews pure entertainment 3 August by rott21 — See all my reviews. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this.

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Savage Blood Savage Blood
Savage Blood Savage Blood
Savage Blood Savage Blood
Savage Blood Savage Blood
Savage Blood Savage Blood
Savage Blood Savage Blood
Savage Blood Savage Blood

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