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They invariably will either deny the behavior is bad, or they will blame someone else for it. In the workplace or in their personal lives, the blame for anything that goes wrong within their sphere of control and responsibility will be blamed on someone else, and that someone else will nearly always be a man. Fully agree with the comment above. Gaines article is so skewed with feminist claptrap in defense of Jezebel and, at the same time, critical of all males, including the Duteronimist and the male God of the Jews that it is not worth the read. She seems to portray Jezebel as some innocent who was simply trying to help the Jews with her alternative and equal in might Baal to Yahweh.

Gaines, are there still worshippers of Baal around today that give you the right to put him on equal footing with the Christian Lord of Lords? I am knowledgeable of much of the Bible but was not of Jezebel, so I did a web search. It is a shame that such a biased account as yours, twisting the truth, is even left posted on the internet.

I suggest readers search for other, more honest and less biased, accounts of her life. Typical academia. Completely intellectual with an obvious agenda, divorced from real life. The Bible is not literature. It is unremarkable as literature except for Isaiah. It is not Frodo Baggins on his way to Mordor. You believe first then you understand. The truth is there are good guys and bad guys.

There are those who would save humanity and those who would destroy it. So do your own test. Pray to Baal and see what happens. The article sums up the meaning of perversion! Taking something clearly marked for a purpose and twisting it for some other sinister purpose. Though written by men, it is divinely inspired. When a person feels they can be logical about the Bible and go as far as painting the message in the Bible to suit a clearly opposite narrative, at that point, such a person is functioning in a full capacity as Satan — The adversary of God and anything godly!

Talk about feminism and civil rights all you like. God never changes and if you hate Him for it, go create your own world! The bottom line is: Jezebel and all her praise singers would eventually face the wrath of our God! The quotes above are just terrible statements. I think part of the problem here is that that you seem to believe that both the God of Israel and the pagan deities of Baal and Ashtoreth have the same standing.

They do not. The practices brought forth to the land of Israel with the introduction of these Phoenician deities were an abomination to the Lord, God of Israel. It seems that one has to fool themselves to believe that Jezebel was some kind of champion for civil liberties. Nonsense really. Also, here is another example of the dirty broken lense through which you seem to look at this biblical narrative:. Except, from the text, it is clear that such is not the case here.

For example why would the Deuteronomist belittle the prophet of God Elijah by portraying him as a fearful, cowardly man that flees for his life when threaten by Jezebel? After all, he has just valiantly faced, defeated and put to death hundreds of her priests and priestesses. Shameful, really. Well, it is only proper in to look at the Bible in a more objective way. That is, we should treat it as we treat every other work from that the ancient cultures.

But on the other hand, it is clear Elijah was in no way better than her. For he too had many of his religious opponents killed, as soon as he got the chance to do so. It is no more complicated than that, if you ask the person who wrote these stories down back in the day. Both should have been condemned equally for their transgressions. Vast percentage of women in the present generation have taken the path of Jezebel by the way of facial make-up, deception and seduction.

Unbelievably blind statement. Of course the underprivileged often have no other choice, but how do well-to-do parents sleep at night when they prefer to work countless hours to buy a fancier house, car, clothes, toys, etc instead of spending more time and attention on their sons and daughters? Perhaps such infants and young children are not being physically burned to death, yet I would argue differently for the sake of their soul.

Jezebel can truly be seen as a child and woman of her upbringing…the Human race.. Jezebel truly loved her man…and her beliefs were true to her Own Heart…the bible says.. Thank you! Yes, even if she did some things, which sound terrible by modern standards, Jezebel has to be seen as a product of her upbringing.

Judging her from our 21rst century mindset is not fair. And if you want to judge her from a 21rst century mindset, Elijah has to be judged too for his massacre of the Baal prophets. Pagans and baby killers! Just like the Aztec and Maya! Get real will ya! Jezebel was evil just like many who have chosen to men and women! We could argue the bias of the writers in 1 kings or we can go by our modern less bias opinion. We have no problem with a queen with a voice but Ahab was weak since he allowed her to kill.

We would not look at her highly since she followed a religion that required human sacrifice. Indo Europeans from groups like the alt right would use this to make a cause against not her but all such non indo europeans. In any culture their are norms and values to be taken heed of.

So Jezebel and no right to come and pollute Gods people she should have repented and turned from her wicked ways and let Gods people worship their God. Who in their right minds would see any good in in sacrificial and molestation of infants and sexual immorality with animals. Thats demonic. So why do you expect her to follow your norms and values and your faith? I appreciate the realistic and sympathetic look at this woman. She is easily demonized by people who have been taught to hate her, instead of realizing that all religion is hearsay to outsiders. Jezebel was unfairly demonized by the propagandist Deuteronomistic source to push the centralization of the cult, like many people in the related books.

Elijah committed many atrocities, yet people blindly accept that what he did was correct. Moral blinders are dangerous, even when reading your holy book. The author sounds like Jezebel herself trying to rationalize and justify fighting against YHVH as if it acceptable. What you have to understand is that Jezebel came from Ancient Phoenicia, where a different culture with a different religion was the norm. And she probably had no knowledge about YHVH or the laws of Israel, when she became the queen of her new country.

Ahab should of course have made sure that she got lessons in these important matters, but he was too weak to demand this to happen. And this weakness was the start of a long process, where his whole family was killed off. And the fact that his family was killed off, including Jezebel and all their sons, gave all their opponents a chance to start a smear campaign against them, and to condemn Jezebel in particular. It is much easier for me to see this as a power struggle between two people, who both did awful things in the name of their two different religions.

And it was about time that somebody stopped to see this story in black and white, so we could start seeing it in shades of grey instead. Wow, very troubling. If the standards of good is God, then of course she was extremely vile. When measuring morality one must first choose the right measuring standard. I find your synopsis troubling. My religion is not a cult. If you intimately knew the one true God, you would understand the relationship Christians and devout Jews have with Him. The individuals who wrote the Bible did not write their own words, 2nd Timothy The bottom line is this, Jewish people and Christians are to worship no other deity but God.

Any other worship is a sin. Worship involves human baby, sacrifices at the alter of Baal, sex and molestation of infants and children, performed wild orgies with humans and animals. These Canaanites were among those who had mixed DNA of fallen angels. They are an abomination. This is poorly formed opinion that lacks maturity and actual research. Seriously, If this was written by a 17 yo, there may be more room for grace. But a grown woman? Please Furienna, research, actually research Baal worship, do not just Wikipedia it.

Then read the article again. Revelation But I have this against you: that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess [claiming to be inspired], and who is teaching and leading astray my servants and beguiling them into practicing sexual vice and eating food sacrificed to idols. Take note: I will throw her on a bed [of anguish], and those who commit adultery with her [her paramours] I will bring down to pressing distress and severe affliction, unless they turn away their minds from conduct [such as] hers and repent of their doings.

But to the rest of you in Thyatira, who do not hold this teaching, who have not explored and known the depths of Satan, as they say—I tell you that I do not lay upon you any other [fresh] burden: Only hold fast to what you have until I come. Thanks Janet for giving us more insight on the character of Jezebel becouse yes she died then but her spiritial sons and doughters live up to today and they are the Enamies of the God of isreal and the cross of christ,so where as u balanced it we have seen the deception that she carries and she must be stoped if christianity is to survive.

But in all this we thank God who grants the victory he did it then and he will do it again.. Typical op ed…when will scholars teach instead of stealing and manipulating the minds of our young people. This is a defense of Phoenician religion and a condemnation of the Hebrew religion. Here, the Hebrew writers of the narrative are all punk men conspiring, exaggerating, and manipulating things. This article is more manipulative and misandric than the author accuses the writers of the Bible to be misogynistic and manipulative.

How boring. This article is so biased. If I made a list of all the negative words you have used in this article the men would win that seems strange….. The last reference to Jezebel in the Bible is actually Revelation This shows she actively taught the Israelites to live immoral lives. Actually, no. But it was rather a hateful charicature of her, based on several other centuries of prejudices and mud-slinging. Yes, Janet Howe Gaines has criticized the male bias towards women like Jezebel among the men who wrote the Bible.

Neither do I see any hatred of God. But I guess that thinking outside years of Judeo-Christian tradition is too much for some people…. What is the point of postulating motive onto an author, especially when you do not know that much about the author? This is a tactic that, unfortunately, is overused today regardless of subject matter.

This makes me sad. In fact, it is fairly oppressive of you toward the author, to assume that there was ill intent in his documentation and not an accurate depiction of what transpired. Do you take into account the countless men in the bible who are also painted in the same negative light? Or the other kings of Israel that are shown to be just as bad as Jezebel?

Frame this in light of the rest of the text all the old testament , and I think you do not see a biased portrayal of this person, but a fair retelling of the life of someone who was against God. It is obvious you are reading this from the perspective of one who does not believe in the existence of God, but you should not diminish the perspective from which the author is writing by devaluating his belief.

And you are reading this from the perspective one, who believes that the Bible is always right. It is true that there are many men in the Bible, who are without doubt portrayed as evil.

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Too much incorporated opinion to what end? You are mistaken, Furienna. Not only did He die in our place, He died because of His great love for us, and paid our debt of sin so that we may join Him in eternal fellowship with God. No other god or religious leader has been able to both claim and DO what Jesus did. The God of the Bible is the only God who actively loves and seeks out a relationship with us; all other so-called gods apparently need to be appeased, and care nothing for their worshippers. Firstly, there are myths from other religions about demigods being able to raise other people from the dead Asclepius in Greek mythology or about gods returning from the dead Adonis in Greek mythology and Balder in Norse mythology.

So that is not unique for Jesus and Christianity. And as for the rest of your post, that is how you see things from your point of view. Very interesting article. Was that way in the past, still that way today. More people have died in the name of god than for any other reason. But yes, this huge conflict between Elijah and Jezebel seems to prove your point. They were both so sure that their faith was the only right one, so much that they both were willing to murder their opponents.

How I would have wished that Ahab had been strong enough to just tell them to respect that different religions exist and let each other be. But he was too weak to do so, so things got out of hand. The Bible is superior to all other religions. No one comes to the father except through me. It is holy. Written through men by the Holy God. It requires the help of the Holy Spirit who helps us understand it. Reading it as a scholar without the help of the Holy Spirit will not reveal all that God intended for the reader to understand.

Janet this is all based on your opinion, please get to know the true God before you go twisting the bible with your unimportant opinions, thanks have a blessed day. God often accused His people of harlotry — of turning their backs on Him and worshiping other gods. And no faith can be superior or inferior to another. I believe that we grow up in a world not understanding that the war of the supernatural is among us. The Bible says we entertain angels unawares…Paul does not specify what kind of angels those are. Remember Revelation ,22 Jezebel was given space to repent.

To practice killing…. Obedience is the requirement. To disobey is to practice the art of witchcraft, which God clearly states will keep people out of the kingdom of heaven Revelation Follow what He says. We need not die. Death is reserved for the fallen angels with whom Jezebel was ultimately worshiping. Her and her people. There was something different about Ruth. Perhaps she was easily swayed by the God of Naomi.

But the reason why she was in that position in the first place is because Naomi did not teach her boys the necessity of living a godly lifestyle, for her name is translated as pleasant and her children, because of her pleasntry came out sick and died as a result. Romans says the wages of sin is death. Sin is a super natural thing which needs to be handled by a super natural God.

There is none other that shall stand on our behalf but Jesus Revelation , who surely did not look over her condition.

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But coveting is an issue. If someone saw a family heirloom of yours and made it up in their mind that they were going to offer you money for it, but you said no because it was precious to you, nor was it personally yours to just give away. And they got upset and plotted to kill you to get it and succeeded, shall we excuse them because they served demons their whole life? God forbid. And indeed He does. Because contentment is a practicum in the book of faith. That was all she knew, indeed. But God is the One who seeks and saves the lost.

So the soon coming day that John ,29 are fulfilled when she rises during that second resurrection she shall rise up and He shall say she is guilty of promoting covetuousness, murder, adultery against the God of the seventh day Sabbath, which breaks all the first four commandments. James , whosoever shall keep the whole law and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. If I were to write a piece this long, I would make sure that I had knowledge wisdom and understanding first. The word of God is not something you can pick up and interpret anyway you want.

Sounds like you need Jesus in your life. The word of God is Holy and true and you or anyone else will never change it. If you ask God to forgive you of your sins and forsake them. If you truly mean it. If you confess with your lips that Jesus Christ is Lord. If you ask him into your life, you to can be saved.

Then if God is willing you will began to understand that this is not a cult because your mind and understanding will be opened to the truth. Then you could spend your time wisely and write things that honor God and do not take away from the Truth… God Bless…. All we have to do is look at the book of Revelations in the Holy Bible. Can it be a Coincidence that Everything in this book has either already happened, is happening today and heading for the end? Are people really that blind? Very scary indeed. Very politically correct article about a wicked woman.

Seems the author does not view the Bible as the Word of God, and her interpretation of those events in the history of Jezebel falls in quite nicely with that view. Those things were considered horrible already by the men, who wrote down the stories about here into the Bible. But if you had read this article properlyh, you could have learned to see her as more than just a murderous monster. Like so many other posters in this comment section, you ignore that Jezebel had another religion than you.

For her, there was no one and only god. But she would have believed in many different gods and goddesses. And furthermore, she grew up in an ancient culture with a hugely different set of values than ours. She wanted her subjects to honor her gods and obey their king. And no matter how harsh it might seem today, it was a natural reaction from a princess from Ancient Phoenicia. Like so many other people, you skip over the fact that Elijah also had people killed. Which makes you wonder exactly why he is supposed the hero, while Jezebel is supposed to be the villain.

So if you stopped seeing Elijah as a lily-white hero and Jezebel as a jet-black villain, you would see that they both are more complex than that. They both have shades of gray, which have mostly been ignored for the last years. And furthermore, the writers of the Bible were against Jezebel from the start. This was an ambitious woman from a different culture, who refused to convert to Judaism and be subservient to her husband. And that would have been absolutely frightening to these men.

And it was also a huge blow against Jezebel, that Jehu managed to destroy her whole dynasty. So there would be no one left to tell her side of the story. I got annoyed with this blog post. It seems like the writer is taking sides with the wicked Jezebel and justified her folly. She deserved it! She was idolatrous, a murderer, perverted and more! Rather than understanding that it is more important to obey and worship the only true GOD!

Because the lusts of her heart was much more important to her. Yes us humans are all born to sin. But if we would only be obedient to God we will curb those sinful tendencies. This writer has feminist and humanist view rather than a godly view. Dear JJ… Jezebel grew up in a culture, where there was nothing wrong with a queen doing what she did. Ahab should have known better though and explained to her what was right and wrong in Israel, that it was important that she learned that they had a different religion and different laws than her native Phoenicia.

She wanted her subjects to honor her gods and obey their king, which would have been a very reasonable mindset for a queen back then. The problem was that she never learned to accept the culture of Israel, the country that she was supposed to reign over. So there was a huge backlash against her, until she finally was murdered by some of her opponents. That is clearly supposed to be seen as an act of badassery, if you ask the writers of the Bible.

But how is he any better than Jezebel in that regard? So I have to say that both Elijah and Jezebel had shades of grey, which has been overlooked in years of Judeo-Christian tradition. They are both more complicated than that. I have to thank you though for being more open-minded about this than many other posters in this comment section.

This was a well written article and very interesting. There many great observations based on facts, and you have sensitively questioned the audine to think for themselves which is great.. I continued to read to just see what was written. There were some fascinating historical and cultural contexts which I really appreciated.. I felt the deception did come more from the sentiment you had towards jezebel and the spirit in which she was operating from. Yes she is human, but she chose, by her own free will, to live a life based on her allegiance to the Kingdom of Darkness and not the Kingdom of God.

Just like Adam and Eve.. Who we obey, we give over our authorities.. I loved the cultural context with the make up and other symbolism. It was interesting. I bless you and your journey with Holy Spirit as you grow to walk in supernatural revelation and discernment into the things of the Spiritual world. I bless you to grow in wisdom in understanding the relationship humans have with the spiritual realm.

Bless you. This is a very scholarly post! Now I see Jezebel from a different perspective and viewpoint. Dear Fresh… Yet again, it has become necessary for me to ask a fundamentalist Christian to think outside their box for a while. Did she do some things, which sound terrible to us? But she did what alas would have been natural for any Phoenician royal of that era in the same situations.

And when you consider that Elijah who is meant to be the hero of the story had people killed in one single day, you have to wonder why Jezebel is supposed to be the villain here. It might work for you, but you have no right to force it upon anybody else. Insightful article but lost in feminism. The narrative and opinions are in my opinion very PC and lefty liberalised.

The scourge of western culture. To try and romanticise Jezebels wickedness in a culture that is extremely far removed from modern culture displays a lack of understanding of the text and Holy Spirit revelation. One cannot blame the writer who is in ignorance of a born again experience of the living God. His son Jesus is coming back and all things will be according to His will as told by the prophets.

Dear Irene.. You seem to be yet another religious person, who refuses to think outside the box when it comes to Jezebel. The truth is though that the men who wrote the Bible were biased against her from the start, and they did what they could to throw her name further and further down in the dirt.

But if you try to see the events from her perspective, she will soon come across as a much more sympathetic person. Jezebel grew up as the princess of a Phoenican city state, within a very different culture than that of Israel. Her husband, King Ahab, should have made sure that she got lessons in the culture of her new country. But he was a weak man, who prefered to let his much stronger wife take control and do what she wanted. So she would never understand that enforcing her Phoenician culture on Israel was the wrong way to go, because nobody but her husband the king had any right to tell her to stop.

So then, Jezebel was told that the people of Israel only had one god. And that would simply not have made any sense to a person, who had grown up in a different culture with a polytheistic religion. Instead, she felt a duty to honor her Phoenician gods and worship then. Going so far that she persecuted the prophets of Jahve would of course give her a bad reputation within the Judeo-Christian tradition, and it sounds terrible even from a modern secular point of view. So why is Jezebel supposed to be the villain?

Religious freedom was simply not a concept at the time, not from either side. And both sides were just as cruel when they got a chance to be cruel…. Naboth was an innocent victim, yes. Ahab knew that Naboth had the law of Israel on his side, so he could only let him be and sulk over not getting that vineyard. But to Jezebel, this made no sense. Because in her culture, the king was above the law. He had the right to demand what he wanted when he wanted it from his subjects. And a traitor deserved nothing but death. Of course, Ahab should have told her to leave Naboth alone.

But yet again, he was a weak king and let his queen handle it as she saw fit. Nothing in this article changed my mind about Jezebel. She was a murderer of the prophets of the Lord. She cold bloodily had Naboth killed for her petulant husband. She, like the wives of king Soloman, had a devastating impact on the character of their husbands. Both had married for political gain. It is right for her name to associated with the personification of evil. But I guess that I have to repeat the key points. Firstly, we have to put much of the blame on King Ahab. He seems to have been a weak husband, who did not care about giving his wife lessons about the religion and the laws of Israel.

For years, he was completely happy with letting her do what she pleased. And that included watching her bring her phoenician culture, with its religion and its laws, to his country. And we should not forget that the Bible was very biased against Jezebel from the start to the end. She was after all an ambitious woman from a different culture, whio refused to convert to Judaism.

And the fact that she and her whole family was defeated made it easy for her opponents to start a smear campaign against her. And no matter what you feel about it, I have to say that Janet Howe Gaines makes a good case for that Jezebel, while not being an innocent angel, could be a greatly misunderstood figure. So … to so obtusely deny all of that, to repudiate its significance, to completely dismiss it and worse, to argue justification for Jezebels treason is beyond the pale and inexcusably ignorant.

Sinai with their God — The law of the Ten Commandments.. I will kick this ignorant Janet-whats-her-name off my perch any day every way, all day. She is a propagandist of the worst kind — pretending that she is not one. It continues to amaze me how we impugn motives onto the Creator of the Universe, i. I found this a very interesting article on a different way to read how Jezebel is presented in the bible. Found the article fascinating and well worth my time. And that is actually a fair point, and that is probably also what lead to her undoing.

But you have to remember that her husband, King Ahab, seems to have been a weak man, who was under the thumb of his much more formidable queen. He would never have bothered with giving Jezebel the proper lessons in Israelite culture and religion, but he just let her get her way all the time instead. And yes, there is probably much more to their story than the very biased view, that we got from the Bible. I thought this article was brilliant. It puts the story of Jezebel into real perspective and is thoroughly researched and supported. It brings out several points which are often glossed over in her story.

Interesting read that I would recommend. And I can only shake my head at all the religious people in the comments, who refuse to think outside their little box when it comes to Jezebel. Even if there were things going on in the cults of Baal and Astarte, which sound terrible to us today, that will not change that Elijah did the same thing to his opponents, that Jezebel had done to hers. Lovely article! And after I went through three pages of Google results, this gem finally came up! She might have done many things, which were bad not only to the men, who wrote down these stories, but which are bad even now to modern readers.

But when you think about it, there is nothing to suggest that Jezebel was worse than any of her comtemporaries. But yes, when you think about that she was a non-Israelite woman, who refused to give up her polytheistic faith for proto-Judaism, the men who wrote down the Bible were bound to condemn her in retrospect. Yeah, that is what I call double standards galore… And I just love how you even made the execution of Nabot more understandable, as a case of two different cultures clashing rather than Jezebel just doing it for the evil of it.

This is well written and interesting. You make a good point that there is nothing to back up the sexual immorality claim. I like how u explained why J painted her eyes and sat in the window, because I hv been wondering about that. It is good to be able to see good in others. You are a talentented thoughtful writer and the world needs you. My sister and I, we were just talking about Jezebel negative and positive characteristics which were fully discussed in this post.

We were not making a hero of her, but was saying that her strong loyalty to her belief and to her husband could be admirable. We as children and believers in God should be just as passionate. It seems that is what Jezebel was working on. Also remember this spirit is a mastery of deception she lies an steals while looking like an innocent bystander.

It was the spirit of fear that entered into Elijah. We fight not against flesh in blood. She is principality. It also talks about her in the book of revelations. So for you to say anything positive about this spirit when MY FATHER has already condemned this spirit you are connected to her and I ask that you would denounce this spirit ask the Heavenly that if you have any spirits of Baal, spiritual prostitution idolatry to cleanse you Jezebel is the spirit that has invaded the church.

You know nothing about spiritual warfare. Please read Hebrew chapter She killed herself so that the dogs could get to her. This made God the real God. It must also be noted that God do not depend on mankind to assume the character of any biblical figure. This a God in whom I could put my trust. Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God. This piece is written by an unbeliever. God does operate on sentiment. From God Almighty point of view, Jezebel was a wicked woman with no courage to leave idolatry and worship the true God.

I plead with writer to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior. Also, it does not promote feminism nor glorify man; but God. God reveals Biblical truths to His own adopted children. Elijah is not a murder like executing a criminal to a state law in orde to protect innocent victims- that the teaching of Catechism of the Church, RC though individuals even Popes can have their private opinions. To remind: in A. Aristotle;imagine at that time…. Aristotle already in 4th cent. C Before Christ perfectly destroyed arguments both of agnostics and skeptics once for ever.

Our Rev. Author plays fool trying to justify Evils character, Jezebel. Sorry, Mrs. Author learn a little more and do not play a politically correct agnostic: now we finally know the truth truth is always absolute or not at all- St. I came to this site to read the story of Jezebel thinking there was some new archaeological find that would show this wicked woman in the light she should be shown in. Instead I read garbage about this woman dying with honor and how good she was, absolutely absurd. On top of this you turn around and compare the prophets of God with this murderous, wicked woman, it is enough to make me want to stone you.

Clearly you do not know the God of the bible, or what He represents. You are nothing more than another agnostic trying to win favor with the world by changing the meaning of the word of God to suit you, by doing so maybe you can convince true believers out there that the prophets of God were just as bad as Jezebel. Good luck with that. If you received your just reward for this piece of garbage, You would burn in hell for this article, and I do not say this lightly.

Anyone who would write such an article as this justifying what Jezebel did and trying to put her in a position of honor spits in the face of God. Jezebel was a whore, murder, theif and liar. You neglected to mention she was given an opportunity to repent of her sins and she refused. This article is garbage and I will never read anything else by you.

As a matter of fact I will not renew my subscription when it runs out. The author missed the Bible message, which she needs to take to her heart. Lyall Phillips, South Australia. You left something out when you were talking about Jezebel. You said it was based on the men who wrote about her but that is only half true. That was what made her the most wicked woman of the Bible.

Human sacrifice. There is a really good reason that Jezebel Jezebaal was condemned for bringing this kind of worship into Israel. As a woman I highly resent attempts to read backwards into Scriptures the current feminist agenda. Let past societies be what they are. Learn fm their mistakes and fm their successes. The summary is so far out of line with the story: Jezebel is not and admirable person!

She can be recognized with some bellicose traits that lead her to destruction. The author has the wrong, Jezebel-like values. Loyalty to Yahweh is good. Religious pluralism and idolatry is bad. I will never again come to or read anything from biblical archaeology. It is not Gods will for anyone to perish but for all to come to repentance, but that is the very thing arrogant Jezebel refused to do!

The only sin that causes a person never to repent is pride. Thank God for the comments. The author of this piece is truly a Jezebel and I am sure she is quite proud of being equally deceptive. She is a woman who attempts to recreate Judaism and Christianity in her own image. We live in such dark times and with so many Jezebels in our midst. Nothing comes of it except the murder of babies by self serving Jezebels who worship impotent deities or none at all.

May God have mercy on her soul and may he have mercy on the souls of those that are beguiled by her ramblings. The author of this article is not accepting the Biblical narrative of how dangerous Jezebel is. Her archetype is the source of much suffering in the world. It goes beyond her gender.

Gender has little to do with it. A man or a woman can be like Jezebel. It just so happens the narrative makes her a woman. Jezebel was evil to the core. When Jehu rode past Jezebel, he did not talk to her because he knew how deceptive she is. He gave her no power to manipulate him. Instead he talked to her eunuchs, and they threw her over the tower walls.

The dogs ate her until very little was left of her. That is how you deal with Jezebel. Give her no foothold. Give her no place. Do not emulate or admire her. There are other long suffering, heroic women of the bible to admire. Jezebel was not long suffering.

She imparted suffering. She was not maligned. She maligned others. She took and murdered and had no empathy for anyone but herself. I wonder if the author might be able to write without projecting her own ideology and bias into the piece. Men bad and women oppressed.

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It would have been nice to read what can be learned about Jezebel without the feminist flavor added to it. This is a history website not an opinion forum. Good information, but bad authorship. Stick to the facts please. Contrary to common belief, 10, years ago, in Afrika women ruled with their Goddess, priestess, business women, warriors and heritage was passed down from mother to daughter; oh yes, men stayed home and took care of children and if they wanted anything they had to ask the female for it.

Them came the Indo-Europeans, the Ayrans as they were called, with their with their state of the art war tools, horses, chariots, metal shields and spears, etc and violently overthought the matriarchal system and replaced it with their male or patriarchal system. A system of European male domination which is in place to this present day.

Therefore, Indo-European forced upon the people that women were less than and scandalized such women as jezebel, Lilith, Mary Magdalene and others. We must step back and re-read these ancient and sometime mythological stories of females. Jezebel like so many other females could very well be fine women who remembered the power of females and stood there ground as a child of the CREATOR. We in modern time must see the CREATOR spirit as just that, a divine SPIRIT of the universe and view all people are people of worth and value, none greater than the other; none to rule the other, but people who are to live and respect one another.

Even in more recent history hundreds of germans supporter Hitler. She clearly had no problem manipulating him to her own ends. By doing something odious in his name, she would further have widended the breach between him and the Israelite people, perhaps as an attempt to completely eradicate any loyalty he had to Yaweh, and loyalty to his people by driving a wedge between both God and man.

She was cunning and shrewd in her manoevering. Jonadab was also a friend spelled enemy. The cult of Baal involved some pretty gross things including orgies. As with any situation in which perversion runs rampant, it is not outside the realm of possiblity that jezebel had experienced other abuses perhaps rape or molestation or even incest by the time she was of marriageable age.

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Esp since Ethbaal her father was a priest of baal. Take away all the outward props of pagan religion and you have a young woman sacrificed by her father to perversion and then likely to a marriage to a complete stranger. It is understandable that she would have by then, developed alot of contempt, bitterness, hatred, control issues, inability to trust. She would quite possibly have arrived at adulthood and queendom with a heart full of pain hardened over by hatred and firm resolve.

And becoming a queen would have provided her the seeming power to do just that. By the time Jehu had killed her, she had murdered many innocent people, and mainstreamed perversion into the land. She was perpetuating the evil done to her. As even the staunchest raidcal feminists will assert, as well as many others of varying stances, abuse is no excuse. Jezebel would have had this information. There is nothing in scripture that supports the idea that the contest between baal and Yahweh was an all male event. I get that jewish males had a wrong view of women as inferior beings. Its interesting to note that Jesus did not interact with women according to this view and neither did God His Father.

Where did Tamar get her voice from when she confronted her rapist over his sin and cried out for justice? From the law of God that would have protected her as innocent, for one thing, had her father king david responded properly; his recent moral failure with Bathsheba likely robbed him of the moral authority to confront the sin of his son. The Proverbs 31 woman considered a field and bought it.

Those are acts of agency. This article is highly anachronistic, intellectually dishonest, and forced. It is amazing to me that such an article could even be published given its obvious bias. Just to mention a few: Exodus , , Leviticus , there are many more. For what it is worth I would recommend she read William L. There is a quite a bit of it in the history of Nazi Germany and I doubt that political intrigue of that variety first came into existence in the 20th century.

I would imagine that any progressive individual, such as the author would seem to be, would laud the fact that the king does not act as a tyrant in this regard. The conclusion one might erroneously draw from this line of thinking is that it is only not admirable to murder people that annoy us not really criminal. So Elijah is turned into a murderer because he is following Israelite Law which expressly prohibits polytheism, warrants the death penalty and is therefore considered treason against the state.

So I guess the Israelites should have allowed themselves to become completely compromised by Phoenician culture and openly allow treason to be committed in their State?

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I agree with the author that the text suggests that Jezebel was not unfaithful to her husband. Alternatively, as the author notes, harlotry could be a semantic term for her idolatrous behavior. The truth is I could go on about the holes in this article but I must ask this: Why does the author suggest albeit indirectly that the Israelites are murdering criminals for having and being faithful to their own culture and religion?

Why are they not allowed the right to determine their own lives according to their own values in their own Kingdom? Why must they tolerate treason against their God and country in their own kingdom? In the end, thus is not an innocent and new perspective on Jezebel. It is just an attemp to make herself feel accepted and a tool for one fallen angel. So because she stuck to here Il traditions its honorable? Yea how convenient to omit that from your devils propaganda book liberal witch.

Whoever wrote this article has never lived in a polytheistic world and clearly thinks from a western trained mind. The practice of polytheism is whoredom in worship which belongs only to the One True God. This is why Jezebel is called a whore — had nothing to do with her marriage to Ahab. God gives shout outs to the believers and calls out the dis-believers. And he recounts the stories of the believers sins, failures and shortcomings with equal vigor with those opposed to God and belief.

Saul, Judas etc. Jehovah and Jesus are not picking on people but trying to save them. Jezebel was wicked not because she was a free spirited women of power in a time of total male supremacy. She was labeled wicked because she was anti-Lord God Jehovah. Thereby being Luciferian and in direct oppositiion and rebellion.

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Thereby leading directly to the path of apostasy and Anti-Christ. She was so entrenched in her own power and ruthlessness that God gave her an unforgettable end understatement of this week at least. She was cast down from her palace balcony by an Eunuch. Which for an ancient queen is humiliating enough. But she was also consumed by dogs that left only her hands and feet. They symbolized the hands that fashioned evil and the feet that ran towards it. To spin doctor Jezebel in a reprobate worldly way is a lie from the pit of Hell which is what these false depictions of true evil will lead your eternal soul too if you are an unrepentant sinner.

May you all come to the truth and light.

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May you be Jehovah, Yeshua, Jesus Blessed! The Bible records some troubling instances of oppression of the weak by the strong. The case of Naboth comes to mind. Ahab, a king of Israel in the tenth century B. Jezebel killed all of Yahwehs Prophets, but one, Elijah. Even Yahshua the Messiah in Revelation to John, declares that Jezebel and her pagan offspring will be slaughtered at the end of days her pagan offspring are those trying to justify her sins.

Por la atencion que esto les merezcs. Hannibal, who crossed the Alps, was a great nephew of Jezebal. They also worshiped Molech who demanded babies be burned to death as a sacrifice. Sacrifices to Molech, no doubt. She was really not a nice lady, she certainly worshiped Molech, in addition to Baal and others.

This was common at the time for idol worshippers. This was understood and did not need even be mentioned in biblical times, for it was common knowledge. How bad was she? Very bad! The little babies were sacrificed and that is what your red eggs stand for at easter. God hates things that kill children.

This religion and the related one that Israel adopted where they burnt their children were abominations to God the true one. The murder of the prophets of Baal and her own death are judgments for the murders and the stopping of them recruiting more people into that religion. You also need to look at the long term plan of God for rescuing his people from sin.

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