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This item can be transformed with a Blessing of Esh. Having flayed off his face, Powell shows Allison that something now grows inside her.

Daniel, Vincent, Simon, and James find a hidden area in the basement and end up surrounded by deformed corpses brought back to life. One of the creatures kills James as the other three men get separated. As Maggie enters labor, Kim hesitates to perform a C-section. As Ben pleads with Kim, Maggie stands and slits his throat, revealing she is carrying Dr. Powell's child.

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Kim hides as cultists enter the building and Maggie leaves. Daniel finds Allison in the operating room pregnant. Looking again at Allison, he sees an Allison-Creature with tentacles extending from her body.

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Powell's voice speaks to Daniel, who finally attacks his wife's mutated remains with an axe. Daniel is transported to a morgue room with a glowing triangle on the wall. Powell's voice tells Daniel that he found the ability to conquer life and death. Powell promises that Daniel can have his child back if he is willing to die first.

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Maggie appears and stabs Daniel. Powell appears skinless and partly mutated in front of the triangle as Maggie kneels before him.

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Powell recites an incantation before the triangle as a now frightened Maggie's torso explodes, birthing the Sarah-Creature. Vincent and Simon arrive and battle it. The Sarah-Creature overcomes Vincent, but he covers it in isopropyl alcohol , allowing Simon to set them both on fire with a flare. Powell tells Daniel he can be with Allison if he stops resisting and "lets go".

Daniel refuses and tackles him, leading both men to tumble into the void. Meanwhile, the Sarah-Creature pursues Simon, who escapes and is teleported back to the hospital to reunite safely with Kim. Daniel and Allison are shown holding hands in another world beneath a black pyramid. Since , the Canadian film groups referring to themselves as Astron-6 began creating comedic horror films.

Jeremy Gillespie was initially working at Pinewood on a floor below where Guillermo del Toro was working on the unfinished film At the Mountains of Madness , recalling hearing him state that he wanted to do a HP Lovecraft film in a way that hadn't been done before. So that was sort of where the imagery was birthed.

All of this stuff relating to pyramids and triangles is left ambiguous, for the audience to interpret as they would, intentionally. Gillespie and Kostanski managed to crowdfund the money they needed to build the practical creatures that appear onscreen effects. It was a soul-crushing nightmare. Everybody was pushed to the limit on this movie. The one ray of hope we got was the cast, which came together at the last second. They were easy to deal with.

The Void had its world premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 22, The site's critical consensus reads, " The Void offers a nostalgic rush for fans of low-budget s horror — and legitimate thrills for hardcore genre enthusiasts of all ages. Fangoria gave the film a positive review, specifically praising that "practical effects are not obscured, not glimpsed partially through a flashing light or a shaky handicam.

Kim Newman of Screen Daily compared the film to previous works Bio-Cop from ABCs of Death 2 and Manborg , stating that the directors "remain in pastiche mode, but tone down the humour to try for serious suspense and Lovecraftian horror - with a pleasing reliance on memorably gruesome physical effects rather than CGI.

Have you ever wished you could jump into your favorite video game or live inside a movie?

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Those are only some of the possibilities offered by The Void, the first company to seamlessly blend virtual reality experiences with real, physical environments, for the sake of entertainment and fun. Tech Insider was the first media outlet to visit The Void's headquarters in Utah, and we got to try some of the company's first creations.

We were blown away by virtual reality park The Void

These experiences are still far from final, but what we saw was impressive and entertaining. The possibilities are truly endless in The Void. Produced by Corey Protin. Report by Dave Smith. Follow Tech Insider: On Facebook.

The Void The Void
The Void The Void
The Void The Void
The Void The Void
The Void The Void
The Void The Void

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