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However, Billy is at heart, a gentle and sensitive boy who loves to read.

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He has suffered with asthma for many years and this has meant that instead of taking part in all the rough and tumble games, he often has to stay indoors and rest. He loves the library and has a special friend in the librarian there. Barry Walsh has structured The Pimlico Kid perfectly.


Each chapter is a snapshot into Billy's life. Whether it is the joyous and light hearted street party, or the quite dark and more serious issue of domestic violence and abuse, the writing is incredibly perceptive and although it is very nostalgic, it is never sentimental.

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The story of a summer in London. A coming of age story and a look back at recent history.

Random Things Through My Letterbox: The Pimlico Kid by Barry Walsh

The Pimlico Kid is engaging and vivid. I met the author, Barry Walsh at the launch party for The Judas Scar by Amanda Jennings earlier this year, and I'd like to thank him for sending my copy for review. Barry Walsh grew up in the heart of the 'Great Metrollops' during the 60s and thought belatedly.

Posted by Anne at Lisa Briggs-Hardy 28 July at Katniss Veronica 29 July at Anne 1 August at They roam around London, chasing girls, fighting boys, running races, and fending off the local bully. Things come to a head when they all go on an outing to the country with the girl Billy has fallen for, Sarah Richards, and her friend Josie.


And I hope you do end up reading it. The author, Barry Walsh, grew up in the same part of London at about the same time, and he clearly draws on his memories to create a rich, convincing and beautifully drawn world.

The Pimlico Kid by Barry Walsh

And you feel the excitement and pain of adolescent loves and losses as well. I want to read the book just to find out what those revelations are.


I read your thoughtful and generous review of my novel late last night and it meant a great deal to me. But not so this morning! Thank you.

The Pimlico Kid The Pimlico Kid
The Pimlico Kid The Pimlico Kid
The Pimlico Kid The Pimlico Kid
The Pimlico Kid The Pimlico Kid
The Pimlico Kid The Pimlico Kid
The Pimlico Kid The Pimlico Kid
The Pimlico Kid The Pimlico Kid

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