Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you?

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Who Makes It Go?

So they're kind of like dogs, whose communication with people has been studied a lot more, and who've been shown to recognise hundreds of words if they're highly trained.

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Sorry if the comparison offends, Kitty. Dr Atsuko Saito of Sophia University in Tokyo said there's no evidence cats actually attach meaning to our words. Instead, they've learned that when they hear their names they often get rewards like food or play, or something bad like a trip to the vet. Dr Saito and colleagues describe the results of their research in the journal 'Scientific Reports'.

In four experiments with 16 to 34 animals, each cat heard a recording that slowly recited a list of four nouns or other cat's names, followed by the cat's own name. The crucial question was whether they'd respond more to their name. Sure enough, on average, they perked up when they heard their own name. Wayne Cole, Tom Westbrook and Niklas Pollard An Australian student released after being mysteriously detained in North Korea said he was safe and well in Tokyo on Friday and intends returning to normal life, without commenting on what Martin Petty A former police general who oversaw the bloodiest years of the Philippines' war on drugs shrugged off the killing by police of a 3-year-old girl in a sting operation, saying on Thursday the world Mr East arrived back in Tasmania before Christmas and spent time with family and friends, but he still lives most of the time in his van.

While he admitted he does miss having an oven now and then, as long as his van is home to Willow, it is home for Mr East. Before he left Tasmania Mr East started an Instagram account to post the occasional photo of his new life. As he started to drive around Australia with Willow, his account under the name of Van Cat Meow started to grow and now has more than 62, followers.

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Though most people Mr East interacts with online are in support of the black adventure cat, some have concerns about a domestic animal being out in the wild. He said he was very careful when travelling to make sure Willow never went where she was not wanted, which at times meant he avoided common tourist areas such as national parks and state reserves. Mr East said he financed his travel by selling things he had made online, a couple of investments, and some work he picked up along the way.

Back in his home state for a while, Mr East has not stopped travelling and is driving around Tasmania with his furry companion. Topics: people , travel-and-tourism , animals , offbeat , human-interest , lifestyle , hobart First posted January 17, More stories from Tasmania. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC.

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ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content. Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. By Alana Schetzer. Sweden has a unique relationship with North Korea and is relied on by Western countries for help when they have problems with the "hermit kingdom". Tom Gleeson's Gold Logie speech, an historically low interest rate, and an Arctic fox's extraordinary cross-continent trip — these were just some of the big stories this week, but did you read beyond the headlines?

By Tom Wildie. When a news photographer captured Indigenous footballer Nicky Winmar's response to racial abuse at the hands of Collingwood fans 26 years ago, he knew he had witnessed something extraordinary. She recently adopted a year-old tabby with an unmistakable, shed-happy orange coat. That family is Cats at Microsoft, a feline fan club that over the past decade has welcomed hundreds of employees and alumni into its clan. Not only has the group helped employees navigate the joys and heartbreaks of pet ownership, it has also facilitated invaluable career connections and led to an impactful community rescue project none could have imagined when they first came hunting for advice about scratching posts and spaying.

Cats of Microsoft helps unravel that ball of yarn. The story of Cats at Microsoft is a story of cool cats and new cats, introverts and extroverts, engineers and program managers and administrative assistants. A story—no , a tail—that proves that cats always finish first. I was like, what?

10 years on the road

I noticed, though, that people were answering the questions I had posted so I asked, do you want to have a cat group? A handful of employees leaped at the idea, and the Cats of Microsoft Mcats group was off and running. Right away, people began posting about their cat quandaries and exchanging videos and funny pictures—a honey-faced tabby curled under the bed covers, a mischievous ebony tail poking out from a hiding spot.

After a couple of years, more employees heard about the group through an internal story, and membership soared to 3, people.

DRAW MY LIFE - Sir Meows A Lot

While some members are very active, a lot of them are lurkers, said Bunch, who works in customer service and support. The more feral ones. I serve as a mama cat.

The Cat's Meow

Sometimes, Bunch says, members who have been on the alias for years will reach out for the first time because their cat is really sick, needs shots, or has some other health concern they need advice about. Adoption, divorce, cross-country or international moves, job changes, people who are sick or who die—the group has fielded all types of crises. I never thought a cat group would lead to that.

Because Mcats has not only an employee network but a Facebook group that includes alumni, sometimes people try to join erroneously, such as the college students looking for the MCAT—the Medical College Admission Test. In addition to sharing cat memes and solving the mysteries of feline aloofness, the humans who belong to Mcats have also seen a benefit to their careers. But it only scratches the surface of the impact Mcats has had. About a year after Mcats formed, Bunch had the idea to launch a fundraiser by assembling a cat calendar with some of the images that members loved to share.

At the time there was already a dog calendar at Microsoft, and, well, we all know how vexed cats get when they are upstaged by slobbery, over-eager canines.

Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you? Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you?
Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you? Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you?
Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you? Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you?
Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you? Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you?
Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you? Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you?
Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you? Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you?
Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you? Mr.Peter can Meow Meow, Can you?

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