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Table Tennis Tips and Tricks

Choose a sponge thickness.

10 Ways to Improve Faster at Table Tennis

You also need to consider the thickness of the sponge underneath the rubber. The thicker the sponge, the more the ball will spring off the paddle. Thicker sponges are generally suited for offensive players. Choose a handle. Of course you cannot forget about the handle. You want to ensure that the handle is comfortable with your preferred grip. The most popular types are straight and flared.

Now that you have a paddle that suits your play style, you need to create a serve that forces your opponents to play to your strengths. Your serve sets up how the entire point is going to be played, therefore it is very important that you develop a few strong serves. A good way of doing this is adding spin to your serve. When there is spin on the ball, the ball will bounce off your opponents paddle favoring a certain direction depending on what kind of spin is on the ball.

After hitting your opponents paddle each spin has different effects: Top spin makes your opponent pop the ball up and hit it long.

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Backspin makes the ball go down and often hit it into the net. Left spin forces the ball to your left Right spin makes the ball go to your right. Using the above information, you can put the correct spin on the ball to force your opponent to hit where you want them to. TIPS If your backhand is your strength put left spin on the ball move your paddle to the left while hitting the ball.

Ping-Pong/Table Tennis Tips

If your forehand is your strength put right spin on the ball move your paddle to the right while hitting the ball. If you prefer playing at high speeds and away from the table put top spin on the ball move paddle up while hitting the ball.

3 Easy Drills To Improve Timing in Table Tennis

If you prefer playing at lower speeds and close to the table put backspin on the ball move paddle down while hitting the ball. Once you get the hang of adding one type of spin to your serve, you can begin to combine either top spin or backspin with a sidespin to further suit your play style. After you have mastered your serve, it is important that you are able to handle your opponents return to your serve.

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  • If your opponent was able to return your serve there is likely some sort of spin on the ball. Your opponent will either try to over power your spin with another type of spin, return the ball without adding spin of his or her own, or add even more of the same type of spin. Find a practice partner. Serve to your partner and have him or her put spin on the return. Practice returning these shots. TIPS If your opponent does not add any spin to the ball then the only thing you have to worry about is the spin you originally put on it. Depending on how much spin you put on it in the first place, your spins will cancel and you are free to do as you please for your next shot.

    In this case you have to be very careful with your return because there will be a high amount of the same spin that you originally put on the ball.

    Increase Your Hitting Power in Ping-Pong

    To deal with this you should not try to do anything too aggressive and just try to return the ball by aiming in the direction that you originally moved your paddle to serve. It is essential that you have the ability to make your opponent pay for hitting the ball too high in the air. This often ends up with them hitting the ball into the net, giving you a free point. The steps to accomplish are: Find a practice partner. The game of Table Tennis is certainly pretty enjoyable.

    However, the outlook towards the game may vary from person to person. While some like to play it really simple, there are others who like to have it a little challenging for an extra level of excitement even when they are playing for just fun. The tournament level of playing is always characterized by a very challenging atmosphere and it is often hard to predict the actual strength of an opponent for the first time. We spent many hours trying to find the best ways you can improve your game and finally, we have our list of the 15 most effective ping pong tips to improve your game.

    It is difficult to keep the basics in mind while you are in a live play with your opponent. However, with more and more emphasis on the basics, while practicing, it can help you play with the right table tennis tactics even when you are playing with an opponent without having to strive that hard. You can actually practice using the play mode for hours.

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    This will not only help you work on your basics but also, help you identify your playing weaknesses and work on them before your opponent can capitalize on it. In addition to that, you can watch a lot of table tennis game videos to learn the basic techniques. However, with a better opponent, things will certainly not work without decent footwork.

    This is the reason that we can never rule out the importance of improving the footwork in this game. As you move your foot wisely alongside a good grip technique, this will give you perfect control over the game. This, of course, takes a proper understanding and good practice. If you want to excel in this game, you ought to pay attention to the mistakes that you often tend to make. You not only have to spot them but also work on them. As a matter of fact, a lot of people actually hide their mistakes but that way, it will only get you weak mentally while you are playing with your opponent.

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    Instead, you can work to get rid of these mistakes permanently. Knowing when to relax and how to relax can be pretty vital to the performance. It holds true for both body and mind. Even at times while the game is slipping off from your hands, you could try to relax and this will eventually help you focus better and turn things back in your favor.

    It might be easy to say but to actually spot the weakness of your opponent for the first time, it certainly will need to play a little smarter. You can do it by hitting the ball to the various parts of the table using different stokes and observe how your opponent responds to it. Once you find a weakness of your opponent, it is certainly time to capitalize on it. Using the same strokes over and over again can help your opponent speculate your next move easily. This is the reason that it is always recommended to use different strokes of varying speed.

    Also, it is equally important to play your shots to various places on the table instead of returning it or playing your shots to the same place every time. Instead, you could use your entire body to exert more force. The choice of the paddle can certainly make a huge difference.

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    Improve at playing Table Tennis Improve at playing Table Tennis

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