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These fetishes were carved into several different animals and supernatural spirits, each a significant symbol to the Zuni people. The animals and spirits depicted through these fetishes were believed to have certain characteristics that were transferred into the carvings themselves. If you owned a fetish, you would then inherit the respective properties that your fetish represents. They believe that the spirits of the animals can act as messengers to the gods and provide them with protection from various evils in the world as well as promote the benefits of other elements.

As you will see with many of the pieces offered here at Kachina House, the animals are sometimes depicted with bundles of shells, stones, arrowheads, feathers and other symbolic elements. These bundles are offerings that the animal spirit will carry to the gods on behalf of the owner of the fetish. However, it is said that only the pure of heart will be able to stir the spirits with any true power. Though many Native American Indian tribes use fetishes, the Zuni are recognized to be the most gifted and prolific carvers of these fascinating artifacts.

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Carvings marked with a double asterisk are special and were created by Herbert Halate from the alabaster he used for Donald "Doc" Sharp's headstone. Carvings marked with a single asterisk are from Donald's personal collection.

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Doc was a Zuni fetish trader, dear friend, teacher and pathfinder for many of us. Couples n' Groups. Ebony and Dark Skinned Sexyness. Erotic Literature. Expansion Thing. Fanart for Awesome Artists in DA. Internet Rules. Lingerie and Sexy Clothes. LOL things. OC's Original Character. Other Sexy Fetishes. Photo Manipulation. Sexy Ladies. Sexy Males. Sexy Outfits. Sexy Photos and Artistic Nude.

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Unknow Cathegory. Anthro n' Furry 2. Anthro n' Furry II. Animations, Banners and Stamps II. BBW II. Bestiality II.

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Censored Works II. Comics, Strips and Stories II. Ebony n' Darkskinned related. Erotic Literature II. As the name suggests, it mostly took place indoors of a beautiful ballroom that looked like a huge summer house and somewhat of a temple, interestingly enough. It was mostly sunburnt orange with some accents of brown and gold with huge lights flashing over in the nighttime. The place was situated on a small hill nearby sandy beaches and beautiful ocean, making it a fantastic scenery one could stare at it forever.

The balls themselves were full bursting of festive energy as folks from all over and beyond would enter the grand hall and present themselves to the three Gods of Destruction, Beerus, Belmod, and Jerez. At the ball's introductory proceedings, all the mortals in attendance would present themselves to the three morbidly obese destroyers who mounted high on their custom made thrones accepting every one o.

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    Pregnancy Fetish II. Sexy Clothes n' Outfits II. Tickling II. Unknown categhory II.

    House of Fetishes House of Fetishes
    House of Fetishes House of Fetishes
    House of Fetishes House of Fetishes
    House of Fetishes House of Fetishes
    House of Fetishes House of Fetishes

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