Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter

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G min Biography, Drama, Family.

A woman leaves an Austrian convent to become a governess to the children of a Naval officer widower. PG min Drama, Romance. A mousy governess who softens the heart of her employer soon discovers that he's hiding a terrible secret. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Error: please try again. A father actually taking care of his own kids He'd be called a nanny if he was female. You just can't call Vin a nanny. The Governess R min Drama, Romance 6. List Activity Views: 53, in last week Tell Your Friends Share this list:. Tell us what you think about this feature.

Other Lists by polexia. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. I gave it 2 stars cause it keep my attention a bit, almost till the end of the movie. And then it just ended.

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This movie has so many unexplained statements and plot holes. You keep thinking something is going to happen and it doesn't. Makes no sense at all. Just a bunch of ppl who met by chance near the makeup storage and one of them had a camera, but no script or story. You will hate yourself if you see it. It was so stupid. The dialog was hilariously atrocious. You know that girl that really likes horses, adult coloring books, The Labyrinth, and considers herself a writer?

She wrote this movie. I absolutely loved this film Just finished watching the nanny and omg at 1st as soon as i saw xander from buffy i was like "ok" but then as the Goosebumps cinematography and the post 3d effects started showing up i because suspicious that this might not be a good movie.

There are alot of plot holes and weird plot devices that somtimes seem uneccecary at times. Such as the "fairy" says lots of child fairys end up in orphanages wich made me confused because did the mother choose to live in poverty and have 2 orphaned children on purpose? Because they didnt reference her having a husband previously just that she was single and looking. She goes from wanting a nanny for 3 days tops to having one move in not because te kids like her but because the "fairy" pressures her. Another time was when she invites the guy from the bar to her house where he asks to pee and instead he goes to knock on the daughters door without the "fairy" scening him or knowing wich child is unsure about the "fairy" just lucky guess.

I can meantion more but there are so many moments of "wait what" that ur head will swim with the sheer amounts of time it will happen. This movie is listed as sci-fi horror and ive heard it referenced as horror fantasy but i havent laughed so much scince i watched the movie the room. Fun to watch with friend but this is carreer ending for all involved indeed.

This must be the worst movie I have seen in a long time. The plot was all over the place, the camera work was so messy and jumpy. The story just didn't flow and I can't believe this is under the genre of horror as it is the least scary thing you will ever watch, absolute tripe!! I know I am ranting but I just am astounded at how bad it was. How did David know about Noa and Michael hw did he track them down?

Why was he watching them? How were the kids other worldly but living with their mother? How did the mother not know? Why was Emma floating around the woods? Why did the fairies in David's lair look like little cgi critters yet the one in the cage was a human sized one? Why did Emma and Leonore look humanoid? Why didn't they use a bit of cgi instead of white plastic sheeting for Leonores wings? How did Noa's family not know about Emma going missing or that her dad was David when Frank said 'everyone knows David Quin'.

Omg it was absolutely terrible! In the opening scene Emma Elle Coventry goes missing in the woods, taken by a shadowy figure in the night. We then shift to another family who live in the same town of Nerstrand. Anna Schuyler Fisk works shift work and hires a strange Nanny Jaime Murray with earth witch powers to watch over her children. The action slowly builds as a mystery of the town unfolds. This was a simple basic film that was simply done well.


Jaime Murray as the Nanny was spot on with well chosen words that read like a classic novel. Smoothly shifting plot. Guide: No swearing, sex, or nudity. Rated Canadian 14A. Kencrogers 27 April This was a good movie, some of the acting was not that great, but the main characters pulled it off. Great cinematography. The only flaw is that it felt like a newer version or remake of "The Guardian" with Jenny Seagrove. Begins with a family that loses a child to druid-esque monsters in the woods. Then move to a family who needs a Nanny that just shows up not on the list.

She is connected to the woods again like The Guardian , and not nice. It is a good film. I enjoyed it. In this era of remakes, reboots, dozens upon dozens of comic book adaptations, this little story was an absolutely surprising gem in the rough. What I expected? A terrible D-list movie that would inevitably make me, a screenwriter, wonder how people get absolute crap made. Who gives these people money?

Where are the talented writers and filmmakers who get that opportunity to tell us an original story. I figured this would be full of trite dialog, terrible acting, cinematography done by a youtuber, a weak plotline and I'd be bored in 20 minutes. Another direct-to-digital film funded by a rich uncle by an uninspired individual who made a movie just because they could. Suffice it to say, my expectations were low. What I got was something pretty extraordinary. A charming, enchantingly dark, but fantastical story that stood on it's own two feet. Stellar performances that really do rival that of any major studio film, and an original, high concept film that offered something new and refreshing to a dying genre.

I actually enjoyed the film from start to finish and it dashed all of my skepticism. It deserves a better score than others have given it, but I imagine, like me, so many are jaded by the low-budget vitriol we're bombarded with by indie run-and-gunners without a shred of imagination, that it's just become too easy to write off a non-hollywood film as reductive to it's genre. Started off promising but took a turn towers corny fast. It is a slow-building chiller, set in modern times, about a fragile family trying to hold it together.

The single mother works double shifts and needs some help caring for her emotionally-fragile i. Enter the nanny, who I found to be hypnotic. She is beautiful and chilling at the same time. The daughter is leary from the start, but unable to convince Mom that the woman is not right. In the meantime, mom befriends a local neighbor man and we soon learn of his history and motives, which prove to be rather disturbing.

I did not find this movie confusing, nor did I find it leaves you hanging. If you listen to all the dialog, everything will make sense in the end and no one is who they appear to be. Their motives are not so transparent as we thought.

It was very atmospheric, no jump scares, no gore. Just a beautiful and chilling story. I do understand if some people get disappointed if they believe it is a horror movie they are going to watch. This movie is not scary unless maybe for kids. I believed myself I was going to watch a science fiction movie and it is even less that except for some weaponry.

Babysitter's Club Collection (Books 1-4)

But if you like me love a good or is it bad fairy tale then this may be the right movie for you. This movie is not a gem but it was fine entertainment for me and I do not regret spending my time here. So if you are into fantasy creatures of the night you may have a movie for you here. I did also enjoy the way the actor played the nanny that was kind of spooky. If you are looking for a sci-fi or horror movie you should look other places. It is NOT a horror by any means.

There are scarier episodes of The Simpsons at Halloween. I just The worst editing job I've ever seen. It makes no sense. The movie started out really awesome and the concept was amazing but things got bad pretty quick.

Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter
Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter
Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter
Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter
Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter Fantasies Incorporated 10 - The Babysitter

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