Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition)

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Vengeance Boksuneun naui geot. Leuchter, Jr. Godzilla Kingukongu tai Gojira. Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien. Shrek: The Final Chapter. Classic New Sym- phony Orch: Barber. New Symphony Orch: Barber. Concertos — Concert Hall E8. Barbieri, Francisco Asenjo: cf. Asenjo y Barbieri. Barlow, Wayne: cf. Barnby, Joseph: cf. Baron, Ernst Gottlieb: cf. Barraud, Henry: cf. Concert Hall E Barrosa, Ary: cf. Barry- more, narrator; orch: Schumann. Bartlet, John: cf. Bartlett, James Carroll: cf. Allegro baarbaro; Contrasts; Suite, op. Concert Hall G8.

Bartok BRS Sonata recorded ; solo pieces are off-the-air recordings. Prior reviews: Di nos. GS says recorded years ago. Includes 35 of the pieces in the work. Prior reviews: GS p4. Pittsburgh Sym- phony Orch: Reiner. COA: Van Beinum. Concerto for orchestra. PhO: Karajan. Ajigel Prior reviews — Concerto: Di nos. Primrose, via; New Sym- phony Orch: Serly. Rostal, vln; LSO: Sargent. Varga, vln; BPhO: Fricsay. Menuhin, vln; PhO: Furtwangler. Victor LHMV3. Gitlis, vln; with Pro Musica Orch. New Symphony Orch: Autori; with Pougnet, vln in latter. Previously issued as Period Forty pieces on Hungarian folk tunes.

Pressler, pf. Thirty-nine pieces on Slavic folk tunes. Bartok BRS Valery, sop; Goehr, pf. New Symphony Orch: Serly. Reissued as BRS coupled with Rhapsodies. Portraits issued in another coupling on BRS Los Angeles Chamber Orch: Byrns. PhO: Kara Jan. Juilliard String Quartet. Guilet String Quartet. Concert Hall CHC9. Prior reviews: AR p54; Di no. Reissued as BRS coupled with Images. Spivakovsky, vln; Balsam, pf. Menuhin, vln; Bailer, pf. No review Sonata, violin and piano, no.

Laszlo, sop; Holetschek, pf. Orchestra of Mozar- teum, Salzburg: Fekete. Suite no. Concert Hall Sym- phony: Swoboda. Concert Hall D4. Sub- scription. New Symphony Orch: Susskind.

Violin sonatas — Victor LM Additional entries in Folk Music sec- tions. Bartos, Frantisek: cf. Mercury MG- Bassani, Giovanni Battista: cf. Bassevi, Giacomo, detto Cervetto: cf. Bates, Catherine Lee: cf. Bath, Hubert: cf. Bateson, Thomas: cf. Battishill, Jonathan: cf. Bax, Arnold: cf. Capitol LAL Beaver, Curtis: see in section of Diction records under Shakespeare Sonnets. Beck, Conrad: cf. Beelby, Malcolm: cf. An die feme Geliebte, op. Poell, bs-bar; Graef, pf. Lateiner, pf. Johan- nesen, pi. Dirksen, pf; with W. Mann, fl in variations, only. Esoteric Ham- bro, pf. Con- cert Hall Concerto, piano, Eb major arr.

Prior reviews: AR pll5; Di no. Concerto, piano, Eb major Sand- ford, pf; Philharmonic Orch[! Vic- tor LM Gieseking, pf; PhO: anonymous conduc- tor. Prior reviews: Gr pllO; ML p4. Gulda, pf; VPO: Bohm. VSOO: Scherchen. Concerto, piano, nc Badura-Skoda, pf; Westminster Schroter, pf; Bavarian Radio Orch: Altmann.

Backhaus, pf; VPO: Krauss. Victor LCT- Arrau, pf; PO: Ormandy. Backhaus, pf; VPO: Bohm. London LLP- Haskil, pf; Winterthur Symphony Orch: Swoboda. Frey, pf; Munich Tonkunstler Orch: Strobl. No reviews Concerto, piano, no. Moiseiwitsch, pf; PhO: Sargent. Kraus, pf; VSO: Moralt. Musical Masterpiece So- ciety Serkin, pf; PO: Ormandy. Pf; PO: Ormandy. Concerto, piano, no. Rubinstein, pf; RPO: Beecham.

Novaes, pf; VSO: Klemperer. Wiihrer, pf; Austrian Symphony Orch: Randolph. Schnabel, pf; PhO: Dobrowen. Schnabel, pf; CSO: Stock. Curzon, pf; LPO: Szell. Prior reviews: Gr pl42; ML p4. Rem- ington Mer- cury MG Horowitz, pf; VO: Reiner. Gieseking, pf; PhO: Kara- jan. Ney, pf; VPO: Bohm. De Groot, pf; Hague Philh. Orch: Van Otterloo. Huber- man, vln; VPO: Szell. Prior reviews: Gr pl08; GS p2. No review Concerto, violin, D major, op.

Telefunken LGX Fran- cescatti, vln; PO: Ormandy. Haendel, vln; PhO: Kubelik. No reviews Concerto, violin, D major, op. Cam- poli, vln; LSO: Krips. Balsam, pf; Winter- thur Symphony Orch: Dahinden. Ricci, vln; LPO: Boult. Spald- ing, vln; Austrian Symphony Orch: Loibner. Re- corded November Menu- hin, vln; PhO: Furtwangler. Victor LHMV Kreisler cadenza. Piano and orchestra. Schnabel, pf; Vienna Orchestra [! Society of Participating Artists VSOO: Litschauer. Decoa DL Winterthur Sym- phony Orch: Goehr. Musical Masterpiece Society Simonelli, cl; Di Dario, bsn. Concert Hall E7.

No review Egmont — incidental music, op. Prior reviews: GS p3. Of Mitteldeutsches Rundfunk, Leip- zig: Pfluger. Fidelio, op. Symphony included only in American release. Broadcast performance of Decem- ber 10 and 17, ; omits spoken dia- logue. Winterthur Symphony Orch: Goehr. Con- cert Hall CHS LPO: Van Beinum.

Munich Philh. Recorded March , April 1, Members of Little Symphony Orch: Scherman. Elaine Music Shop 1. Vienna Philharmonic Wind Group. No review 3 Famous overtures: Coriolan, C minor, op. Capitol P Orch: Rieger in bal- ance. Vienna State Philharmonia: Hor- enstein. Balsam, pf; members of Pascal String Quartet. Mittman, pf, with Eidus, vln; Man- kovitz, via; G. Stradivari Concert Hall Gl. Budapest String Quartet. Also available singly on ML nos.

No review Quartet, strings, no. Pascal String Quartet. Barylli Quartet. Kroll Quartet. Vegh Quartet. Haydn So- ciety Barylli Quartet, with Hiibner, via in quintet. Buda- pest String Quartet. Also available singly on ML no. Busch String Quar- tet. Paganini Quartet. Prior reviews: AR plSl. GS p2; NR p5. New Italian Quar- tet. Vienna Konzert- haus Quartet. String quartet by Beethoven. New Music Quar- tet. Winterthur String Quartet. Con- cert Hall CHC Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet. Griller String Quartet. Quartetto Italiano. Columbia ML40O6. Griller Quartet. Vienna Kon- zerthaus Quartet.

Concert Hall CHS Frugoni, pf; with Druart, cl; Baudo, ob; Coursier, hrn; Allard, bsn in quintet. Pascal String Quartet, with Gerhard, via. Fuchs, vln; Little Orchestra Society: Scherman. Pro Musica Chamber Group. Jilka Sextet. Fuchs, vln; L. Fuchs, via; Rose, vie.

Pasquier Trio. Wummer, fl; A. Schneider, vln; Katims, via. Fuchs, vie in latter. Wanausek, fl; Brendel, pf, with Cermak, bsn in trio only. Society of Participating Ar- tists Available singly on DL nos. Backbaus, pf. Appelbaum, pf. Casadesus, pf. Backhaus, pf. No review Sonata, piano, no. Prior review — Gr p No reviews Sonata, piano, no. Prior reviews — op. Van Der Pas, pf. Giese- king, pf. Schnabel, pf.

Prior reviews Memorial edition — no. English reviews indicate disc also contains Schumann's 'Warum? Sonata, piano, no. Gorod- nitzki, pf. Casals, vie; Serkin, pf. Janigro, vie; Zecchi, pf. Rejto, vie; Bailer, pf. Dyer-Bennet, ten; Strasvogel, pf; Frenkel, vln; Bernstein, vie. Prior reviews: GS p2; JR p6.

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Herbert, bar; Waldman, pf. Also issued separately and in combinations as fol- low: nos. VPO: Weingartner. COA: Mengelberg. Of Radio Leipzig: Abendroth in latter. BPhO: Fricsay. LSO: Weingartner. Brus- sels Radio Symphony: Kleiber. Pitts- burgh Symphony Orch: Reiner. No review Symphony no. San Francisco Symphony Orch: Monteux. VPO: Schuricht. Dura- tion of this recording variously reported as 64, 65 and 67 minutes. Capitol P- Symphony no.

Rochester Orch: Leinsdorf. Co- lumbia RL RPO: Beecham. VPO: Furtwamgler. The conductor took legal action to disclaim this recording. See New York Times, p63 and Disques nos. Pro Musioa Symphony, Vienna: Horenstein. VPO: Furtwangler. Possibly dubbing of release — reviewers differ. Stadium Concerts Symphony Orch: Bernstein. BPhO: Van Kempen. LPO: Weingartner. Prior reviews: NR pi; NS p Recording of performance. LPO: Beecham. Aus- trian Symphony Orch: Singer. Bel- gian National Radio Orch: Andre. Tele- funken LGX Vienna State Philharmonia Orch: Perlea. Strat- ford Symphony Orch.

DSR p52 Symphony no. Prior reviews: Gr p2. Reissued in new series as VSO: Klemperer. Utrecht Symphony Orch: Hupperts. BPhO: Jochum. Recorded March and November COA: Kleiber. LSO: Del Mar. Music Appreciation Records. Sold by mail; second side of disc contains spoken analysis by Thomas Scherman with musical illustrations by M.

Avail- able also in binaural edition. RPO: Weingartner. OAR P m. MSO: Mitropoulos. LPO: Kleiber. V SO: Klemperer. Reissued as Remington 2, with spoken commentary by Sigmund Spaeth. Pittsburgh Symphony Orch: Steinberg. Capitol S Recorded January Recorded December Disc also includes a feature titled Sounds of nature, commentary by Mr. PhO: Galliera. Recorded November Detroit Symphony Orch: Paray. Columbia EL Columbia SL- SL, however, incorporates a new recording of final movement with three substitutions among soloists.

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Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition) Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition)
Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition) Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition)
Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition) Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition)
Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition) Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition)
Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition) Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition)
Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition) Dämonenschlächter: Auf Ehre und Leben (German Edition)

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