Curiousity is Deadly

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Deadly Curiosity: Serial Killer Reads We Can’t Put Down

Holmes, serial killers make for a gripping albeit gruesome read. Piquing our morbid curiosity, these 10 serial killers—both fictional and real—continue drawing us into the dark underbelly of society. The American Psycho protagonist is an investment banker by day and a sadistic serial killer by night. Exhibiting an astonishing lack of empathy, this yuppie casually confesses his crimes in an unnerving deadpan that no one takes seriously.

However, his unreliability as a narrator makes it very difficult to take anything at face value.

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Usually we feel complimented when someone, friend or stranger, mentions that our hair smells nice. Jean-Baptiste ironically named after John the Baptist was born without his own odor, but gifted instead with a powerful sense of smell. Obsessed with scents that intrigue him, Jean-Baptiste begins murdering young women and preserving their natural scents in perfume via distillation.

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Being strangled to death is bad enough, but to have the killer keep a bottle of your scent around for years to come? Too creepy to handle. You have to giggle a little when you read this volume of The Sandman , in which a number of serial killers attend an actual convention—pretending to be members of the breakfast cereal industry. Considered one of the first modern American serial killers, Dr. Worse still, he subsequently sold many of the skeletons and organs of his victims with relative ease because of his contacts from medical school.

Fictionalized serial killers are often depicted as brilliant, slightly sexy, psychopaths who outwit the cops at every turn. These killers make for excellent entertainment, but in reality most serial killers are violent, opportunistic, and deeply disturbed. When Lauren Beukes sat down to write The Shining Girls , her goal was not to create a glamorized villain, but to paint a true portrait of a killer without rhyme or reason, without sense of self or justice.

Curiosity: The Good, the Bad, and the Double-Edged Sword | Psychology Today

Then a freak accident turns him into a bald, yellow-skinned creature, finally revealing the monster within. George Harvey is that neighbor, the kind you avoid eye contact and extended conversations with. The kind who raped and murdered young girls like Susie Salmon.

What he did to their bodies Susie was dismembered, stuffed into a safe, and thrown into a sinkhole is not only deplorable, but it prevented them from truly finding a peaceful rest in the afterlife. FBI profiler Robert K. Aileen Wuornos was his sole exception. Jun 21, PM.

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    Curiosity is a doubled-edged sword with many benefits, but also a dark side.

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    Curiosity Is Not Weakness (Nor Deadly)

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    Deadly Curiosity

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