Blues in F Major

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Musical scales list. Major Minor Chromatic. Modes in Western music. Dorian Phrygian Lydian Mixolydian. Hypodorian Hypophrygian Hypolydian Hypomixolydian. Origins Spirituals Work songs American folk music Coon songs. Louis blues Texas blues West Coast blues. Bluegrass Jazz Jug band Ragtime Rock and roll. Blues genres Blues musicians Blues musicians by genre Blues standards Blues festivals.

Book Category Portal Blues songs. Categories : Blues Hexatonic scales Heptatonic scales Octatonic scales. Hidden categories: All articles lacking reliable references Articles lacking reliable references from August All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from January Namespaces Article Talk. You can use the G minor blues scale over Gm7 or G7 among others , and the G major blues scale over Gmaj7 and G7 among others. Roger flansberry: The notes are different LOL. Please log in again.

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Blues Scales – The Major and Minor Blues Scale

Related Lessons. The Minor Pentatonic Scale. The Diminished Scale. The Bebop Scale. Cesar Coronel says:. Philip Defriend says:. Ken Lee says:. Dave Gilstrap says:. Rick says:. Diego says:. Peter Murphy says:. Mustafa-Bato F. Joe Tinari says:. Sialtiel says:. Bert says:. Neno Vianna says:. Mal says:. Elelo says:. Memphis Deville says:. Dirk Laukens says:. Edward says:. Bernard says:. WhiteCatzs says:. Bob harris says:. Gene Pierce says:. Bill Thompson says:. Bill says:. Ming says:. ThatsEarlBrother says:. Hans says:. Ilan says:.

Shawket Serri says:. Paul Dillon says:. Dario says:. K says:.

F Jazz Blues Backing Track (Fast Swing)

Larry says:. Gus says:. Vaughan says:. LeBarbier says:. Marciso says:. John Curran says:.

Jazz Blues Guitar Licks & Solos

Pat Cronin says:. Duane says:. Pedro says:. Joseph Tuccillo says:. Robby C says:. Daniel says:. Macrino says:. F Major F. F, A, C. Ab Major Ab. Ab , C, Eb. Bb Major Bb.

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Bb, D, F. C Major C. C, E, G. Bb Major.

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Eb Major. Eb , G, Bb. F Major. Eb Major Eb.

Blues in F Major Blues in F Major
Blues in F Major Blues in F Major
Blues in F Major Blues in F Major
Blues in F Major Blues in F Major
Blues in F Major Blues in F Major
Blues in F Major Blues in F Major
Blues in F Major Blues in F Major

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