Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)

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Under the patronage of the German Consul General, Mrs. Guest of honor is Daniel Kehlmann. In addition to fun-packed weeks with lots of crafts, movement games, story time and more, the kids will enjoy outdoor time in Central Park each day. Weather permitting, lunch will be in the park and after that kids can rest on a blanket or run around and play with an outdoor coach. Join Gabi Hegan and her group of families from CityKinder. Final performances of the week for parents and caregivers will be Fridays at 2PM.

Video recordings will be available for parents who are not able to attend. Held every first Monday of the month except for July Fourth. Join us for our Mommy Mondays in different neighborhoods all around Manhattan. This is a great way for newcomers and German moms in general to make new friends. CityKinder is a lifestyle and community platform for German-speaking parents in the NYC metropolitan area.

Established in as a means to connect families who share the same language and cultural background, CityKinder has quickly become the go-to resource to help families in the U. Location: Goethe-Institut, Beacon St. June 21, 6 PM — 7. Admission: free. June 24, 6. Location: Taproom No. Pergamon Museum. Kinostart war am Die mit Adult classes are from PM.

For students from 1st grade up to 8th grade 14 years with and without prior knowledge. Open to all student ages , no prior German knowledge required! Fun with a ft. For more than 50 years, brothers Harry and Guenter Kempf have kept German traditions alive and well at their popular Chicago Brauhaus in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. What began in as the Treffpunkt Restaurant and has since evolved into the Chicago Brauhaus has always been a convivial place, since the brothers — both immigrants from Germany — are not only restaurateurs, but musicians as well.

Coming from a musical family, he bought a bass fiddle upon his arrival in Chicago and used his talents by working as a singer at the restaurant Zum Deutschen Eck. Later he formed a trio and eventually even a piece band called The Continental Ensemble. However, instead of going back to Germany, Guenter opened Treffpunkt with Harry on Lincoln Avenue in , together entertaining their guests with music: Harry on his bass and Guenter on the drums. The Chicago Chamber of Commerce intended to create an ethnic center in that area but without any businesses, it was long shot.

In order to attract more people, Harry and Guenter decided to run an Oktoberfest. This event, now named German Day Fest, still spills out onto Lincoln Avenue for three fun-filled days in September and is a highly anticipated Chicago party every year. Luck would have it that the Kempf brothers had purchased a furniture store across from Treffpunkt a year before in order to turn it into a big banquet facility. The Kempf brothers also hold an annual Maifest featuring special bands and entertainers from Germany and other European destinations.

There are plenty of different kinds of ales and lagers straight from Germany on the menu, along with wines and cocktails, all designed to pair perfectly with the classic German fare the Kempfs serve up. Be sure to try their 40 www. And when you visit, check out the lovely park plaza directly across the street from the Chicago Brauhaus. Location: N. Lincoln, Chicago www. Fans of white asparagus from Europe were treated to this delicacy at its best for a few weeks at Bavarian Grill in Plano, Texas.

Johannis — just like in Europe. The asparagus when roasted and glazed is a surprisingly tasty sweet morsel. The Spargel-Rhabarber Strudel is a great match to the season. The asparagus adds crunch while the rhubarb lends a bit of tartness. At the bar you can try a Royal Spargeltini, a combination of asparagus vodka, cocoa nib vodka and Cointreau, a true amuse-booze! Na, dann Prost! Dates and times throughout the year.

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Each tour lasts 2. Chef Ueli at Swiss Chef offered the white gold from Alsace, which had an exquisite taste. The Black Forest Ham and Sauce Hollandaise that I ordered along with it were very flavorful and complemented the delicate vegetable very well. My only complaint: Spargelfest ended too soon!

It should continue until June 24, St. Johannis , just like in Europe. For more information visit www. If you missed the festival, here is your chance to see these thoughtprovoking, innovative movies from Europe. All movies have German audio with English subtitles. Admission: free June 22 — 7 p. Marcus H. View death masks of various individuals, both famous and lesser known. Featured faces include those of Bertolt Brecht and Salma Hayek.

For select recipes from the speakeasy experience, go to www. Meet us at the G. Peter Wittig. Excellent choices, since both nominees enjoy a stellar reputation in their respective fields. In addition to her ice-skating fame, she is a sports-entertainment producer, TV host, actress, author and humanitarian. She won her first gold medal in Ladies Figure Skating during the Olympic Games of Sarajevo, and her se-cond gold in in Calgary.

In , she established the Katarina Witt Foundation, to help children with special needs regain mobility and a positive attitude towards life. Peter Wittig joined the German Foreign Service in He has served as the German Ambassador to the U. Before starting his career in the Foreign Service, Wittig studied history, political science and law in Bonn, Freiburg, Canterbury and Oxford. Koehler is a student of interior design and realestate photography. All three speak German — one of the requirements for these highly honored positions.

Rudolf C. King, founder of SwiftAlarm! For example, from home, that could be a family member or neighbor. Once set up, SwiftAlarm! In case of an emergency, the user presses the big red alarm button widget, and SwiftAlarm! King from Munich. Thus, SwiftAlarm! GOLD dramatically increases the safety of seniors. Think of cases when people are unable to tell responders their position, for example in an emergency that includes a speech impairment, which is very often associated with strokes.

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Aachen’s Top Ten attractions

Easy set up; just one button click synchronizes the pendant with the SwiftAlarm! Diamond software. The pendant is Bluetooth connected and has a range of over 30 feet. In , the pendant will be available in an assortment of different designs. The pendant has no activation fees and has a percent fall-detection score.

Visit www. And while plenty more were recreated on soundstages at the 20th-Century Fox studios in Hollywood, taking a trip to the Salzburg region will have your whole family singing along with the Von Trapp family. The mountain atop which Maria star Julie Andrews makes her first twirling appearance is Mehlweg, near the Bavarian village of Marktschellenberg, about six miles from Salzburg.

There you can visit the courtyard and peek inside the chapel — which looks nothing like the interior recreated back in Hollywood. The film cheats a little with the exterior, too. The reverse shot, of Maria leaving the abbey, was filmed way across the city on the Humboldt Terrace in front of the Museum of Modern Art. The tree-shaded lane, where Maria alights from the bus, is Hellbrunner Allee, running south from the old town.

The lakeside terrace, however, was filmed at Schloss Leopoldskron, a Rococo cas-. They finally head off for a picnic in the meadow above the village of Werfen, 25 miles south of Salzburg in the Salzach River valley. The mountain over which the family finally escapes to freedom is above the village of Obersalzberg, near the village of Rossfeld, 12 miles south of Salzburg. And he confirmed that Maria and his father did not marry at St. The rear lakeside terrace of Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg served as film location for the Von Trapp mansion.

Later it became the property of the Counts of Kuenberg. Schloss Frohnburg went through its prime around , when 13 gardeners maintained its extensive parks and gardens. In , the Count of Kuenberg sold Frohnburg Castle to the Republic of Austria, which now uses it as a dormitory for students of the music conservatory Mozarteum as well as a concert venue and rehearsal site.

This is a fairly new offering in Salzburg, as the trail only opened to the public in late October It is the stunning shooting location where the picnic scene was filmed, with Julie Andrews teaching the children to sing. This area on the outskirts of Werfen is known as the Gschwandtanger. It is the second-biggest fortress of Salzburg and constructed in the style of a medieval castle.

The Festung Hohenwerfen is also famous for its bird-of-prey shows. Another big attraction is the Salzburg Ice Caves Eisriesenwelt , the biggest ice caves in Europe that are open to visitors. The town of Mondsee extends along the northern tip of a crescent-shaped lake, noted for its warm water. It is one of the prettiest towns in the Upper Austrian part of the Salzkammergut — and one of the most tourist-filled ones. Like most towns in the Salzkammergut, it has a scenic lakeside promenade and a picturesque market square. Historically, Mondsee is ancient: Neolithic finds were made here and are on display.

The monastery was founded in and should not be missed. The castle was once the seat of the bishops of Chiemsee. It was remodeled between and in neo-Gothic style. It is private property of the family Johannes Moy and not accessible for the public. Travelers in the Silicon Valley can now fly nonstop to the heart of Europe and beyond starting July 1. But fortunately, year after year, the valiant locals confront and eventually manage to slay it.

Later it became a separate event and was given a regular date in the summer. Over time the pageant has been sensitively modernized and updated. The dragon slaying is enacted ten times or so during the festival, a feat involving some 1, participants, horses and all manner of props from wagons to cannons. It really is a monster, the biggest walking robot in the world, weighing eleven tons, standing 4.

Its top speed is 1. Rheinhessen, located in a valley of gentle rolling hills along the Rhine River, is home to about 3, winemakers and is easily accessible from Frankfurt. On board, knowledgeable experts will offer lectures and discussions, while on shore there will be guided visits to galleries, museums and exhibitions. In fact, the cruise is already fully booked; having proved so popular, there will be an art2sea themed EUROPA 2 cruise in in collabo-ration with Weltkunst.

The California-based company will be the first American brewery to brew and operate in Europe. Craft beers were slow to take hold in Germany, where many still hold fast to the year-old Bavarian Purity Law. However, craft beer has seen a spike in popularity in recent years. In fact, German breweries are transitioning to small-batch, specialized products in response to demand. Every week, new high-quality beers hit the market.

Consumers have never before had such a variety. The jury selected a colorful cross section of contemporary German films, including successes from the Toronto and Berlin festivals, as well as other works from well-known directors and promising newcomers. Five of the selected movies were U.

While there, she discovers that the luxury of her decadent lifestyle, designer clothes and cocktails, stands in stark and cynical contrast to the needs of the poor. Seized by the spirit of adventure, she tumbles head-on into an affair with the year-younger Alec, who appears to be nothing more than a handsome Arab drifter. Two bodies and two worlds collide. Her new muse and the uncontrollable events of war turn her previously biased view of reality on its head. Who is actually helping Maria Furtwaengler with her mother, actress whom?

Driven by her passion and indulKathrin Ackermann ging excessively in alcohol, drugs, and sex, Dorothea slowly begins to lose control. Not only does she put her charitable project at risk, but also her life. When meeting the actress for an interview after the screening, she explained that the most difficult thing for her was to play the lover of a man, played by her film partner Mehmet Sozer, who is younger than her own son in real life. And although the film was a new personal challenge for her as an actress, she said that she was very grateful for F. It is our humanitarian obligation to help people who got into a desperate situation without their fault.

They even opened offices in New York two years ago to be closer to their American fans. Simply fill in the German terms including the appropriate article in the blanks below and mail or email us this page to the address listed below. Deadline is August 16, His job is to tell the referee if the ball goes out — very important when it comes to helping with offside decisions. The assistant referee always carries a colorful flag. The goalkeeper moved forward during a penalty kick. I hope Belgium qualifies for the final. Juni Please mail this page to German World Quiz , P.

Box , Los Angeles CA or email it to quiz german-world. Become a fan! Visit: www. Inspector Semir Gerkhan and his partner solve a new case every week. Breath-taking stunt scenes, action-packed chases and spectacular explosions provide spine-tingling excitement in every episode. Every Thursday at p. PST and p.

Welcome to Aachen!

GZSZ is the most successful daily soap on German television — since , tales of love and hate, friendship and enmity, intrigue and reconciliation no longer go unnoticed. Daily Mon-Fri at p. You cannot receive RTL International? Check our website for additional ways to view RTL International at www. Please visit us on Facebook at www. Drop us a line: info rtl-international. Are you?

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Die DW ist ab sofort in rund DW is now available in approximately , households in the U. Ab Deutschland spielt zum ersten Mal am Juli im Stade de France in Paris. Die Sendung Shift geht am Und sie ist ein voller Erfolg. Doch wie romantisch kann ein Reiseziel sein, wenn es von Millionen Touristen besucht wird? Teil 1. Im Mittelpunkt des ersten Teils steht Melbourne. Nur umfangreiche Schutzprogramme bewahrten die Spezies vor der Ausrottung. Und es gibt sie nur ein einziges Mal.

Frachtflugzeug Antonov An ab DI 5. In the latest German World Magazine, you write about apprenticeships in the U. I thought you should know about that. Elke W. I noted with interest all the German camps to improve your language skills. All the best, Petra M. Please contact us at editor german-world. Before You Go Did you enjoy what you read? If you did, please become a subscriber today or give a gift subscription to a loved one.

You can also call us at. For convenient subscription online, visit www. Bilingual German-English lifestyle and entertainment magazine. Great for learning the German language. Read in this issue about the kings o See More. Politics: If Germany Voted Tomorrow Harry Friebel 36 The rear lakeside terrace of Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg served as one of the film locations for the Von Trapp mansion. G erman Chancellor Angela Merkel and former U. T he presidential election in the U. T he Olympic flame arrived in Brazil three months before the start of the summer games in Rio de Janeiro.


Syrian refugee carries Olympic flame through Greek migrant camp. Photo: dpa 10 www. Order Your Party Supplies Now! Romania -- Saint-Denis 3 p. ET RA vs. ET Wednesday, July 6 W45 vs. W46 -- Lyon 3 p. Switzerland -- Lens 9 a. ET Sunday, June 12 Germany vs. Ukraine -- Lille 3 p. ET Tuesday, June 14 Austria vs.

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  • Hungary -- Bordeaux 12 p. ET Wednesday, June 15 Romania vs. Switzerland -- Paris 12 p. ET Thursday, June 16 Germany vs. Poland -- Saint-Denis 3 p. ET June 26 WA vs. ET Sunday, July 10 W49 vs. W50 -- Saint-Denis 3 p. ET For up-to-date match information, visit: www. Austria -- Paris 3 p. France -- Lille 3 p.

    ET W38 vs. W42 -- Lille 9 p. W43 -- Bordeaux 3 p. ET Northern Ireland vs. Germany -- Paris 12 p. W39 -- Marseille 3 p. W48 -- Marseille 3 p. Austria -- Saint-Denis 12 p. ET W40 vs. W44 -- Saint-Denis 3 p. The perfect complement for all your culinary summer get-togethers Happy Summer Greetings from the Underberg Group.

    Where is Santa Clause? (Hide and Seek Christmas Game with The ZZ Kids)

    International field of racers returns to Lake Tahoe. Photo: Adam Latham F ull-service buildings within walking distance to restaurants and shops offering stellar views are in high demand. Happy customers at Treffpunkt in Asparagus for Cakes or Cocktails? Y es, no kidding! Your Swift! Alarm Contact in the U. Residenzplatz in Salzburg The mountain atop which Maria star Julie Andrews makes her first twirling appearance is Mehlweg, near the Bavarian village of Marktschellenberg, about six miles from Salzburg.

    The lakeside terrace, however, was filmed at Schloss Leopoldskron, a Rococo cas- 48 www. Enjoy Mondsee The town of Mondsee extends along the northern tip of a crescent-shaped lake, noted for its warm water. View Schloss Anif areal shot on opposite page The community of Anif is south of Salzburg and was home to the conductor Herbert von Karajan.

    You can win a club jersey from FC Bayern Munich if you got all the terms right in this quiz. A player who usually stays in the middle of the field. The other team got a corner kick. The team wants to avoid a draw. The duration of extra-time is 10 minutes. The striker is alone near the goal. First and last name State Age Some strikers like Stefan are known as header specialists.

    Phone number or email 9 Kickoff When the game begins. EST Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten GZSZ is the most successful daily soap on German television — since , tales of love and hate, friendship and enmity, intrigue and reconciliation no longer go unnoticed. B ei einem Empfang in Washington DC am Washington D. Guests at the DW event enjoyed the networking opportunities.

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    Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition) Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)
    Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition) Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)
    Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition) Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)
    Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition) Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)
    Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition) Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)
    Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition) Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)
    Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition) Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)
    Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition) Vertretung für Santa Claus: Santa braucht Hilfe (German Edition)

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