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What's Your Blue Light Special? Even K-Mart has dropped the blue light special Build surprises into your marketing efforts; literally, make some sort of a surprise part of your client fulfillment system and transact them without warning. You can surprise: The first time someone orders from you, throw in something extra. When someone refers business to you, send them a cake. Partner with other businesses, create and send a gift certificate pack good for other products and services Toss in a t-shirt, send them a book you like, be creative and you will remind them what a good decision they made hiring you in the first place.

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Each Kmart picks its own Bluelight Special times based on peak traffic. The one on Aramingo flashed the blue light at 1 p. Thursday, for 15 minutes. Bluelight Specials occur by the hour all day on Saturdays and Sundays.

First introduced in , along with such classics as The Sound of Music and A Charlie Brown Christmas , the Bluelight Special was the original flash sale that "made shopping fun," according to Stein. The promo, the brainchild of a Kmart assistant store manager, had a successful run until it was phased out in It came back in fits and starts, including in and as part of event promotions, and last year briefly during the holidays.

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This time, Stein said, it's back permanently, and Bluelight Specials are also available online and on Kmart's mobile app to reflect the changing shopping landscape. Those shopping through Kmart.

Attention Kmart Shoppers, Bluelight Specials are Back!

Her daughter, Melissa Colon, 31, was also with them. Medina had just grabbed several pairs of the pajamas from the Bluelight Special for her five granddaughters.

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Employee Millie Burger, who collected blue tickets to give to the front cashiers on items that were to be purchased at a Bluelight Special price, said the feedback has been good. With Kmart's push to attract more families, it also started Freebie Saturdays - when kids under age 12 can come in anytime after 8 a.

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Spokeswoman Stein said the Bluelight Special's return was based on 11 months of research with Kmart's loyalty card members - those who shop there most frequently. Many expressed wanting it back.

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Get the news you need to start your day. Skip to content. Kmart resurrects the Blue Light Special. Kmart has also resurrected the iconic "Attention Kmart Shoppers" slogan.

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Since Nov. Suzette Parmley, Inquirer Staff Writer.

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The Blue Light Special The Blue Light Special
The Blue Light Special The Blue Light Special
The Blue Light Special The Blue Light Special
The Blue Light Special The Blue Light Special
The Blue Light Special The Blue Light Special
The Blue Light Special The Blue Light Special

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