Let’s Crochet Doilies

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Have you ever crocheted a doily?

Make standing sc — Insert hook into stitch, yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, and draw yarn through both loops on the hook at the beginning of any ch-5 spaces This time 3 tr bobble, so, make ch-4, 2 itr in the same space 35 ;.

How to crochet 3d doily

Make a slip knot on your hook with a contrasting color, then standing sc in ch-1 space before any bobble, make sc in the same space 54 ;. Cut the yarn and pull it through the stitch Thread a tapestry needle.

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Skip the standing sc, and insert your needle under both loops of the next sc, from back to front, and pull it through 62 ;. Insert your needle back, in the last sc you made, through the back loop only, from front to back, and pull it through.

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Weave in the yarn end And now you have it! Simple to make, beautiful and modern doily pattern! Hope you will like it! I would love to see your finished creations, so please share them on the Internet, tag me and use followmedoily hash tag. Thank you for respecting my work. Draga Dada, Boje su prelepo izabrane.

How to crochet the doily in DROPS Extra 0-1401 - part 1

Volim taj minimalizam. Hvala puno na na lepim recima! Jako mi je drago kada vidim komentar na srpskom! Veliki pozdrav, xo Dragana.

How I Made My Own Giant Doily Rug | Let's Make Things! | Crochet doily rug, Doily rug, Crochet

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How to crochet doily

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  2. How to crochet 3d doily?
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    Crochet Tools for Beginners

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    Let’s Crochet Doilies Let’s Crochet Doilies
    Let’s Crochet Doilies Let’s Crochet Doilies
    Let’s Crochet Doilies Let’s Crochet Doilies
    Let’s Crochet Doilies Let’s Crochet Doilies
    Let’s Crochet Doilies Let’s Crochet Doilies
    Let’s Crochet Doilies Let’s Crochet Doilies

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