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You've been very good to him; a good father.

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Exercise is good for you. I'm in a good mood today.


Can you think of one good reason for doing that? We've had very good reports about you. I don't feel very good this morning. He worked for the good of the poor; for your own good; What's the good of a broken-down car?

I always try to see the good in people. O, Doamne!

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Goodbye — it was good of you to visit us; sad goodbyes. That boy's a lazy good-for-nothing rascal. Good morning, Mrs Brown; Good night, everyone — I'm going to bed. We are selling the goodwill along with the shop. He has always shown a good deal of goodwill towards us. He is known throughout the city for his good works.

The job's as good as done. I'm sure he's up to no good.

What Does the Goodness of God Really Mean?

He's not going to France for a holiday — he's going for good. For goodness' sake, will you stop that noise! These houses are good for another hundred years at least. That story is always good for a laugh.

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You've passed your exam — good for you! Dio mio! Wielkie nieba!

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Good old Fred! I knew he would help us out.

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  7. Through hard work and ability, he soon made good. The damage you caused to my car must be made good. In exclamations from s, first recorded being for goodnesse sake , i. Synonyms for goodness friendliness generosity good will grace graciousness honesty integrity kindness mercy morality righteousness rightness superiority virtue advantage beneficence benefit benevolence honor humaneness kindheartedness kindliness merit nourishment obligingness probity quality rectitude uprightness value wholesomeness worth ethicality MOST RELEVANT.

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    He only desires that you will have the goodness to let him alone. It is natural to goodness and innocence, but not the less is the error a disastrous one. But when he speaks "truth" of Caesar he has to admit Caesar's goodness.

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