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Soon, Brian Butler loses his job as Special Prosecutor, thanks to the agitation of a "citizens' committee," and an irate Mayor. Butler opens a private law office. Ten weeks go by with no clients. Butler's ex-secretary Miss Wade finds a new job as a night nurse for old Cholmondely Creep; and argues bitterly with Brian before leaving for good.

A car crash outside the office calls Butler's attention to a subway booth on the corner, which had not been there until then. Scarlet and Pinky costume up to investigate, and shortly find the booth to be a papier-mache fake, in which four robbers are sticking up would-be subway passengers. Fisticuffs ensue but the hoods get away when their fake booth catches fire, diverting Scarlet's attention to extinguishing it. But it soon turns out that there's only one papier-mache shop in this city, so Mr. Scarlet and Pinky go sprinting over to visit it, and there they are surprised to encounter the 4-man robbery gang; further fisticuffs ensue and two of the robbers are thrashed while two escape.

Pinky pursues the escapees while Scarlet follows up on another clue. That evening Mr. Scarlet arrives at the mansion home of wealthy, bedridden Cholmondely Creep, who is regaling his nurse, his physician, his butler, and his secretary with some purely hypothetical plans for purely hypothetical crimes.

It's his hobby, you see. Meanwhile Pinky has found a fake garage, and signals Mr. Scarlet with a red rocket, sending a scarlet streak across the sable sky. The garage turns out to be another papier-mache fake building, and packed with thugs; another fistfight starts up, and ends with both heroes getting conked on their heads with blunt instruments. They're quickly tied up, stuffed into a car, and sent rolling down a hill and into the river. Scarlet gets himself and Pinky loose from their ropes and they escape to the surface.

They go to Creep's house and Scarlet questions him, and learns of another phony-front crime plan, involving a fake movie theater at Graham Square. Inside is an even larger gang than before, and one of them wears a mask. The dynamic duo punch their way through a large number of gangsters and take down the masked man, who turns out to be Cholmondely Creep's doctor. Recruits youthful offenders and teaches them the ways of crime in his "Crime College.

Captured by Mr. Death: , Spy Smasher 5. White robed skeletal death stalks high ranking officials. Spy Smasher suspects foul play and tries to defeat Death, but then Satan also steps in and Spy Smasher finds himself in an inferno where he and others from the Senate are being tortured for various military secrets. With a hand from Eve Colby, Spy Smasher breaks free. Death's mysterious ways of killing are revealed to be poison darts made of ice so no clue is left behind and Satan falls victim to it. Death is unmasked as the Nazi Baroness Von Todt and she leaps into a chasm to her apparent death.

The robes of her costume allowed to glide and she seemed invulnerable to blows to the head as her costume included a shoulder harness with a fake skull head on top which also lended to the tall cadaverous appearance. Death Battalion: , America's Greatest Comics 1. The villainous Brain engineers the escape of six of Mr. Scarlet's greatest foes,to form the Death Battalion and assassinate various American leaders.

In addition to the Brain, the other members are Dr. They are all defeated by Mr. Scarlet and Pinky and unmask the Brain as being the prison warden Loomis. The Death Dealer: , Master Comics The Drake expedition finds a complete mastadon with tusks inlaid with jewels. It had been worshipped by eskimos and the legends say it's watched over by the Death Dealer, to destroy those who would steal it. On the sea voyage to the continental U. He's stopped by El Carim and unmasked as the ship's first mate Stark, wanting simply to steal the jewels.

Drake is stated to be an old professor of El Carim's, though not in magic. Kor Deno: , Nickel Comics 2. Kor Deno is a demon that rules over a forest near the city of which Warlock the Magician lives. When a man builds his home too close to the forest, all the women of his bloodline are cursed to never love for Deno will destroy their husbands. The man's grand-daughter Valya is living under that curse as the demon stole her nurse and anyone else that loved her.

Warlock intervenes and thinks he's chased off the demon, allowing Valya to love but moments later the demon returns and steals her and her lover away forcing Warlock to track Kor Deno to his Dark Kingdom which lies under an ancient abbey and graveyard deep in the heart of the forest. Kor Deno appears to Warlock as an old hermit named Simon until he is able to lure Warlock deep into his home where he is the more powerful and where he keeps all his victims stolen from the forest over the years in suspended animation. Ultimately he's blasted to bits by Warlock's magic lamp.

As Simon, Kor appears as an old man with a long white beard but he is able to take other shapes such as a giant demon bird or an ill-defined smokey form with many dog heads. He is also able to call forth a phantom army, and other magics as the situation demands. The Djinns: , Slam-Bang Comics 3.

Ameera is a daughter of a sheik and when her father and people are slain after venturing into a land ruled by Djinns, she alone lives to flee into the jungles. She's pursued by a scout Djinn but luckily runs into Lee Granger. He and the talking lion Eric defeat the Djinn and then prepare for a full fledged invasion through various inventions by Granger. He's ultimately captured by the Djinns and taken to their city high in the forbidden mountains.

Upon being rescued by Ameera and Eric, he slays the Djinn leader. The Djinns are ugly green skinned bat-winged beings but don't seem to have any special powers other than flight. Blizzard: , Spy Smasher, vol 9. Blizzard is a nazi scientist who comes up with cold bombs which are delivered by a white bomber, sending Key West Florida into a freak snow storm for which American soldiers and military bases are unprepared for. The plan is for the Japanese to invade through the Aleutians while the Germans gain a foothold coming up through Florida.

However, Dr. Blizzard is unprepared for a couple of things. One being that the storm has given him a nasty cold. Blizzard wears a trench coat and fedora, coated in ice and icesickles. Carver: , Master Comics This homely man hated beauty so much he became a gifted plastic surgeon so that he could make beautiful people hideous. Opposed by Bulletman and Bulletgirl. Death: Whiz 2. Perfects a way to bring back the dead but he needs radium so he resorts to stealing it.

Story uncovered by Scoop Smith. Death: , America's Greatest Comics 1. Dietrich Neumann, skull and crossbones tattooed onto his forehead; a large man, strong and skilled fighter. Fought Mr. Doctor Drown: , Master Comics 1. Drown is a fiendish man torpedoing ships from his yacht at the bottom of the sea for looting. In addition to the under-sea yacht, he has faithful though small brontesauruses and a mechanized sea monster that looks a bit like a prehistoric turtle as well as other undersea monsters that do his bidding.

With his gang, he has a faithful right-hand man in the hunchback Romez. He's opposed by Shipwreck Roberts. Doctor Encyclo: , Captain Marvel, Jr. Encyclo spent 40 years as a scholar, reading and memorizing every scientific tract available. Then he realized that with his knowledge, he could become king of the underworld. He sets zoo animals free to cause panic while his gang in plate and chain mail armor loot the city. This brings him to the attention of Captain Marvel, Jr. His readings even allow him to deduce that Junior and Freddy Freeman are one and the same.

Junior manages to capture the crooks and round up the animals, but Encyclo drops through a trap door and gets away through the sewer system. Encyclo, famed for his brains and knowledge on almost every subject imaginable, has a gang to steal them. Mary Batson as Mary Marvel pursues the crooks who promptly split up.

However, each of them has their hand start swelling right before they meet up with a fatal accident.

Captain Marvel

Holding all three, even Mary Marvel's hand begins to swell, but her magic constitution throws it off. Encyclo tells Mary that the pearls are coated with an abrasive poison that the natives themselves are immune to, hence it being fatal to thieves but not the right owners. Encyclo escapes muttering Sivana's catch phrase, "curses! In addition to his knowledge, he is apparently a talented swimmer.

Note: His escape from the two heroes is almost identical and hinges on the reader not noticing that with their incredible speed, Mary and Junior could easily follow the various branches to find which one Encyclo took as a swimming man, even with the current would not get too far compared to how fast they can move. Eternity: , Master Hypnotist and seemingly a madman, Dr. Eternity has a gang to help him capture men on a list and then kill them by encasing them in wax and turning them into wax statues.

He sends warning notes to the victims, claiming that they are arch criminals and will be preserved for eternity. However, it turns out that he's actually working for the Nazis and he teams up with Captain Nazi. He's an older though robust man who walks with a cane. NOTE: The story has a slightly schizophrenic feel, starting off with what is a typical madman macabre villain and hint of mystery before changing over to being a team-up of introducing Captain Marvel Jr. There are several references to Whiz Comics where he just had his origin story, showing the characters knowing they are in comics, that comics are physical locations for them.

It is also interesting that Jr. Also, Eternity's hypnosis ability might just be hyperbole concerning his gaze, to indicate his madness and force of will. It's used to describe his glare but doesn't actually use any such ability. Hex: Captain Marvel Jr. Stopped by Ibis. Hookah: Whiz A race car driving fakir who uses black magic in an attempt to win the Acme Sports Meet but runs afoul of Ibis. NOTE The non-Fawcett Golden-age hero Silver Streak received his powers from a good fakir who had an interest in race cars, but whose drivers kept getting killed. Krool: , Master Comics Out of Oliver Twist, Krool runs the Cheer Lodge for Homeless Cripples, but it's really a way for him to coerce the poor youths into committing acts of robbery and theft for him.

He's a tall, lean older gentleman in evening clothes and carries a gnarled wooden staff. Cheer Lodge is a huge castle like mansion, but is dreary and broken down on the inside. Krool's staff is made up of Mr. Grubb in charge of the food , the Professor in charge of teaching them picking pockets and such , and Swype. The gang is stopped by Captain Marvel, Jr. Pyrrho: , Captain Midnight Comics On top of a mountain, Dr. Pyrrho has mounted huge lens to magnify and direct the sun's heat on the cities of the Southwest, holding them for ransom for 10 million dollars. Captain Midnight uses his sub-car one that digs through the Earth to destroy Pyrrho's underground Mountain lab and his "sun gun".

Riddle: Bulletman 5. Sort of a macabre version of the Riddler. A hunchback psychopath who provides the police with riddling clues to his crimes. Stopped by Bulletman. Weird: Master Comics Famous sculptor Henry Gorgia went mad one day and started destroying his sculptures, thinking that he had somehow trapped the souls of the subject inside and that would free them. Only 4 remain after his death and their sale is bringing in lots of money for the Hadow Galleries. However, a masked man called Dr. Weird starts smashing the statues, claiming to free the souls trapped in the sculptures as well as killing their new owners in ways that mimic the subject of the sculptured bust ie the owner of the Lincoln bust is shot, the owner of the Caesar is stabbed.

Bulletman and Bulletgirl investigate and Dr. Before he dies he is unmasked as Edmund Hadow. The statues were fake and he was sure that eventually that'd be uncovered and ruin him so he made it look like the work of a madman. Yaki: Wow Invented a serum that turns men into giants. Stopped by Commando Yank. The Dome : The criminal known as the Dome escapes from prison and starts hunting down dolls with blue dresses and breaking them open.

Bulletman and Bulletgirl pursue him, trying to end this strange crime wave.

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Turns out he had hidden a necklace in a doll before his capture and is trying to find it again. The Dome's head is super-hard. Hard enough to knock Bulletman's helmet off and stun him and able to receive lots of punishment which is fortunate if you're going to tangle with Bulletman and Bulletgirl. The Dragon: , Slam-bang Comics 4. The Dragon, a humanoid lizard-man, is head of a gang of Chinese hatchetmen in Chinatown and kills one of two men who run a hardware store in the town, the surviving partner Jones fears for his life and detective and mystery writer Jim Dolan investigates.

Jim unmasks the Dragon as the partner Jones who wanted to convert their store to an opium den. Asian crimelord dressed in long robes and armed with a gas gun, he heads a gang of white men, killing those who won't pay protection money. He's stopped by Zoro and revealed to be a white man himself: John Lorenson, a banker. The story has a hole in it in that it shows the Dragon ordering his men to kill Lorenson and Zoro just happens to be on the scene to prevent the murder.

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It's not shown just what Lorenson would have done if Zoro hadn't been there. The Dude : The Beu Brummel of criminal masterminds. Recurring foe of Bulletman and Bulletgirl. The Ear: , Master Comics A bomber saboteur with grotesque ears, he goes up against Minute Man. When trying to blow up a train, he ends up blowing himself up. The Faker: , Spysmasher Playing a bad round of golf, Alan Armstrong comes across a group of Nazi saboteurs and fights them as Spysmasher, but not before their weight challenged leader Herr von Strudel turns on his strange machine that would send out a ray and smother the engines of bombers flying overhead.

Only his machine doesn't work, it explodes stunning them. The spies escape, but the leader is nicknamed the Faker by his men and the visiting Inspector of Spies, because he talks a good game but too often amounts to nothing. He takes the name to heart and starts launching fake sabotage attempts in one location while pulling off the real job somewhere else.

His downfall comes from his other namesake, his love of strudel. On the next job, he decides to really pull the job he is alerting the authorities about, and while investigating Spysmasher sees the tell-tale strudel crumbs always on hand near the other victorious jobs and he realizes the saboteurs are near-by.

So, he fakes leaving in order to draw them out and catches them easily. Sadly, Alan Armstrong's golf game is not as easily fixed. Firehawk: , Master Comics 4. El Carim is vacationing out west, watching a movie being filmed when the set is plagued by mysterious deaths of actors' faces spontaneously bursting into flame. After the first one, the three main actors are given death threats, extorting money from them or suffering a similar death which immediately befalls the leading man. El Carim figures out that it's their make-up that has been treated with thermite causing it to catch fire from the body heat.

He soon captures Firehawk and unmasks him as Zarrow, the actor playing the villain of the movie and who has a background in chemistry. As Firehawk, he wears a green costume with a bird-head mask and brown cape, looking a little more like a parakeet. Slick Fokus: , Captain Marvel Adventures, vol 2, An unscrupulous photographer for the Peerless Photography Agency, Slick is fired when it is revealed that he faked photos of Captain Marvel's visit to St. Paul, Minnesota. Wanting revenge, he steals a camera that takes pictures hours into the future from a coworker and inventor and hooks up with a local crime boss.

Thanks to a picture showing Captain Marvel being with the mayor and most of the police at 5, they knock over a bank at the same time, hoping to damage the good Captains reputation along with getting some dough. However, warned at 5 by a friend of the camera's inventor, Captain Marvel is able to get clear across town just a second later to bring it all, including the future camera, to a smashing end.

Flying Dutchman : Whiz The legendary ghost captain fought Ibis. Revealed to have lost his soul to Satan in a game of dice, Captain von Falkenberg must deliver so many souls a year or face even a worse fate. Only the tears from a good woman who loves him will undo the curse but the best he can hope for is pity as Taia uses the Ibis stick to rob him of his undead life. Beautia happens to come in and protests, so dear old dad shrinks her too. In this world of giant plants and strange creatures, Billy and Beautia meet up with a race that call themselves the Germ People who revere Sivana who visits and teaches them.

Beautia is taken as a slave to the chief's wife, while Billy is forced to fight for his life against the chief's champion, a magician with a whistle given by Sivana that summons all sorts of creatures. While he as Captain Marvel defeats the creatures and turns the tables on the chief and magician, Beautia finds the potion that Sivana uses to grow himself after his visits. Unfortunately for the Germ People, once her normal size, Beautia sprays the potted plant with some old fashioned germ killer.

Ghost: , America's Greatest Comics 1. Val Lukovichis a warehouse worker and shot through the head by thieves. He comes to and thinks he's dead and thus his purpose is to kill the living. He goes about in a white sheet strangling people until he is stopped by Mr. The Ghost Gun: , Golden Arrow 1. This hooded villain terrorized rancher Riggs and his daughter Gerry to the point of him seeking help from the Golden Arrow. He tells the Golden Arrow that has three enemies, any of them could be the ghost: Pete who was a drunkard, Shifty who he caught trying to rob his safe, and Jimmy who was courting Gerry behind his back.

Golden Arrow investigates and discovers the ghost is none other than Gerry who was in love with Jimmy and was trying to scare off any cowhands her father hired in order to force him to hire Jimmy back.

By the way, Jimmy seems a fine upstanding young man, deserving of Gerry's love. John Larch was the bellringer of the western town Chimeville, announcing births, deaths, weddings, etc. He accidentally falls and dies from a broken back, and subsequently buried at the base of the bell tower. Later, Chimeville is plagued by mysterious deaths and a "ghost" ringing the bell, announcing each death.

Billy Batson is sent by the radio station to investigate and he comes across a strange and agile hunchback claiming to be the ghost and seems to vanish without a trace. Ultimately, Captain Marvel captures and reveals the hunchback as Larch himself who had gone mad when found buried alive and was killing off those who buried him. Ghost of the Deep: , America's Greatest Comics 1. Al Spriggins, radio broadcaster for W. He builds a suit of armor which he hid under black robes and hood. After a full-blown knock-down fight, Captain Marvel manages to bust open the armor and capturing the Ghost.

Ghost of the Fishing Ships : Don Winslow Green skinned, yellow robed foe of Don Winslow. Pic can be found here. Ghost of Hamlet : Bulletman 7. Jim Barr and Susan Kent are on vacation, watching the filming of a comedy version of Hamlet. Only his ghost rises up to strike down those making the movie. Bulletman and Bulletgirl have their hands full before they reveal it to be Thilby the research expert on the picture.


Thilby hated the producer Groman and hoped to make the movie fail and replace him in the studio. Thilby chose to shoot himself over letting himself be captured. Glass King: , Wow Comics Scarlet, revealed to be one Adam Slink. Although disguised as statues during the day, Ibis suspects them and ultimately turns them to real statues. Graybeard : April, ? In , a man is sent to prison for a 99 year sentence. While there, he reads and studies every book on crime as well as exercising and keeping his body in tip top shape so that a century later, he is released from prison having served his entire term.

Armed with a sword cane and having a long bushy graybeard he takes over a gang and puts his prison education to work. His crime wave brings him to the attention of Captain Marvel Jr, but even Junior has trouble outsmarting the old crime lord. In fact, at the end of 37, the Graybeard was still on the loose.

The Green Devil: , Slam-bang Comics 3. In addition to mastering magic, he is also a master of science and inventions. Diamond Jack's magic proves more powerful and the Green Devil is ultimately turned into a book and his island is destroyed. Adam Grimm: Wow Comics 1.

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  5. Always looking out for himself, willing to pick on others, and not willing to accept responsibility of his actions. Reggie Mantle without the charm. Grosso: , Whiz Grosso is a hulking giant of a man under the hypnotic control of Spy Smasher's foe the Mask. He's electrocuted while fighting Spy Smasher. Guardians of the Tomb: Whiz Comics. In ancient Egypt, Pharaoh. En-Tep was a mighty black magic sorcerer. When he died and was entombed, the bones of his servants were placed in large clay jars to ensure his rest would be undisturbed.

    When his tomb is discovered and brought to America, his servants come to life in pairs to kill the men responsible. Ibis defeats them by destroying En-tep's mummy. With nothing left to guard, the guardians return to dust. Half-Man: , Whiz Comics Mad-Eye Durrant recants: The Half-Man was a German officer who was hit by a shell and lost his right eye, his left leg and his right arm. After recovering from his injuries, which removed him from the battle lines, the man studied magic until, with the assistance of a demon who demanded the sacrifice of a hero for food, he became an adept sorcerer in his own right.

    He succeeded in robbing Prince Taia of her memory and she wandered behind enemy lines carrying the magic wand known as the Ibistick. Eventually, she regained her memory, but by that time her lover Prince Ibis was trying to escape from the clutches of the monocled Half-Man. After several adventures involving the Half-Man and his magic, which was stifling the Ibistick's power, Prince Ibis restored the Half-Man to his full strength and health.

    Hata Hari : , Master Comics Sexy female agent, ace spy of the Gestapo. At some points she actually wears a costume: green dress with a small cutaway on the chest, golden belt and cowl that allows her dark hair to still curl around her shoulders.

    Captain Marvel (DC Comics)

    Opposed by Minute Man. Hawk: Master Nameless agent for the Nazis seeks to organize an intelligence army made of beggers disguised as cripples with guns concealed in their crutches which allows them to get close enough to US Intelligence officers to kill them and steal their secrets. He also made a bizarre costume that allowed him to fly: a cape, clawed gloves, a beaked but bat-eared mask, and bat wings making him look more like some kind of Man-Bat or gargoyle than a hawk.

    Not good enough against Minute Man. Headless Horseman: , Whiz Comics Van Cort as well as destroying their new invention, a charger for airplane motors. Van Cort gets the help of Ibis right before he finds himself charged for Symes' murder. Ibis supposes that since the original Horseman was a German, this one is too, raised by Nazi wizards to act for them. He bedevils the Horseman until it surrenders and then forces him to remove his killing spell from Dick Symes.

    Once done, he sends Horseman and head back to the grave. The Hen: , Marvel Family 33? So ruthless, she killed off her whole gang just so's not to share the loot. However, this kinda makes other criminals not want to work for her. So she teams up with Georgia Sivana, combining the Sivana daughter's goal with being Princess of Earth with her own goal to be the World's Wealthiest Woman.

    However, you cannot have two leaders and this team-up was doomed as eventually the two got to fighting over who was the best allowing Mary Marvel to capture them and put them in jail. Besides her thin angled features, she further mimics her name-sake by having a tendency to cackle. She is also a genius with gases. Herr Zero: , Whiz Comics Master espionage agent in America, getting info to U-Boats of maneuvers so that they can sink American boats.

    He's stopped and unmasked by Spy Smasher. Honest John: , America's Greatest Comics 4. City weather-man Professor Konley develops an artificial purple mist that he plans for the War Effort. However, it's stolen by the gangster Honest John Black who equips his gang with special goggles that allow them to see in the blanketing mist and use it to rob banks.

    He briefly captures Bulletgirl and holds her hostage. Bulletman as Jim Barr whips up a countering agent to the fog and then he and Bulletgirl capture the gang. NOTE: The story struck me as being a little familiar. The basic set-up was used in Green Hornet 14, , only the scientist's name was Ronley and the villain Zaza and went in different directions from that point on.

    Hooded Bandits: , Master Comics 4. A large group of hooded and robed men with silenced guns and golden bullets attack several government arsenals and make off with tanks and guns and such. The government is in a panic, a prominent banker offers a huge reward and Master Man decides to investigate. One of the bandits is captured by the FBI and the bandit army stops at nothing in trying to silence him, from assination by rifle and an attack by airplane with bombs.

    Master Man stops them all and tracks the group to a tunnels in the hills of Kentucky leading to a massive underground lair. They manage to slow him down and launch an assault on Fort Knox but Master Man stops them from successfully escaping to flee to a foreign nation. The leader of the group stands revealed as the banker that offered the reward.

    Horned Hood: , America's Greatest Comics 1. Joe Mallone, an enforcer who wore a devil costume and a lead-cored thorny club. Stopped by Mr. Horned Masks: , Master Comics 9. In the Ozarks a group of men dressed in dark cloaks and horned hoods ride about on horseback terrorizing the town of Tinville and demanding tribute. They are stopped by Zoro, the Mystery Man when their leader accidentally stabs himself instead of the hero. Horrible Hand: , Whiz Comics The horrible hand is a red hand, all that's left of a demon, the rest of his body destroyed. Like a summoned demon, the hand is able to do the will of its owner.

    Enter Trug, a black magician whose powers were stolen by Ibis and looking for new ones. He uses the hand for thefts and murder, but is stopped again by Ibis. Ibis seals the hand in a globe and buries it to prevent others from using it again. Horrido : Whiz Comics On a mountain lives a hermit, and this mountain is the source of mysterious disappearances of several new models of fighter planes.

    Spy Smasher investigates and uncovers the secret of the mountain and its hermit Horrido a large muscular Japanese spy and a wind tunnel that sucks in planes for the capture in a base hidden inside of the mountain. Spy Smasher has several close calls in trying to put an end to Horrido once and for all. The Hummer: , Wow Comics 4. Hunchback: Xmas Comics 1. Up and coming actor Dennis Mills drinks a little too much and cripples himself.

    Eventually goes insane over the loss of his fame and disguises himself as a hunchback and haunts film studios. When they continue filming he becomes a murderer until stopped by Bulletman. Hydra: All-Hero 1. John Oberon is able to turn into the Greek monster Hydra. Opposed by Ibis. In his war against Captain Marvel, Mr. Mind creates a monstrous body with a human head. Only the human head turns out to be an imbecile so Mr. Mind decides to kill his monster. When he chops the head off, it not only grows back but a dog's head does as well. Deciding such a creature could be useful, he takes it to steal some weapon plans.

    Losing and gaining more heads in battle with Captain Marvel and the police, the beast is finally defeated when Captain Marvel feeds it some raw meat and the various heads attack each other over it. Ibac : , Captain Marvel Adventures 8. Petty crook Stinky Printwhistle is willing to blow up a bridge in order to loot the wreckage of a train.

    He's stopped by Captain Marvel, but his clothes rip and he's falling to his doom when saved by Lucifer. He promises his soul in order to get revente on Captain Marvel. Lucifer copies the spell that makes up Captain Marvel. When Printwhistle shouts the name Ibac I van the Terrible, B orgia, A ttila the Hun, C aligula , green flames blaze up transforming him into the muscular villain of the same name.

    Also served with Mr. Not exactly the physical skills one would think that he'd need. Backed by the power and cunning, he is able to put together a gang and start a crimewave as well as sullying Billy Batson's image. However, when going toe to toe with Captain Marvel, he isn't quite strong enough.

    Captain Marvel hits him hard enough to knock the spirits out of him who promptly flee. Printwhistle then promises to reform. Nazi spy mistress seduces top-ranking officials for their secrets through the power of pheromones. She manages to return to fight Minute Man again and again. Invisible Man: , America's Greatest Comics 1. Ben Leighton creates suit which grants him the power of invisibility.

    However, in low light, it doesn't seem to work and he's captured by Bulletman and Bulletgirl. Jap Devil Dragon: , Spy Smasher 7. A large reptilian dragon, large enough to wipe out a destroyer and demolish a city while laughing off Allied planes. The dragon's breath even stalls out Spy Smasher's incredible gyro-sub part submarine, part plane. He suspects something fishy as the dragon seems to be fighting for the Japanese and he leads it and a Japanese division into a mine-field, blowing both to kingdom come.

    The dragon is then revealed as being just a huge mechanical monster. Jumbo: , Captain Marvel, Jr. Jumbo is an incredibly large white sperm whale and lord of his domain. To the point that he purposely attacks and sinks merchant ships in the area. Captain Marvel, Jr.

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    After defeating Jumbo, Captain Marvel, Jr. He arranges for the merchant ships whenever in Jumbo's domain to drop food over in tribute to the undersea king. Khor: , Slam-bang Comics 4. The Evil god of an Eastern temple, it turns out his eye jewel is the diamond used by Diamond Jack to fight evil. His believers seek to capture Diamond Jack and retrieve the "eye". When Jack takes the battle to the temple and the believers, the bronze statue of the god Khor is brought to life to strike him down.

    Jack's magic has no direct effect on the god, but he reasons that snuffing out the brazier used to bring it to life will render it lifeless. It does and as the falling statue crushes the priest that brought it to life. Kid Glove: , Wow Comics The festival celebrates the town's Western roots with actors playing the parts of the James Brothers, Wild Bill Hickock and Bat Masterson as well as the rest of the town dressed in Western garb.

    Notorious gangster Kid Glove is also there, dressed as a cowboy, to commit robberies for real. He is so named because of his penchant for wearing kid skin gloves. He and his gang are captured by Mary Marvel. King Kull: , Captain Marvel Adventures In the ancient past Kull and his race ruled over humans.

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    However, they were only a few and humans were many and they raised up and overthrew their masters. Kull was cast into suspended animation and arose in the late 40's the last of his kind. He operated a packaging studio more or less continuously from the mids through , and at times also operated as a publisher.

    In Chesler published with Dynamic Publications, Inc. From this point on, most of Chesler's comics would be branded with a logo proclaiming them the "World's Greatest Comics". In , this also identified each issue as "A Dynamic Publication". After just over half a year, Dynamic ceased publishing, he continued producing a few books through surrogates.

    The surrogate activity picks up dramatically in , leading into Chesler's third major wave of publishing. Junior, however, was the son of Chesler the publisher, a point of much confusion for latter-day comics researchers. This period lasted through , after which the ongoing titles were continued in Canada by Superior Publishers through early Chesler continued to run his art shop, but no longer published his own comics after Their major competitor in books of comic strip reprints was Frederick A.

    Stokes, who died in To reprint comic strips, the company offered, for 25 cents, a square-bound paperback format of 52 pages of black-and-white strips between flexible cardboard covers. Dell Publishing Co.

    The Lovin’ Spoonful – PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

    Dell was founded in and first published comics with 's "The Funnies", which looked like a newspaper insert but was distributed on newsstands. Eastern Color Printing Company was involved with several of Dell's earliest comic book ventures, although the exact nature of each partnership is not always clear. The company's comic book division folded in , although Dell continued to publish the occasional book with comics content, including newspaper strip collections.

    Dell became part of Bantam Doubleday Dell in , ceasing to exist as an independent company. We do reserve the right to limit uploads to this section when needed. Associated publishers Nita Publishing Co. Orbit Pub. Co Ray R. Hermann publications. Argyle Magazines, Inc. Gillmor Magazines, Inc. Key Publications Key Publications, Inc. Media Publications, Inc.

    John Publications A Checklist of all St. Alice New Advs. Dearfield Publishing Co. Peter Wheat P.

    Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9 Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9
    Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9 Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9
    Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9 Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9
    Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9 Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9
    Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9 Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9
    Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9 Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9
    Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9 Fawcetts Greatest Hits #9

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