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Discover unique arts, cuisine and culture of South Dakota along with the iconic Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse Memorials. COM Wall Drug has been entertaining and educating the traveling public since This wonderland of free attractions includes a restaurant that seats Located in Wall. COM Groups love Watertown. Art galleries, historical landmarks, a trail of sculptures through our vibrant downtown, diverse culinary scene, craft brews, and genuine hospitality. Watertown will awaken your spirit, curiosity and sense of adventure. We are proud to be the first company that offered one brochure that featured guaran-.

Along with our elite Guild Members, who offer destinations and services that are consistent. It seems like everyone is talking about TAP. Eastern Time, feature not just destinations, but also important information negotiating better contracts are just a few subjects that have been reported as. This runs in conjunction with our annual. For travel professionals that have an active website, the customized Tour.

To make it easy, phone numbers are provided, as we. Our operator network. Strong partnerships translate into more money. I look forward to helping you get hooked on TAP. In , a small group of tour operators banded together around a novel idea: They each operated in a different part of the country, which meant that they had different expertise and different audiences. So they decided to form a network that would allow them to leverage that diversity to create growth opportunities for everyone, and TAP was born.

Each tour operator member opens its products for sale to all the other members. That allows each tour operator to offer its customers more tours than just the ones it creates. And it gives. Some are focused on students. Some are pushing millennial product. Some are pushing senior product.

Some are better at special events. The organization works closely with many representatives of destinations, attractions and other travel industry companies to help inspire new ideas and create new tour itineraries for customers. TAP also has outreach initiatives aimed at helping group leaders make the most of its offerings. Courtesy Image Tours. It takes our operators, our suppliers and our buyers of TAP tours. Now, the organization is focusing on refining and innovating its model to achieve new successes in the future. That means revitalizing every program. Now, Gorder said, TAP partners are enhancing those platforms with travel videos and outreach on social media networks such as Facebook Live.

The group is also expanding the scope of its successful TAP Into Travel webinars, which take place every Tuesday at 2 p. Eastern Time. Each webinar features a presentation by a different TAP member tour operator. For several years, those presentations have focused on specific tours those members offered, but now some feature educational elements as well.

The first of its kind in the travel industry, this program consists of dozens of tours that TAP guarantees will operate on their scheduled dates, regardless of how many customers sign up. In addition to its Guaranteed Departures, TAP offers many more Scheduled Departures, which are tours they expect to perform well, and Custom Tours, which are exciting travel products available to group leaders on request.

Those two types of trips are creating opportunities for TAP members to offer new tour experiences. There are new group products, like Hippies to Honeymoons, in upstate New York. We have huge numbers already, and there are lots of Custom Tours available around the Passion play. Tour operators have four solid days of appointments with destination representatives and use that time to find new travel ideas.

Put on a bathing suit instead of a business suit, and the conversations take a whole new turn. It has elements of exclusivity — an exclusive concert,. In , TAP will offer two very different experiences. The first will take place in New England, September , and is centered on the Big E, a state-fair-style festival. Officially known as the Eastern States Exhibition, the Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts, is one of the largest annual events in the Northeast, serving as a state fair for all the New England states combined.

Guests will be able to enjoy the landscape of Lake Powell, which is surrounded by towering, colorful sandstone cliffs, and participate in active exploration if they wish. They can go fishing off the houseboat or take the powerboat out to fish. For more information on either event, visit www. Courtesy Eastern States Exposition. The itinerary will include a day in the Berkshires with a visit to the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, and an evening event at the Yankee Candle headquarters in nearby South Deerfield.

They have a hot tub on deck and a full kitchen. They have couches and chairs that you can lounge on throughout the day and waterslides you can fly off into the water. Van Meter was nominated by TAP members for his outstanding role in the tourism industry and particularly for his work in helping to bring the TAP Dance conference to Tucson, Arizona.

He is always surprising me by how he quietly and unassumingly pursued availability and rates for a client when others would have moved on. TAP members offer a variety of programs and products to help group leaders reach new customers and grow their business. One TAP partner offers an advertising-share program, and others provide special incentives and niche itineraries that help entice new travelers.

Image Tours partners with travel agents to split the costs of advertising their tours. In addition to designing and customizing the ad, the company also helps throughout the sale, including providing a template cover letter for the first mailing to make it more personal and follow-up to give clients a personal touch in getting the tours they want. When people say newspapers are a dead medium, Osbon has hard numbers that say otherwise. Many group tour customers still read newspapers and trust using them more than using an online agency.

In addition to providing consistent quality throughout the trip, it also gives TAP members and groups working with TAP access to those preferred vendor agreements from start to finish. Although most webinars are focused on travel — destinations, attractions and experiences — Tri-State Travel has homed in on another aspect of the travel business: motorcoaches.

Tri-State Travel is a full-service tour operator and one of only three TAP members that is also a charter motorcoach operator. Most group travel leaders rely on motorcoaches, but many have no idea of what to look for when it comes to booking them. The first was on motorcoach safety, and the second was about electronic logging devices, which the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will require all motorcoach drivers to use beginning in December. The devices, which sync up with the engine to record driving time,.

Create unforgettable Minnesota memories. Visit the Mississippi River headwaters. Cruise Courtesy Image Tours. Travel the Great River Road or 20 other scenic byways. Experience worldclass dining and theater, concerts, museums, shopping and hands-on attractions. The change will affect the group market, Hillard said, because group leaders will need to start thinking about tightening up itineraries or adding more time, an extra night or a relief driver to avoid going over the daily limits on driving time.

Eastern time. The webinars are available at www. The company started the baseball passport program about 17 years ago. The company tries to include all 30 MLB stadiums on at least one tour each year. Although the program centers on stadiums, itineraries include plenty of other attractions, destination and historic sites. Main Street Experiences started its Women in Need of Spoiling WINOS program to take girlfriend getaways beyond wine tastings and day spas to fully escorted trips tailored for a female audience.

The two companies have plans to launch WINOS as a retail product but have also been doing custom group itineraries. But too often, individual travelers and group leaders get stuck in a rut of letting the sights and sounds pass them by, whether through a motorcoach window or on a walking tour. Many of the tour operators of Travel Alliance Partners TAP have tapped their creativity to find unique experiences for travelers in the destinations they visit.

These TAP itineraries go beyond the norm to give people a chance to drive a steam locomotive, travel with a TV show host, cross an international border, see a national park in a new way and, maybe, just maybe, speak to the spirits. The closing scene shows Sheldon operating a coal-fired locomotive, shirtless in bib overalls, his face smeared with grease and a grin. The in-depth program gives each participant nearly an hour at the throttle of two locomotives. Guests start on the diesel engine, which is more straightforward and less overwhelming than the century-old, coal-fired steam locomotive, Dahl said.

The railroad was built in to reach the copper mines about miles north of Ely; but when the mines shut down in , so did the railroad. Yellowstone National Park is a different place in winter. Snow blankets the ground, muffling ambient noise. Wildlife stands out, stark against the white carpet. Steam from geysers and thermal pools turns into billowing columns in the freezing air. For travel, the company uses a combination of modern snow coaches — vans or minibuses that have been converted to tracks for winter driving — and historic snow coaches, which are basically World War II-era snow machines.

Each can hold eight to 12 people. Groups also ride a horse-drawn sleigh into the massive herd on the National Elk Refuge near Jackson, Wyoming. All the bulls are fight-. Johnson and his crew will be filming on the trip as well as hosting seminars and participating in cruise events. The trip begins in Amsterdam with a visit to the Rijksmuseum, where guests can see works by Rembrandt and Vermeer up close, followed by a stop at the Van Gogh Museum.

Groups of all sizes love The Natural State because of our seemingly endless variety of things to see, do and experience, like world-class museums, national historic sites and more. Plan your trip at arkansas. What will you make in Arkansas? Keukenhof is an acre garden with more than 7 million tulips, daffodils and hyacinths.

Kinderdijk is a village known for its elaborate network of historic 18th-century windmills, pumps, dikes and reservoirs that control flooding in the lowland. Mark Hoffmann, president and founder of Sports Leisure Vacations, is a skeptic when it comes to the supernatural. Find out more at VisitTucson. In Goodsprings, the group goes on a ghost hunt, a tour that for years was led by Robert George Allen, a retired entertainer who started the Haunted Vegas tour and who recently passed away.

And those residents welcome visitors to see the ruins of collapsed buildings, the remains of partially standing structures and the Belmont Courthouse, which locals are trying to restore. Few motorcoach tour operators still offer itineraries that cross the southern border into Mexico, but Gray Line Tours is — proudly — one of them. Gray Line offers a variety of itineraries, among them Best of the Barrio, which explores Tucson through its Sonoran cuisine, and the Border Crisis: Fact and Fiction tour, which was designed to allow people to go on personal fact-finding missions and see the border firsthand in a safe and secure way.

The resort fronts the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez, and when guests arrive, they enjoy a margarita reception at the hotel. While there, groups can opt to take a sunset cruise, a bird island boat tour or a whale-watching trip with EcoFun Rentals, which also rents kayaks, paddleboards and boogie boards to beachgoers. Your group will love our inlets. And our outlets. Waterfront cruises. Maritime history. Now you can add the newly opened Norfolk Premium Outlets to the many attractions your group will enjoy in our waterfront city.

In New Brunswick, the city of St. The ocean floor is exposed during low tide and covered by 50 feet of seawater during high tide. The massive tidal shifts create another phenomenon: the Reversing Rapids. The St. John River empties into the bay, but the power of the ocean forces the river to flow backward during high tide, creating roiling rapids and whirlpools.

The Bay of Fundy is also spectacular for whale-watching, with up to 12 whale species using it as their summer feeding ground. In Shediac Bay, the group will go out on a lobster boat to haul up lobster traps and eat their lobster dinner right on the boat. There, U. The massive historic ruins have been repurposed as an openair gathering place with courtyards, shops, buskers and street performers. Many of her custom groups want to visit because they have Irish roots and want to learn more about their heritage. After the tour, groups go to the top level, a circular glass level — again, like the rim of a pint glass — that gives a degree panoramic view of the city with information about sites and buildings etched into the windows as part of the view.

At Trinity College, the group learns about the Book of Kells, which contains the first four gospels annotated by monks and was found in a bog, and visits St. The group will enjoy a medieval banquet at the 11th-century Bunratty Castle. Groups can take a backstage tour followed by dinner and a performance.

Near Queensland, the Whitsunday Islands provide the iconic Australian beach experience, and Cairns is a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, which people can explore in countless ways: in a helicopter, on a glass-bottom boat or in the water snorkeling, diving or ocean walking. Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is a sacred place and a huge draw for cultural tourism. In Daintree Rainforest, groups can walk with an Aboriginal guide through their ancestral lands. An overnight stay on a boat in the remote Milford Sound allows travelers to watch the sunset from their kayaks and discover waterfalls as seals jump all around their boats.

Travelers stay in African lodges that rival American resorts and spend their days swimming, napping and reading between twice-daily game drives in the early morning and late afternoon. Guides, many of whom Talbot Tours has been using for more than 10 years, navigate six-person, pop-top safari vehicles through reserves where guests will spot lions, cheetahs, giraffes, gazelles, antelopes, elephants, baboons, wildebeests, zebras and more.

At Sweetwaters Serena Camp, travelers stay in luxury tents that look directly across the game reserve; a fence keeps the animals separate. Serena Mountain Lodge is a four-story lodge built on stilts where every guest room, along with the dining room and lounge, overlooks. Travelers marvel at thousands of pink flamingos at Lake Nakuru; the trip also includes visits to a giraffe compound, a chimpanzee sanctuary and an elephant orphanage. Groups will visit Marktl am Inn, where Benedict was born in , and the village of Traunstein, where he spent his childhood.

The trip also includes stops in Freising, where he studied and later taught at the School of Philosophy and Theology, and at the Cathedral of St. Mary, where he was ordained in But the showstopper is arguably the Passion Play in Oberammergau, a production the town has been doing since after vowing to put on the play if God spared them from the bubonic plague. Townspeople now perform the play several times a week May through October during every year that ends in zero. Actors must be from the town or be a direct descendent of someone who is. It hits you right in the heart.

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Boston was where the Sons of Liberty fomented the birth of the nation. Florida drew all sorts of notable names to its shores, and South Dakota is best known for the famous faces carved into its stone facades. These Travel Alliance Partners itineraries showcase some of the most influential people in American history. Thomas Jefferson was the third U. James Madison was the fourth. And groups will get an idea of how different the two Founding Fathers were while touring their In Washington, D.

Florida claims many famous people, from the original conquistadors searching for the Fountain of Youth to Ernest Hemingway and President Harry Truman. Augustine feels like a European city. A trolley tour highlights sites including the Cathedral Basilica of St. The Ringlings built the Venetian-style mansion between and , and groups can tour it along with the Ringling Circus Museum and Museum of Art. As the Florida Keys continue to recover from damage from Hurricane Irma, Wade will continue to travel there, where a historic guided trolley.

The tour also includes a stop at the Crazy Horse Memorial, an ongoing mountain-carving project that depicts the famous Oglala Lakota war leader and is designed to honor all Native American tribes. During the day, visitors enjoy the viewing veranda and the ranger programs and take a flurry of pictures. At Fort Abraham Lincoln, Lt. Roosevelt is better known simply as Springwood.

North Dakota native Josh Duhamel enjoys one-of-a kind dining, shopping and entertainment in our vibrant downtowns. Share the fascinating cities of our state with your travel group. Visit us online to plan your next tour itinerary. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil. A tour leads groups through the main rooms of the six-story stone house and into the gardens that are dotted with Gov. Rockwell was famous for his Saturday Evening Post illustrations, and groups can see all the covers at the museum along with many of his larger pieces.

Guests will also learn about another pivotal but more contemporary figure in American history while touring the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. In the Oval Office exhibit, groups will see a rocking chair Kennedy used in his Oval Office and two photographs of his daughter, Caroline, that he kept on his desk. Either way, a costumed Freedom Trail Player guides the tour and talks about the significance of each stop. During a walk through the historic North End, visitors can stop at the Old North Church where the lanterns were hung to signal Paul Revere.

Maybe people grew up listening to the Grand Ole Opry on the radio or poring over a book of French impressionist works. Maybe they fell in love with Elvis Presley on the record player or studied modern art in college. Travel Alliance Partners TAP offers groups dozens of opportunities to encounter favorite arts attractions and discover new ones. The following TAP itineraries immerse travelers in culture, from contemporary art to country music. New York has the Met, Los Angeles has the Getty, and Columbus, Ohio, has a surprising number of art museums, collections, galleries and hands-on experiences to offer visitors.

During the Adventures in Art and History itinerary offered by Joy Tour and Travel, groups will tour the Columbus Museum of Art CMA , which recently renovated about 38, square feet in the original wing and expanded with a new 50,square-foot two-story building. The project allowed CMA to display more of it permanent collection, including some larger pieces and contemporary installations. In the Short North district, groups can explore 16 or so galleries, take in murals throughout the district and visit shops, restaurants, boutiques and bars.

The district is also home to the Pizzuti Collection, the private collection of Ron and Ann Pizzuti, which is housed in a historic building. During a Coffee and Canvas session at Brandt-Roberts Galleries, people break into groups of four and each paint a quadrant of a canvas that hooks together in the back so that each person can take home a piece.

Tennessee is home to two music meccas: Nashville, known for its country roots, and Memphis, home of the blues. During a city tour of Memphis, a step-on guide from Backbeat Tours will play songs on a guitar as he tells stories about Elvis and the city. The foot-stomping music of New Orleans often has the distinctive sound of an accordion, which is likely a Martin.

When groups visit, Junior; his daughter, Pennye Huval; and his grandson, Joel Martin, give a one-and-a-half-hour presentation that includes playing several types of music. In Branson, Missouri, travelers are inundated with toe-tapping, hand-clapping music. Then, in Bentonville, Arkansas, they are inspired by breathtaking works of art. Entertainers from the itinerary come out for an hourlong wine reception aboard the cruise and mingle with the group. The group visits the modern white-and-glass Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, nestled on acres of Ozark forest on the edge of downtown Bentonville.

The museum displays as many as of its several-thousand-pieces collection at any time, including two iconic portraits of George Washington. At the George Dombek Studio and Gallery in Goshen, Arkansas, the artist will greet guests during a reception and do signings, an exclusive experience for the group, Vance said. The Centennial Rodeo Opry got its start as a backyard gathering of family and friends who loved to play and sing country music before becoming the Oklahoma Opry in The show moved into the historic Rodeo Theater in Stockyard City in Every year since its founding in , the Hall of Fame inducts new musicians and has now inducted over artists.

The historic freight depot serves as a concert venue and often hosts perfor-. We make sure our passengers experience everything the destination has to offer. Check out all our web site has to offer. We look forward to making your travel dreams come true! Five offices across the US. We also feature sheduled departures and Independent travel arrangements. Offering custom planned group tours for those wishing to expand their travels with the aid of a Burlington Trailways professional driver and a friendly, experienced tour host. CTN Travels begins in 28 year of serving a variety of group travelers.

Customized group tours are our specialty. Groups of all sizes are welcome. We offer guests an exciting and informative tour coupled with a cost effective rate. Our tours include planned activities as well as ample time for guests to pursue their own interests. DeNureTours is a Canadian company that began in Our vacations in North America, Britain and Europe feature a kaleidoscope of experiences designed to turn ideas and dreams into lasting memories.

Award-winning full-service agency with a focus on high-value European group tours with Italy a specialty. Our forte is to be able to customize a European Tour to meet your exact specifications for your expected number of travelers. With decades of experience creating tours, Ed-Ventures has gained the skills and reputation for delivering top-notch customized group tours to worldwide destinations. Guided Deluxe Worldwide Vacations since We are a family owned business and a Partner in Travel Alliance Partners since Image Tours is a 3rd generation family owned and operated company specializing exclusively in escorted Europe Tours since We serve mid to upper scale clientele with nice hotels that are 3 star or better and many inclusions and few options.

Experience the true Southwest. We offer unique, active and informative travel experiences. Our philosophy is to provide the best value and service possible. Golf, Music, History and Culture and more fun than you can shake a stick at. We love it all and we want to take you there. From our innovative day and multi-day tours to our specialized Rose Parade and WINOS itineraries, we have provided our travelers with unique and enriching experiences since We include upscale accommodations, exciting and unique attractions.

Our Tour Directors are professional and experienced, to ensure everyone has fun. Journeys of Exploration and Discovery. Explore the West where legends live. A tour operator based in Staunton, Virginia, offering superior escorted tours throughout the United States and Canada since Quality vacations at value pricing with a personal touch. Receptive Tour Operater focusing on adventure, scenic, and photography tours throughout the Southwestern US. Small Group Experience from 1 to 25 customers.

Private and Custom Tours also. Our company prides itself on creating memories through unique experiences with many options. Our groups are smaller in size enabling us to provide more personalized service and individual attention. We own and operate an award-winning fleet of deluxe motorcoaches, including a tour division that provides fully escorted travel packages for both individuals and groups throughout the United States.

Talbot Tours offers groups, individuals and families exceptional values on tours, cruises, and international destinations. Fully escorted and independent travel services. Western Leisure is a full service receptive tour operator specializing in custom group tours to the National Parks of the west and along the Pacific Coast. To help you discover the rich history and culture that permeates our historic districts and museums.

Encyclopedia of African American Society

See More. MAC T. Find out more at TourismCares. Email Karen at keylon ohiotravel. COM Museum and other splendid area attractions. Chicago has lots of new attractions for groups to discover, among them the American Writers Museum and significant upgrades to Navy Pier and the Chicago Riverwalk. Nearby in Lake County, a new Great Wolf Lodge resort will make an excellent place for student groups to stay and play as part of their tour of the area.

In Rock Island, part of the Quad Cities area, a mansion is open to the public for the first time in many years. C O M 3 3 Visit our website for complete visitor information! Louis A peaceful environment for people of all faiths Museum tours include overviews of the Art Deco building, considered the most significant artifact. COM Paddlers zig right and zag left as water tosses them down the rapids at the U.

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Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage , Dickerson , Dennis C. Militant Mediator: Whitney M.

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Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)
Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)
Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)
Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)
Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)
Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)
Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)
Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)
Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659) Bayou Beginnings (Truly Yours Digital Editions Book 659)

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