A Tale of Two Slaves

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I knew that you were likely a descendant of the DeHarts, and I have long been interested in Ruffin and his family, so the combination was too good to pass up.

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My 3G Grandfather owned slaves in Mississippi, and as you said, it is a part of history that cannot be undone. I think it's important that people understand that slavery was not germane to simply the southern plantations, but also took place in the mountains.

Stay tuned for what happened to Ruffin and Susan As always Wendy you produce great pieces of history in which I am so caught up in. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to keeping this alive. The women didn't know that the dogs hadn't been trained to kill them, they didn't know that the animals though it was all some sort of wonderful game. They screamed and ran for their lives, while the soldiers laughed at the spectacle. Clutching Marya to her, Lanu ran towards the edge of the training ground, which was hemmed in by a wooden fence.

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Beyond that fence was a thick forest that separated other sections of Domitian's estate from the soldiers' area. Lanu didn't dare look behind her, but Marya did, and she saw the men begin to chase after the scattered women and girls, laughing cruelly and joking amongst themselves. One girl was tackled to the ground, and the soldier that had her ripped at her tunic while she screamed and fought in vain against him.

His friends goaded him on. We only want to have some fun. Lanu made it to the fence and swung Marya over the side. Things seemed to happen in slow motion. Marya was just standing there, staring up at her older sister with her frightened green eyes, when Lanu was yanked backward and pressed up against a huge soldier. He pushed her to the ground and ripped her tunic off. Please, Lanu thought, Let it be over soon…. The man turned his eyes on the girl, and only then did she run, the bleary gaze of Lanu's violator too much for her to bear.

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She ran as fast as she could, her dress getting caught and tripping her. Not caring about the damage being done to her clothes, or the blood streaming down her arms and legs from scratches she had sustained, Marya kept running. She was too out of breath to shriek when someone grabbed her from the side, knocking her to the ground and clapping a hand over her mouth.

At first she struggled, but her captor was too strong for her and so she lay still, waiting for whatever horrible thing that had been done to her sister to be done to her, too.

A Tale Of Two Slaves

When she did not feel her tunic being torn off, she managed to look up to see what her captor was doing to her. She stared into the eyes of a boy not much older than herself- deep, blue eyes that could make you get lost in them. Then, to her amazement, he spoke her name. Next time on A Tale of Two Slaves: An explanation as to who this blue-eyed boy is and what he was doing in the middle of the forest when Marya came running towards him.

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Young Shark has adapted to field life, and few people doubt he is anything other than what he claims to be, but in truth he has many secrets to hide, secrets that could put him in serious danger. His sisters, Rio and Iris, are in Arclight, slaves to the royal family.

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Though their position seems secure, there are threats around every corner, if their true identities are discovered. Very clever, General. She was almost there, almost… One of the soldiers saw her. Please, Lanu thought, Let it be over soon… "Run, Marya, run! We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

Published: Jul Buy from our partners. When Sironka, an unsuspecting Masai boy is captured by slavers, he sees his parents killed. Renamed Abdul, he grows up as a slave serving a kindly Arab doctor. However, his love for a woman, the doctor's grandchild, is not permitted for a slave.

A Tale of Two Slaves A Tale of Two Slaves
A Tale of Two Slaves A Tale of Two Slaves
A Tale of Two Slaves A Tale of Two Slaves
A Tale of Two Slaves A Tale of Two Slaves
A Tale of Two Slaves A Tale of Two Slaves
A Tale of Two Slaves A Tale of Two Slaves
A Tale of Two Slaves A Tale of Two Slaves

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