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Before they came to us they had already lived in 5 different homes. It changes brain development.

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But despite that, here she is, being all the great things that I mentioned above. She is starting 3 grade and already has a business with her sister.

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They cook, create, read and blog over at My2Sisters. They really like doing it and always want to check their website to see if people have commented, or most importantly, if they have made any money!

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We started the new year on a positive note. First, Posh and I kicked all the nonbelievers out of the house, then we evicted anyone with bad credit or questionable taste in TV. That pretty much covered everybody under our roof — even Posh — leaving me with a surly dog who, like me, lives only to eat and laugh at others.

So far, so good, though I question the dog's integrity and sleep habits. It's the beagle's birthday this week he'll be 52 , after which I will kick him out too, till he finds religion, or at least a steady job. Then I will welcome him back with open arms. In the end, I am always there for them.

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Same applies to the others. I miss them. Posh too, but she ended up failing the credit check. Her score? Worse than Venezuela's. For the last six months, she'd been paying the Macy's bill with walnuts and candy canes. When I kicked them out, they all went off cheerily to "feed the horses," they said, though I suspect they were really off to the movies.

Honestly I don't care. Horses … manure … movies — all the same to me. We'll see when they show up at the door with popcorn in their teeth and lying about "what a genius that Amy Schumer is. Till then, there is only me left, listening to wistful and ancient Dan Fogelberg songs and counting my blessings. Turns out that most of my blessings are off "feeding the horses" together. So be it. These products produce results I can see and appreciate. Thanks, Sweet and Kind.

Leslie B. I love this duo!

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The serum feels wonderful on my skin and is nice and light. It is quickly absorbed and lays a perfect base for the moisturizer. My skin feels amazing and my fine lines are less noticeable.


I use this both am and pm and have paused all my other facial products. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. Mailing Address Sweet and Kind Co. All rights reserved.

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A Highly Dynamic Duo

Does size really matter? Well… If you have the wanderlust, and want to make sure you take kindness with you wherever you go, this set is for you. Avocado: A rich source of fatty acids, excellent for moisturization. Vitamin A: Encourages healthy skin cell production.

Sweet Kind Of Life Sweet Kind Of Life
Sweet Kind Of Life Sweet Kind Of Life
Sweet Kind Of Life Sweet Kind Of Life
Sweet Kind Of Life Sweet Kind Of Life
Sweet Kind Of Life Sweet Kind Of Life
Sweet Kind Of Life Sweet Kind Of Life

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